tagIncest/TabooMom Saw You Last Night

Mom Saw You Last Night

byJim McKay©

Mom tells me that she saw you that night. The night of your 18th birthday. The night you officially became a woman. The night that we were engaged in heated passion.

I never knew until she mentioned that we might have to have a talk with you. When I asked what she saw and what her feelings were, it surprised me. You had been watching us and playing with yourself.

It seems that you were visible through the ceiling mirror over our bed. She said that she had noticed movement that night, a flash of light or something, and stared at the area until she was sure. When she discovered that it was you, she had a sudden surge of excitement that made her orgasm. The feeling in the pit of her stomach was a mixed one. One of intense excitement at the prospect of you joining in our lovemaking, even from a distance, but wonder at what it would be like if you actually joined us on the bed.

Dear heart, I can't tell you how much her words affected me. If confirms that she, at this point, had no clue as to our lovemaking. But it also leaves the door open for sexual discussions. Perhaps soon.

Meanwhile, our discussion about you had Mom worked up because she was stroking my rapidly hardening cock. Stopping at the base of my cock, she squeezed it, causing it to get very hard. Placing her full lips around the crown of my cock, she began slowly and softly sucking it. This is the one thing that will make me cum in a minute. Real slow, loving sucks with her slowly stroking my cock and I'm ready to blow.

I catch sight of you out of the corner of my eye. You are in the shadows of the hall again. This time, you have on your little lacy black thong so it isn't as visible in the darkness as the pink thong was. I touch Mom's face. When she looks at me, I motion toward the door with my eyes. The result was a renewed attack to separate my cock from my body – she sucked on it so hard. I could feel the cum surging up my shaft – I was about to cum. Just then mom stopped sucking and stroking me while pinching the base of my cock real hard; forcing the cum back down my rigid shaft into my balls.

Mom stopped for a moment and looked right at you. When she was sure she had your attention, she motioned for you to come to the side of the bed – patting it – indicating for you to sit down and join us. I couldn't believe it.

Mom scooted over and you joined her between my legs. Mom offered my cock to you. You placed your soft pouty lips on the tip of my cock and sucked slowly taking just the helmeted crown into your hot wet mouth. God the feeling was exquisite!!!! Then you took my cock all the way in until your nose reached my pubic bone. I could see the bulge in your throat. Working your throat muscles in a swallowing motion, you were milking my cock. My cock began to swell with the rising cum from my balls.

Quickly, you slid your hot wet mouth off my cock and pinched off the rising cum again. My breathing is rapid and I want to cum. A little cum seeps out of the slit in my cock. Smiling at me with your eyes, you lick it off with your hot tongue and swallow it.

When the feeling of wanting to cum subsides, you offer my cock to Mom. She places her mouth on it and begins imitating the soft slow sucking motions you were using. Then, attempting to take my cock deep within her throat, she begins to gag. It's too big for her and she hasn't stretched out her throat muscles enough to accommodate my girth.

You two begin to alternate turns on my cock, sometimes kissing each other across the tip of my cock. She gives my cock 4 or 5 sucks – then you, sucking it deep as you can. Good God, Roxy – you are a wonder – deep-throating my cock. Lord what a feeling! I'm about ready to cum and you feel the swelling of my cock. Pinching the base again – you force my cum back into my balls.

This repeated act of allowing my cum to rise a little then pinching it off is causing my balls to swell with all the extra cum built up there. Soon they are going to be so full that you're not going to be able to stop the surge of cum.

I pull Mom up so that I can tongue her hot pussy. Mom needs a shave. Maybe later you can convince her how good it feels to have a bald pussy licked and sucked.

Pulling Mom's pussy hard against my face, I begin tonguing her, sliding my finger deep into her cunt while nibbling her clit. Taking the finger I wet with her juices, I probe her anus, inserting the finger up to the first knuckle. I feel her tense up. This is new to her and she's not sure she likes it. You, meanwhile, have been slowly suckling my cock, occasionally licking my balls and taking one of the little almonds in your sweet, sweet mouth and sucking on it.

You feel the tightening of my balls again indicating that I am about to cum. And you release my cock, moving up where you can kiss Mom. The two of you begin kissing and, finally, both of you lie back on the bed. You get on top of Mom in a 69 position and begin licking her slit. Mom returns the favor, nibbling on your clit, licking your slit and sticking first one, then two fingers into your sopping pussy.

I position myself behind you so Mom can suck my cock as well as your pussy. Instead, she takes hold of my cock and directs into the opening of your bald little cunt. She wiggles my cockhead around; getting your juices on it then holds it at your opening. I push; slowly my cock enters your tight little cunt. A couple of strokes later, my cock is lubricated enough to insert into your anus.

Rubbing the head around your rosebud, I press forward until I feel it ease past the barrier of your sphincter. I pull back a little – then press forward - pulling at your hips - forcing my hard cock deep into your anus. You moan – then scream – as the pain momentarily takes over. A few strokes later and the pain is gone and anal fucking becomes more enjoyable. You begin to cum, Mom working on your clit and me in your ass – it's just too much. You explode in a massive orgasm – then collapse. I have to help roll you off Mom so she won't suffocate.

Leaving you two on the bed, I go wash up. I haven't cum yet and want to let Mom have the benefit of my massive erection.

Returning to the bedroom – you are still out. Mom reaches for my hand, pulling me down on the bed on top of her. I ease my cock into her pussy and begin stroking in and out. She is so hot - moaning and groaning – nearing orgasm. Finally, she clamps her thighs tight around my waist and, crossing her ankles, pulls me tight against her pussy while her tight cunt is milking me for all it's worth. My cum boils up and begins spurting inside her. Finally, orgasmic release for both of us. The more I cum – the more mom quivers, cumming each time. We slow down and just savor the afterglow of a good fuck.

Mom goes to wash up, leaving you and I on the bed. I notice that you were awake – "how long", I ask. "Long enough to see that Mom is very happy," you answer. When Mom returns, I go to wash up leaving you two to talk about what has just happened. Knowing that things can never be the same in this household again.

This morning, about 4 a.m., Mom was lying on her right side facing me. I woke up to the soft sound of her snoring. I couldn't resist. The way I stop her snoring is to place a hand on her breast. Somehow, with unerring accuracy, my right hand found her left nipple.

As I pinched and stroked her nipple, it soon became obvious that she was getting aroused. When she gets aroused, her nipple gets about an inch long and is about as big around as a small cherry tomato and just as delicious. Her dark brown areolas are about 2 inches in diameter and, when aroused, pucker up forming a little platform, which sets off her nipples.

Wetting a finger, I sought out her pussy. I could barely get my finger in under her far enough to play with her clit – her knees were a little in the way. But, stroke it I did and soon she was heating up. I could feel the moisture begin to flow.

After about 10 minutes I could feel her juices flowing quite a bit. When Mom starts to get wet – she gets very wet. Stroking my finger deeper into her and using my thumb for leverage, I finally work her over onto her back. Not want to relinquish my finger in her pussy, I eased over and took her nipple in my mouth. As I sucked on it, Mom began to groan and move her hips against my finger trying to get me deeper inside her.

I continued working my middle finger deep within her, running it to the top of her slit to flick her clit – then adding a finger. Soon, I had 3 fingers in her as deep as her pussy would allow. God – she was hot and leaking juice all over the bed! I tried to work in my fourth finger, but Mom clamped down. She knew, somehow, that I was trying to get my whole hand in her and she was against that happening.

So, I satisfied myself with working 2, sometimes 3, fingers in and out of her pussy and playing with her clit on the out-stroke. Finally, I took my whole hand and laying the fingers flat on her fleshy labia, I rubbed hard, in a circular motion, across her labia and clit. This was driving her wild. She began to beg me to let her orgasm. I mean, I had been playing with her juicy pussy for about 45 minutes and had not let her have a good cum yet.

She had been jacking me off with her right hand but, after all the sex we had last night, my poor cock just wasn't up to it – even with the excitement of bringing her off.

I continued working my fingers in and out of her, very slowly, keeping her worked up to a fever pitch. Finally I took pity on her and began working her clit in earnest. Faster and faster I rubbed around in little circles as her hips began bucking against my hand - fucking my fingers. At last, she had to force my hand away from her – her sensitive clit was on overload and she couldn't take any more.

I was thinking – maybe the next time you join us (since your hand is much smaller than mine) we might try to see if we can get your fist into Mommy. What do you think? If we get her tied down – how can she resist?

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