tagIncest/TabooMom Needs to Pay the Bills

Mom Needs to Pay the Bills


Everyone in the story is above 18.


I look down at the bills in my hand. Paper after paper of all the things I haven't paid for. Just as I am about to put them away, I hear my phone ring. I fish it out of my purse.

Unknown number. I know exactly who this is.

'I'm so sorry,' I start. 'I know I haven't given you the money yet but I'm getting it ready. It's really difficult when there are more things to pay. I'm very very sorry but I'll sell some of my things and get some to you by the end of this week' I plead.

'You're time is up, you fucking bitch. You're not getting away this time' the man on the line growls back.

I feel my throat closing up and tear start pouring down my face.

'Please, please! I will do anything. Pleas-'


'Please ANYTHING! Just give me time and I'll pay you with whatever you want'

I hear him quiet on the other side of the line. I've been borrowing money from this man for the past several years after my husband left me and my son and I no longer had enough income to make ends meet. The man on the phone is Shadow and he is the head of a gang. I met him a few years ago when I was really falling apart. Since then, I've gotten a little better, but I owe so much money to him and I have never been able to fully pay anything off.

His silence is scaring me. I use my hand to push behind wavy brown hair was sticking to the tears on my face.

'Hmmm' he finally breaks the silence. 'There is one thing you can do..'

'Anything! I will do anything. Please, just don't hurt me or my son'

'Fine. I have a solution. If you do this, you won't owe me any more money.'

My heart skips a beat. I can't believe my ears. Before I fully relax, I realize that whatever he's asking me must be big.

'wha-what is it?' I stammer.

'I will come to your house later tonight. Wear black lacy lingerie and do your makeup'

I realize he's probably going to fuck me, and even though a part of me is scared, I would do anything to get rid of my debt.

'And make sure your son is at home'

'What?? Why him? Don't hurt him. Please, he's my only family, please don't hurt him' I plead. I can feel my heart squeezing again.

'I won't hurt him' he responds cooly and he hangs up.

My mind is blank; I don't even know what to think. I sit in a daze for several minutes, as I stare at the fridge.

I get startled by the sound of keys turning in the door. I yelp, as I see my son enter the room. 'Hey mom!' He waves, with a goofy smile on his face. He has no clue about Shadow and the money problems I've been having for the past few years. He's a tall lanky boy. He has my brown wavy hair that almost covers his eyes. He has small dimples on his cheeks whenever he smiles. He puts his bag down on the floor and kicks off his shoe.

'How was school? You're almost done with highschool. How does it feel? I talk calmly, trying to hide the fear in my voice.

'oh, same old, same old. I'm excited to leave highschool, haha. Anyway, I'm going to head up and take a shower.'

'Oh, before You head out, just wanted to let you know that some guests might be coming over later today' I tell him with a tight smile.

He nods, not thinking much of it, and heads upstairs.

After a few moments, I head up to my bedroom to get ready. I take a steamy shower to calm my nerves and move to my make up cabinet. I look at myself in the mirror. I have large almond shaped brown eyes, and small nose, and large pink lips. I look my naked body up and down. I'm really proud of the body I have. Even though I'm almost 40, I still have the same body as when I was 25. My B cup breasts are still perky, and my thighs are tight. I rub lotion over my body and my face. I pull out the makeup. I line my eyes with eyeliner and put on a little bit of blush and lipstick. I don't want to do too much. I pull out a small black lacy bra and panties set. My small brown nipples are visible through the bra. My panties are skimpy and my pubic hair is pushing through the sides and is visible. I slip on a modest long sleeve black dress that falls to my knees. I brush my hands through my perfectly wavy, now dry hair, as I await.


Hours pass, my son and I have already eaten dinner. He's now in his room doing homework , while I nervously lay in my bed and keep checking my phone.

Suddenly it rings. I quickly pick it up 'Hello' I sound out of breath.

'Open the door. I'm here'

I quietly go downstairs and open the front door. I've never seen Shadow's face, and I still don't know what it looks like now. He and two other men behind him are wearing ski masks to cover their faces. They are all about 6 feet tall and muscular. One man holding a camera. I am confused, but I let them in. I feel the anxiety and the stress as I watch them step in and look around. The man in the front, whom I presume is Shadow says 'Bring us to your room'.

It's happening, I think. I bring them up to my room, and open the door to reveal the space. My room has a large king size bed and a few pillows. A wardrobe, a full length mirror, and that's about it.

'Bring your son'

'I thought you said you won't hurt him!' I say again.

'Shut up, I won't. Listen to what I say.'

I open my son's room and see him bent over his work, headphones covering his ears.

'Can you come to my room?' I say loudly. 'The guests are here'

He nods and obediently follows me to my room. What he sees surprises him.

'What's going on mom?' He says. One of the men close the door and pull a gun out.

I start to panic but I don't want to escalate the situation.

Shadow steps forward, 'take off your dress.'

I feel my heart racing but there's nothing I can do. I reach down to the hem of my dress and slowly tug it over my body, and drop the dress to the side.

'Good' I can hear his smile. He turns to my son, Danny, and says 'Your mom is going to take off your clothes'

I see that my son is shocked by everything that is going on. He's just staring at me in disbelief. 'Please' I weep again.

'shut up! you're going to do exactly what I say and if you fucking try anything else, I'm going to fucking shoot your son in the head and then rape you.'

I walk over to Danny and whisper 'It's going to be ok. I'm sorry I did this to you, but it'll be ok.' I slowly pull off his t-shirt and kneel down to unzip his pants before I tug it down. I accidentally touch his slightly hard penis as I pulled his pants down. He swallows and closes his eyes as he stands in front of everyone in just his boxers.

The man with the camera turns his camera on and points it toward the bed. Shadow moves me and my son toward the bed.

'Now, your son is going to lay down and you're going to rub yourself on him.'

He lays down obediently and I gently move on top and slowly rub myself back and forth on his dick. I feel his dick harden under his clothes. I move back and forth, feeling his long thick penis against me. I feel my body heating up but I stay quiet. I look down and see my son with his eyes closed and his mouth clenched. I rub my clit against his cock and I can feel myself getting wetter and wetter.

'Now, take your panties off and take his boxers off.' Shadow hands me a sheet of cellophane. 'Cover his dick with this. I don't want incest.'

Looking at my sons huge fully erect cock fuels a fire inside me. I carefully put the cellophane over his cock and begin to rub my naked pussy on it again. I feel his dick so much better without any clothes. I can feel the cellophane hold on to my dripping juices as I rub back and forth. I slowly lean forward and push my clit against his dick. I try to hold back any noises as I keep going. My pussy is throbbing against his dick and I'm sure he can feel it.

'Now, lay down and your son is going to lick your dirty wet pussy'

I feel myself feel guilty and disgusted at my excitement. I want him to lick me. My pussy feels sore with wanting. I get up and the plastic sticks to my pussy and I have to pull it off and toss it on the ground. I lay down and spread my legs wide. I finally see my sons eyes and I see the lust that he's holding back.

He gets down and starts lapping my soaking pussy. 'Fuck, your juice tastes so good mom' He says. My head rolls back as I moan. I can't help it as I feel his tongue softly lick the sides of my pussy and lightly suck the lips. He circles his tongue around the opening of my pussy and then moves up to gently hug my clit with his tongue. I feel him take a deep inhale of my pussy and my pubic hair. I feel my juices dripping down my thighs and my ass. I feel the bed underneath me get wet. My legs are tensing up as I feel the heat inside my body building. I bit down my lower lip as I try to keep the noise inside. My son slowly flicks my pussy like he's licking the most delicious candy. He moans into my pussy in delight.

'Now suck his dick' Says Shadow, I can hear the delight in his voice.

I am more than happy to. I get up and my son lays down. I put his entire cock in my mouth and slowly pull up, letting myself taste every bit. I go slowly at first, putting himself all in my mouth, almost chocking, and pull up. I then begin to lick the tip of his dick and then push his cock back into my mouth. I feel him tugging my body to his face and feel him bury his face in my pussy again as I continue to lick and suck him off. My body is on fire but I don't want to give Shadow and his cronies a show. But the way my son is licking me and his joy is making it difficult.

'fuck her!' Shouts one of the men.

'haha go ahead' I hear Shadow chuckle, 'it'll be better for the camera'

'what!!' I say, but I can already feel my son pulling himself up and pushing my body down. His hair is sticking to his forehead and he leans over me. I smell the manliness on his body and unconsciously open my legs up again, wanting him. I say no, but my body wants, no needs it, so badly. He's looking at me not like his mother, but like a sexy woman he's wanted to fuck for a long time. I feel the tip of his dick at my opening. I nod, and he slowly begins to push it in. I push myself against his dick and the feeling is amazing. I've never been so wet and can't believe I've fit his huge dick inside me. He tries to go slowly but I push myself against him. I need him to go hard. He understand and lets himself lose control as he begins pounding my pussy and I can feel his balls slap against me. I can't help it anymore. I'm moaning loudly. My son is fucking my pussy and it's amazing. It's sliding in and out so easily. Fuck fuck fuck.

'I'm going to cum, OH MY GOD, Im going to cum' I shout. He goes harder and I feel it build up. My body tenses up and I scream in ecstasy. Oh my gosh, that was the most amazing orgasm I'd ever had. My son keeps pumping me and a few minutes later I feel his warm cum shot into me. He pumps a few more times, making sure it stays in me and then slowly pulls out. I kiss his lips and he kisses me back. I look behind him and see the men are gone and there's a note on the drawer. I later read the note and it says he'll send me a copy of the video later and that my debt is paid.

I can't wait to see it again while I fuck my son.

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Sorry, but I lost interest when you brought in "cellophane". Really? Cellophane?

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Oh Hell!

I liked it! A little hurried but who cares, Good job!!!

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