Mom Sleeps with Son on Christmas


If only he could confess how he truly felt about his mother, showering her with inappropriate compliments, he wondered what she'd say. He wondered what she'd do.

"Sorry, I didn't mean that in the way that it sounded Mom."

"Being that we're in bed together and you're playing with my pubic hair," she said with a laugh, call me Susan instead of Mom. This is awkward enough for me to be in bed with my son without you calling me Mom," she said with a laugh. "I'd rather we pretend that we're just a man and woman, husband and wife even, instead of mother and son."

She shocked him when she acknowledge that he was playing with her pubic hair. She shocked him when she said let's pretend that we're man and women, husband and wife even, instead of mother and son. Was she giving him permission to have sex with her?

"Okay Susan," he said moving his fingers away from her pubic hair.

"You needn't move your fingers Charlie. That felt good what you were doing. Strangely familiar, you're father used to touch me in that relaxing way and do the same thing with his fingertips when we were in bed together," she said taking his hand and putting it where it was before, only a little lower.

"Okay," he said with his horny hand filled with his mother's blonde, trimmed, pubic hair.

"I'm cold," she said. "Move closer to me to keep me warm Charlie," she said pushing her buttocks against his already swollen cock.

When she moved like that and pressed herself against him like that, his fingers moved with her and instead of just feeling a whole handful of her pubic hair, with the palm of his hand resting on her pussy mound, his fingers were just above her pussy slit. When she moved like that, the bottom of her naked breasts rested on his forearm, his wrist, and the top of his hand while his cock hardened. He couldn't believe he was touching his mother's pussy. With his mother resting her big breasts on him, he couldn't believe he was touching her breasts, albeit with mostly his forearm instead of with his hand.

Without even touching and feeling her breasts with his upraised hand, he could feel the soft, firm, heaviness of her breasts on the back of his hand and arm. His Mom had big tits, at least a C cup maybe even a D cup. He couldn't believe he was aroused just by spooning his mother and just by supporting her breasts with his arm and hand. He didn't know if he could control himself from touching and feeling his mother where no son should ever touch and feel their mother.

"How's that?"

As if moving inside of her, he pushed himself closer to her and he felt his erection find a comfortable spot between her ass cheeks. He so wanted to remove his cock from his pajamas, lift up her nightgown, and slide his cock between her legs. Imagining fucking his mother doggie style, he wondered what it would feel like to be inside of her. He wondered what she'd do if he tried to have sex with her, to make love to her, and to fuck her. He wondered if she'd be submissive enough to allow him to have sex with her or if she'd be appalled enough to fight him while he aggressively and sexually took what he wanted and needed from her.

"That feels good," she said squirming her body more into him while seemingly taking his cock deeper in between her ass cheeks.

Sending him sexual signals, they still weren't clear enough for him to make a sexual move on his mother. Regretting what he did later, whether he made a sexual pass or didn't, exploring new sexual ground, he didn't know what to do. With his arm still wrapped around her slim waistline, his hand and fingers in contact with her pussy and her breasts resting on his arm and hand, he had the sensation of what it would feel like to fuck his mother up her ass. He wished he could fuck her. So wanting to touch her and so wanting to feel her breasts, as if she read his mind, she took his hand and moved it on her left breast.

"Mom," he said.

Forgetting to call her Susan, Mom was all that he said. He couldn't believe she put his hand on her tit. He couldn't believe he was cupping his mother's big boob in his hand.

"You act as if you've never felt a breast before Charlie?"

She surprised him with her immoral, immodesty by making the first incestuous move. Actually, she made the first sexual move when she agreed to have him sleep in the same bed with her. She made the second sexual move by wearing this sexy, wide open nightgown. She made the third sexual move when she kissed him on the pretense that he was standing beneath the mistletoe. She continued making sexual moves by allowing him to finger her pubic hair while resting her breasts on his arm and hand and while pushing her ass against his hardening cock on the pretense of him spooning her and cuddling her. Suspecting that his mother was more taking advantage than he was of her, he could only follow her lead.

"Yes, of course I have but not your breast Mom," he said.

In the way that his cock was growing while pressing against her ass, he could feel her nipple hardening against the palm of his hand. He's felt lots of breasts and fingered lots of nipples, but with this his mother's breast and nipple. Feeling her breast and nipple was so much more sexually exciting than feeling the breast and nipple of a stranger. So wanting to finger her nipples, he didn't dare move his hand for fear that she'd move his hand away from her tit. Holding his mother's breast in his hand was one thing but feeling her up as if he was a man a woman brought home from a bar for sex was something else. Nonetheless, now that he was holding one of her big boobs in his hand, he so wanted to feel his mother's tits while fingering her nipples.

"I don't mind you touching me, feeling me, fondling me, and caressing my breasts Charlie, just don't finger my nipples," she said turning her head on her pillow to look at him and as if daring him to touch her nipples. "Okay?"

As if she could read his mind, he couldn't believe she said what he was thinking again. He wondered if her nipples were the only parts of her that were off limits. Does that mean that he could feel and finger her pussy?

"I don't think I should be touching, feeling, fondling, and caressing your tit Mom," he said while moving his hand away from her breast in the way that he moved his hand away from her pubic hair.

Nonetheless his protest in touching, feeling, fondling, and caressing his mother's breast, as his cock grew firmer.

"What's the big deal? It's just a breast Charlie," she said reaching behind her to pull his arm forward and to put his hand back on her tit.

When she moved like that, just before moving his hand on her breast, his hand fell even lower. Now his fingertips were right on her pussy slit. Taking a chance to see what she'd say, he played with the tuft of pubic hair that covered her pussy slit. As if dipping his toe in the water, he so wanted to dip his finger in her pussy.

"Sorry Mom," he said no knowing what else to say.

If she wasn't his mother, he'd have a lot to say about feeling her big breast. It was one thing to cup his mother's breast in his hand and quite another thing to actually have her give him permission to touch, feel, fondle, and caress her breast.

"There's no reason to be sorry Charlie. This is how I used to sleep with your father. When he wasn't playing with my pubic hair, he was holding my breast in his hand while I slept. I loved feeling his hand on me," she said. "So long as you don't finger my nipple, I'd like for you to hold my breast," she said. "And so long as you don't finger my pussy, I don't mind you playing with my pubic hair.

"Okay," said Charlie feeling, fondling, and caressing his mother's breast while being careful not to touch her nipple with any part of his hand but his palm.

Abandoning one to feel the other, in between feeling her breast, he reached his hand down to feel her pubic hair. Inching his hand down further down, he so wanted to cup her pussy.

"You have a beautiful breast mom, so soft and yet so firm," he said. "And your pubic hair is so soft too."

"Thank you Charlie," she said.

As much as he loved playing with her pubic hair, he loved the sensation of his mother's breast in his hand. Inspiring him to get harder, just the feel of her big tit in his hand allowed him to maintain a constant erection. When he wasn't feeling her breast, he was playing with her pubic hair.

After a while, when she flipped her pillow to the cooler side, she turned to spoon him and he turned to face the other way with her. In the way that he did with her, she put her hand on his hard, flat stomach and pulled him to her. As if she was humping him in the way that he pulled her to him, it was as if she was his woman instead of his mother.

Cemented against one another, they stayed there like that for a few minutes before she lowered her hand, perhaps to a more comfortable position. Now with her fingertips touching the top of his pubic hair through his pajamas in the way that his fingertips touched her pubic hair inside of her nightgown, he wished she'd put her hand on his cock. As if begging her for attention, his cock throbbed and pulsated in anticipation of the touch of his mother's hand.

Definitely, she must have felt his erection against her ass? With his cock planted right up against her ass and throbbing in between her ass cheeks, as if he had a live snake in his pajama bottoms trying to escape, how could she not know he has an erection? He couldn't count the number of times he's had an erection while thinking of his mother naked or while thinking of having sex with his mother. He couldn't count the number of times he's masturbated while thinking of his mother touching him, feeling him, holding him, and stroking his cock. Now here she was with her fingertips just mere inches from touching his throbbing cock. In the way that she lovingly touched him whenever he was ill with a fever from the flu, his prick ached for his mother's hot hand to touch him now that he had a sexual fever.

Wondering how he could subtly move so that her hand would come in contact with his erection, he thought about moving a little higher up on the bed or raising his knees for him to move his cock higher and in reach of her hand. If he slowly slid himself higher up on his pillow while raising his knees, just a few inches higher, her hand would come in contact with his hardening penis. He wondered what she'd do if her fingers touched his cock. Would she leave her hand there or would she move her hand away? Only, just when he was about to reposition himself for his mother to inadvertently touch him, she shocked him by lowering her hand voluntarily and touching his pajama clad cock with her hand without any help from him.

He couldn't believe it when she placed her hand directly on his cock. Shocking him and sexually exciting him, his mother had her hand on his cock. He couldn't believe his mother's hand was in contact with his prick. Leaving her hand there without moving it, wishing she'd wrap her fingers around his stiff prick through his pajamas, she didn't move her fingers. Something he's only dreamt about when sleeping and sexually fantasized about when masturbating, he couldn't believe she was willingly and voluntarily touching his penis, albeit through his pajamas.

It took all the self-control he had not to reach down and close her hand around his penis. It took all the self-control he had to not pull out his cock and wrap her fingers around his swollen prick. It took all the self-control he had not to turn to her to kiss her, to touch her, and to feel her everywhere before forcing himself inside of her. In the way that he wondered if she was wet before, he wondered if she was wet now.

As if he was her man or her husband and she was his woman or wife, and she had deliberately moved her hand there, his mother left her hand on his cock. As she no doubt would move her hand away had she accidentally touched his prick if they weren't in bed together, not moving her hand away now, she left her hand there. Not daring to move for the fear of his mother removing her hand from his stiff prick, he stayed there like that while incestuous, sexual excitement overwhelmed him.

Never has he felt such sexual excitement with a woman feeling his erection through his clothes in the way that he was so sexually excited with his mother feeling him through the thin material of his pajama bottom now. He wondered if she was sleeping and had accidentally touched him in her sleep. He wondered if she was dreaming of having sex with him in the way that he's dreamt of having sex with her so many times.

Now that her hand was in contact with his cock, he wondered if she was sexually fantasizing about his erect prick in the way that he sexually fantasizes about her wet pussy. Not believing it for a minute, but wishing she had, he wondered if she deliberately moved her hand there. Just as he's been curious about the feel of bits and pieces of her naked body, he wondered if she was curious about the feel of bits and pieces of his naked body too. He hoped she'd finger his cock in her sleep.

In the way that his hand was on her naked breast before, his mother's hand was on his pajama clad cock now. Just a thin layer of cotton material prevented her hand from touching his naked prick. In the way he stuck his hand inside his mother's nightgown, he wished his mother would stick her hand inside of his pajama bottom. He wished his cock would make a surprise appearance and pop out of the pajama pee-hole. If it did, he wondered if she'd move her hand away if his cock was so exposed and her hand was in contact with his naked prick or would she leave her hand there to touch, hold, and fondle his big prick in the way that he touched, held, and fondled her big tit.

Maybe, if she was sleeping, instead of moving her hand away from his cock, she'd wrap her fingers around his big prick instead. An involuntary move, his cock throbbed and pulsated by the mere warmth and touch of her soft, motherly hand. Then, when she didn't move her hand away, wanting and needing more sexual stimulation, he voluntarily throbbed and pulsated his cock as if he was having sex with her hand.

"Mom," he said.

He didn't need to say anymore for her to know his meaning.

"Oh don't be such a prude Charlie. This is how I slept with your father. It isn't like I'm giving you a hand job," she said. "He always held my breast and played with my pubic hair when we faced one way and I held his cock when we faced the other way."

He wondered what else she'd say was okay to do because she did that with his father. Would it be okay for her to give him a hand job? Would it be okay for her to give him a blowjob? Would it be okay for her to make love to him before fucking him, really fucking him?

Now instead of just leaving her hand stationary on top of his prick, wrapping her fingers around him, she held his cock through his pajama bottoms as if she was holding the handle while riding a streetcar. Immediately his prick grew harder and it didn't take him very long to have a full erection. He couldn't stop his cock from throbbing and pulsating and every time it did, he grew harder. So wanting to slowly hump his mother's hand, first getting an erection over feeling his mother's breast and now with his mother holding his erection through his pajamas, he couldn't wait to masturbate. Then, it happened. As if his stiff prick had a mind of its own, his cock burst out of his pajama pee-hole.

* * * * *

"Maybe I should go to my room now Mom," he said knowing his big prick was already out of his pajamas.

Besides, he needed to masturbate himself. He needed to cum.

"Please don't go Charlie. Not yet," she said releasing her hold on his prick to grab a hold of his naked cock as soon as it made its appearance.

"Mom," he said again.

As if grabbing for a hammer, he couldn't believe his mother grabbed his naked cock.

"Did I do that?" She giggled a whisper in his ear. "Did I arouse you sexually by just putting my hand on your penis through your pajamas?" As if she was squeezing a full tube of toothpaste with the cap on, she held his erection tighter in her hand than she did before.

"Yes. Sorry Mom," he said. "I'm so embarrassed."

He so wanted to move his hips back and forth for her to give him a hand job.

"It's okay Charlie. You have nothing to be sorry about. Don't be embarrassed. Your cock isn't the first cock that I've held in my hand," she said. "I've been holding your father's prick in my hand and giving him regular hand jobs and blowjobs since my Prom," she said with another giggle.

Having never heard his mother talk in such a sexual way, it excited him when she said cock and prick. Following her lead, hoping she'd give him some, hot pillow talk about her sexual life, he pumped and pried her for information.

"I can't imagine you giving Dad a hand job and a blowjob," he said prodding her for more sexual information about her past while hoping that she'd give him hand job too. "Just wondering, did you just hold Dad's cock or did you fondle the head of his prick while moving your hand back and forth."

She looked at him and gave him a sexy smile.

"Is that what you'd like for me to do, to masturbate you?" She lifted her head off her pillow to look at him again but he didn't turn to look at her.

Feeling awkwardly embarrassed that he wanted his mother in an incestuously sexual way, nonetheless, wishing that she'd masturbate him, he felt so perverted.

"Yeah, actually I do want you to give me a hand job but I don't know if we should do that," he said already regretting saying that she shouldn't give him a hand job.

"I had a sexual life before you came along Charlie and after you were born," she said with a little laugh while slowly running her fingers over the head of his erection. "Are you okay with me holding you and touching you in this way?"

She fingered the head of his cock. Teasing him with her gentle, motherly touches, she excited him even more.

"Yes," he said in a sexually excited whisper.

Only, he wished instead of only holding him and fondling him that she'd stroke him. Horny before and with his mother making him even hornier now, he wish she'd give him a motherly hand job and/or a motherly blowjob in the way that she gave his father a wifely hand job and a wifely blowjob.

"I promise not to stroke you," she said pausing to look at him through the darkness of her bedroom, "that is, unless you ask me to do that. Okay?"

She said what he was thinking again as if picking up on his thoughts again. It's okay if you stroke me and give me a hand job, he thought and wanted to say. Perhaps wanting him to make the first move, he wondered if this was his cue to tell her that it was okay for her to stroke him and to suck him if she had a mind to do that.

"Okay," he said wishing he had the balls to ask her to stroke him fast enough and long enough to make him cum.

He'd love to cum for his mother. He'd love to see the look on her face when he ejaculated for her and because of her. Thinking about putting his hand on her hand to hump her hand, with the help of his mother and with the help of his mother's hand, he could give himself a reluctant hand job. Knowing full well what he was doing, he wondered if she'd leave her hand there while he was humping her hand. A sexual fantasy come true, he wondered if she'd allow him to cum all over her hand. The best Christmas gift he could ever want, he'd love to cum all over his mother's hand.

"You have a very big cock Charlie," she said in a whisper while squeezing it, "and very hard."

"I do?"

"Trust me. You do.

"Thank you, I think," he said with a laugh. "I'm a little embarrassed that you're holding my prick," he said.

She looked at him to give him a naughty smile.

"And you weren't embarrassed playing with my pubic hair while feeling and fondling my breast?"

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