tagFetishMom Sent Back to School Ch. 12

Mom Sent Back to School Ch. 12


Dressed in teen clothes

Janice and Rose came back from shopping, with the usual armful of bags.

'Put the coffee on, girl, then hang up your new clothes,' Janice told her stepmother.

The coffee was bubbling so Rose picked up the bags, to go to her room. It had been her daughter's room, but she had been relegated to it since their role reversal a few weeks ago. It was all going well, with both of them happy over how things had turned out.

A silly mistake meant Rose took her place in high school, and found she couldn't get out of being a schoolgirl. Even though she was twenty-six, she was getting away with it, and had settled in to taking on the role of daughter.

Although her stepdaughter was only eighteen, she had a well paid job, and was doing better than she had. Rose found that going to school for a second time around was more fun than it had been. They didn't have an incentive to undo the mistake, and settle down to being mother and daughter, in reverse.

Before Rose left the kitchen, Janice asked, 'Aren't you going to thank me for the new clothes?'

'Thank you, mom,' Rose said, and hugged her daughter. 'Thank you for the nice new clothes,' Rose said, trying for enthusiasm.

She was wearing a pink dress, with the words, 'Daddies Girl', emblazoned across the bust. It was a short balloon dress, and constantly rode up to show off a pair of pink panties, decorated with fairies. They matched the fairies dancing around the hem of the dress.

For an eighteen year old the dress was far too young, and for a twenty-six year old woman, it was ridiculous. Rose felt wrong wearing the outfit, but Janice was in charge and she had to be a good girl for her. Not just because her daughter would spank her if she misbehaved, it was because she didn't want to make this arrangement difficult for her daughter.

Janice was doing such a good job, running the apartment, working, and looking after her, so she had to be a good girl. Janice was sometimes a little hard on her, but at other times she gave her special privileges, like letting her boyfriend stay over.

In her room she changed into jeans and tee-shirt, the teenagers uniform. It had been a busy day, and she laid back on the bed trying to work out why her daughter was embarrassing her in these young teen clothes.


The young clothes her daughter insisted on buying, and making her wear, were silly. Rose was accepted as being eighteen by neighbours, at school, and by her boyfriend, despite being twenty-six. She wore a school uniform to school, and it hadn't taken long to assume the character of an eighteen-year-old, to the extent of believing she was a schoolgirl.

She accepted the loss of adult authority, as it was balanced with a teenagers freedom from responsibility. What was worrying, was being driven into thinking of herself as a young teen, for that meant losing everything. No one believed she was younger than eighteen, and so they figured she was into cos-play.

Lying back on the bed, her eyes began to flicker.

In a restaurant Janice had sent her to the restroom, under the supervision of a server. Rose had complained that she could go by herself, but her daughter took no notice. As a little girl, she was no longer allowed to have an opinion.

Dressed in a cute party costume that floated around her hips, showing off Disney panties, had severely dented her self-esteem. Her hair had been done in pigtails, and the make-up was something a youngster would choose.

In the restroom, the server handed her over to a girl to be looked after, and that had been highly embarrassin. The girl assumed Rose was as young as she was dressed, and eagerly took charge of her, demanding Rose behave herself.

The girl was exercising this new authority with unnecessary strictness, which irked Rose. The girl was only eighteen, and thought Rose was a few years younger than her.

'Leave me alone, you're just a girl, you can't tell me what to do. I'm going back to my table,' Rose defiantly said.

'You will wait here, until I'm finished, little girl. Stop struggling! That is bad language, girl,' Rachael said, with the words she heard her mother speak.

'Let go of me! Fuck you!' Rose complained.

In one swift move the big girl bent Rose over a sink, and swiped her bottom.

'Oww! Stop that right now, you're just a kid, you can't do this, stop it!' Rose sternly said.

'Oww! That hurt! Stop it!'

'Oww! No, please, stop, please!'

Rose began to capitulate with every swipe of the girls hand. Hearing the effect, the girl was determined to have the young girl submit to her authority. She didn't have a young sister to practice on, so this girl would do.

'Oww! Please, I give in, please stop!'

'Oww! I promise to be a good girl, please stop!'

'Oww! I'll do anything you say, I promise, please!'

While bare bottom up, Rose was sobbing, more from the humiliation than the soreness of her bottom. A woman walked in, and asked what all the fuss was.

'She's been a naughty little girl. She even swore at me,' Rachael explained.

They weren't taking any notice of Rose, as she tried to explain she was eighteen, and didn't need looking after, while sobbing.

'You're right to spank her. An immediate punishment is always best. Be a good little girl, otherwise you will be spanked, little girl. Now apologise to this nice young lady,' the woman firmly stated.

'Err, yes, ma'am. I'm sorry, Rachael, I'll be a good girl now. Well, I, err, okay. Thank you for spanking me, and making me a good girl,' Rose was told to say.

Acknowledging the girl was right to spank her, left her in a very vulnerable position. She had just confirmed that the girl could decide if she needed to be spanked. Until returned to her daughter, she had to follow the girls stupid rules, or be spanked. For a mature woman this was humiliating, and infuriating, yet as usual she bowed to the inevitable.

Not wanting to be spanked in public by a young girl, Rose had to obey the overbearing girl's rules.

'My make-up is fixed now, so I'll take you to your table. Remember, misbehave and I'll spank you,' Rachael eagerly stated.

Feeling small and vulnerable, Rose subsided into being like a naughty little girl. Her head hung low, and she dragged her feet, while being led through the restaurant by the girl. Almost back to her table, the girl decided Rose had to show off her panties to the girl's parents.

Rachael lifted the dress to show off cute little girly panties. The parents cooed and complimented her, patronising Rose almost to breaking point. They patted her head, and shoved a boiled sweet into her mouth. Trying to speak around the sweet, gave her a lisp.

'Such a lovely dress, swirl it around for us, that's a good girl. She's so pretty, as cute as a button. Where did you get those cute panties?' the mother asked.

'My mommy bought them for me,' Rose said, playing up to their patronising talk.

'Be a good girl, and do as you are told, or you'll be spanked,' Rachael said, showing off a new found power to her parents.

Rose gave her such a look, it gave the girl an excuse. She slapped Rose on the leg, and told her to be a good little girl.

'Your mummy bought you a lovely party dress, so be pleased with that,' the girl told her.

'Yes, ma'am, sorry, ma'am,' Rose told the girl.

'That's right, you must do as you are told. Be a good girl for Rachael, won't you. Do as you are told and she won't have to smack you,' the mother said.

'Oh! You're mother isn't here. Give me that note! It says you are to get a taxi home,' Rachael said.

Dragged back to the girl's mother and father, Rose wondered what was to happen to her. Hearing them discuss her as though she were a child was humiliating. They were deciding for her what to do, not letting her decide anything at all.

'You can't go home in a taxi, anything could happen to you. My husband will drive you home, once we are dropped off at our home,' the mother stated.

Rachael was waiting for her to protest, and in fear of a spanking, she meekly deferred to their decision. Besides, she'd spent her allowance on sweets and make-up, so she didn't have the cab fare.

The three of them were tedious and boring, slowly paying the cashier, and questioning everything. Even settling into the car took an age. Once home she had to go in, and they decided she should eat first. Phoning her daughter they made Janice agree that Rose should stay the night.

Why had Janice agreed? They made that decision for her, without consulting her! Sharing a room with Rachael would be terrible. Could she survive the night without murdering the pedantic terror.

'Here let me help you out of those clothes, girl,' Rachael told her. 'Now put these jim-jams on. They used to be mine when I was a little girl.'

The baby-doll swung around her hips, showing off the panties. Again she was dressed like a little girl, only this was for an younger girl. Rose was dismayed to be taken from the bedroom, to the kitchen for a bedtime snack. The girl's parents mad a fuss of her, which was highly embarrassing, but they were so sweet she couldn't complain. Besides, Rachael was close by, eagerly looking for an excuse to spank her.

'I bet it's nice for you to have an older sister to look after you, Rose. Racheal likes to have little sister to play with. Good girl, you've finished your sugar snaps, and milk. Now off to bed with you, and don't forget to brush your teeth. Racheal will make sure you do it properly. Be a good little girl or she will spank you,' the woman said, and kissed Rose's forehead.

Having her bottom patted, and sent to bed early was demeaning and patronising. Together with the threat of a spanking, it worked to push her further into trying to be a good little girl. What if they decided she should stay for the weekend? She'd have to spend two whole days pretending to be a little girl!

Falling asleep in the Rachael's bed, she was shaken awake. Wasn't she sleeping right? Had Racheal found something wrong, and was going to spank her?


'Janice! Wake up, I've made a snack. You said you wanted to watch that television program. You alright?' Janice asked her mother.

'Oh! Mom! I'm so glad to see you! I had the most terrible dream!' Rose said, and grabbed her daughter for a hug.

'Hey! Let me go!' Janice laughed, and subsided on the bed with her daughter.

'I'm so glad you are my mom!' Rose sighed.

'It's alright honey, relax, it was just a bad dream,' Janice told her mom.

'It was terrible. I'd changed into a little girl, and a couple wanted to keep me for themselves. I couldn't escape them, as I was just kid, and no one took any notice of what I said. No one would believe me against the couple, because I was just a kid. They thought I had an imagination, or was lying,' Rose huffed and puffed through the story.

'Okay, honey, you're safe with me. I'll look after you, honey,' Janice said, while stroking her hair and making calming noises to her.

Janice pulled her mother's face to her chest, and stroked her long hair. It would be better to remove the pigtails, and give her an older make-over. The woman was her stepmother, yet it was uncanny how young she looked when made up, and dressed in teen clothes.


Janice and Rose watched their favourite soap together, while eating snacks, with a glass or two of wine. As it ended Paul called in. He knew not to come around while it was on.

'Do you want to go to the club, they have a live band tonight. It's over eighteens, but there's no alcohol, Mrs Williams,' Paul said, trying to reassure her mother.

'That doesn't matter, I don't always have to drink, and I like a live band,' she winked at Rose.

'Oh! I wasn't inviting you, I mean, err, I didn't think you would want to go, Mrs Williams,' Paul sounded rattled and apologetic.

'That's a good idea, mom. Your boyfriend isn't coming around tonight, and you like to dance,' Rose teased her daughter.

It should have been Janice going out with an eighteen-year-old boy, but it was her mother. It had to be admitted Rose looked as young as the boy did, and sometimes even younger.

'He has a name you know, Charlie,' Janice reminded her mother.

'Sorry, I didn't mean anything,' Rose said, with them both knowing Janice was being reminded she had her own boyfriend.

'I suppose I can stand another boring evening in. You two go and enjoy yourselves. Bring her back by eleven. If you behave yourselves, you can stay the night, Paul,' Janice said.

'You trying to make us sorry for you? Charlie is away visiting family, and she misses him,' Rose explained to Paul.

'You could come with us, if you want,' Paul offered.

'Oh! Maybe another time,' Rose interrupted.

'What's it like? This club?' Janice asked.

'It's great, though, it's for kids really, mostly,' he tried to backtrack.

Rose dug him in the ribs, though he'd already worked out she didn't want her mom trailing along. Of course she didn't, and when he thought about it, neither did he. Behaving nicely in front of a mom would cramp his style, even if she was a MILF.

'Alright, you can come with us, and see it for yourself,' Rose reluctantly agreed.

'We'd better get changed,' Janice said.

It struck Rose that she should have been the one staying home, watching the two of them go out to a club. They were both eighteen, though Paul thought Janice was her stepmother.

'What are you going to wear?' Janice asked.

Teasing her daughter, she pulled out an ultra short skirt and a clinging top.

'What else are you going to wear?' Janice asked.

'Nothing, just this,' Rose sweetly smiled.

'Well, alright, but I thought you'd wear underwear,' Janice said, with a straight face.

'Mom!' Rose reacted, then laughed.

The mood had been broken, as they pulled clothes from the closet, becoming excited over what to wear. The rivalry between them was good natured, and they helped each other decide.

'You could wear this, as your bust is bigger than mine,' Janice said.

'I know, it seems to be growing bigger all the time. I don't know why,' she said.

'It's Paul, he's mauling them. Come on, admit it!' Janice laughed.

Rose went red with embarrassment, and tried defending him and herself.

'Alright, maybe it's that. I like it, so there!' she asserted.

'Your sex drive is up too. It's obvious, from the way you two are at it all the time,' Janice smirked.

'Well, yes, I guess so. Is it him do you think? No, its me! I feel frustrated all the time. I want him all the time,' Rose admitted.

'Are you two ready yet? The band is only on today,' Paul chivvied them along.

'Oh! Sorry, Mrs Williams,' he said, and turned away.

'Come on in, and tell me which one,' Janice said, holding up a dress to herself.

'That's nice,' he lamely said.

She put it to one side, taking her time, and held up the other dress. In between dresses, she was in a new underwear set. Stockings, suspenders, a thong, and a push up bra.

'Mom!' Rose complained.

'So, which is better,' she asked.

'Err, not sure, Mr Williams,' he genuinely had no idea.

'By the look in your eyes, this is your favourite,' she said, and held both dresses to the side, showing off her underwear.

'Mom! That is so unfair! He's just a guy, stop teasing him!' Rose complained.

'If he likes it, I'll just go like this. What do you think, Paul?' Janice asked.

Embarrassing her mother and the boyfriend was great fun. She wouldn't have behaved this way if he was her boyfriend, and she was the daughter. For some reason she felt empowered and adult enough to tease them both. It had something to do with being in a position of authority over them, though Janice didn't bother to think about it much.

Both women giggled together, shared makeup, and helped with their hair.

'You look gorgeous, nothing like an old mom,' Rose told her daughter.

'You look too sexy to be let out on poor unsuspecting guys,' Janice returned.

They linked arms and wiggled their bottoms to his car. Two girls were set loose on the town, wanting to be naughty, but not too naughty.

Of course Janice was eighteen and looked it. Rose was twenty-six but looked eighteen. They breezed into the club with many a head turning their way. They both looked sexy, and Paul was having a hard time from being teased. A young sexy woman was on one side, and sexy MILF was on the other. He had no idea which was which. He did know who to make a fuss of, and who to treat with dignity.

'Would you like a drink, Mrs Williams,' he asked.

He brought back two orange juices, and went back for his. Of course Rose knew how to take her drink, having had practice. At business functions with her husband, she had to hold her drink, and not make a fool of herself. This was something Janice would have to learn from experiencing hangovers.

Rose watched her knock back the orange, and then her eyes opened wide.

'It's half and half. One orange tipped into two cups, topped up with vodka,' Rose explained.

Paul just assumed her mother knew this, or she would explain it before it was downed.

'It's hot in here, I need a soft drink,' Janice complained.

As soon as Paul returned, she grabbed his cup and downed that, and choked again.

'Be careful, that was for the next round,' he explained.

'You're driving so I thought it was water,' she explained.

'It was for later, for you two,' he said, looking worried.

'I'm sure she can handle it,' Rose said, while cautiously sipping hers.

'Would you like to dance?' a guy asked Janice.

Both Rose and Paul looked at the young guy with a look of surprise. Maybe he thought he had a chance with her, as she was new here.

'I'm with Paul, we're his bitches,' Janice said, and hiccupped.

'The I should ask, Paul. What about it? Do you mind?' Larry asked.

'No thanks, I'm not into dancing. Alright, only fooling. Go ahead, give her a spin,' Paul said.

'I'm going to dance it off,' Janice said, and was dragged off by Larry.

'You can't get rid of mom like that,' Rose complained. 'Well, maybe you can, as I'm just one of your bitches,' Rose said, when he grabbed her for a smooch.

Rose and Paul kissed. Came up for air, then started again. They were leaning against the wall, in a quiet dark spot of the club. They weren't the only ones. Though Rose was the only stepmom being mauled by a schoolboy. It was very enjoyable, and she didn't care if he was developing her breasts. When he groped down there, she considered stopping him. It would be embarrassing to make a fuss, though that was a pathetic excuse.

Some girls pulled their boyfriends hands away, but she was a mature woman, and was used to a man playing with her. Especially Paul, and he did know what he was doing. It was lovely. When she started to pant, it was time to put a stop to it.

However lovely it was, there was a line to be drawn. It had only been recently, that she enjoyed being naughty in public. Was it him, or the enhanced sexual arousal that gripped her since being in school.

'Where's mom?' Rose urgently asked.

It came to her that a fast number had been playing, and if her mother had been dancing, it would have attracted attention. The light short skirt, over a thong, was too little to hide much.

It had been a dare too far, for them to wear stockings. Paul hadn't been reticent in telling them he liked the idea. Though it was the sight of both of them holding up their skirts that gripped his attention. Two little white triangles between their thighs had him praising their choice of clothing.

'There she is!' Rose said.

'It's okay, she's dancing with Larry,' Paul reassured her.

'No she's not, she's slumped over him,' Rose angrily retorted. 'She can't hold her drink. You'll have to save her. I don't like the look of that guy,' Rose said, feeling protective of her daughter.

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