tagIncest/TabooMom, Then and Now Ch. 02

Mom, Then and Now Ch. 02


Please be aware that while this story is listed under "Incest & Taboo", it also contains a number of scenes containing bisexuality—in this case Male/Male sex scenes. If that subject matter offends your sensibilities, then please don't bother reading beyond this point.


That night, as they all slept, there was a general power failure. The whole area was in the midst of the worst heat wave in years. The house became a sweltering inferno and none of them slept very well. In the morning, Josh received a text that the supermarket would be closed. Judith was in the same position. With her office out of power, she would have to close for the day.

"Well I guess we've all got the day off wanted or not," Judith said. "Any Ideas?"

"How about a beach up north? It's always cooler up there," Josh suggested. "I've heard of one about two hours drive from here. I'll look it up on the net."

"Why not," his mom answered, "this day's shot anyway."

She packed a lunch using food from the fridge before it went bad. They drove up north until they arrived at a private beach with a sign on the gate.

It read, welcome to Sunny Groves Naturist Beach, families and singles welcome. Please register at the office.

"What the hell!" Judith yelled, "You both knew all along, didn't you?"

"Of course we did Mom. If we told you, you'd have never agreed. I've always wanted to go to one of these. Have you ever been?"

"Yes, quite often, when I was younger. It was one of your dad's favorite recreations, among many. All right, I guess you'll have me 'au naturel' for the day, boys. I've got to admit it; I'm pretty excited too. The two of you make me feel so young and sexy. That's a great feeling for an old broad like me."

"That's because you ARE sexy Mom." Josh spoke as Colin nodded.

Judith paid the fee and they all went to a locker room to get undressed. The boys stripped quickly and turned to watch Judith. Colin and Josh watched like kids as she slipped off her top revealing her sexy French-cut bra. Turning to face them she savored their excited expressions as she slowly reached behind and released the clasp. She held the cups at her breasts, slowly lowering the bra. Gradually she exposed her ripe full melons as their eyes almost popped. She was really enjoying the way they ached to see her.

She turned her back to them and bent over. She pulled her clingy jeans and then her underwear. She smiled back at them from the side as they both leaned forward for a closer look. Josh kissed a soft ass cheek and then rubbed his face against it like a cat. She stood and faced them. She wanted to make sure they saw everything. Her heart was beating so quickly, she no longer cared about right or wrong. She wanted to be desired again—to see lust in their eyes. The feelings were so powerful and compelling, they swept her away. If it was right for them to satisfy each other—it was equally right that they should satisfy her too. She thought about that and the idea made a cozy home in her mind.

"That was fantastic Mom," Josh said, "You're so beautiful, you make me ach all over. Is it so wrong for me to want you so badly?"

"Yeah, it is, and we can't fool ourselves about it. But, for today boys I don't care, you two make me feel so wonderful."

"As long as we breathe we'll want you, Judith, you're the most wonderful exciting thing in our lives. We'll do anything for you just name it," Colin said.

Judith chuckled. "You may live to regret that statement Colin. Right now, I just want us to have a nice day."

The three emerged from the changing room and marched down to the beach. Judith was at the lead followed by Colin and Josh carrying the large cooler. On the way they passed people of every age and body type. The boys were surprised at how many older nudists there were. They certainly weren't the body beautiful naturists in the magazines. Instead of nimble teens and adults playing volleyball, these people were mainly middle aged or seniors and mostly over-weight. They were all just lying around naked and talking.

The beach was busy but not crowded and the three walked until they found a secluded spot to set up. There was a shelter built of stones and driftwood that gave them ample privacy. The air was much cooler than in town, Josh's idea had been a good one.

They laid out a large blanket, but it would still be close when all three were all on it. Judith lay down in the middle on her stomach and asked Josh to apply sunscreen to her back. Josh jumped up and squeezed a liberal amount lotion on her back. He rubbed it in starting at her shoulders and he progressed down her back to her sides. He applied cream to the sides of her breasts enjoying their firm size and feel.

As he approached the soft globes of her ass, she moaned. "Josh, why don't you share the load with Colin? Would do like that Colin, honey?"

Colin sprang to her side. They each took a glob of cream in their hands and massaged it onto the closest ass cheek. They rubbed and massaged her ass excitedly and when Josh continued down her leg, Colin stayed and ventured into the crack of her ass. It was Judith's favorite place to be touched and she offered no resistance. She cooed as his fingers probed her inner reaches.

"Mmm, whoever's doing my ass, that feels lovely? You're both making me feel wonderful boys."

Josh slid his hand between her soft inner thighs. She parted her legs as a little welcome. Josh inched up to her dripping wet pussy lips. He was thrilled to touch her there again—so soft, slippery and warm. Her musky scent wafted up to his nostrils, intoxicating him. He switched hands and tasted her from his fingers. She smelled and tasted like none of the girls he had had sex with. He switched hands and offered a taste to Colin. Colin tasted Josh's fingers and smiled.

Josh couldn't wait to bury his face between her legs. Neither he nor Colin particularly enjoyed eating pussy up until then, but this would be different. This was the woman of their dreams. Meanwhile, Judith moaned softly as the boys played in both of her favorite places. She was going to enjoy this day very much.

"Mmm that all feels so good boys, you have no idea," she said, "I'm going to let you play there just a while longer and then turn over. I want you to enjoy the front of me as well."

"Oh god YES!" Josh and Colin cried out in unison.

Their instant response made her giggle. After a few more minutes she turned over. Both boys each went to work on their half of her body. They touched and kiss her everywhere, licking her luscious big breasts and suckling at her nipples. They slurped and tasted her as they massaged her full soft orbs. Over and over they rubbed and caressed every inch her body. Judith swooned. It was like surge after surge of pure pleasure that washed over her body.

Josh couldn't stand it a any longer, he buried his face between her legs. He licked furiously at the parting of her swollen labia and her clit. Judith recoiled at the sudden invasion but quickly parted her legs to let him lie in between. He hastily assumed the position but his inexperience was obvious. Just the same, his tireless attention easily made up for whatever skills he lacked.

Colin preferred instead to kiss her tenderly on the lips. For some reason she hadn't expected this, it was almost more stimulating than what Josh was doing. He was a very talented kisser for his age. His embraces became more and more passionate and their tongues intertwined as he roughly massaged her breasts.

Meanwhile, Josh was improving by leaps and bounds. He was licking and sucking her clit when he inserted two fingers into her. She arched her back and then relaxed again. She just lay there enjoying all the attention as the three of them made love in the sun. A cool breeze wafted over her skin, intensifying her deep sensual desires. Why had she fought this, she thought to herself? This was heaven, absolute heaven. The boys' stamina was exhilarating as they thrilled her senses for what seemed like hours. Eventually though, their tongues began slow and tire.

"Take a break and lie down on either side of me," Judith told them.

As the lay down she sat up and turned around on her knees facing upward. She put oil on each hand and took hold of their cocks and stroking them. They felt so hard and smooth in her hands. She loved the sheer eroticism of stroking two young men out on a beach. The thought made her heart race and she squeezed them both hard. Her lubricated hands made squishy sounds as she worked their cocks expertly and drove them crazy.

She bent to one side and took Josh into her mouth as she continued to stroke Colin. She bobbed her head and sucked until he exploded in her mouth. She slurped every delicious drop of his cum and then turned her head to look at him. Josh had a look of delighted amazement.

"Thanks, Mom," he said. "I guess you knew how much I needed that.

Judith nodded and smiled as she switched over to Colin and sucked him for dessert. She continued playing with Josh's softening phallus as she pleasured Colin with her mouth. Josh watched intently as Colin's cock slid in and out of his mom's hungry mouth—the vision excited him beyond belief.

His cock rose quickly again and Judith squealed with her mouth full as she sensed her son's early revival. Her long silken black hair mopped Colin as her head bobbed gracefully up and down. Her heavy breasts swayed side to side and back and forth, it was a symphony of sensual delights. Colin stiffened as his orgasm approached. He sent wave after thick creamy wave into Judith's ravenous mouth, she moaned excitedly as she swallowed.

Despite all the earlier attention, Judith had only had a few small orgasms so far. She wished the boys were more experienced. She needed a nice big juicy orgasm very badly. She hesitated to mount one of them—that just wouldn't be right, not yet anyway.

"Did you cum yet Judith?" Colin asked, and she nodded her head.

"It didn't seem that way to me," he continued as he slithered in between her legs.

She lay back for more loving. Maybe I was too quick to judge, she thought. Her once severe estimation of Colin was beginning to fade. He was no expert but there was something very special about this moment. He so desperately wanted to give back—she could actually feel it.

He loved her taste and her scent. He sucked at her love hole trying to get more juice out of her. He nibbled at her labia and stuck a finger between her cheeks to play with her sphincter. He knew how much she liked that from earlier. She raised her legs high as he licked and sucked at her clit. He finger fucked her ass faster and faster. He'd seen that once in a porn flick. She held his head tight between her thighs as she was flooded by waves of sheer goodness. She let herself be carried away and her head was spinning.

When Judith calmed once more, Colin continued. He couldn't bear to leave his favorite new place. He was getting better by the minute and she let him continue as she ran her fingers through his hair.

"Try not to touch my clit now Hon, it's very sensitive," she whispered to him.

"Mom, that was incredible," Josh said as he ran his hand along her chest tweaking her ridged nipples. "Please don't say you're sorry this happened. I love you Mom, you have no idea."

"I love you too sweetie—and I'm starting to care very much for you too, Colin. You've both made me feel things that I thought were gone from my life. Thank you both for pushing me here. You know, I feel wonderful and I don't regret a thing."

"Do you think we could go farther?" Josh asked. "I'd love that more than anything but I don't want to pressure you."

Colin still hadn't abandoned Judith's pussy. He kept licking and sucking at her, making discussion very challenging. She tried to maintain some sense of propriety and talk to her son as sweet jolts of pleasure shot through her like electric shocks.

"You know, Josh, it's simple for you two, you're young and your always horny. On top of that, your age and lack of experience give you a sense of invincibility. That sense gets a lot weaker as you grow older and have more to lose. I know you're just dying to stick that lovely cock in me. But there's still something in me that says fucking my son is wrong—not to mention what would happen if we were ever found out."

She took his face in her hands and looked him in the eyes.

"Josh, we will, I know we will—it's inevitable now. Deep down, you know it too. Please, just let things happen on their own. Are you disappointed so far?"

"Oh God no," Josh said. "This has all been like a dream come true. I never imagined we'd do the things we've done."

"Good, so be patient." She patted his cock with her hand and then left it there.

After a while Colin finally slowed down and they all got up and took a dip before they ate. Feeling full, they lay in the sun for a while before taking a long stroll on the beach. All afternoon it was either one boy or the other between her legs tasting her. They alternated eating her pussy and her ass at the same time. She never had so much attention down there. She was almost thankful when it came time to leave.

They arrived home near dinnertime and the power had returned. The house was still very warm and they all stripped to cool off. After dinner, they watched movies until bedtime. They all walked up the stairs together and stopped at Judith's door. Josh grabbed his mother first and kissed her on the lips. His hands roamed down to feel her ass and he squeezed it as their tongues did battle. Colin was next and he only kissed her, but with far more passion than Josh.

"Good night boys," she said, "See you in the morning."

"Mom, is there any chance we could sleep in your bed tonight?"

"No, Josh, there isn't," she smiled. "Things are moving fast enough and we don't need to do everything in a day."

They all went to their rooms. Josh and Colin were still excited and they sucked each other off well into the night while Judith gave herself one more tasty orgasm in bed.

The next morning, all three sat around the breakfast table.

"So Mom, Colin and I were wondering what happens next."

"About what?" Judith said.

"Well, you know, about us. The sex, the nudity, you know!"

"As far as I know, we only have one understanding, you boys can be naked when and where you want. You can have sex with each other, as long as long as it doesn't bother me or run the risk of you being caught. Aside from that, there's no other arrangement. It was great fun yesterday but please don't think it's open season on my body now. The things we did yesterday, may and probably will happen again—but only when I choose and on my terms. Have I missed anything?"

The old Judith was back, albeit in a newer sexier version. The boys reluctantly nodded and finished their breakfast in silence. Judith was rather pleased at how she'd dealt with the situation. Soon they were all inside at the front door sharing kisses. The boys set out on foot while Judith got into her car. She watched them walk away and she felt those troublesome little pangs between her legs again. Her sex drive had always been formidable but she'd managed to keep it in check. These two boys had woken it up again now—she wondered if she could control herself this time.

That evening Josh came home alone. He stripped off his sweat soaked top as walked through the house. Then it struck him—he could be naked if he wanted now. Not only that, he would be alone with her. His excitement grew into lust. He couldn't wait for her to get home.

After another half hour Judith walked through the door. Josh was watching TV in the living room. He was a little startled at seeing her but he warmed quickly as she stood and smiled warmly.

"My, I wasn't expecting this," she said. "There's no problem, of course, it just wasn't an everyday thing in my mind."

"I'm sorry, I thought the new rules would apply to me alone."

"Of course they do, I'm not upset," she continued to smile as she took in the view.

He was lying on his side and his delicious thick cock was limp and drooping down toward his hip. She eyed him top to bottom taking in his firm strong features, then back to that lovely cock again. It jerked and grew as she sat in a chair facing him.

"You know, I've got to confess this again. I just love looking at you. You have a wonderful physique and I haven't seen anything like it for years."

"How can that be, you're so beautiful and desirable. Any man would kill to be with you. I'm not exaggerating, I know I would."

"Well, thankfully Josh, you won't have to go so far, we're there now. We've got so much more to discover about each other."

He beamed and she idly crossed her nylon-covered legs and scratched thoughtfully at her knee. The sound of her long nails scraping over the sheer fabric sparked his senses. She was wearing a knee-length black skirt, with a light purple, silk blouse under a tailored jacket. The blouse was loose fitting and opened to show some cleavage. The black nylons and high spike heels gave off mixed signals that could mean fun or business. She looked so hot his cock was now fully erect and it almost hurt.

"My my, is that for me? I love that I can give you an erection, even when I'm dressed. This is all so terribly wrong but I just can't be upset about it any more. What you make me feel is so powerful, it just can't be wrong."

"Mom, you make me feel things I never dreamed were possible. I feel them so strongly that sometimes I think my heart will burst. Take your clothes off for me, please. I have to see that incredible body again."

"Hmm, you're saying all the right things now, Josh. Keep it up and I'll give you everything you could possibly desire. Right now, though, I think I'll shower and change for dinner." She stood and turned toward the stairs. She stopped and looked back over her shoulder. "Care to join me?"

"Just try and stop me now," he laughed as jumped off the couch.

She threw her head back and laughed out loud. They climbed the stairs together and entered her room. Josh sat on the edge of the bed.

Judith strolled up in front of him. "I want you to undress me. I want to feel your desire for me as you expose every inch of my skin."

Josh rose from the bed and removed her jacket. His hands began to shake. Judith sensed his nervousness—it thrilled her to know she affected him so deeply. Josh tossed the coat away. He unfastened the buttons of her blouse and pulled out the hem. The silken material shimmered in the soft light of the room.

He slid his hands inside her blouse to feel her skin. She was so soft. Her skin had a coolness that was somehow calming to him. He caught the scent of her perfume that wafted lightly from between her breasts. His mind flooded with loving thoughts of her. She had worn the same perfume for all of his life. Tender memories of childhood adoration filled his consciousness. All of the deep loving feelings made him feel misty. Judith sensed what he was feeling and leaned forward to kiss both his eyes.

He removed her blouse uncovering a lacy purple bra. He could see the clear outline of her areolas through the thin material. The bra fell loose. Judith had released the clasp with one hand at her back. He withdrew the delicate garment from her, gradually exposing her luscious breasts. Their size and shape, their sheer beauty took his breath away. Beautiful full breasts like these had only existed in his fantasies. His hands shook as he cupped them and ran his thumbs around the flushed pink pools that surrounded her nipples. They were already taut and succulent, just begging to be nursed. He leaned forward and took one between his lips. A faint taste of salt sparked his senses as he sucked on the firm nipple.

She looked down at him as he nursed and a vision of him suckling as a baby came to her. She could feel his profound wanting being transferred through her nipple like an electric charge—or maybe it transference of her own deep desires.

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