tagIncest/TabooMom Looks After Jeffery Ch. 01

Mom Looks After Jeffery Ch. 01



I was driving over the speed limit but I was a bit late. All I could think about was Betty's red hair, on her head and between her legs. A full ample bush at 58. I squeezed my mostly erect cock through my jeans, keeping an eye peeled for the radar man.

I wheeled left with speed across two lanes, then braked to a crawl as I entered the trailer park. Five trailer homes in I passed Betty's trailer on the right corner. Just past her trailer on the left was mom's trailer and I braked hard as I pulled to the foot of the handicap ramp. There was no need for the ramp, at 51 mom was fit as a fiddle from her long walks, but it was there when mom purchased the trailer.

I popped out of my Camaro and hurried up the ramp. Turning the knob I knew would be unlocked, I entered the trailer and saw mom sitting at her small eating table drinking a mixed drink. There was no Betty. I glanced back at Betty's trailer and saw a black SUV on the far side of the trailer behind Betty's car. I closed the door.

"Where's Betty?" I queried. "She got company or something?"

"No hello, Jeffrey! I tried to call you but your cell must be been off." She answered. "Betty is not going to make it today. That is her son's black vehicle. He normally doesn't stop by during the day but according to her he is always full of surprises."

"Damn! I really needed some pussy today!"

"You should have thought about that while you screwing your wife's best friend." My mother taunted, teasingly. "I fixed you up with Betty but she has her own life and her own set of circumstances."

"I'm paying her good money." I retorted. "And it's not like she doesn't enjoy it most of the time."

I walked to the icebox to get a cold can of Coke.

Six months earlier my wife and indeed caught me fucking her best friend. My excuse, which is true, was that Shirley had come on to me and no man is going to turn down pussy when it is served to him on a silver platter. That I had been fucking her for three months did not help my argument. According to my wife, Ann, she might have forgiven a one time thing, but somewhere along the line I should have come to my senses and started thinking with my brain and not the head of my dick. After a few days she said she would "put it aside" for now and for two weeks we fucked every night, more on the weekends. "I thought maybe she was the one that had come to HER senses.

Interestedly, her friendship with Shirley continued. They even started to bowl together. Before he passed away dad had mentioned a number of his phobias. A woman bowling, playing golf or playing pool by herself or with an unmarried girlfriend friend was a sure sign of an eventual wrecked marriage. Unknown to me, Shirley had split from her husband.

The fuck-fest with Ann soon returned to normal and soon access to her pussy dried up completely. She was soon coming home later and later and finally told me she had found a new male friend, was fucking him, and I could live with that fact are get the hell out. I got the hell out after suggesting, and getting, some pity pussy from her.

"She needs the money and has expressed her enjoyment screwing you." Mom explained, taking up for her friend. "But like I said, she has her own special circumstances."

"What the hell does that mean?" I sternly questioned. "And why the hell are you drinking alcohol during the day?"

"I'm drinking so early in the day so that I can tell you she is probably over there screwing her son, Bob, right now as we speak." Mom said, dropping her head, diverting her eyes away from me. "It's why I suggested ya'll use my bed."

"Are you serious?" I exclaimed. "You're serious!"

"According to her for 15 years.........or more." Mom replied. "He's married, of course. According to Betty, he only screws once or twice a month, but I figure once a week. Tuesday nights usually. He's like a bunny most of the time.....wham-bam thank you mam! I shouldn't be telling you this but I have my reasons..... which I'm not telling so don't ask."

"FUCK! I'll be right back!"


I had told him. I had not expected him to rush out of the door like a crazed person. I was afraid of what he might do. Surely, he would not confront them! But if he did that would probably end the sexual relationship with Betty. I had mixed feeling about that. If there was a fight, Jeff could more than take Bob!

I'm about to pee my pants. I wonder if anybody else thinks about how nice it is to pee! I love not wearing panties or bra around the house. Taking them off after a day at work is wonderful! It makes it so much easier. Ahhh! That feels good! I could rub my clit with tissue all day...... or at least until I come.

I like looking at myself in the mirror. A mirror does not lie. I'm still a good-looking woman. So my tits sag just a little bit and I have a bit of a belly? My thighs don't touch like Betty's! My ass, while a bit broad in my old age, is still tight and firm. Not like Betty's sagging beefy ass. I'm aware of Jeff's love of nature redheads, he married one, but the color of hair on a woman's mount doesn't help if the pussy's not good. My bush is as thick as hers! And I know my pussy is better!

Betty does suck cock good! She actually seems to enjoy it! There has got to be some way to learn how not to gag - but I don't think I could ever learn to take and swallow cum the way she does. Damn! It's been so long! They say screwing or sucking a dick is like riding a bike, once you learn you never forget. I sometimes wonder.

I know certain things because I have spied on Betty and Jeff screwing through the partially opened wooden blind built into my bedroom door. I've seen my son's cock pumping into her loose snatch! I've seen her suck Jeff dry. His cock looks to be good. He uses it well.

It is a shame I have to keep my clear smooth skin covered up all the time. I'm sure it would shook and please him. Modesty? It's the motherly thing to do. But, I want him to see my body - to desire me like he does Betty! I want him to kiss my smooth, unblemished ass like he does Betty's wrinkled ass - running his tongue up the crack of MY ass - kissing and licking MY pussy - before sticking his cock in ME. He knows I have been peeking. Betty said she told him. He knows, that I know he knows, but he has made no mention of it.

LORD! That's good! A finger is not a man's cock but it can still take the edge off. One hand for the wall, one hand from my pussy.

Betty has offered her son up! To screw ME! But that son-of-a-bitch takes advantage of her. He doesn't help her with the bills like my Jeffrey does me. I cannot imagine him touching me. Jeff has been dealt a raw deal. He deserves a woman who will take care of him. Give him pussy anytime he needs it! Let him between her legs! Let him stick it in her pussy...... cum in her sterile belly! AHHHHHHHHHHH!


I exited the house and headed for Betty's trailer. I wasn't sure exactly what I intended to do. To give myself a few moments of thought, I walked slowly around the trailer. I closed on the front of Betty's car which put me short of the middle of the back of her trailer. I heard what I thought was human sound, talking or moaning, and backed up a few feet. I glanced up to see a window. Never having been in Betty's house I did not know the layout but I figured it might be the bedroom, if mom was correct that they were screwing.

I saw a small pile cinder blocks and quickly began to build steps, figuring four blocks high would allow me to peek into the window. It was a tedious climb but I made it to the top of the fourth block and did a balancing act. Peeking into the window, I received such a shock that I almost fell from my perch.

Betty and her son were indeed screwing. Both, naked as a jaybird, in the middle of the bed and going at it. I focused my attention on Betty. She did not seem passive in the least, her legs up, her knees moving like the wheel linkage of a steam engine. Through the thin one pane aluminum window, I could hear her moans clearly. I could discern Bob's labored breathing as he cradled his mother and stabbed into her with a frenzied rhythm. I could hear her passionate pleas for him to 'come in Mama's pussy'.

I don't know how long I watched them fuck. But, I watched to the end. I watched until he ejaculated into her, anyway. I was not conscious of her having an orgasm. I wanted to watch longer but was afraid of being caught, so I jumped off of the blocks, tossing them this way or that way, and headed back to my mother's trailer.

"Well? What did you find out?" Kerry asked, curiosity in her tone.

"You're right! I watched them going at it. I don't know if she came but he sure as hell did! He filled her pussy up good! You say they have been doing this for over 15 years?"

" According to her. She would had been 43. She said he was passed18!"

"Damn, I really needed some pussy today!" Jeff complained, unconsciously squeezing his crotch in front of his mother. "He got his rocks off. Do you think he will probably leave soon?"

"Who's to tell. He probably will." Kerry theorized. "But do you think she'll want to screw you. Do you really want to screw her! Even if she washes, you'll still be getting sloppy seconds. You know she usually doesn't orgasm with you screwing her. She will want you to give her oral. You want to taste his cum?"

"You're not helping much, mom!" Jeff retorted. "And you are talking a bit bizarre! What has gotten into you?"

"Seeing you unhappy has gotten into me!" Kerry replied. "Your marriage is shot to hell! You haven't got a girlfriend. And you're probably not looking for one as long as Betty is screwing you. I'm surprised you're not broke. You need to get away from her and her predicament. I made a mistake getting you two together. You need someone who is at least understanding of your needs. I'd give anything, and I mean anything, to see you happy and content..... getting pussy when you need it, but living a life, meeting women closer to your age. You are 31 and time is passing."

"Well, it doesn't look like that is going to happen anytime soon, now does it."

"Are you got damn blind! Are you not listening. Betty is not coming and you say you need pussy....a good fuck. Your answer is staring you right in the face, you dumb ass." Kerry exclaimed.

"What the hell are you talking about, mom?"

"I'm talking about me - you and me! I'm tired of watching you two screw. I don't have anybody, Jeff!" And you don't have anybody..... anybody that cares for you the way I do! We can screw! I want to do it! Do you see any reason why we can't?"


I stood there dumbfounded. Never in my wildest dreams, even knowing my mother had been curious enough to watch me screw Betty, seeing me butt hole naked, did I think I would get an offer like she was suggesting now.

Still, I could not come up with any reason why we couldn't do it........didn't want to try, really. She was, after all, an attractive, fit woman.....and my crotch was still bulging. I wanted my dick wet.

I asked her was she really be able to do something like this and did she NEED to screw. She only nodded, I asked where. She stood up, and headed down the hall, through to her bedroom. I followed, not reluctantly, not with additional sexual desire, not with new found anticipation, I just followed, intrigued with the thought of mom and me, screwing.

She stood at the foot of her bed, having turned to face me. With a blank face, she reached to gather up her cotton dress, pulling it over her head. I knew her habits, but was still shocked to see that she wore nothing underneath. I wanted to look at her, to study her inch by inch, to see her pussy. She must have seen it in my eyes and turned in a circle with her hands outstretched. She asked me if I liked? I did, and answered so.

She told me it had been more than 12 years since she had been with a man - my father. She said it was not intended, that she enjoyed screwing, masturbated often, but needed to care for a man first, but work and time had just slipped pass. She described herself as a well grounded and earthy woman who understood the necessity of regular sexual interaction. She told me of her own sexual hunger being reignited watching me screw Betty, thus her offer.

She asked me if I was going to undress - said it was not necessary for our first time - telling me if I was truly desperate to get my some pussy that I could just mount her fully clothed.

I was horny enough to do just that but I knew it was my mother standing in front of me, offering herself to me, and I had to constrain myself, to show I cared for her too, loved her.

She kneed herself onto the bed from the foot and knee walked up to retrieve the bed quilt, folding it down as she retreated. All the while giving me an excellent view of her seemly petite vagina. Seeing her butt-hole gave me a deep sense of intimacy. As she moved slowly, with intent it appeared, the sequence was one of the most sensuous and provocative movements, I had ever seen, equal to watching a woman squatting in a tub washing her pussy. I took interest in her untanned, perfect skin. Having removed the quilt, folded to a chair, she reentered the bed, rolled to her back, her feet flat, her knees together.

I saw her looking at me undressing. Seeing my cock up close, she told me she liked it, the way it curved upward, and how prominent the head looked, like it wore a helmet.

She told me it was thick, thicker than my dad's, and I might want to be a bit easy putting it in her, though if I weren't she understood.

I asked if I could look at her pussy....... to study it. Timidly, she spread her knees for me and I leaned down on the bed supporting myself on my elbows. Her bush, dark brown, was thick and awesome. Her pussy, lightly lined with pubic hair, appeared as only a crack, void of pussy lips. May I touch it, I asked, and she told me certainly. The middle finger of my right hand stroked the crack. I reached with my left hand to pull the crack open and there it was....... the not so tiny little button..... her clit. My right middle finger stroked it lightly. She moaned. Her belly retracted in. She begged me to come up and put my cock into her.


What else could I do but to offer myself! He was in pain! A man needs to plant his dick inside a woman regularly to feel manly. I had admitted weeks ago that I was tired of doing without..........that he was my only answer! I knew it could be no one else's dick except his.

I had started my day knowing that I would spy on him screwing Betty..... myself...masturbating. I longed to see his cock stroking in and out of her. Now, I saw an opening and took it. I knew my son well enough to know if I offered him my pussy he was not going to refuse it. Alright! I hoped anyway, until he entered by bedroom door, then I shed my worries.

Turning around in front of him, I could see the lust in his eyes. I would not have cared if he threw me on the bed, unzipped his fly, and screwed me like a wild man, I even told him so. I was very pleased to see him begin to undress. I was very pleased when he removed his briefs and I saw his cock at full erection. It was a good cock........ long enough, and thick. So thick, I wondered if such a thickness would be uncomfortable. I was more than ready to find out.

I found it humorous, but not surprising, that he wanted to look at my pussy. I knew what Betty's looked like from brief glimpses of it as she screwed my son. Hers was multi-lipped with a redness that made it appear angry. Confidently, I knew Jeff would find mine more attractive and youthful looking.

Though I had just masturbated, his finger stroking my clit, the thought of him on top of me, between my legs, his cock in me, and us screwing was more than I could bare. I begged him to mount me!

I took hold of this cock, stroking it a couple of times before placing it to me...... my hole. I felt him gently push and I pushed back, wiggling my ass as his length slowly entered me. When I felt his balls against my butt I lifted my ass as he pushed deep within me. Involuntarily, a moan issued forth, attesting to my elation of feeling a man inside of me again. I was confident I was never going to be without it again.


I heeded her plea for me to mount her. I felt her left hand on my cock, the push and pull in the grip of her hand, then, her light fingers as she positioned of my cock to the entrance of her treasure. Forewarned, I pushed slowly, felt the head of my cock spread her crack, and my domed head poke into her. Together, we pushed and jostled until I was deep inside of her. Her moan was music to my ears as I remained deep and still inside of her. After a long moment, I felt her ass begin to pulse and we began a slowly screw..........to fuck.


I know, I initiated the screw......probably too soon. I couldn't help myself as I wanted his cock in me................ to feel Jeff's cock stroking in and out of me. He began slow but there was no need. My pussy lubricated quickly and adjusted to his beefy cock easily. I whispered how good his cock felt, how long it had been for me, how he would never have to want for pussy again, that he would soon find a woman his own age. Told him, I hoped he would continue to screw me, that I would be there for him no matter time of day or night.

I followed his rhythm as it increased. He was cradling me in his arms, supporting himself on his elbows. I crossed my feet over his back, using the leverage to match his every thrust with my lifting ass. I listened to his breathing, soft at first, becoming labored. I begged him to "fuck" me, using the word of lust. When I was aroused, in the heat of battle, I loved that word, now begging my son, "fuck me", "fuck your mother", "fuck mama's pussy", with delirious regularity.


I was trying desperately to constrain myself, to give my mother a long, first screw. She was not given me much help, turning quickly into a vixen, showing a side of herself I had never imagined. Her ass moved aggressively. She began to use the word "fuck" frequently. The word flowed easily off her lips, but it sounded natural, given her new image revealed to me.

I felt the urge to kiss her, not like a son, on the cheek, but like a lover, full in the mouth. She accepted it with enthusiasm, gripping the back of my head with both hands and pulling my face toward hers. Her tongue pushed into my mouth and our tongues fenced for domination for a long minute, as my cock and her pussy seemed to be doing.

Her feet fell to the bed and I took the opportunity I to push up over her, holding myself aloft on stiffened arms. I looked down to study our coupling. Her gaze apparently followed mine as she asked me wasn't it beautiful. It was indeed beautiful and magical, and I told her so.

After suckling at each nipple, repeatedly, I dropped back down cradling her once more. We fucked on.


His full in the mouth kiss surprised me but I welcomed it and returned it passionately. Pushing my tongue into his mouth was just another way for us to be joined. I relished that also.

My hips tired and I dropped my feet to the bed for a brief rest. I was entranced watching our sexual organs mesh together doing what is typically referred to as making love..... be it incestuous love. But what I knew to be really happening was me and Jeff had found common ground. He needed a pussy to wet his cock on a regular basis and I needed to be impaled by a cock from a man that I cared for. There would be mother and son love as always, but there would never be love in our sex....only incestuous wanton passion. We would screw because now we were......... and need to in the future. As we screwed, me smiling at him holding himself aloft, I asked myself over and over........why had I waited so long.


Mom was proving to be a good screw. Unlike Betty, her pussy was abundantly wet with vaginal lubricant. I felt it, I had seen the wet sheet while watching our coupling. Now, she clutched the back of her knees spreading her legs and feet wide, giving me complete and total access to her pussy........ her forest concealed treasure.

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