Mom Seduced Me Slowly


We both were breathing heavily and panting heavily/ As I was tight since long and this seduction and trap to lead our relationship to fucking was getting long , I was nearing my orgasm. I increased my speed and from my fast breathing my experienced mom understood that I was nearing to discharging my cum in her hot cunt. Her own orgasm was also near, so she also started humping rapidly.

I kissed my mom on her lips and said. " Mom! it is near, I may not stand long. Do you want me to take my cock out or will it be safe if I cum in you?. "

Mom kept her hug tight and whispered in my ear, " Son! don't talk just do it. I have already told you that it is safe as my tubes are already tied. So go on with full speed. I am also near and may not withstand your rubbing long."

I increased my speed as fast as I could and taking both of her boobs in my hands pumped her cunt with my full might. She also brought her hand down to her cunt and started scratching ( as if scratching an itch) the base of my cock, with her nails. Her scratching was so soft and delicate and it brought me up to my orgasm.

As if some volcano erupted somewhere inside me , and the hot lava of it started growing up through the pipe of cum in my cock. I cried in ecstasy , " Oh Mom! I am cumming . Oh GOD .it is so nice feeling." I gave some fast and powerful last thrusts and my cock erupted in her. First glob of my cum hit the last end of her cunt and as she felt hot lava of my cock in her cunt, she also screamed in my mouth, " Oh Son! Oh oh oh . " she could not speed much as her own orgasm was so intense that she almost passed out.

We both , involuntarily hugged each other tightly and I kept pumping my hot semen in her. She also kept releasing her own juices and GOD knows how long we both kept cumming.

After our mutual orgasm passed , I fell on her boobs as all my energy was drained out. She tightened her arms around me and hugged me.

After some time we both regained our composure and I opened my eyes. I looked towards the face of my mother, and found she was also looking to my face. I was feeling shy as I had fucked my mom , and she also was feeling the shame. I lowered my face to her and she kissed me on my lips with love.

Now as the sex act was complete, we again regained her old acting and I said , " mom! how was that? Did I hurt you or I could give you good inner massage? Has inner rubbing helped your pain? And how are you feeling now?"

She also started behaving normally and she said, " Oh Son! That was so nice of you to rub me inside and give me inner massage there. I am feeling very well now. I think I had hit myself in side somewhere and now after your inner massage, I feel better."

I thought that as this act is over now, so I may not be able to fuck her again. I wanted to make this happen again so pretending to be a caring and good son I said to my mom, " Mom! I am your son and it is my duty to help you in need. If you are alright, it is O.K. otherwise I am ready to rub you again in night , if you think you still need another massage. This was my trap to know , whether it was just a onetime stand or mother wants me to fuck her again?.

To my greatest relief, mom shook her head in affirmative and said, " Son! It was so nice to massage and I am feeling better now. But the pain has not fully gone, so I also think , if you don't mind , I will like you to rub me some more times . so that my wound is completely healed and pain is gone. You see that is inner wound , so I can not show it to anybody. Further your massage helped me , so will be a nice son to massage me again in night?".

I was naturally more than happy to accept the order. I thought of something and trying my luck said," Oh Mom!your safety and wellness is my primary concern. I am ready to rub you this way till you want or you are totally healed. So I will rub you again in night. But one thing is there, why don't you sleep in my room only, in night, till you are totally healed. So that then I will not have to come to my room in late night and also if you want me to massage you 2 or 3 times in night . I will do it. Further this way we will be using only one air conditioner and will be saving lot of electricity bill."

Mom was delighted on this proposal , but she pretended to think something and said, " Your proposal is very nice and also we will save lot of money on electricity bill, but there is one problem. Actually I am in habit of sleeping without clothes, and as I sleep in nude, I will not be proper to sleep in your room/"

I pretended to be happy and said," Oh Mom! What a co incidence? Actually I am also in habit to sleep nude. That is why I way hesitating to ask you this. See mother , you have seen me nude for so many times and also now I have also seen you in this way. So I think there is no problem if we sleep on the same bed in same room and in nude. I am all right with it. If there is any problem with you, you think."

Mom lovingly caressed my head with her fingers and said," if it is ok with you then it is ok with me also. It is final, from tonight onward, we will sleep in my bed room and you will rub me down there till I am fully cured."

I hugged mom with love. Only with the thought of fucking my loving mom again tonight and every night, my cock again started getting life and started swelling. Mom also felt the tightness in my cock and playfully hold it in her hand and shaking my cock and moving her hand on its length said," O.K. son! don't get excited now. Wait till night and now move aside and let me go to bathroom."

I also smiled and moved to one side. After that first time, we started sleeping in the same room on her bed. We both sleep nude , without even a single thread on our bodies and daily we fuck in the name of massaging her inner wound and to heel it.

It is more than 2 years now and we still do the same. We never bring the question as to whether the wound is cured or not. Or how come that a small slip and felling on butt is still not cured in 2 years and still need " inner massage".

We daily fuck in pretext of massage and this way we had saved our mother son relationship also and our sex life is regular. On the days when her menstrual days are there , she sucks me off. I had tried to persuade her to try anal but she fears my big cock , but I am hopeful that one day I will fuck her in ass also. Till then I am happy with her " inner rubbing and massage.".

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