Mom, My Sister, and Me Ch. 01


And now, my mother stood facing me wearing only her panties. The moonlight illuminated her breasts, huge and full and inviting, with large, reddish-brown aureoles, and at the center of each aureole, an erect nipple poking out at me.

I had to feel her breasts bare against my body, I thought to myself. I pulled off my t-shirt and took her in my arms, her breasts pushing warm and soft against my chest. I looked into her face and our lips met, her open mouth against mine. And then we danced, slowly moving around the room, our bodies locked together my hard cock pushing against her.

My hands explored her body, caressing her back, then lower, kneading and massaging her soft, smooth ass. Then, keeping one hand on her ass, my other hand moved slowly upward, caressing each of her breasts in turn, gently massaging her nipples between my fingers, causing little, moaning whimpers to come from the back of mom's throat.

I gradually led her across the room, until the back of her legs touched the bed. Supporting her with my arm, I lowered her onto the mattress. Brenda, lying on the far side of the bed, watched us intently.

I leaned down and grasped mom's panties, then slowly lowered them down her hips and off her legs. The soft glow of the moonlight shining through the window illuminated mom as she looked up from the bed, her body now fully exposed to me. In the dim light, her blonde pubic hair was barely visible. Lower, I could barely make out the shadowy mounds of her pussy and the secret valley in between.

I slipped my shorts down and kicked them off, releasing my cock, hard and throbbing, its head pointing toward the ceiling. Mom let out a little gasp and a visible shiver went through her body. I crawled on the bed and knelt between her outspread legs. Grasping the base of my cock with my hand, I pushed it down until its head lightly touched mom's pussy. Another little shiver shook through her body as I gently stroked the head of my cock up and down against the wet, swollen lips of her cunt. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Brenda, lying on her side, staring at us, her eyes open wide.

Now, I put my hands on either side of mom's body, and supporting myself on my arms, I let the head of my cock gently part mom's cuntlips, then slowly, I slid it deeper into her. Her cunt was warm and tight against my cock as I pushed it deeper into her wet passage.

Suddenly, mom's hips thrust upward off the bed until our pubic bones pounded against each other, driving my cock fully inside her.

"Oh, God, yes!" she cried out, "Yes!"

I raised my hips, withdrawing my cock, almost pulling it out entirely, then slowly, I slid it back inside. In a slow steady rhythm, I began moving in and out of her cunt. With each inward thrust, mom let out a soft, whimpering moan

Gradually, the pace of my strokes increased, until my cock was thrusting fast and hard into her, our bodies pounding against each other. Suddenly, mom's legs flew up and she locked her ankles behind me. Now, with each of my downward thrusts, her legs flexed, and her body flew up against mine.

Mom's breathing was now coming in short, deep gasps and I could see a sheen of sweat forming on her face and across her chest as she met each of my thrusts with an upward thrust of her own. Her head began to roll from side to side, her blonde hair sticking to her wet face, stringing across her eyes and nose and falling into her open mouth.

And then suddenly, it was as if she'd lost control completely, and her whimpers changed into words, words that seemed to fly uncontrollably out of her mouth.

"Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh, God yes!" she moaned, her words keeping cadence with the strokes of my cock. She raised her arms and I lowered my upper body toward her, until our sweaty bodies were tight against each other, all the while my cock continuing to pound into her cunt. Now, her mouth was just inches from my ear.

"Yes! Yes! Fuck me!" she said in a soft, hissing whisper, "Fuck your mother, baby."

I felt a burning pressure forming in my balls, and let out a low, uncontrollable groan.

"I'm...I'm going to cum!" I moaned into mom's ear.

"Yes, baby, yes! Cum for me, baby! Cum in your mother's pussy!"

A little shiver went through mom's body. I felt an intense throbbing in my cock as the first blast of cum spurted out, deep into mom's cunt.

"Yes, baby," she cried out, "Cum in me, baby! Fill me with your sperm!"

Suddenly, a heavy tremor shook through mom's body. Her head snapped back and her mouth opened wide as a long, trembling, high pitched scream came from deep in her throat. I continued to pump my cock hard into her cunt as her body shook violently beneath me. I let out another low moan as the last wave of cum left my cock, my balls finally emptied of their load.

Gradually, the tremors in mom's body subsided and her breathing returned to normal. My strokes slowed, and then stopped completely, my cock still buried deep in her cunt. We remained like that, motionless, for what seemed a long time, maybe a minute, maybe two minutes, until I slowly slid my cock out and collapsed on the bed beside her.

Too exhausted to move, my body seemed to melt into the mattress, and lying there naked between my mother and my sister, my cock covered with a white mixture of my own cum and my mother's juices, I felt my eyes get heavy and I realized I couldn't prevent myself from falling asleep.


End of Chapter One

To Be Continued

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by x_pac696912/24/17

Great writing

This is getting really hot cant wait to read what happens next.

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