Mom Needs Son's Help to Strip Naked


"Oh, God, I hate cold showers," she said wincing from the pain, when trying to stand up straight.

My cock was already pulsating, while thinking of my Mom naked and taking a cold shower, with the thoughts of me helping her to stand without falling. Then, I imagined her sitting in the bathtub naked again, with me coming up to bring her more ice. Nah, she'd never allow me to see her naked. Trust me, that would never happen. My Mom is a bit of a prude. In all the years we've been together, I've never seen her naked or topless even. Getting way ahead of myself, I was making myself crazy with incestuous thoughts of my Mom's naked body. Now, I just wanted to spank my own monkey, after all that I had imagined.

"I hate cold showers too," I said thinking that I could use a cold shower right about now with all the incestuous thoughts I had that hardened my cock, while thinking about my mother naked. Still, if that's what it takes to see my Mom naked, I'd brave a cold shower to stand in the bathtub naked with her. "My coach said to use ice for the first two to three days to reduce the swelling, after the injury and to use ice as soon as possible, after the initial injury."

"Well, you're going to have to help me get undressed," she said rolling her eyes and, as soon as she said that, her face reddened with embarrassment, no doubt, with me wishing it was excitement. She was already resigned to me seeing her in her underwear.

Did she just read my mind? It was as if I was dreaming, when she said that I'd have to help her undress. Was I dreaming or did she really just ask me to help her get undressed? She did, she really did ask me to help her get undressed. I couldn't believe she even said that.

"Sorry, Mom, I didn't hear you. What did you just say?"

"You're going to have to help undress me, Paul. I can't do it myself. I'm in too much pain. Close your eyes, if you must, but I need to get some relief from the pain and I'm hoping the cold water will do that."

"Okay, Mom."

Oh, my God. As if the announcer had just called my winning lottery numbers on TV, or I was chosen to judge the next Miss America contest, or I was the one picked to photograph the next Playboy Playmate of the Year, my mind exploded with the incestuous thoughts of stripping my mother naked. Are you kidding me? Oh, my God, oh, my God, oh, my God. I couldn't even speak to answer her. My cock was already giving her my vote of approval by hardening, as if it was made out of concrete.

Dizzy with the incestuous desire for my mother, suddenly, I lost my breath. My Mom just asked me to help her get undressed. I couldn't believe it. How could I say no? I'm her son, the only one here to help her in her time of need, and she's in such terrible pain. The least that I could do was to strip her down to her underwear, while ogling her lingerie clad body. I couldn't even dream such a fantasy. After undressing her, I'd have masturbation material for the rest of my life.

Already, I imagined unbuttoning her blouse and seeing her in her bra. Then, I imagined unzipping her skirt and seeing her in her panty. I already had such an erection that I couldn't wait to masturbate over all that I was thinking. Only, I needed to calm down and wait, until I saw all that I imagined I'd see.

I walked her in the bathroom and leaned her up against the wall. I was excited with the sexual anticipation of helping my mother to undress. I was going to undress my mother. I was going to remove her clothes. I was going to see her in her bra and panty. Oh, my God.

Standing in front of her like that, while holding her steady, was the first time that I wanted to kiss my Mom, really kiss her, French kiss her, as if I was her lover. I imagined kissing her and parting her lips with my tongue, while feeling her big tits through her blouse and bra, before reaching beneath her skirt and running my fingers along her panty clad pussy. With my cock already rock hard, I was insane with the thoughts of seeing my Mom in her bra and her panty. I couldn't wait to undress her.

Just as I imagined all that I needed to imagine to masturbate over later, reality hit me hard enough to soften my cock. Nah, she'd probably have me turn off the bathroom light and wrap a towel around her, while undressing her. If I'm lucky, I'll be able to see partial shots of her panty and bra, no more than I've seen of her when squatting down to get discarded bottles and cans.

Too good of a fantasy to be true, knowing her, since she's my modest and sexually inhibited mother and I'm her voyeur, perverted son, she'll probably take a cold shower wearing her panty and bra. Then, I thought, maybe once her underwear gets wet, maybe I'll be able to see through it. Maybe, I'll see her nipples and/or her bush.

Well, I was wrong. She was in so much pain that she didn't even bother with the towel nor care that I put on the bathroom light to see more of her hot mature body, while undressing her. Something I'll be masturbating over for years, I couldn't believe I was actually undressing my mother. Oh, my God.

"Take your time, Paul," she said. "It hurts Mommy, when you move me too quickly."

Take your time? It hurts Mommy? I loved it that she told me to take my time undressing her. I love it when she says Mommy. When she talks like that, as if I'm a child, I want to answer in kind, to show her that I'm a perverted adult.

I want to fuck you, Mommy. I want to stick my big, hard cock in your wet, tight pussy, Mommy. I want you to get on your knees and look up at me, while you're sucking my cock, before I cum in your mouth and you swallow my cum, Mommy.

Oh, my God! If there was one thing she didn't have to tell me was to take my time. Don't worry about that, Mommy. I'll be undressing you, as if you are the most expensive gift given to me at Christmas time.

"Okay, Mom, I'll go as slow as I can," I said feeling my cock pulsate against my pants again, while growing to an even harder erection.

As she wasn't able to sit without great discomfort, I had her stand with her back to the wall. My fingers were shaking with the anticipation of unbuttoning her blouse and seeing her in her bra, her whole bra and not just bits and pieces of her bra. I realize that it may not be a big deal for some to see a woman in her bra, but this was my mother, the woman I had been incestuously lusting over for years that I was about to undress. This was my fantasy. I couldn't wait to undress her.

One slow button at a time, I unbuttoned the buttons of her blouse. As if she was sleeping, as if she was drunk, but it was even better that she was awake and sober, I was so enjoying this. If my Mom wasn't in so much pain, this would have been a sexual striptease fantasy come true. Then, again, if my Mom hadn't been in so much pain, this never would have happened. She never would have allowed me to undress her, that is, unless my Mom was falling down drunk, which would never happen either, as she doesn't drink. It took all the control I had not to touch and feel her in a sexual way. I so wanted to feel her breasts through her blouse, while fingering her nipples through her bra.

With the back of my fingertips pressed against and coming in contact with her bra clad tits, one nervous, slow button of her blouse at a time, I looked to see what each unbuttoned button revealed, before unbuttoning the next button. Just following my mother's instructions, a slow striptease of my mother is just what my Mom asked me to do. Her nipples were already making an appearance through her blouse and bra. Maybe she was cold. Then, when I had her blouse all unbuttoned, with her cleavage and bra clad tits right there in front of me, rather than move her just yet, I unzipped and unbuttoned her skirt.

My hands were shaking. As if in slow motion, I watched her skirt fall to the floor revealing her shear, white, bikini panties. I love my Mom's panties. I love seeing my Mom in her panties. My Mom has such a hot body and, as if she's wearing a sexy, skimpy bikini, she looks so hot in her bra and panty. Only, this time was different. This time, I was staring at the entire front of her panty.

Clearly with the bathroom light on, I could see the impression of her blonde pussy hair through her panties. I stared at her pussy mound, her slit, and I saw a few pussy hairs peeking out the sides of her panty. Oh, my God. Trying not to stare, I stared. She was wincing in pain with her eyes closed anyway and she didn't notice me ogling her in her panty and bra. She has a fabulous body.

Definitely, once her panties got wet, they'd be completely see through and I'd see her patch of blonde pussy hair, along with her ass crack. I couldn't wait to get her in the cold shower. Only, with the shadowy impression that my Mom's panties hid, it appeared that she had an untrimmed jungle, a wild bushy pussy of untamed, blonde pubic hair. It was then that I imagined my Mom asking me to trim her pussy. I couldn't help but imagine licking her forest, while inserting a finger in her dense jungle, before trimming her pussy.

With my cock raging so very hard by the thought of seeing my Mom's bushy, pussy through her wet panties and seeing tits and nipples through her wet bra, I was really having an overload of incestuous sexual fantasies now. Oh, my God. I couldn't wait to turn on the cold water and get her in the shower to see what I could see of her in her drenched underwear.

Slowly, I lifted each of her arms to remove her blouse. With her bra shear enough that I could see the dark impressions of her nipples, her nipples made a huge impression in her bra. Was she cold or excited, I wondered, or are her nipples making an appearance because she's in so much pain? I so wanted to run my hand across her bra to feel her bra clad nipples against the palm of my hand, before pulling them out more with my fingertips. I know it's so wrong, but I'd give anything to be able to suck my Mom's nipples through her bra, while I masturbated or while she masturbated me. Oh, my God, I was so horny.

With my cock straining in my pants, I couldn't wait to masturbate over my Mom standing there in her bra and panty. Never is when I'd forget this sexy image of her. My fantasy come true, I couldn't believe my Mom was standing only inches away from me in her sexy underwear. I stopped and stared at her standing there in her underwear. I needed to remember the image of her for when I masturbated over this later and forever.

"Paul, please, hurry. You need to get me in the tub."

"Okay, Mom. Sorry," I said taking her by the arm and walking her slowly to the tub. "Do you want me to leave so that you can--"

"Paul, what are you doing?"

"What do you mean? I'm helping you in the bathtub," I said looking at her with confusion, as if she hit her head, instead of hurting her back.

"No, honey, you're going to have to strip me naked, first. Mommy can't remove her bra and panties without your help. It hurts Mommy too much to move. And, once I'm naked, you're going to have to help hold Mommy in the shower, too."

What? The movie Spanking the Monkey played endlessly through my mind again, especially the shower scene, where the son helps his Mom take a shower. Only, I was living that in real life now. Did Mommy just say what I thought she said? Mommy wants me to strip her naked? I'm going to have to strip my mother naked and then hold her in the shower? Are you kidding me? I figured she'd take a shower in her bra and panty. I never figured she'd want me to strip her naked and stay there with her, while she's naked, to hold her, as the cold water relaxed her naked body.

I thought I was going to cum in my pants with the thought of stripping my Mom naked and then seeing my Mom naked and ogling her naked body, while holding her. If it wasn't enough for me to see my Mom standing there in her panty and bra, I was about to see my Mom naked, not just for a flash but for a prolonged amount of time. Naked, I was about to see my Mom naked, naked, naked. I couldn't believe it.

Tits, ass, and pussy, tits, ass, and pussy, I was finally going to see my Mom's tits, ass, and pussy. I was crazy with lustful desire for her now. In all the up skirts and down blouses that I've seen of my Mom, about to strip her naked was way better than any fantasy that I've masturbated over my Mom. For a split second, I wanted to run to get my camera, but how in the Hell would I explain to my Mom, my need to take naked photos of her?

Trying to record this sexy image in my mind, so that I could masturbate over the sight of her in her underwear forever, I stared at her standing there in her panty and bra first. Which should I do first, bra or panties? Being a Mommy's boy and never having never seen a pussy up close, I was eager to see my Mom's beaver. I couldn't wait to see her naked, bushy pussy and round, shapely ass.

Carefully, ever so slowly, I put the tips of my fingers in her waistband and rolled down her panties. I couldn't wrap my brain around the thought that I was removing my mother's panties and was about to see her pussy. The back of my fingers touched her smooth naked skin where I never imagined touching her, even in my wildest masturbation and massage fantasies, I never imagined touching my mother's body where I was touching her now. Her skin was so warm and so soft and I so wanted to touch her everywhere.

On the pretense of not hurting her, I squatted as I slowly lowered her panties. Then, I saw the top of her blonde, pubic hair. Removing her panties, as slow as if I was playing five card draw poker and squeezing out a full house, it was then that I realized that my Mom is a real blonde. That's for sure. I've seen the evidence now. Her blonde, bushy, pubic hair was staring at me in the face.

Oh, my God, I was so frigging excited. Continuing to lower her panty, now all her pussy hair was exposed, I saw the top of my mother's slit. Rather than lift her leg, I just left her panties gathered around her ankles. I figured she'd kick them off, when she stepped in the tub.

"Take my panty off my feet, Paul, so that Mommy doesn't trip."

"Okay, Mom," I said and so wanting to call her Mommy.

Never removing my eyes from her wild patch of blonde, bushy pubic hair, I squatted back down again. There it was again, my Mom's blonde, bushy pussy. Oh, my God. I couldn't believe my eyes. I so wanted to play the question and answer game that I always played with her when I was a kid.

What's that, Mommy?

That's mommy's pussy.

May I touch it?

Sure, you can touch Mommy's pussy.

May I lick it?

You'd make Mommy very happy by licking her pussy.

Only, it was a hoot, just imagining that we had that explicitly incestuous conversation.

When rolling down her panties, with my nose was so close to her pussy that I could smell her, she smelled like bath powder. Now that I was removing her panties from around her ankles, slowly and gently lifting her leg to remove her panty, I had an even closer view of her pussy. I took the opportunity to stare.

When I lifted her leg, her pussy lips parted enough for me to see her clit. Looking a little like a miniature penis, the first clit I've ever seen up close, I so wanted to touch it, finger it, lick it, and suck it. My mouth was so close to her pubic hair that I just wanted to flick out my tongue and give her a long, wet lick. Only when I masturbated did I think about having sex with my Mom but, now, with her pussy right there in front of me, I so wanted to eat her, before banging her.

Then, when I stood, as if hugging her, as if about to kiss her, French kiss her, and make out with my Mom, I reached around behind her and unhooked her bra. I was dizzy from the faint smell of her perfume and I just wanted to kiss her neck and kiss her lips, while feeling her tits and fingering her nipples through her bra, before reaching down to finger her pussy. Since my mother's bra was the first bra that I unhooked, I had trouble unhooking it. Nonetheless, being careful not to jostle, twist, and turn her to cause her any undo pain, I was able to get it unhooked without too much difficulty.

Slowly, as if there was a drum roll going through my head, with great trepidation and much anticipation, I peeled off her bra. Her tits were right there and her nipples were erect. My mother was naked. When she opened her eyes, she saw me gawking.

"Don't be too shocked, Paul," she said with a giggle.

"Sorry for staring, Mom."

"It's just your old, fat, naked mother."

"Mom, are you kidding me? You're not fat. You're beautiful. You have a great body."

"Oh, stop, Paul. You're being too kind. I'm sure it's not anything that you haven't seen before, except on a younger and more shapely girl."

"You have a spectacular body, Mom. You do," I said using my compliment as my excuse to take a step back and leer at her naked body longer.

"I do? Do you really think so?" She looked down, where I was looking and when she looked up at me her face was flushed. Was she embarrassed or excited? I couldn't tell. I know that I was more excited than embarrassed, that's for sure.

"You don't think my breasts sag?"

"No, Mom, they're perfect," I said brazenly reaching up and lifting up one of her breasts in my hand.

"Thank you, Paul. You're a good boy."

"Yes, Mom. Definitely, you're hot. If you weren't my mother," I said stopping in mid sentence.

"What, Paul? If I wasn't your mother, what? What would you do, if I wasn't your mother?" She gave me a smile that made me want to kiss her. "Tell me, I need to take my mind off my pain with a sexual fantasy."

"Oh, God, Mom, I can't have this conversation with you. It's so wrong with all the things going through my head right now, with you standing here naked."

"Tell Mommy. What is my boy thinking?"

"Mom, are you kidding me? Seeing you standing in front of me, as if I'm not horny enough, makes me crazy."

"Oh, you're a good son," she said gingerly lifting up her arm to give me a hug.

A dream come true, I couldn't believe my naked Mom was hugging me. Her naked tits were squashed against me and her naked bush was pressed against my erection. She made me wish that I was naked, too.

"Actually, other than those models in magazines and those porn videos on the computer, you're the first woman I've seen naked in person."

"Really? Seriously? You're kidding," she looked at me with a shock. "You've never seen a naked woman? I'm your first?"

"Yeah," I said staring at her tits.

"Well, it's fittingly appropriate that your mother is the first woman that you see naked. Get a good look at me, then," she said with a laugh and putting a painful hand on her hip.

"Can I touch you?" I couldn't believe I said it, but once I said it, I looked at her with excited anticipation.

"Touch me? What do you mean touch me? Touch me where?" She looked down to where I was staring at her breasts. "You want to feel my breasts?"


"If I wasn't in so much pain, Paul, I'd let you explore my naked body, but I need to lessen my pain with cold water. Maybe, when I'm feeling better, you can touch me, wherever you want to touch me. Okay?"

"Okay," I said.

I couldn't believe my Mom said that I could touch her later. Oh, yeah, we've already gone way past that imaginary incestuous line. My cock ached when she said that I could touch her wherever I want to touch her. I wondered if she meant her pussy. I couldn't believe she'd allow me to explore her naked body, if she wasn't in so much pain. Oh, my God. Yet, I couldn't hide my obvious disappointment and when she saw that look on my face.

"Oh, alright, go ahead," she said. "You can feel my breasts, but gently."

"Okay, Mom," I said. "Thanks."

I felt one and then the other in my palm, as if I was supporting a melon in my hand. I so wanted to cup, caress, and fondle her tit. I so wanted to finger and suck her nipple, while reaching my hand down to finger her pussy. With her nipples erect, was she cold? Were they erect from her back pain? Or was she sexually excited because she was naked in the bathroom with me? I figured she was cold.

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