Mom Needs Son's Help to Strip Naked


"Well, just get me in the tub so that I can relax this big knot in my back with cold water."

I held her around her naked waist. Gingerly, I walked her to the tub and leaned down to lift her leg over the tub wall. She jumped and screamed when I turned on the cold water. Only, I was getting drenched trying to keep her from slipping and falling in my unsuccessful attempts to avoid her any undo pain.

"You're getting soaked. You'd better take off your clothes, too, Paul," she said.

"Mom? No, I'd be so embarrassed."

I wasn't embarrassed having her seeing me naked. I was embarrassed that I had a huge erection. I was embarrassed to have my mother know that she excited me enough to get me sexually aroused in that way.

"C'mon, tit for that. You've seen me naked, it's only fair that I see you naked, too. You're ogling my naked body, I may as well ogle my son's naked, too," she said with a laugh. "C'mon, the naked sight of you will take my mind off the pain."

Naked? She wants me to get naked? She wants to see me naked? This was just getting better and better. I figured I'd strip down to my underwear, in the way that I do, when I give the dog a bath. I never figured I'd have to get naked, too. Only, I never had an erection giving the dog a bath in the way that I now had an erection stripping my Mom naked, while about to give her a cold shower. I'd be so embarrassed for her to see that she got me so sexually excited and I had an erection.

Even the cold water wasn't lessening the sexual passion that I suddenly felt for my Mom. In truth, I was only too eager to accommodate my Mom's wish for her to see me naked. Hoping she wouldn't slip and fall, I leaned her up against the shower wall and stripped. After seeing my Mom naked, I so wanted to expose my cock to her. I was curious what her reaction would be to seeing my full erection. I was hoping that she'd stare at it again. As soon as I removed my briefs, my cock popped to attention.

"Paul, you have an erection," she said staring at it and then reaching out touched it, before wrapping her hand around my cock. "It's enormous," she said laughing.

If I thought it was exciting when she stared at my cock, it was even more exciting when she reached out and touched my cock, then, when she wrapped her hand around it, I thought I'd cum. I couldn't believe she reached out and grabbed my cock. I was in shock. If only she'd stroke it.


"Oh, for God's sakes, Paul. I'm your mother. It's nothing I haven't seen and touched before, when I changed your dirty diapers. Besides, if you don't mind, I need to hold onto something hard so that I don't slip and fall and there's nothing in this shower to grab," she said with a little laugh.

I wanted to tell her to hold onto my shoulder or my arm, but I didn't. Happy that she grabbed my cock instead, an understatement, I was enjoying my Mom holding onto my cock. I wanted to tell her to stroke me and I wished she would, but I didn't dare. Instead, hoping she didn't notice me moving, prepared to tell her that the tub was slippery, if she did, I slowly moved my hips back and forth, on the pretense that I was helping to hold my Mom. Slowly humping her hand, without her knowing, my Mom was giving me a slow hand job and it felt erotically good.

As soon as my Mom grabbed onto and held my cock, in a natural and reflexive action, I reached up and cupped her breast, as if helping to hold her up, but holding onto her breast. I didn't dare touch her nipple, but I so wanted to run a slow hand across it. My Mom's tit felt as firm as it felt heavy in my hand. She has gorgeous breasts and I just wanted to suck her nipples, while kneading them in my horny hands.

"It's okay, Mom, I have you. You won't fall," I said ever so slowly swaying with the action of my Mom's hand, wrist, and arm, while still cupping her breast in my hand.

"I see you have a good hold of me," she said laughing, while looking down at my hand cupping her breast.

"Tit for tat, Mom," I said with a laugh. "If you can hold my cock, I can hold your tit," I said finally running a hand across her nipple, before running my finger across her nipple.

"Oh, don't do that, Paul. That gets Mommy excited and Mommy is in too much pain to get sexually excited."

"Sorry, Mom," I said wanting to call her Mommy and now knowing that my mother's nipples were one of her erogenous zones. "I didn't know your nipples were so sensitive," I said running my finger across her nipple again.

"Oh, Paul, don't," she said giggling with glee. "That gets Mommy very excited."

Even after I cried out in shock that she grabbed my cock, she still tightly held onto my cock. Ever so slightly moving my hips and humping my mother's hand, all the times I imagined my Mom's hand wrapped around my cock, while masturbating me, was nothing like the sensation that I was feeling now and I so wished she'd masturbate me. At that point, I didn't even care the shower was freezing. With my Mom firmly holding onto my cock, I just wanted to hump her hand, I was so hot.

"This isn't working. Let's try an ice bath," she said. "Turn off the shower and start filling the tub with ice," she said. "Now, see if you can gently get me to sit first."

I was touching my Mom practically everywhere to carefully arrange her body to a sitting position.

"Sorry, Mom, I don't mean to sexually molest you," I said, as my hand grab a handful of her breast.

"It's okay, Paul. Mommy understands. I'd rather you accidentally touch me, than hurt me."

Was that an invitation to touch her, even more? If it was, I did. As soon as she said that, I was all over her naked body feeling her big tits and fondling her round ass on the pretense of helping her to sit in the tub. She finally let go of my cock to support her weight by holding onto the side of the tub.

There I was standing in tub and leaning over in front of her, while I imagined my cock was in my mother's mouth. Now my cock was rubbing against her shoulder, as she was slowly moving to a sitting position. In trying to get her in a sitting position, I lifted one of her legs, as she was sitting and my hand slid down from her wet, slippery thigh to her pussy. Oh, my God. I couldn't believe I just touched my Mom's pussy.

"Sorry, Mom. That was an accident. I didn't mean to--"

"Stop saying you're sorry, Paul. It's okay. Do whatever you must do to get me sitting down in the tub without hurting me."

When she said it was okay, I started touching her everywhere again, on the pretense that I was helping her to sit in the tub. Finally, when she was sitting, with me leaning over her and trying to stand without falling, my cock was so close to her mouth that I wished she'd take me in her mouth and suck me. As soon as I thought that, my Mom wrapped her hand around my cock again and pulled me forward and took me in her mouth.

I couldn't believe it. With my hands on the side of the wet tub, losing my balance, I slipped forward and impaled her mouth deeper with my cock. A fantasy dream come true, when I looked down, my mother was looking up at me with my cock in her mouth.

"Mom! What the Hell are you doing?"

"I hope you don't mind, Paul, but sucking on you will take my mind off the pain," she said removing my cock from her mouth to speak. "You don't mind if I suck your cock a little, do you, Paul? It's been a long while since Mommy has had a cock in her mouth and Mommy needs some sexual pleasure to withstand the pain."

She was my mother and she was in pain was my justification to have incestuous sex with my mother. Whatever I could do to ease her pain, I was willing to help. Yet, maybe because she was my mother, but the feel of my cock in her mouth was pure pleasure. I reached down and started fondling her tits and fingering her nipples, while she sucked my hard prick. After all those times that I had masturbated over this exact sexual fantasy, it was as if I had been dreaming a sexual premonition.

Finally, experiencing my sexual fantasy, the one that I imagined nearly every time I masturbated, I always imagined my Mom blowing me, while I fondled her tits and today was the day. I couldn't believe it. I was stunned. I was excited. I didn't care that she was my mother and I was her son. I didn't care that this was incest. It no longer mattered. It felt too good to be so wrong.

"Oh, my God, Mom," I said pausing, while watching her suck me. "You're going to make me cum."

As if giving me the green light to cum in her mouth, when I said that, she sucked me harder and stroked me faster. My mother was willingly sucking my cock, while stroking me with her hand, and cupping my balls with her other hand. She was really blowing me now. I couldn't believe how good she was sucking me. Damn, I never knew my Mom was such a great cocksucker. Just the sight of seeing my cock buried in my mother's mouth, while she was sitting naked in a bathtub of cold water was something I'll be masturbating over for the rest of my life. Never could I have imagined this.

"It's okay, Paul. You can cum in Mommy's mouth. I don't mind," she said removing my cock from her mouth long enough to speak.

I couldn't believe it. Not only was my mother stroking my cock, while blowing me, but she said it was okay for me to cum in her mouth. Even in my wildest sexual fantasy, while masturbating, I never fantasized about cumming in my mother's mouth.

"Mom, this is so wrong," I said humping my mother's mouth and gently putting a hand to the back of her head to fuck her face, while hoping that I didn't hurt her back and hoping she didn't stop.

"You've been looking up my skirt and ogling my panties and staring down my blouse and ogling my tits for years. And I've enjoyed giving you a free show," she said removing my cock from her mouth to speak again, while looking up at me. "Now, it's my turn. Fuck Mommy's mouth, Paul. Mommy needs to blow you. Cum in Mommy's mouth. I want you to cum in my mouth. Mommy needs to swallow your cum, Paul."

All this time, my Mom knew I was ogling her. I couldn't believe it. Yet, all this time, she still showed me what I needed to see to masturbate.

"Mom, I didn't know you knew that I was trying to see your underwear."

"Paul, I'm not stupid. I knew what you were doing and I played along. I knew you were horny. Flashing you my panties and bra was my way of getting you to help me collect bottles and cans every day for the big Earth Day celebration. I even heard you masturbating in your room and in the bathroom. I felt the vibration and it excited me to know that you were masturbating over me. Sometimes, while knowing you in your room were masturbating over me, I was in my room masturbating over you. Now, this is your reward for being such a good son and helping Mommy."

"Oh, my God, Mom. If I wasn't so excited, I'd be embarrassed," I said putting my hand to the back of her head, again. "Suck my cock, Mom. Blow me, Mommy! Make me cum. Oh, my God, Mommy, I'm gonna cum!"

Now she was really blowing me. She was really sucking my cock, as if she was as hungry to suck my cock, as I was hungry for her to suck my cock. It didn't take me long, before I exploded all that I had in my mother's mouth and she swallowed all that I gave her, before licking my cock clean of every drop of cum. Then, when she finished blowing me, I reached down to help her out of the tub.

"It's okay, Paul. I can do it myself," she said. "I'm freezing. I need to get out of this tub."

"Did the cold bath help? Is your back better, Mom?"

"I never hurt my back, Paul," she said with a sly look. "I just used that as an excuse for you to strip me naked," she said leaning into me, as soon as she stood and kissing me, French kissing me. "I'm freezing though. Grab me a towel."

"Oh, my God, I don't believe you, Mom."

"I knew you'd never touch me otherwise, if I didn't make the first advance," she said with a smile and a kiss.

We toweled off one another and now that she blew me, I was really touching her everywhere. Feeling her tits, fingering her nipples, feeling her ass, and fingering her pussy, I was all over my Mom's hot body, while kissing her. I couldn't believe I was kissing my Mom, French kissing my Mom. It felt so good to kiss her that I forgot all about her being my Mom. Quickly we finished drying off and she took me in her bedroom.

Knowing we were about to go all the way, I quickly ran to my room for a condom. I had the one condom that I had been saving for about three years for such a lucky occasion. I didn't want to get my mother pregnant. That would be nasty.

"You don't need that. I had my tubes tied years ago," she said.

Both still naked, we fell back on the bed. If I felt excited in the bathtub before, when she took my cock in my mouth, it was even more exciting lying beside my Mom naked now. She kissed me, French kissed me and I responded in kind. At first, it was a little weird kissing my Mom like that, but as soon as we started kissing I couldn't stop. Then, when she started fondling my cock again, I was immediately hard.

I was all over her big tits. I couldn't wait to suck them. Then, she moved my hand down to her pussy and showed me what to do. My first pussy, I was fingering my Mom's pussy. She was so slippery wet. She taught me where to touch her and how to touch her and I had her moaning, after only a few minutes of instructions.

"Eat me," she said. "Lick Mommy's pussy, Paul."

"Okay, Mom," I said sliding down the bed and getting comfortable in between her legs.

To be honest, even though my Mom blew me and I enjoyed receiving a blowjob from her and cumming in her mouth, I was more than reticent to lick my Mom's pussy. First of all, I never licked a pussy before. Secondly, she was my Mom, after all. Yet, I felt that I owed her that and I needed to reciprocate the pleasure she had just given me. Besides, I was curious what it was like to eat a woman's pussy. With her there helping me and guiding my fingers and tongue, different than gaining clumsy experience by learning to eat a woman my age, it didn't take my Mom long to get off and cum in my mouth. I was thrilled that I could give my Mom such sexual pleasure, an orgasm with not only my fingers but also with my tongue.

She pulled me up, as I wiped her off my face and kissed me with more passion that she's kissed me with before.

"Fuck me, Paul. Fuck Mommy," she said in a whispered gasp. "Mommy needs to have your big, hard cock deep in her tight, wet pussy."

I had no idea my Mom talked like this in bed but I liked it. I really liked that she talked dirty to me.

"Tell me that again, Mommy," I said eager to call her Mommy, instead of Mom. "Tell me what you want, Mommy. Talk dirty to me, Mommy. I like it when you talk dirty to me, Mommy."

"Mommy needs you to stick your big, hard cock in her tight, wet pussy," she said whispering her words in my ear, before sticking her tongue in my ear, while squeezing my ass. "Fuck Mommy, Paul," she said louder. "Fuck Mommy! Fuck Mommy!" Now, she was practically screaming the words and, already hard, I couldn't wait to obey my mother by giving her what she wants and all that she needs.

We had sex, wild uninhibited, incestuous sex. I made love to my mother, as if she was my girlfriend and my mother fucked me, as if I was her boyfriend. She was a wild woman and after shooting a first load in her mouth, I shot a second load in her pussy.

"It's been a long time, since I've had a lover, Paul. After winning the lottery, I don't trust any of the men in town. They just want me for my money," she said looking at me between kisses and hugging me. "You're the best thing that I ever happened to me. You're such a sweet, innocent, young man."

"This is wrong, Mom," I said, suddenly feeling a twinge of guilt.

"No one will know what we do behind closed, doors," she said rolling off of me. She still held onto my penis, fondling it between her fingers. After cumming off twice, I was getting hard again. "We're both at our sexual peaks, right now, Paul. Mommy's horny, too. Mommy needs your cock. If you give Mommy what she wants, Mommy will give you whatever you want," she said taking my cock in her mouth again, while looking up at me.

The sexy look she gave me with my cock in her mouth, is something I'll never forget. I love it when my Mom looks at me with my cock in her mouth. My Mom blew me again and I exploded in her mouth again. Then, waiting a few minutes for me to get hard again, we made love again. Only, this time, I fucked her. I really pounded her pussy and we both got off. I came off four times within two hours. I never knew I was such a stud.

After that, we slept in the same bed and had sex every day. Every day my Mom sucked my cock and every day, I fucked my mother. My Mom and I stayed in our sexual relationship for a year, until I graduated college and found a girlfriend and my Mom found a boyfriend. I still look back at that time we were sexually together with fond memories. Even after I married, even after I went on my Honeymoon, never have I had as much sex with my wife, as I had with my mother. And to think that it all started by going dumpster diving to collect bottles and cans for Earth Day.


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by Willy_Wolfe05/29/17

wordy, but great!

A magnificent narrative! as the story progressed it seemed breathless, and made me feel as though I was in the room with them.

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