Mom Needs To Cum


"I'm riding your fucking butt bro," she announced cheerfully. "Whoee...I'm a cowgirl! I love your fucking ass Tim. It's so hard and muscular. Feels so fucking nice!"

She then lay completely on top of my body and pushed my face down into our mother's cunt with her hand on the back of my neck. My cheek rested on my mother's hot inner thigh and my nose right on the flesh of pink fold of her hot pussy. The hot and thick scent of her fuming pussy filled my nostrils. Now I felt my mother trying to grind her pussy against my nose.

Just as things were about to get really crazy and out of hand, Shay got off my back and joined me again above our mother's pussy. She licked my lips and then forced her little pink tongue into my mouth. I sucked on her warm tongue. Then I felt my mother's hand grabbing the top of my head and pushing my face into my sister's. We tongue kissed like that for what seemed like three or four minutes.

Then Shay abruptly stopped. She was teasing not only my mother but all of us. She would not let a position last long enough to result in an orgasm or penetration. It seemed that we all loved playing along. This was probably more exciting than the act of fucking itself. This was a long and forbidden foreplay that was driving all of us crazy, each and every hot minute of it!

"How about some thick and hard cock mom?" Shay asked wickedly. "Do you think you're ready for it?"

"Fuck yeah honey...please let me have some cock baby!" my mom pleaded.

"Tony, put my mom's head down on the floor," Shay instructed, "Tim I want you to lift her ass up for me because I need to finger her asshole really good and have it nice and ready for Tony's cock!"

"My asshole?" our mother screamed. "Why not my pussy? His cock is too God damn big for my asshole!"

"Trust me mom," Shay replied softly. "You'll be fine and you're gonna love it. I'll make sure that your asshole is nice and ready for his thick cock."

I did not wait for my mother to respond to Shay and lifted her lower body in a way that her ass and pussy were right in front of Shay's face. Shay instructed her to spread her legs open, then she inserted her middle finger into our mother's asshole.

"Relax your asshole mom!" Shay said. "I'm gonna put two fingers inside you now. Just relax mommy!"

Shay lowered her face to our mother's asshole and spat right into it. She asked Tony to help me out and spread our mom's ass cheeks open wide so she could have better access to her asshole. Then she started fingering the asshole with two fingers, really firm and hard this time. My mom was moaning with pain and pleasure at my sister's anal assault on her tight little asshole.

"Ok mom, I'm happy now and I think you can take his cock!" Shay announced with a smile.

I let my mother's lower body down and put two pillows under her butt to lift her up and have her at a good angle for Tony's cock. Tony positioned himself between my mother's legs and put the wide and thick tip of his cock against her asshole. Shay spat five or six times on Tony's big cock head and grabbed it by the root, then pushed it forward. I knelt beside my mother and she clutched my wrist again to feel safe.

"Push Tony honey....that's it," Shay said. "It's almost past her shit ring. Push baby, push!"

From the look on my mother's face I could tell that she was in a lot of pain. She looked at me as if she was begging me to stop Tony. I looked at my sister and saw that although she was saying that this would work, she was not at all sure that it would actually work.

"NGGGfuck...Shay baby, he's gonna rip my asshole," my mother begged. "Please take it out!"

"Oh well," Shay said. "It's a bummer!"

"Sorry honey it's just too thick," my mother said. "But maybe..."

My mother and sister exchanged a look, then they both looked at me.

"Maybe..." my mom continued, "I can take your brother's cock instead?"

"Fuck yeah mom!" Shay said and lit up like a firecracker. "Now you're talking. His cock is longer, but it's not as thick as Tony's."

"Yeah baby..." my mom said and looked at me, "put your brother's ock in me and have him fuck my asshole! I think I can handle his beautiful cock!"

"Yeah sexy brother," Shay said, "come and give me your cock. You're gonna fuck this sexy bitch's asshole now!"

A moment later I was in between my mother's legs and my sister was holding my cock at its base. She spat on my cock a few times and then put it against my mother's tight asshole. She took the tip of my cock between her fingers and pushed it past my mother's shit ring. It went in with a loud plop. I felt that I was dreaming. My cock was inside my mother's asshole and my sister was holding my shaft, pushing it in further into the now sucking asshole. I could see my mother's face. I could see her lips moving. I could see my sister smiling. But I could not hear a word.

"...all the way in right to the root bro!"


"'s asshole!"

"Are you ok baby?" I could finally make sense of the words. It was my mom's voice. "Honey your face is red. Do you want to stop?"

I felt a slap on my butt. My sister had started spanking my butt really hard and she was yelling at me, telling me to move.

"Start fucking her Tim!" she was screaming. "What's wrong with you? Fuck our fucking mom. Don't you like the way your cock feels inside her?"

I looked down at my cock. It was buried all the way to the root up my sexy mother's hot asshole. I grabbed her hips firmly and pulled back, almost all the way out. Then I pushed in with all the energy I had in me. Back again, then forward: I fucked her as hard as I possibly could. My mom's beautiful hair was all over the place. She was screaming, begging me to fuck her harder.

"Fuck me baby...yeah that's my boy," she was screaming. "Rip my fucking asshole apart. I love it honey. Whoeee!"

My sister was going crazy as well. She was fondling my balls and biting my nipple, sucking really hard, telling me how beautiful I was and how good my cock looked inside our mother's asshole. Then I realized that my ass was still being spanked. It was Tony. I didn't mind. I was too busy fucking my mother up her ass!

Then Shay forced me to pull out of our mother's asshole. She took my cock and licked the tip of it.

"Mom sit up," Shay instructed. "Yeah lean against your elbows. I want you to see everything that's about to happen."

My sister grabbed my cock by its root and started spanking our mother's cunt lips with it. My mother looked down at her pussy, then my cock and then she gazed right into my eyes. Her hot look was one of ultimate longing, lust and ecstasy. Her cunt sucked my cock right in when my sister finally put it inside her.

"Fuck our mother bro," Shay said firmly. "Mom, fuck him back!"

Her cunt was burning hot. As I started pounding her pussy hard and fast it made wet noises. Squish, plop, splash!

Her hips started twisting as her boiling cunt squeezed my cock hotly. She pressed her cunt bush against my pubic hair and started grinding, shaking and screaming with my entire cock inside her. When my sister lowered her face and took our mother's stiff clit in her mouth, she finally exploded. No sound came from her. As I felt her juices flowing out of her I pulled out of her pussy. A flood of hot and clear pussy juice followed my cock. Two more big squirts of cum were followed by half a dozen smaller sprinkles. My sister and I, and even Tony were covered in her juices.

My beautiful blonde mother collapsed on the floor. My sister ran and brought her a glass of water. A few moments later I was playing with her pretty hair and kissed her mouth as Tony fucked the shit out of her. My sister was sucking her nipple and playing with her clit. She came once more. This time less intensely than the first time. Right after that my mother helped my sister ride my cock.

"So what next?" my mother asked playfully as Shay was fucking her pussy up and down my shaft.

"How about a gangbang for you mom?" Shay said breathlessly. "Or we can join a swingers' club and go fuck strangers all night. How about that?"

"I love it baby," my mom replied. "I love all your dirty little plans!"

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