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She took the lubricant and teased his cock with it; rubbing it all over him until his shaft and knob were completely covered. Then she got up on her knees and elbows letting him watch as she greased her rosette...pushing her fingers into her ass. She was past 'ready' for him by then. She almost begged him, " my ass it in my ass...long and hard and deep...I want you to fill me with all of you...all of your lovely cock...all for your momma..."

Connor had just recovered and he became stiff with desire for his mother's ass. He loved when she wanted it that way...cock in her...his hands tugging on her breasts...pulling on her nipples...fucking her until she was almost senseless...mumbling the loving, fucking words almost incoherently. He loved when she told him to fuck her...begged him to fuck her...he loved when she came all over his cock...he loved the way she loved him.

Ellie and Connor lived as normal a life as they could under the circumstances. She had only questioned him once about it all. They were in church at Talbot's wedding. She said, "Baby...are you sure about what we're doing? You know you're giving up things to be with me...I can't give you..."

Connor stopped her and whispered, "Mom, I couldn't stop if I wanted to...and I don't want to because I love give me everything I need and's you and me honey." He kissed her cheek quickly and a smile crossed her face as her eyes welled.

If most relationships seem to succeed or fail on the basis of the response to crisis, then Ellie's and Connor's was no exception. The paintings were doing well and when Connor surprised his mother one day with tickets for a cruise, she was thrilled. It was ten days in Europe: ten days of luxurious food, accommodations, and entertainment. Ten days of Maria and Jorge.

Of the two thousand people on the ship, the fates had chosen to seat the most compatible, friendly, and pretty couple with Ellie and Connor. They hit it off the first night at dinner and decided to go touring together the next day. They laughed and had a wonderful time. Of course Connor had to answer his mother's inevitable question first by saying, "No mom I don't think she's prettier than you."

As they got to know the other couple better, they sensed something was unusual about their relationship and a few days into the trip, Maria confided to Ellie that their marriage was one of convenience. Maria and Ellie traded confidences and developed a sisterly relationship quickly and deeply. It turned out that Jorge was from an extremely wealthy family in Spain, needed a wife and was gay. Maria was from a good family, down on their luck – end of story.

Connor was taken by the dark smoldering good looks of the young Maria. Her features were fine and delicate and she presented the other end of the spectrum that she and his mother were on. They were two beauties of opposite type. He wanted to do a portrait of them together.

When Maria understood that Connor was a serious artist, she agreed. The four of them went to Ellie and Connor's stateroom after dinner on the sixth night. Dinner was 'formal' that evening and both women were in dresses. They both sat on the small couch in half profile facing each other. After Connor drew for about an hour, Jorge got bored and excused himself.

When they were alone Connor walked to his mother and took the straps of her dress off her shoulders. She had no bra on and he exposed her breasts. Maria's eyes showed surprise...then interest and excitement. Ellie had confided that Connor was her son and seeing her naked before him turned Maria on. Connor tentatively began taking the top of Maria's dress down. She wordlessly assented and he unhooked her bra. Her breasts were smaller than his mother's but well formed and pink tipped with puffy nipples that looked larger than they were because they covered so much of the tip.

Connor drew until he was satisfied he had enough for the painting and he then went and kissed his mother and said "Thank you" to both of them. Maria leaned over and gave Ellie a warm kiss. She stood without lifting the top of her dress. She closed the gap of two steps that separated her from Connor and began kissing him. Connor was taken aback and looked to his mother; she seemed non-committal.

As Maria kissed Connor she extended her hand to Ellie who took it. Maria removed the dress and panties and Connor saw her smoothly shaved pussy, pink in its nakedness. She took down Connors pants and briefs together and began licking the semi-erect meat into hardness. Again Connor looked to his mother whose lips were curled in a half smile. Ellie said nothing. Maria attempted to lead Ellie to the bed and moved her mouth to her but she resisted. Maria reclined and opened her legs, beckoning Connor. He approached the woman and entered the tight wet hole. Maria began moaning as her pussy was stretched but a louder noise overtook her moans. It was Ellie. She was yelling, "NO, NO, NO..." as she pounded on Connors back.

Connor pulled out and stuttered in his confusion, "But mom...I...I thought...I thought you..." Ellie was crying now and Maria was dressing while attempting an incoherent apology. When Maria left, Ellie was still crying as Connor tried to put his arm around her and explain, " did it with...I thought you wanted this too."

Ellie took his arm off her and yelled at him in a voice he'd never heard. "You bastard...that was different...that was for wanted her and not" She cried and wouldn't let him near her. She made him leave the room and when he came back three hours later, she was sleeping fitfully on top of the bed, still fully dressed.

Connor sat on the edge of the bed and he stroked his mother's hair, softly kissing her face as she emerged from sleep. She didn't know where she was until she felt the gentle rocking of the sea and remembered. "Listen mom...mother that I love...and mother that I know loves me, what happened tonight is never going to happen again. I only did it because I thought you wanted me to...just for the fun of it. I don't want anybody else...I don't need anybody are all I need and want...this face...this heart...this pussy." He touched his mother in all those places.

"I'm sorry baby...I got crazy and it's just because I love you so more other people, okay?"

"No more mom...just us...because it's all we need. This is all I need." His hand went under his mother's dress between the soft thighs and rested over the panties that covered her sex. They rustled over the hairs and moistened as he continued rubbing his mother's pussy. She kissed him hungrily and then he tasted her salty tear stained eyes and cheeks. "Tell me that you know that I'm going to love you forever mom...only you."

"Yes Connor darling...yes my heart...I know you're going to love me forever...only me...or I'll have to kill you."

They both laughed as she lifted her arms and he removed her dress. She looked so hot to him in the black stockings; he didn't let her take them off. He did let her take her panties off. She leaned over as they sat facing each other and filled her mouth with her son's big cock. Her tongue ran along the swollen ridge under the shaft and traced the shape of the knob until it throbbed. She took his balls in her hand and cupped them lovingly, massaging as she sucked. She knew how to make her son come in her mouth; she also knew how not to.

That was a night for him to come inside her, to fill her pussy with his cum, to drench her insides with his juices. As she stretched out on the bed with her arms and legs spread, her son came to her. She took his cock in both her hands and smiled up at him as she surveyed the width and length he had expanded to for her. She directed her son into her hole. Her juices were evident on the hairs that sparingly covered her pussy and evident by the way the big cock was able to penetrate the opening.

As his cock slid up into his mother, they held each other and felt closer than ever. She slowly ground her hips to move her son's cock along the channel he filled so well for her. They had fucked in tubs, cars and trains, on chairs, tables, floors, and even once on the Vincent but tonight was for simply making love; him...on top of her...on the bed.

Connor surrounded one of his mother's breasts with his hand and engulfed the nipple in his mouth as movements synchronized below. He suckled until her nipple was raw and sensitized. Their hips found their rhythm; it was a graceful dance that practice had perfected.

Her pussy tingled and he did the thing she liked. He came out of her and laid the long cock along the slit and over the clit. He rubbed back and forth. The mushroomed head stimulated his mother's nub and her pussy lips hugged the sides of his shaft. He did it until she couldn't stand it anymore. "...In me in in me now."

As he sank into her depths, a long "OHHHhhhhhh..." escaped her lips. He gave her his length and she told him, "Only you my baby...only you can do this to me...only you..." He lifted her legs to his shoulders. She felt the stretch in her thighs but loved being opened this way because she could take more of her son's big cock deeper into her belly. He reached down to kiss her and put his hands under her shoulder blades. She felt safe, all wrapped up in him as he was as deep in her as he could get. He was up against her ass. As her pussy stretched for him, she felt completed. She wanted to stop time and keep her son inside her forever. "Are you going to always love me this way, baby...always?"

"Yes mom...always...always taking you like this...fucking you like this...loving you like this..." The heat and friction built inside her until she was on fire...a fire she never wanted to put out. He stroked long and deep into his mother's pussy and finally they let themselves go at the same time.

"Oh in me...come in me." Each jet of his release painted her insides with his loving. Each spasm of her pussy told her son how much she wanted and loved him. Together mother and son made Art of living and loving.

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