Mom Poses Nude


Connor took his cock out and hoisted his mother onto it. Ellie felt his strength as he held her on him. Her legs and arms wrapped around him but his hands under her ass and his steel rod in her pussy seemed enough to keep her there forever. She locked on his mouth as his tongue mimicked the gliding insertions of his hard cock into her wet center. Her hips moved to meet his thrusts. He took her to the wall and leaned her up against it. Ellie put her mouth on his ear as she moved her hips to take more of her son's cock into her. "Yes my beautiful man...I love this...I love what you do to me when you're inside me...taking me...using me...fucking me..." At that point she knew that she hopelessly adored her lover...her son...and wanted it all with him. They finished quickly but were far from satiated. Ellie told him, "Take me home."

In the forty-minute trip they both built to a hungry edge. Little was said between furtive glances and reaching hands. Once inside the house, they went to the bedroom they now shared. When Connor returned from the master bath, his mother was naked and waiting for him. Her arms and legs were open and inviting him. She made him so hard so fast so many times doing things like that.

He was kneeling before her looking at her loving face and she took him in her mouth. He gently massaged his mother's clit as she sucked. With a wet slippery finger he touched his mother's asshole for the first time. She seemed to respond and he inserted one finger and then another. Ellie was stimulated to a point she hadn't experienced before. Each time she thought she was about to come, Connor slowed or stopped. He turned her and went into her pussy from behind. She positioned herself for the deeper penetration. It always seemed impossible that he could get any farther into her but he always did. She wasn't sure how she was getting from one plateau to the next higher one: whether it was by her son's design or by happenstance; all she knew was that she felt crazed and wanton.

Ellie felt each long entry of her son into her pussy down to her toes. Some nights her body was so sensitized the feelings bordered on the edge of pleasure and pain. When he was out of her for a moment she reached back and took the big cock into her hand. It was wet with her juices. Then on an impulse, she directed it to her smaller hole that still had some moisture on it from his fingering. As her son's cock stretched her tight ring and entered her ass, her heart pounded from excitement and trepidation. She thought of how fully he filled her pussy and the thought of him in her tight hole sent the fear of being ripped apart through her...but she wanted him there. She wanted her son to have all of her.

As her tight channel became stuffed with her son's full width, it set her aflame. She didn't want to stop him from fucking her that way, no matter the consequences. "OH're in my ass...fucking me...fucking wonderful momma's ass." As he put more and more of the shaft into her, she wondered if his cock would ever end. Her spasms escalated as she began rubbing her pussy and clit. "I'm getting fucked by son", she thought. "My son is fucking me... my son is loving me...with his cock...Oh God...he's in my ass...yes...yes...fucking my ass." Her fears eased and her pleasure increased even though the pressure and friction singed her.

As she felt each inch of him sliding in and out of her inflamed ring, she heard his voice almost echoing her thoughts. "'m inside your ass...your beautiful ass..." Connor mumbled, almost to himself, " the want it there... don't you want your your ass...don't you mom...?"

"Yes baby...that's what momma sweet son... taking my ass...putting his big long cock up as far as it will go...I want you love...I want this more than anything...don't stop fucking me...don't ever stop fucking me...and don't ever stop loving me...will you baby...will you...?"

"No loving you...always inside your your your ass...I'm never going to stop fucking my beautiful mother...never." They were both taken over by the force of the physicality that joined them and by the line of forbidden pleasure they had crossed. Connor's thrusts took him deep enough to slap up against the meaty globes as his mother gyrated. Her moans became almost screams as her son started losing control and pounded them both toward orgasm.

The first release of soothing cum poured into his mother's squeezing channel and Connor leaned over her, biting and kissing her back as he pressed and pulled her flushed breasts. "Yes in my ass...come in my ass...come in momma's ass..." He came and filled her as she crested with a shattering climax that sent her body into paroxysms of pleasure. When finally they stopped moving and the last of his cum saturated her to overflowing, his mother caught her breath and told him, "Oh my sweet boy...I don't know how you could ever make me feel that good again...but your momma's going to make you try and try and try." They both collapsed into a laughing heap.

In the months that followed things were idyllic. She felt married and in love. She shared a special tape with him. Of all the women Connor had been with, his mother was the everything. She could do it all and take it all. He thought of her body as being made for fucking...every hole open and willing. He had everything he wanted and more importantly they both had what they needed. Then they got more than they needed.

An administrator at the college saw the paintings and recognized Ellie. It wasn't hard to do. The sumptuous nudes were done in an almost hyper-realistic style. There was no doubt about who was being portrayed and there was no doubt what was being portrayed. Like almost all avant-garde art, it was about the erotic and the sensual.

The administrator figured he really couldn't do much but the few letters he sent to a few people about the 'impropriety' became a few more e-mails. Most people couldn't have cared less but curiosity led some to the gallery and soon pictures of the paintings were on the Internet. The good news was that Connor sold a few more paintings; the very bad news brought out the piranha.

Ellie was anything but ashamed of her son's art but the unsigned notes and looks began to wear on her. And even though the board sided with her after a hearing concerning the 'morality' clause of her contract, just the humiliation of having to defend herself stung. That night she came home dark and somber.

As soon as Connor saw her face he realized what she was going through and without saying anything he took her in his arms and tenderly soothed her. He stroked her hair and back until he could hear breathing smooth out. He closed all the lights and lit some candles. They sat on the sofa and between gentle kisses said, "You're the most wonderful woman I could ever hope to love...the best model...the best lover...the best mother...the best wife...fuck them all...they'll never have what we have...each other."

After taking her top and bra off, he took his mother's breast in his hand and began licking and sucking on her nipple. She responded with soft moans and his tongue circled the fleshy tip for a long time. Both her nipples were swollen and engorged before he stopped. He had her recline and lifted her dress without removing it or the thigh high stockings she wore. He took her panties down over the black pumps.

Connor made love to his mother's pussy with his mouth. Light massages with the flat of his tongue alternated with long licks along the opening to her hood and finally to the enlarged nub that it covered. She was whispering almost inaudibly touching his hair now and then as he attended to what he knew she needed that night. All he could make out was "Sweet love...always...yes..."

He loved her that way until he could feel her hairs wet and tasted her juices. He used the Bodansky technique he had learned from the tape his mother had shared with him and she stayed on the brink impossibly long. He then ended her excruciating wait by taking the clit into his mouth. He drew it in and stretched it with his lips...rubbing it with his tongue...seeking the wet crevice at its base with the tip...tenderly applying a grazing lick along its hyper-sensitive left side as her moaning got louder and her mumblings more indistinct.

He wanted to hear her say that she cared more for him than what they were putting her through and he stopped and said, "Tell me mom."

She instinctively knew and said, " love you...I'll always love you...nothing matters but're what I want...I want you loving me...touching me...fucking me...make love to me honey...make love to your momma who loves you...come baby come."

Connor took his briefs down over the raging hard cock and went up to enter his mother. Her pussy was sopping and the big cock went in more easily than usual. As he pushed deeper into his mother's belly she said, "Yes baby...that's what I need...that's what matters...having my son in me ...loving me...deep inside me."

Her pussy seemed like a velvet glove massaging her son's cock as he steadily stroked in and out of her. He was where he always wanted to be. He confided to her that whenever he had been with another woman he had always thought of her. "It was your pussy mom, your pussy...always your pussy that I wanted to be in. Oh mom, I can't believe I actually have you...fuck you...every can't know how good this feels." She knew.

As he fucked his mother, Connor reached down to feel the place where their bodies became one. He touched the pussy lips that surrounded his cock and stroked her clit. He entered her tight little hole with his finger and then gently probed her ass. By then Ellie was on sensory overload. She felt her orgasm approach and began raising and lowering her hips to meet her son's thrusts. Her need for his soft gentle touch at the start had been transformed.

"Harder baby, harder...harder...harder." She had never been so needful. Connor raised himself and began pounding his mother giving her the full length of his cock, full force. "Yes baby...fuck me...fuck me...please fuck me...fuck me..." He came in her with great force and she almost lifted him with her high arching thrusts. When they were done, his mother curled into his arms and slept with fits and starts.

For the next few months, sex took center stage for them. It was a salve every night for the irritations of the day. It became the means and the end. They became adventurous and experimented with toys, positions, and finally people.

Connor got the idea to make a triptych of his mother: three paintings by three different artists combined into one work; each artist would concentrate on the figure with light from different times of the day. When Connor explained his idea and asked his mother if she would pose for two other student artists and him for the work, she agreed. The sex they had been having was liberating and even intoxicating. The thought of being naked in front of other young men with Connor excited her. That it turned into something more wasn't that surprising. At some level they probably both knew.

The four of them had dinner together the night before the first sitting and Ellie liked both of her son's friends. Alex was an easygoing person who laughed almost all the time. He was slim and fine featured. Talbot, who went by his last name because there were three other 'Johns' in their class, was dark and serious. It was generally conceded that he was the most talented artist in the school. He and Connor were the only two that were selling works consistently. The evening put them all at ease with each other.

On the following Saturday morning they started working, Ellie sat by the window of the makeshift studio they arranged and the three young men set up their canvases. The light flooded and bathed the room and there was a lot of joking and chatter going on. When Ellie took her robe off the mood changed. The boys were transfixed. Some bodies can be beautiful to look at and yet not sensual. Ellie did not have that kind of body. Alex and Talbot were thunderstruck by the sensuality of her form. There was an indefinable emergent property there. What they were looking at was more than the sum of its parts. What they were looking at was a woman that exuded her sexuality and it turned them on.

When they settled on the pose, the light bounced off the profiled plane of her cheek, hip and nipple. They worked for two days and agreed that that a few more sessions would be needed before each of them would finish. When Ellie went to her room to dress, the boys started talking. Talbot said, "I hope you don't take this the wrong way Connor, but your mother is...amazing. Her body gives off this..."

Alex laughed and interrupted, "Yeah, now I know why your pictures are so probably stink but you can't miss with a model like that." They all laughed and Alex half kidding added, "Do you think she would go out with me?"

At the next session on Sunday afternoon, Ellie had a few glasses of wine and was clearly seductive: the smiles, the jut of her breasts and ass, and finally the joke that wasn't a joke. She told them that if they all painted her beautifully, there would be a 'reward'.

The final session was fraught with sexual tension. Ellie and Connor had only talked about it once in 'shorthand'. They both asked if the other was okay with what was going on and they both were. When the final brushstrokes were applied, Ellie went to examine the works. She stood without putting her robe on and strode naked behind the three young men who sat at their canvasses.

Ellie looked over Alex's shoulder and his view had her innocence brought out in the morning light, innocent but available. She kissed his cheeks with her hands on his chest and said, "Thank you Alex, you made me more beautiful than I could hope to be." She walked to Talbot's interpretation and saw her sexuality exposed to the bright light of day. She kissed him on the lips and was embroiled in the feelings he had evoked and only said "Thank you." When she saw Connors work of her at dusk, anticipating her lover and flushed with desire, she said nothing. He stood and kissed his mother. As their long embrace continued Connor invited the other two with a wave of his hand.

Talbot approached and began kissing Ellie's back, from her shoulder blades down to her ass. Alex used his hands finding the places the other two weren't. He massaged the sides of Ellie's breasts that pressed against her son's chest; he reached between her legs to the pussy with its soft wetness that made his hard-on rage. His fingers sank deep into her hole. Ellie began moaning into Connors mouth as she skipped from the sensations each of them was producing in her.

Connor broke the kiss to suck on his mother's nipples. He held both tits in his hands from underneath and squeezed them inflating the already large swollen tips. He alternated drawing in and suckling the rubbery nipples that at times left his mouth with a popping sound. Alex joined him, taking over one of her breasts while Talbot licked at Ellie's thighs. They trembled slightly as she anticipated his approaching mouth and tongue on her cunt.

Connor took the cushions off the couch and set them on the floor. He urged his mother down onto her knees. She waited as the boys undressed. Alex was the most impatient and stood before Ellie with his flailing cock. He didn't invade her space but sort of waited to be invited. She smiled at this sweetness and reached for him. His hard–on practically pointed to the ceiling. As he approached, she opened her mouth wide to accept the young cock. Alex closed his eyes tightly as she began sucking him.

Talbot approached her from the rear and looked to Connor for permission. Conner just shook his head in assent and Talbot entered Ellie's pussy, doggy-style. Connor was content to watch at this point. It was an odd sensation, watching his mother getting fucked by one friend and blowing another. He had some mixed feelings but it settled his mind when he thought that this was his choice; his mother was doing what he wanted her to do in addition to her own desires. He was emotionally distant at that moment. It wasn't his mother getting fucked; it was a movie of her getting fucked. He watched the two 'actors' moving in and out of her pussy and mouth.

Alex was quick. This was a fantasy of his come true. The thought of being sucked off by and older woman this way had been in his mind for years. He still hadn't connected the dots between his own attractive mother and the woman who was now sucking on his cock. Ellie knew he was about to come and took his cock out of her mouth. She fisted the quaking boy's throbbing cock as it shot streams of hot white cum onto her neck and breasts. Coming in her mouth was only for Connor.

Connor was ready and he took charge. He directed Talbot to lie on his back and for his mother to mount the rock hard staff. She impaled herself on it, riding it until Connor urged her to lean over. As her hanging breasts grazed Talbot's chest, Ellie's asshole became accessible to her son. That also, was only for Connor. A quickly recovering Alex brought his still wet cock to Ellie's mouth. She took the slowly stiffening mass back into her mouth. Alex was where he wanted to be.

Connor knew it might be a difficult entry into his mother's ass without the usual lubrication they used. So he put as much saliva as he could on the palm of his hand and applied it to the knob that was now purple with desire. The first push took some effort to get his mother's tight ring stretched enough for his swollen head to enter. He heard his mother's sounds of distress even with her mouth full of Alex's by then hard cock.

It was easier after that. The young son slid deeper into his mother's chute and she felt stuffed and filled at every end. The two cocks in her ass and pussy moved at a different pace and it was an exciting and novel experience. Right then Ellie was just feeling the feelings: in her mouth, in her pussy, and her son in her ass but she wanted to her the sound of his voice.

Talbot and Alex were in their own world. They moaned and grunted but none of the boys spoke until Connor did. He said to his mother, "Is it good you like it...?"

She took Alex's cock out of her mouth long enough to say, "Yes baby...yes..."

Connor then began talking to his mother, telling her things he always told her, as if the others weren't there. "I love you're the best thing in my life and I'm going to love you forever...just you...just you..." It was what she needed to hear.

Ellie moved on the two cocks inside her and their timing synchronized. Both slid along opposite sides of the common membrane as Talbot filled her pussy and her son filled her ass. She had her first orgasm as she felt her son's thumbs digging into the rounded cheeks of her ass, spreading them as far apart as they would go as he began releasing his pent-up sperm into his mother.

As she cried out and came with her son, she called to Connor who stroked her and soothed her as he fucked her. Talbot bucked, forcefully lifting her with each thrust. Each entry released more of his shooting cum into her pussy and she could still feel her son's cock steadfast in her small hole even though he had come.

Ellie raised herself enough to take Alex's cock into her hand. She squeezed the tip and massaged it twice between her fingers before he started to come. Connor had pulled back and reached around his mother's waist to finger her clit. Alex came in her hands. Her juices covered her slick swollen nub and her son knew exactly how to rub it to make her come again. After a gasp, she came for the second time and rolled onto the cushions in total exhaustion.

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