Mom Poses Nude


There was a little uneasiness after they all recovered but it lessened with time and a few drinks as they sat around the kitchen table. A half hour later Ellie was lying on that kitchen table with Talbot at her pussy, slowly lapping over the lips and hood as he pressed on her clit. Her son stood above her. Her head was tilted back at the end of the table to accept the cock he put into her open mouth. She sucked him as Alex watched in awe.

Connor's thick shaft dropped in and out of his mother's mouth as he raised and lowered himself. Alex thought it an impossible sword-swallowing trick as she took almost his whole length down her throat. Her hands reached back to fondle his sperm filled balls as she sucked him. Alex watched Ellie's pleasure as she sucked her son, her lips and tongue teasing, licking, pressing and in fervent motion. Connor's climax was fast and intense. Ellie let her son come in her mouth and swallowed his seed as she always did.

After he caught his breath Connor asked his mother if he could show his friends how he made her come. She laughed and said, "Sure." Talbot and Alex couldn't imagine what was to come next. The 'demonstration' blew them away. Connor used the technique his mother had learned from the tape on orgasm by Dr. Bodansky and had taught him.

Ellie remained on the table with her knees up and Connor sat beside her with his thumb placed at the base of her vagina. With the other hand across her belly, his fingers stimulated her clitoris. Through practice they had determined the most sensitive area, on her clit. As her son manipulated her, Talbot and Alex watched in awe as she began to come. They were stupefied when she didn't stop coming. They watched her vagina contract as she moaned and Connor continued the stimulation.

Ellie went through peaks and valleys but was orgasmic throughout. Her face and breasts flushed as they incredulously witnessed a woman in the throes of continuous pleasure for over seven minutes. Alex almost seemed shaken. When she finished she held her son in a strong embrace for a while and when she finally let go, they saw sparkling gray eyes and a wide smile on a face that looked like fresh make-up had just been applied.

When the two boys left for home Alex whispered something to Ellie as he went out the door. When she came back in, her eyes were misty. Connor asked what Alex had said to her and Ellie replied, "He said he wished his mother loved him the way I love you."

The triptych sold for five thousand dollars at the gallery show a few weeks later. Ellie met Alex's mother Diane who stood by Ellie the whole time she was there. She told Ellie they had a lot in common, being single mothers who had sons that were artists. She plied Ellie with questions. She wanted to know how Ellie felt posing and what went through her mind. Finally she got to what was really on her mind. She said, "Alex asked me to pose for him but I didn't know what to say...I mean I didn't really understand why...compared to you I'm pretty average looking...I guess a part of me wants to do it but I finally told him that I was too shy and I thought I ...can I ask you something?"

When Diane hesitated Ellie said, "It's fine Diane can ask whatever you want...I'm comfortable with the whole thing."

"Well what I was worried about was that I might know...sexual feelings...being naked and all...and in front of my son..."

"Listen Diane, as far as your looks, obviously Alex sees the beauty in you that maybe you're missing...that's why he's an artist; but if you're uncomfortable having sexual feelings, then you probably shouldn't do it because that's part of what it's about...we get those feelings all the time don't we Diane...we're sexual beings...but that doesn't mean you have to do something or not do something about them at any given time...right?"

"I guess you're right...I don't know if I would have the guts to pose the way you do...but thanks least I feel better about wanting to. By the way, you look fantastic in the paintings...and in real life." She gave Ellie a kiss on the cheek and Ellie thanked her for the kind words.

A week later Ellie got a call from Diane who said she needed someone to talk to and Ellie was probably the only one who could understand. Diane was obviously agitated. Diane said, "I don't want you to be angry with Alex because it wasn't his fault...I made him tell me...after what happened."

"Tell you what Diane...after what happened?"

Diane spoke almost without taking a breath. "Well I decided I would pose for Alex but not completely without my clothes, so I had a peignoir on and I was really nervous and Alex started painting and then he came over to me and said he wanted to fix the material and he put his hand on my breast and I knew he wasn't fixing it; he was fondling me and then it was like you said...I was having these sexual feelings but then I asked him what he was doing and he said, 'I love you and I just want you to love me'...I didn't know what he meant and he started to kiss know like real kissing but I stopped him and asked him what it was all about...and then I could see his eyes get filled with tears and he said, he wanted me to love him like you love Connor."

Diane finally took a deep breath and said, "Ellie my heart was breaking, how could he think I didn't love him? Then he started saying something about a tape and how he wanted to make me feel like Connor made you feel. It didn't make any sense until he said that Connor told him that you and he...were lovers. I guess at that moment I wanted to believe him because he was touching me and...Ellie...before I say another word...I know I have no right to ask but...was Alex lying...or was Connor making it all up...?"

"So Alex just said that Connor told him this...that's all?

"Well that and the stuff about a tape...why...what else...?

"Listen Diane, I like you and I think I can trust you...and it shouldn't matter as far as what you do, but if it makes it easier for you to know that you're not the only one in the world with feelings like this...then yes...Connor and I are lovers."

"Oh Ellie...God...I did it too...I really didn't think Alex would lie to get me to do it but...after it happened I started to doubt everything...I'm so glad you told me...thank at least I have someone I can talk to. God Ellie it makes me hot just thinking about it...I let my son touch me...and I touched him...he told how beautiful I was and how much he loved me and it all poured out of him...Ellie he was so hard and I took him in my mouth...I thought he would go out of his mind...I never saw a man react like made me feel so good...I was sucking my own son...his cock was in my mouth and then I had sex with him...more than once." Diane laughed and then Ellie did too.

Ellie could tell that Diane was turned on telling her about and it got Ellie going too so she encouraged her. "What was like having him in you, Diane?"

"Oh was more than anything I'd ever...Ellie, do you think that its just because it' know...incest that it's so exciting? I don't know...I never felt anything like own son inside me..." She laughed and said, "Young guys can sure do it a lot of times can't they Ellie? He must have come back for more...I lost count." She laughed again and then got serious. "You know Ellie... in the morning...I thought maybe he would change his mind...because I'm his mother and all...but he wanted me again and again...Ellie I'm so sore...but he makes me feel good...I even feel beautiful...Ellie...nobody in my whole life ever wanted me like that."

Later that week, Ellie gave Diane a copy of the bootlegged Bodansky tape, which unlike the fictional "Venus Butterfly", really worked. After a few days, Ellie received and e-mail that just said, "THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU." . Six weeks later the term ended and Ellie left teaching. Connor continued studying and painting. There were too many local news accounts about them, especially the one headed "Mom Poses Nude." It made it easier for her to decide to take a job editing while managing Connors fledgling career. The e-mails and calls dwindled after that.

Ellie didn't put much stock in intuition or pre-cognition but she began getting a feeling that she was being watched. She started looking behind herself more and more. It was probably peripheral vision that tipped her off the day she turned around at the mall and saw a figure turn immediately and walk away. Ellie stiffened as a cold sweat bathed her; she knew that walk. Not quite a limp but distinctive enough to recognize. It was Ralph's walk. She went home in terror.

Ellie wondered if it could be him after all those years and how did he find her? Not that it would have been hard if he'd tried. She was still Eleanor Grant and she still lived within thirty miles from the place he had known her.

The picture in the paper had set Ralph off again. Three and a half years in jail and fourteen out hadn't 'cured' him. In and out of treatment and hospitals, hadn't convinced him that it wasn't all a misunderstanding and that she wanted and loved him. Then he went to the gallery.

His first note to her was a garbled rambling about her infidelity and what a filthy whore she was. It wasn't her first unsigned missive on the subject and she tried to put it out of her mind. Easier said than done; this one felt different.

The phone call to the police didn't give her much peace. Although one of the detectives was sympathetic, most of what she got was, "He hadn't done anything...maybe it wasn't him...they couldn't do anything until he did..." on and on.

Connor could hardly comfort her. She was uneasy except during some rare moments of lovemaking when she could lose herself in the feelings. Ellie couldn't even pose because she felt too vulnerable sitting unclothed in the middle of a room. The threat hung over them and Connor said, "Mom, we can't just give up our lives to this fucking maniac."

"I know baby, but what are we supposed to do...some TV show thing where we set a trap and the cops come in at the last minute and..."

"No mom...we find him...and then we beat the hell out of him... or we kill the fuck."

"God Connor...stop it...he didn' I'm starting to doubt if it really was him...and even if it was, we don't know if he has any intention of doing anything...I can see you're serious and that scares me...please don't say things like that."

"Mom, I'm not going to let him hurt you...I'm not going to wait until...what do you want to away...?"

"No honey...I don't know...maybe I'm over-reacting...I just have to change my head... listen Connor...every day we go out there not knowing what could, terrorists, flower pots, whatever...maybe the only way to feel safe is to do what you can do and..."

"That's just it mom...what should we do...I say 'kill the fuck'...then we'll feel safe."

"Oh honey...we'd be looking over our shoulder's even more...anyway, I could never do it...and I don't think you could either...could you baby?"

Connor hesitated, "Oh fuck...I guess not...but...oh fuck."

"Listen to your momma baby...we're going to be okay...I love you more than anything in the world...I hate to see you upset this way...sweet Connor, I would do anything to make you happy...come here...come to your momma." He came to her and they kissed long and lovingly. They took comfort in each other's caresses and the knowledge that each was there for the other. She took her son in her mouth and did the things most ordinary mothers wouldn't...and shouldn't...but this was no ordinary mother and son.

Connor's cock swelled in his mother's mouth and he lost track of time as she slowly and deliberately took him up. With delicate kissing and practiced sucking, she knew where to do what. He had her tits in his hands as he often did when she sucked him. He never tired of touching them and fondling them and she always loved being touched by him.

The head of his cock mushroomed to a swollen knob over the ramrod shaft. She adored having his cock in her mouth with its spongy mass almost at the back of throat. She licked and pressed him to explosive urgency. Sometimes she could make him come quickly with a fast hard mouthing while stroking the exposed part of his shaft with her fist. Sometimes, like that time, it seemed liked she could suck him forever, teasing the cum to the tip, licking out the few oozing drops, and then building the rest to a reservoir that pressed at the boundaries it would inevitably burst.

She momentarily took her mouth off him, stroking him slowly with her soft hand and said, "I love your cum baby and I want it in my you're going give your momma all you have...all your come is for all your love is for me...isn't it baby...isn't it?"

Connor was almost shaking in anticipation of release. He would have said 'yes' to anything at that point but that didn't matter because the truth was...everything he had was for her. He let it all go when she returned her engulfing mouth to his cock. Each blast of cum rocked him as his mother's mouth filled. "OH momma, yes...yes...suck me off...suck me...suck me." After the first few releases, he looked to the sight of her taking him in. Some of the creamy thick fluid escaped her lips and made its way down the shaft. Most of it was in his mother's mouth and then down her throat. She liked it...because she loved him.

Connor became obsessed with Ralph. He spoke to the detective every few days pressing for information but getting very little. Connor even went into the garage and took out the antique Vincent his mother had taught him to ride. He figured he had a better chance of spotting him down the alleys on it. They had spent many hours together lovingly maintaining the 1952 Black Lightning bike and he always felt connected to her when he rode. He scoured the neighborhood and then the mall looking for Ralph. It was of course fruitless to look for someone he had only a vague description of in a town of thousands but it made him feel better to try.

A month later Connor found Ralph. The detective had come to like Connor and gave him the address of a residential treatment center. Connor convinced the detective he wouldn't be stupid about it.

On the day he confronted him, he felt almost as sorry as angry but did what he felt he had to. Connor rode up to a disheveled and obviously broken figure as he walked from the center. He set the front tire over the man's toes and held the frightened man's arms. He told him, "I know who you are Ralph and I want you to know who I am. I'm Eleanor Grant's son and if you ever talk to her, I'm going to kill you. If you ever write to her, I'm going to kill you. If she ever sees you anywhere near her, I'm going to kill you. Do you understand me Ralph?" They never heard from him again.

Their first years together as lovers had been a whirlwind. At forty five he loved and wanted her as much as ever but she had begun calculating, "When I'm...he'll be..." Most people have their 'Birthday Blues' on even numbered birthdays but for Ellie, it was number forty-five that had her staring a little harder at the fine lines around her eyes and increasing the backward glances at her ass as she stood at a full-length mirror. Looking at her young son also made her think twice.

Even though he never fed her insecurities, Ellie worked out more, bought more creams, and worried more. She wasn't unaware that these were attempts to recapture youth but she went out and bought a leather outfit not unlike the one she used to wear anyway. Then she asked Connor to ride the Vincent with her.

It was a perfect summer evening and she took him to the hill where she and her friends had spent hours with boys when she was young. She laughed when she saw the condos that now filled the landscape. "I guess you really can't go back baby...can you?" She looked at the son she loved and said; "You know what honey...I have something better than the past with you my love...I have the future." He kissed her forehead and her eyes as he held her face in his hands. She got on the bike behind him and opened her jacket so he could feel her breasts against him; she rested her face on his shoulder and closed her eyes as he rode into the woods.

He found a small lush green open area and told her, "This is going to be our place, mom." They sat by a tree. They kissed quietly at an almost slow-motion pace. He bared her breasts and she looked around. "It's just us and me...and we're going to make love and no one is going to bother us." She believed him and went back to kissing him and he went back to touching every part of her.

Finally when Ellie could feel the arousal of her son straining at his pants, she opened his fly and took out the erect cock. After kissing up and down the shaft, she took off the leather pants and panties she wore. Connor sat with his back to the tree and Ellie straddled over him. He held his cock as his mother eased herself over it. Carefully she took it into her pussy one inch at a time.

When the long shaft was completely coated with her juices, Ellie impaled herself over and over, looking down at the sight of her son's big cock being swallowed by her pussy. As it rubbed along the walls of her channel, she savored Connors moans and the feel of his hands clutching at the globes of her ass. Ellie sat down on him completely engulfing the thick steel rod. All the years she had done without a man's love, no longer mattered. She had her son inside her and that what she lived for...loving him and fucking him.

Her son's long cock spread and stretched her pussy reached up into her...nothing felt reached to the place that felt like her end and she held him in her...squeezing his cock...gyrating slowly... intensifying the feeling. They looked almost like manikins with arms around each other but inside her pussy, the slightest movement of either, felt potentially explosive.

They both sat on the knife-edge of orgasm. They always stayed in that timeless other world as long as they could. Then came the slightest of movements that was enough to bring on the rush...the flood...the cum. This time it was Ellie. It was a little yell. "OH", she said. "...Now"

Connor felt the tightening of his mother's pussy around his cock as she flexed. She bounced hard on him, raising and lowering herself on his stiff pole. She felt each jet as it entered her. She didn't stop bouncing and squeezing until she milked all the streams of cum that her son could shoot up into her. When they were both spent, they rested and listened to the tree rustle. They felt the peace that's all too fleeting.

Connors worked as a commercial artist in the following years continued painting his mother. One series of his paintings sold well enough to afford them some luxuries. The series were all of his mother's face. These were the only paintings of her that he didn't draw from life because he was too involved. He had videotaped her face and painted from the tapes and stills. They showed his mother's face as she came.

On the first night she posed for the series, he used the Bodansky technique on her three times. Her plateaus on the edge and orgasms totaled almost thirty minutes. His fingers worked her vagina and clitoris unendingly. At one point the emotions overwhelmed her and she whimpered and cried in the pleasure her son was giving her. Her pussy dripped and Connor licked her for a while in between to give her a respite. It thrilled and satisfied her and at the same time whetted her appetite for more. Her body coursed with endorphins and oxytocin and all she could think about was sex with her son.

She wouldn't let him paint that night; Ellie wanted her son with her. First she sucked him. She wouldn't stop until he came. She wanted him to last a long time inside her. She wanted him to do what only he could do for her...all night long.

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