Mom, the Supervisor Ch. 05


I almost volunteered to take his place and do it right there on the stairway, but just as we turned the corner at the base, I saw Adriana standing there, waiting for us. She had on what must have been the uniform of the day for the ladies and men both, a short robe ending just below that beautiful love nest of hers.

“I thought I heard your voice, but then it got all quiet again and so I thought I’d better check to make sure you hadn’t been hi-jacked by Sheila or Sharon,” she said with a smile.

“Only for a moment, dear,” Sheila smiled. “Did George take good care of you?”

“And how!” Adriana exclaimed. “That son in law of yours certainly knows how to use his cock.”

“He’d darn well better or we would drum him out of the family,” Sheila said in a mock menacing tone.

“Would you mind lending Larry to me for a minute?” Adriana asked. “I haven’t had him all week and I’ve been looking forward to it.”

“Be my guest, honey. I’ve got his first load,” she added, rubbing her belly, but handing me over to Adriana. “Now I’ve got to find George or Charlie to catch up with you all before you wipe out the boys.”

Adriana snickered as Sheila moved away, calling after her, “Don’t worry about that, I can assure you that Charlie will be happy to help you out. I don’t think he ever gets tired.

Adriana had taken my arm and was leading me off to a wing on the lone side of the sprawling house. A short hall way led to two doors on that wing. Adriana picked the one on the left and opened it. I was barely inside before she turned and put both arms around my neck, plastering that luscious body against my still nude one, and gave me a passionate kiss. I pulled her closer to me with both hands on that captivating bottom until I knew she could feel the rousing rod pressed tightly against her belly.

“M-m-m,” she murmured into my mouth before our tongues stopped twining around each other’s. “Miss me, baby?”

“Can’t you tell?” I asked rhetorically. I still had her hard little buns in both hands, crushing her crotch to me. She leaned back slightly, giving me access to those lovely tight boobs of hers and I caught on in each hand before she could bet away. The answer was smearing pre-cum over her belly, causing her to giggle as she reached between us and took my rampant rod in both her tiny hands.

“Well, at least someone does,” she laughed with that infectious voice of hers.

“Don’t tell me you’ve been suffering from that old Hawaiian disease, lackanookie,” I asked trying to act incredulous.

“Oh no,” she admitted, taking me by the cock and leading me toward the bed that filled the small room. “Mark and Charlie have been making sure I didn’t suffer too much. George and his father in law filled in occasionally too.”

“I would certainly hope so,” I said, maneuvering her so the edge of the queen size bed caught her behind her knees and she fell backward, pulling me down on top of her. “I can’t imagine either of those two humanitarians letting you suffer for long.” I still hand both hands on her breasts and lifted one to my mouth until her taut nipple was inhaled as deeply as I could pull it with suction alone. One of her hands reached behind my head and pulled me tightly to her chest as she used the other to scoot higher toward the center of the bed. I followed, not wanting to lose my oral connection, earning a delighted little hum from her as I found the other fullness with my other hand and squeezed it gently.

“I’ve missed you,” she said softly in my ear as I continued sucking. “Every time I tried to get down to see you, one of the other girls had your door closed.”

“I wish I had known,” I assured her, “because some were so greedy they were back for seconds, and after our too short fun at the reunion, I wanted a lot more of you.”

“Me too,” she said in that breathy little voice of hers. “I couldn’t believe how good it felt that first time with you. If I had known how good it would feel, I wouldn’t have tried to hold you off so long while we were in school..”

“No regrets?” I asked as I steered my swollen cock to that delightful junction of her legs. She was already covered with the leavings of her other partners, but it felt wonderful to slide into her. I remembered just in time how she had been fucked so few other men prior to our rousing night at the reunion, so I let the head of my cock slide slowly into that warm, welcoming tightness until just the head was inside her. She wriggled a bit beneath me and I felt another couple of inches going in.

“Don’t worry, it won’t bite. It’s been used quite a bit since Mark joined the company. I never knew what I had been missing, and I’ve been trying to make up for it ever since.”

I felt her legs crawling up my thighs and then around my waist, opening herself to me as never before. It only increased my desire for her and I pressed deeper.

“A-h-h,” she sighed when the head of my cock touched the end of her vagina. I could feel the opening of her cervix – kind of like a blank spot in that writhing mass of muscles clamping tightly around my swollen cock. “That’s what I wanted. I can’t believe I never fucked anyone in college. If I had known how good it was, nothing could have stopped me from raping some of those guys.”

“Including Charlie?” I asked her with a chuckle.

“Especially Charlie – and you,“ she added hastily. “I didn’t realize what I was missing out on as such a goodie two shoes, even when Lucy tried to get me into the fun.”

I had pulled back slightly and then sank to full length in her once again, earning a smile and a tight hug of her arms around me.

“Is Lucy enjoying herself?” she asked. Curious about how my wife was enjoying the freedom she had so recently found.

“I’ll say,” I said with a smile. I was fucking her slowly now; it was that same beautiful sensation as the first time I had found myself balls deep in my friend’s wife. “I seldom get to see her during the day, but at least we have each other at night. I never dreamed how perfectly this would turn out when I suggested she fuck other men. She comes to me with that lovely cunt of hers still swollen and leaking and I get to eat her out until she can’t cum anymore, then fuck her before we go to sleep.”

Adriana laughed as she rolled me on my side, then pushed me on my back without ever losing our connection. “Sounds just like what Mark said the first time that my boss fucked me. He hated the guy as much as I did, but we needed the money and it didn’t take long for me to find out there’s a lot more to sex than love. I found out it was fun too – and paid well, even if I wasn’t doing it for money. Some of those guys were almost as good as you.” She literally growled as she began driving herself up and down on my hard shaft. I couldn’t help but reach up and catch those succulent tits of hers as she fucked me. They weren’t big, but they certainly had the feel of good sex.

Adriana was leaning forward now, driving herself faster, up and down, on my swollen dick. She knew what I wanted and pressed those creamy jugs of hers to my mouth. I inhaled one swollen nipple and began sucking harder as my hands reached down to her hips and I began helping her drive my dick deeper into that tight, juicy pussy. Her breath was coming quicker as her orgasm approached. I didn’t hurry my own efforts to fill her cunt. I had cum only a half hour or so ago, and I wanted this to last. Adriana was definitely among those ladies who had always given me a hard on, and I wanted to make sure she enjoyed this as much as I.

With a final groan of contentment, she sat upright again, pulling my hands to her breasts. She thrust her hips down to a tight meshing of our pubic pelts. She threw her head back and I felt her body shaking as the juices of her orgasm began sliding down the tight confines of her vagina. Her movements were slow and deliberate now. Her eyes remained closed as she leaned forward again and pulled my head tightly to her breast. She flattened her body on mine and used the close connection of our pubic mounds to stroke her clit. As her orgasm peaked and ebbed, I could see the flush on her breasts slowly subside as she gave one final shudder and sat upright on my dick once more.

“Whew! Hand me one of those towels, will you?” she asked, pointing to a pile on the night stand next to the bed. I didn’t want to lose our intimate connection, and used my strength to slide slowly over to a point where I could reach the top one.

Adriana giggled as my efforts dislodged a rivulet of cum from her pussy that began slowly spreading into my pubic hair. “I wanted to wipe some of this perspiration off both of us, but now it looks like I’m leaking.”

“Not to worry,” I said, confidently. “Let me sit up. “ She disengaged herself and we sat facing each other, her legs crossed over each other in my lap, opening that lovely slot more and allowing more of her juices to seep down below the south end of her tight pussy. I wiped her face, then her chest and finally her body, before wiping my own.

“What about this?” she asked with another giggle, pointing to the tiny river of joy seeping from her pussy and heading south.

“As I said, not to worry.” I told her pushing her over onto her back and pulling her legs over my shoulders. “I have the perfect solution for that.” Flattening my tongue I started at low as I could reach and slowly pulled it upward until it was dragging the hood of her clit up with it and my tongue was in that fiery bush once more. “This is what I wanted anyway. I love eating your pussy, especially when it’s been thoroughly fucked. I let my head settle once more and probed between those swollen lips, catching the next river before it gathered any speed, inhaling the delightful taste of Adriana’s juices. She watched as I made a spectacle of swallowing and licking her juices from my lips.

Adriana’s laugh was music to my ears. I knew from my first enjoyment of her that oral sex was something she had little experience in to that point and my efforts had been the most successful up to that point. Now I could see she was enjoying it again. I buried my nose in that sweet grove and began working my way up the slot, tonguing, sucking and licking her pussy. She was shuddering with anticipation by the time I got to the end and was touching the tip of her clit with my tongue. Her hands were spreading her lips wide, offering herself to me.

I took advantage of her. The tip of my tongue circled that swollen bud, then I exhaled a breath of hot air over it, telling it that it was time to come out and play in the summer’s warmth. I caught it between my lips as its protective hood opened wide for me. Slowly I inhaled it until I could feel it with the tip of my tongue, then I began sliding it in and out of my lips, like a miniature penis, literally ‘giving head’ to that wonderful little symbol of arousal.

Adriana was gasping as her back arched. Her hands no longer held that luscious canyon open for me, my chin was doing that as I literally tried to press my face deeper into her sweet cunt. Now her hands helped me. She used my ears to pull me deeper; then she was pressing the back of my head with both hands urging me deeper still. Her breath was in little pants as she drove her hips upward, feeding me that sweet token of oral joy. With a final hard thrust, she drove my face so deeply into her canyon that I would suffocate if she didn’t relent. She did, but just behind the gush of juices that sent a spill of sweet love over my face and into my mouth. I cold smell the tangy richness of her, and more important taste her once again as the second of her orgasms within ten minutes shook her body. Her body thrashed from side to side, twisting my unrelenting head and vacuuming mouth between her hot thighs. She only calmed herself as the last drops slowly were absorbed by my tongue which now touched her only very lightly, recognizing the sensitivity of her sex at this final moment. With a final kiss of that delightful flesh, I raised myself and looked down on my lover.

She pulled me higher on her body and began kissing me, cooing with the pleasure we had enjoyed together. Her tongue cleaned my face where little pearlescent drops of her juices still clung. Then, with a final deep kiss, she relaxed. With both hands, she fanned her beautiful red hair over the bed and stared up at me as though seeing me for the first time.

“That was so beautiful,” she said with a radiant smile. “Lucy must love having you eat her out like that every night”

I smiled back, my eyes thanking her for the compliment. “She says that’s one of the things that make getting fucked every day worth while. She doesn’t understand that eating pussy is something that most men, when they get used to the idea, becomes one of the most delightful things a man and woman can share together. Sharing an orgasm is nice, but it happens to us individually. Giving a lady the final one orally is the ultimate compliment a man can pay to his partner.”

We lay together for at least another half hour, pledging to enjoy each other many more times before this weekend was over. Finally, when it seems we had talked ourselves out, Adriana got up, went to a closet and gave me one of the short robes everyone was wearing.

“You may need this, the nights get kind of chilly here – unless you can find someone to keep you warm.” With that she stood on tip-toe and gave me a kiss. Nothing spectacular, just one of those ‘I like you’ kisses. It felt wonderful.

Then Adriana led me outside to the edge of the pool where the lights had just been turned on. Before I could slide into the water, I heard a familiar laugh. Looking over to the edge, I saw Lucy on her knees between Cindy’s lovely thighs. She was giving Cindy one of the most beautiful head jobs I had ever seen and Charlie was right behind her, his big cock sliding in and out of my wife’s very juicy pussy. I could literally see the spray of semen being pounded out of her depths by may friend.

I couldn’t bear to leave this. It was exactly what I enjoyed watching the most. But just as I neared, Charlie gave an enormous thrust that must have buried every inch of his bone in my wife’s cunt, causing her to collapse on the supine form of Cindy. Cindy had both hands in Lucy’s hair, pulling her tightly to her swollen pussy lips as my wife at the rivers of cum from Cindy’s beautiful box.

Cindy saw me coming nearer, turned her head and invited me over. She took one hand from Lucy’s head and pulled me to her smiling mouth by my cock.

“Look what I’ve got, Lucy,” she laughed. “I’m going to get some of your husbands cum while you eat my husband’s out of me” Lucy looked up only for a moment and gave me a wide, cum smeared smile before diving back into Cindy’s beautiful pussy.

It was a promise kept, and only a part of the next two day’s festivities. Even now, as I write this, I can still feel the twinging of my cock remembering how “Mom”, the lovely Sheila, directed the orgy that followed until not a pussy was left unfilled, or a cock unwilted.

What a weekend!!!

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