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Mom Phones It In


Author's note: So there was a comment left on my last story. "I want mom too." An anonymous(of course) reader said the story wasn't good and I was phoning it in. I thought hmm, phoning it in, mom son story...Mom on the phone while....Mom phones it in! Instant inspiration and I write this in one sitting. Disclaimer, this story is much more of a 'stroker' than my usual work. So if you're adverse to those, you may want to pass. LC68

Austin stared down at his phone, and smiled at the text he'd just received.

"Where are you baby, it's after seven!"

"Had class, then work, remember?" He shot back, then went back to counting his register drawer to turn in and then he could get home.

"Well hurry home, because it's Friday, and he left for his trip this morning. Only work you'll be doing this weekend is taking care of me."

Right there at the counter, his cock jumped in his pants. An entire weekend of nothing but hot sex! He hurriedly put the money into a pouch and signed the tag on it. Walking into the small back office he dropped the pouch on Joe's desk.

"I'm out of here, see you Monday."

"Hey, Austin," Joe looked up. "Roger's sick and I'm looking for coverage. Want to work a few hours tomorrow or Sunday?"

"No way." He shook his head.

"But you're always after more hours." Joe looked puzzled.

"I got big plans this weekend." He must have been grinning like the cat that ate the canary because Joe smirked. "That fun involve a female, I take it?"

"Oh, yeah."

"Do tell."

"She's hot and a lot older than me, and she's got the whole weekend off."

"Older? You dog!" Joe whistled. "Good for you kid. Just watch out for those older women, they'll fuck you to death."

"I hope so." He waved. "If you don't see me Monday, know I died smiling!"

"I'm jealous man, do her once for me," he leered.

Austin laughed, and as he hurried out of Starbucks, he wondered what Joe would think if he knew the older women he was about to fuck all weekend was his mother?


Austin's short ride home still seemed to take forever. Friday night traffic and he swore he was catching every damn light. He was so fucking hard he not only had to keep shifting in his seat, but his dripping cock had made his boxers sticky.

Dad was going to a sales conference and wouldn't be home until Monday afternoon. He'd made sure to ask for the weekend off when mom told him the dates of dad's trip. From the time he got home, until she had to go to work Monday morning it was just the two of them.

It was about time. The two of them hadn't had much time the last couple months. Between his class and work schedule, and the fact dad was around constantly at night, their chances had been few and far between.

Not that it had completely stopped them. Mom had slipped into his room twice in the last couple of weeks. She'd locked his door and they'd fucked quickly each time. It was hot, but they had to hurry and both were worried about dad getting up.

Okay, Austin was worried. He swore mom got an extra rush when dad was in the house. She'd proved that when she'd gotten bold enough to slip into the shower with him three mornings ago. Austin had thought his heart was going to beat out of his chest when his father had knocked on the door asking why it was locked.

While his obviously turned on mother dropped to her knees and sucked his cock. Austin had haltingly managed to call out he must have thumbed the lock by accident, and no, he hadn't seen mom. Maybe she went for a walk.

When he looked back on those risky encounters, they were hot. But at the time he was more nervous than turned on. Not that his mother couldn't get him relaxed enough to enjoy it. His mother's mouth was sinfully talented and her pussy always wet and ready for her son.

Finally taking the turn onto their street, Austin found it hard to believe he'd been having sex with his mother for over a year now. It had started one night when she had been drunk and pissed off at dad for not taking care of her.

She'd walked into his room to vent to him, and caught him jerking off. The next thing he knew she was on his bed with him, his cock in her mouth. She'd then straddled him and ridden him hard and fast until he'd exploded inside her.

He'd been shocked to say the least, but it had been so insanely hot he couldn't let her leave until he'd gotten between her thighs and ate her pussy until she came for him. He'd then fucked her again. This time her legs up, and feet on his chest as he fucked her harder than he'd ever fucked a girl before.

But his mother wasn't a girl. She was a woman. A hot mature woman who knew what she wanted. What his mother had wanted ever since was her son's cock, and he gave it to her any time he could.

Unlike girls his age, mom had no hang ups and never said something was dirty or they couldn't or didn't like something. Austin's mother fucked like a wildcat porn star and denied him nothing. He'd even fucked her in the ass a few times.

Pulling into the driveway, Austin smiled at the idea the entire weekend wouldn't be risky quickies, but long playful, raunchy sex. No rush, no worries, and no dad. Just he and mom engaging in sex most people would think was wrong, but he felt that was because they'd never tried it. They had both admitted the fact they were mother son made it even hotter, and as long as they were happy and having fun, who cared?

Austin supposed dad would, but what he didn't know wouldn't hurt him. Besides if the boring dud had taken good care of mom's insatiable pussy, odds are his son wouldn't be the one doing it. Parking his car he threw the door open and all but leapt out of it.

Hurrying up the drive way, he winced as his throbbing cock bent in his pants. He was so horny his balls were aching, but he had no doubt he'd find relief soon enough. Relief in the form of blowing a big hot load down his mother's throat or deep inside her greedy pussy.

He'd no sooner entered the house when he heard mom calling from down the hallway.

"I'm in my bedroom, baby, come give mommy what she needs!"

He started down the hall, already pulling his coffee stained shirt over his head. Looking at it distastefully, he called out.

"Want me to shower first? I smell like coffee!"

"I could some caffeine right about now!" Mom laughed. "Just get that big hard dick in here!"

"Not polite to disobey my mom, right?" Austin tossed the shirt on the floor of the hallway and paused to kick off his shoes.

It wasn't like he had to worry about dad finding his clothes laying around, right? He entered her room and smiled at the sight of his mother completely naked on the bed.

"Goddamn." He whispered.

Despite the fact they'd been in a sexual relationship for the past year, Austin was still left speechless by his mother's body. Mom was tall and busty, her legs, long and shapely with an inviting softness to her thighs.

Her stomach wasn't quite as flat as a young woman's, but like her thighs was soft and sexy. Her breasts were large and still firm for their size and age. Those breasts featured large rose colored nipples that she was currently cupping, showing them off to her son.

Her red tipped nails caressed her nipples which were as hard as his cock. He managed to pry his eyes from her magnificent breasts and raise them to her face. Mom's big brown eyes were staring into his and her tongue slid across her soft full lips which were painted the same slut red as her nails.

Taking in those perfect lips, her expressive eyes, and her long black hair fanned out across the pillow, Austin was reminded of how not just sexy, but beautiful she was. His thoughts shifted back to sexy when she opened her legs, exposing her pussy. Her pink slit was already glistening beneath the small patch of dark hair she kept there.

"I love the way you look at me," Mom said softly. "You always make me feel so sexy, baby."

"You are sexy, mom." Austin slowly approached the bed. "Sexiest woman I've ever seen."

"Seen a lot of women, have you?" She teased, then turning sideways on the bed, rolled onto her stomach.

"In person? Only girls before you." His heart raced when she beckoned him with her finger and walked over to her.

"Oh, how smooth are you?" She joked, but her dark eyes were fixed on his crotch which was right in front of her face. "But you watched a lot of that nasty mom son porn. Those moms are pretty damn hot."

"Not as hot as you." Austin meant every word her said.

With her on her stomach, he had a great view of the smooth skin of her back, highlighted by her dark hair now flowing down the middle of it. Of course the best part of the view was her well rounded ass.

Knowing he loved this position, especially when she did what he was dying for her to do, mom played it up. She spread her legs open and bent them at the knees. She playfully kicked them back and forth.

"Honey, can I ask you something?" Propped up on her elbows, enough for him to get a good look at her tits hanging beneath her, she trailed her fingers along his stomach.

"Anything." He breathed when she kissed his stomach just above his jeans.

She stared at the perfect set of red lips she'd left on her son's hard flat stomach. "Why the hell aren't you naked?"

"Oh, um....got a little distracted." He grinned.

"That's a nice compliment, but it's hardly fair that your mom is already naked and wet for her son and he's still got clothes on."

She unsnapped his jeans and yanked his zipper down. "I need this cock in my mouth, baby."

Austin wasn't going to argue with her and had just pushed his jeans down past his hips when mom took him quickly into her mouth.

"Oh, fuck." He groaned when she bobbed her head rapidly.

"Hmm!" Mom's eyes met his while her soft red lips worked his hard shaft.

Austin leaned over and grabbing both cheeks of her ass, gave them a hard squeeze. Mom moaned around his cock and he repeated the sound, when she held him between her lips and swirled her tongue around the tip of his cock.

Austin gave each cheek a playful slap and smiled at the little yip she released around his cock. His eyes worked back and forth, first taking in the way her well rounded ass looked spread open, then back to her lips working their magic on him.

At this point Mom had been sucking his cock for over a year, but the sight of his cock sliding between her lips never got old. Nor did the feeling of her warm wet mouth and soft talented tongue.

Austin slid his right hand between her legs and mom whimpered when his fingers slid through her sopping slit. Goddamn, she was wet! He worked his fingers through the folds of her pussy, moving them up and down, but stopping just short of her clit, then teasing around the entrance of her pussy.

"You tease, I'll tease." Mom pulled his cock from her mouth.

Austin couldn't get his fingers inside her fast enough. Mom rewarded that move by once again taking into her talented mouth. He sighed in appreciation of the mixed pleasure of having his fingers buried in his mother's hot wet pussy while she blew him.

While she blew him. His mother was blowing him! He felt like a fool every time he had that thought after all this time. But it was so fucking hot! Not just a fantastic blow job that any guy would love, but from his mom!

Austin put his thumb on her clit and she moaned softly around his cock. Despite the fact it had been awhile since they could enjoy with no worries, there was no sense of urgency. Austin slowly pumped his fingers into his mother's quivering slit, loving the way she contracted around them each time.

Mom was taking her time on his cock. She was keeping it in her mouth, but sucking slowly. She worked him from his head to the base of his shaft, making him feel her soft lips on every inch of his shaft. Her tongue was pressed tightly to his cock, massaging it as she took her time pleasing her son.

Austin moved his thumb faster on her clit and mom moaned louder and closed her legs, trapping his hand there. She bent her knees further so her feet were in his face, and taking her ankle in his free hand, he sucked on her toes.

Mom whimpered around his cock and her pussy contracted hard around his fingers. Austin swirled his tongue around her toes and her ass wiggled as she thrust his fingers deeper inside her. Mom loved her feet played with and Austin was more than happy to play with any part of her body.

He grinned inwardly at the way dad always commented on some of the sexy heels and fancy stockings mom wore, saying they were a waste of money. No, they were just wasted on him, his son took full advantage of it.

Austin knew he should feel bad about doing this. He was helping his mother cheat on him, and with his son no less. But then again, if dad took care of business other than his business mom wouldn't have decided she needed her son to give her what she needed.

Mom was sucking him faster and he gasped when she cupped his balls and massaged them. His legs stiffened and his balls tightened in her hand. Mom's hips were rocking and her pussy rhythmically squeezing his fingers.

They were both getting ready to cum and he loved knowing it was just to get the edge off. From tonight until Monday morning Austin figured he would lose count of how many times they came and in every way!

The whole weekend! Not just fucking mom, but sleeping with her. Waking up with her in his arms, or her waking him up with his cock in her mouth. Fucking in her bed, the shower, the kitchen. On dad's last trip they had snuck outside at one in the morning with the outside lights off and fucked in the pool.

Austin remembered how mom had lay on the edge of the pool, her legs open and dangling into the water as he licked her to several orgasms. She'd returned the favor by switching off with him and giving him a long slow blow job.

They'd rested then mom had knelt on the ladder while he fucked her hard and fast, pulling on her wet hair, the water ticking his balls. She'd cum again just from him fucking her and...

"Oh, fuck, mom." He moaned as she bobbed her head even faster. No longer playing, his mother was now working for the prize of her son's hot load.

"Hmm-mm!" She encouraged him and bucked her hips harder, urging Austin work her pussy.

He pressed his thumb harder to her clit and switched to sucking on the toes of her left foot. His legs were now trembling and he reveled in the anticipation of taboo thrill of filling his mother's mouth with his cum.

He jumped when mom's cell rang on the nightstand next to him. He glanced down and saw it was dad.

"Shit," he exclaimed. "It's dad!"

Mom's eyes shifted to the phone where dad's picture was filling the screen. She paused in her sucking, and sighed around his shaft. Austin stopped rubbing her clit, and tried to ease his cock from her mouth.

Mom squeezed his balls, not hard, just enough to keep him where he was and took him deep into her mouth. Thinking she was going to ignore the call he resumed rubbing her clit. Mom looked up at him, a beautiful sight with his cock buried in her mouth, and winked.

To his dismay, mom reached over and picked the phone up even as she continued to bob her head.

"Mom what are you doing?" He moaned, when she slipped him from her mouth and slid her finger across the screen.

"Hey, baby!" She chirped into the phone. "How was your flight?"

Austin tried to remove his hand from between her thighs, but she clamped them shut while staring up at him. "Don't stop." She mouthed while listening to dad talking on the other end.

"So the first meeting went well?" As mom spoke into the phone, she pumped him in her fist.

When dad had called and mom answered, Austin's cock had softened, but his mother's hand was bringing him back to a full erection. The fact there was a long strand of pre cum laced drool trailing from her chin to his cock helped him regain interest.

"That's good news, honey." She nodded while now rubbing Austin's cock on her cheek.

"Damn, you're nasty." He whispered when she turned her head to rub her other cheek on him.

Mom smiled and pressed the head of his cock to her soft sticky lips.

"Hmm-mmm." She grunted into the phone.

Austin moaned when she flicked her tongue out and traced a circle around the sensitive underside of the purple head of his dick. She gave him a poignant look and wiggled her hips. Taking his cue, Austin rubbed her clit and she sighed into the phone, "That's interesting. Are you going to follow up with them?"

This time when she listened to the other half of the conversation she took him into her mouth. Austin suppressed a groan, and as nervous as he was, as wrong as this was, his cock felt even harder than before.

Mom slowly sucked him while grunting around his cock in agreement to whatever dad was saying. She squeezed her legs tighter around his hand and worked her hips. Mom was breathing harder around his cock and was no longer sucking, just holding him there.

His cock twitched in her mouth as she stared down at her and moved his thumb in hard fast circles over her clit. Mom's eyes widened and her pussy tightened around his fingers. Austin slipped his free hand beneath mom, and cupping her breast, pinched her nipple.

Mom released a muffled squeal and her hips ground in tight circles into the bed. Her pussy convulsed around his fingers and her brown eyes were bulging as she fought not to make any noise.

Austin continued to play with her nipple while stroking her clit and she grabbed his forearm. Her nails dug painfully into his arm as she squeezed and continued to struggle to cum quietly. Now enjoying her battle, Austin pinched her nipple hard again.

Her pussy contracted once more and she emitted another of those choked cries of pleasure. She rolled her eyes back and releasing his cock, gasped into the phone, "Sorry, I just sneezed, damn allergies are acting...."

With an evil grin he jammed his fingers hard into her quivering pussy, causing her to yelp.

"Excuse me!" She sniffed loudly for show, then relaxed her legs around his hand and relaxed lowered her legs.

Still holding his cock, she looked up at him, a sly smile spreading across her face.

"Oh, Austin? He's right here, want to say hello?"

Mom's smile grew larger when she pushed the phone at him. He tried to back away, but she literally had him by the dick.

"Talk to your dad." She said out loud, then covering the phone whispered, "Payback's a bitch."

"Um, hey dad, how's Chicago?"

"Loud and obnoxious like last time." Dad replied. "What are you up to this weekend?"

"Oh!" He gasped when mom took him deep into her mouth and her tongue slid across his balls.


"Sorry, I knocked something over." He managed to say as mom went to town, bobbing her head rapidly, her lips and tongue working him while she resumed playing with his balls.

"You're off this weekend," Dad continued. "Big plans?"

"I...not really." He breathed, his eyes meeting moms.

She winked and once again deep throating him, held him there, her tongue swirling back and forth along the base of his shaft.

"Nothing? Come on, a good looking kid your age doesn't have something lined up with a cute girl?"

"Nah, I'm having a dry spell I guess."

Yeah, a dry spell. His cock was buried in the talented mouth of a hot woman. A woman he'd just made cum and had been seconds away from coming down her throat. A woman named mom.

"Well get out there, kid." Dad told him. "You're never going to get any action hanging around the house."

"True." He whispered, as mom went back to sucking him.

She had her mouth open wider than she needed to and was making the sloppy wet sucking sounds he loved.

"So call some friends, get out of the house meet some young ladies." Dad laughed. "Best years of your life, kid, don't waste them."

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