Mom, Sis, and Me


Her saya was displaced. Her thighs and cunt were fully visible. There was a sparse growth of hair on her cunt. In my excited state I did not mind anything and burying my face in her cunt started sucking it and caressed the lovely slit with my tongue. Sister woke up but did not pull me away. She placed her hands on my head and holding my head rotated her hips rubbing her cunt on my face. I felt the need for a fuck and went ahead by taking her in my arms and kissed her. She also responded and holding me tight kissed me back we did not talk at all. Rolling her on her back I mounted her by inserting my prick in her juicy cunt and started fucking her. Of course I have heard a lot about fucking from my friend and had also read a couple of books and seen photo albums. But seeing you and dad in the real act made me insane. My first experience with sister was wonderful. Her round breast fitted my hands nicely and I caressed them. I kissed her mouth until I lit my juice in to her cunt. After it was over we both cleaned our parts and sister asked me what made me to do that to her and I explained what all I had seen and how excited I felt. She told me that she also longed for a long time for a good fuck because her friend Neela and she used to talk about fucking secretly and Neela had fucked sister with brinjals. That was her first fuck and after that we used to fuck regularly."

"Oh! Boy really I had been the root cause for all these come on son, hearing your story made me hot and excited." Saying so she fell on the bed and pulled me on her top. Taking my hands she placed them on her breasts and asked me to squeeze them. I felt glad and caressed her round breasts and kissed her mouth. She also caressed my buttocks and pulling up her saya, widened her thighs. She squeezed my prick and pulled back the fore skin exposing my red knob she placed it on her cunt and rubbed it a little when it was on the entrance she asked me to push. With one push, I sent my entire rod in my own mother's cunt. The very thought that I was fucking my own mother made me horny and I started fucking her. Her warm cunt was wet and fitted my prick snugly. Her cunt muscles gripped my prick tightly and gave me a thrill. It was just wonderful. While I was fucking from above she rotated and pushed her hips up and down in tune with my in and out motions.

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