tagIncest/TabooMom Tries Some Bigger Meat

Mom Tries Some Bigger Meat



First time poster here, any reviews/criticisms and comments are appreciated. Thank you for taking to time to read my story, hope you like it.


So, I was 24 years old. I had just obtained my college degree, and was doing alright with girls. Nothing too man-slutish like, just the usual college kid having his fun! After a time, I found that nothing ever seemed to satisfy me. I'd have a good session with say, Katherine, or Laura, and yet, 10 minutes later I would find myself with a raging hard on, almost as if I hadn't climaxed in weeks!

I'm 6ft 2, have dark brown, slicked back hair, and I guess I'm kinda gangly.

When I'm not studying, I spend most of my time playing old records and playing on retro games consoles, there is nothing on earth like playing Golden Axe on a Sega Master System whilst the sounds of Led Zep blast from a 1970s record deck, except of course for sex.

So, with college finished, no job lined up, and no money coming in, I guess I didn't really have a lot of choice but to move back home with my parents. I didn't like the idea too much, but hey, what else was I going to do? I couldn't exactly magic a job or some money out of nowhere, so back home I moved.

I found myself killing time mostly; I'd get up in the morning at 7:20am, go outside, let the chickens out and give them their feed. Chickens! Why had my mom decided it was a great idea to get chickens? Seems like a lot of work and a lot of money spent, just to get 6 eggs a day! After the girls had been dealt with, I'd usually go straight back to bed until 10:00am.

When I'd got up again, I'd then get changed, see to my throbbing member, clean up, make myself presentable, and go downstairs. My dad was usually sat in the lounge, at his desk doing crosswords, reading the TV guide, or just generally waiting on my mom to bring him something that he had requested. That makes him sound like a right bastard, so I guess I'd best fill you in there.

At the ripe old age of 64, Dad's health went downhill, his legs were knackered, hips were shot, and his arms were no good, he needed new everything, but it just wasn't going to happen, everything you can imagine that could go wrong with a body, that's my Dad, but he still kept smiling, and never let it phase him! It had even got to the stage now, that he had to sleep downstairs as getting upstairs was too much of a hassle for him.

Mom is ALWAYS there to help, never let anything get to her in the 25 years they had been together. Mom had married young, got hooked on my Dad when she saw him playing in his band in the 70s/80s, nothing big, just the pubs and clubs circuit, but to her, that was fame, and she loved every second of attention she could get. Dad lost interest after I was born, carried on for a few years, but by the time I had hit about 4 or 5, he had stopped gigging.

Mom, a good 15 years younger than my Dad, had never said a word about it, although you could tell she wishes he had carried on, almost like she knew another year would have seen the band make it big time, it just wasn't meant to be I guess.

Whilst Dad waits for the things he wants, or sits doing his puzzles, I usually sit in the kitchen, whilst my mom gets food out for dinner, and prepares everything else that needs doing, from cleaning the cooker, to tidying the table, she had a funny little habit of gathering up all the items that she knew were mine, and stacking them in size order on the corner of the table, a subtle hint of 'tidy this lot up!' without actually saying anything, it worked though.

I would make conversation and generally keep her company, whilst Dad would shout out to me from the other room all the questions he didn't know the answers to, most of which I didn't know myself.



Replying like that usually gave him the message not to ask me about modern music again! But the next morning he would do the same, it was our routine.

Dad was now 71, although he'd always looked in his 50s to me, never seemed to age a day, he's about 5ft 4, dyed jet black quiff, he'd had it the same old way since the 50s, and he was always cold! Just another of the many issues he had. Mom didn't look a day over 40, and at 56 that's not bad going! She has mousey brown hair, curled up in a loose perm, reminiscent of her 1960s bob cut hairstyle; she has an athletic frame, about a 34c breast, and probably came in at about 120/130 pounds.

This particular morning, I am sitting in the kitchen, talking to Mom as she potters around; Dad has gone off in his scooter over the road to our neighbour's house. He usually goes over every other week, mainly to gossip like an old woman about the people they used to know. Mom is wearing a black sleeveless vest, with a loose and flowing skirt, and I can't help but stare at her chest.

I'm staring so much in fact that I hadn't noticed that Mom was staring straight back at me!

"See something you like?" she poked.

"Umm, huh?" I stumbled.

"You seem to be getting a bit lost down there!" she nodded towards her bosom.

"Oh!! Ummm, err, sorry Mom! I couldn't help it, they just look so... inviting!!" I replied.

"Well I hope so! I may be your mother, but I am allowed to dress like a woman you know!!" she stated!

"Yea umm, sorry Mom!" I tried again.

"We'll say no more about it!" she smiled.

Phew! I thought. That was comfortable! I think not!

It was then I realised I had grown quite uncomfortably in my crotch, and I hadn't sorted myself out that morning, time to go and deal with that then!

"Just gonna put this stuff away then!" I called to Mom as I picked up my pile of assorted items from the table.

"Ok hun!" she replied.

I grabbed my things and quickly alighted the stairs, dumped my things in the nearest draw and lay down on my bed, I un-buttoned my jeans and pulled them down along with my boxers, and started to stroke my cock. Before long I was up to full size and giving long hard strokes up and down, falling into my own little world.

"I hope you've put your things away tidily!" a voice jolted me out of my trance.

"Oh shit! Mom, ermmmm, yea it's all away tidy, done!" I stuttered and tripped over my own tongue.

"Having fun?" she jibed!

"MOM!" I cried.

"What? I saw what you were doing you know, I'm not daft, I know you're a guy and you have needs!!" she gently smiled.

"Oh don't be daft! I'm your mother; I've seen it all before you know. Although, not for a while.... and he certainly wasn't that big last time I saw him!" she smirked before walking past the door and onto her own room!

Did she just actually say that??? Did my own mother comment on the size of my cock?! How long had she stood there for? Had she purposely watched me?! My head was spinning, so I decided it best to pretend I hadn't noticed any of what my Mother had said, and just go on with the day as normal.

Back downstairs, Mom had returned to the kitchen and started on the dinner.

"How many sausages do you want?" she asked.

"Oh just the normal 2 thanks" I stated.

"Do you want bigger ones or smaller ones?"


"Well I decided I wanted to try these other ones, they are a bit bigger than the normal ones, so it's up to you, do you wanna?" she asked, looking back over her shoulder.

"Do I wanna what?" I asked, confused.

"Not 'do you wanna?'..... 'Do you want them?'!!!" she asked

That's not what she said!! I swear she said "wanna"!! Just ignore it and answer! Ignore it and answer!!!

"Erm... yea go on then I'll give em a go!"

"Yes I think I will as well, your Dad has the small ones, I like larger though. Yes. I'd like a larger one. More meat in them isn't there?!" she smiled at me

"Erm... yea I guess so" my cock twitched in my jeans, I knew I hadn't finished off after being interrupted earlier, but I didn't expect to get aroused again so quickly after having the flare knocked out of me, and definitely not to my own Mother's words. This was getting weird.

Nothing much more happened for the rest of the morning, until we had sat down for dinner, dad had decided to have his dinner in the lounge so he could watch Red River on TV, and we all knew he never could resist a John Wayne film.

As we sat down to eat and watch the predictable western, I could not stop Mom's words from running around my head, did she intend the innuendo, or were they simply just innocent words? I had never heard her talk like that before so I decided to ignore it and put it down to my mind working overtime.

"Nice sausage??" Mom called out

"Same as usual really, why?" my Dad replied

"No, we've had the other ones, I know yours are the same!" she retorted, "Well?" she directed at me.

"Erm, yea they're quite nice" I said, after taking a first bite.

"I love these bigger ones, I'd like to have them more often" she said, looking directly at me and gently sliding the end of a sausage between her lips before clamping her teeth down on the end. She smiled at me with a glint in her eye.

I decided it was best for me to get my dinner down as fast as I could, and go upstairs, finally bring myself to climax for the first time today, and then just stick to my usual routine of playing music and games all day. This is exactly what I did.

I finished my meal in record time, jumped up and took my plate out, popped my head around the door and said "Right, I'm off upstairs for a bit".

"Right, ok then son" my Dad replied.

"Ok" my Mom winked.

I exited the room as fast as possible, and ran upstairs, my cock was painfully hard at this stage and I could not believe what I was seeing and hearing from my mother's lips! I ran straight up the stairs, into my room, dropped my jeans and boxers again and starting beating myself into a frenzy.

I couldn't get any image I liked to stay in my head long enough to enjoy it, I just kept drifting on back to my Mom's face and words. Then the inevitable happened. I continued beating my throbbing member as I thought about my mom, thought about her watching me, touching me, kissing me and running her hands over my body as I masturbated for her. Dreaming of her stripping down and climbing on top of me, running her tongue down my body and taking me into her mouth, wanting her, needing her to slide her wet pussy lips down over my cock and riding the shit out of me until we were both satisfied.

I awoke from my own thoughts to one of the biggest climaxes I had ever experienced, I shot load after load, stream after stream of hot sticky cum, I shot so hard it flew straight over my head and up the wall............

I spent the rest of the day playing my vinyl and consoles to death, trying not to think about what I had just done. A hard task to achieve, I had just masturbated over my mother and it was the best ejaculation of my life, I couldn't help but feel good, but at the same time I felt so guilty about it. But she had driven me to it, right? With her suggestive innuendo and her actions with her sausage at lunch time, it can't have been all in my head! I decided that we should talk, I couldn't let things go on like this, and I needed to know! One way or another!

That night Dad had started his nightly movie as Mom had come up to bed, I heard her come upstairs and go into the bathroom, then from the bathroom to her bedroom and shut the door. It was now or never.

I got up from my bed, and left my room, heading in the direction of my Mom's room, thinking nothing of the fact that I was in just my boxers and a t-shirt. Gently I knocked on the door.

"Yes?" she called out.

"Only me" I replied, and entered the room, "can we talk?"

"Yea of course, what's up?" she asked sympathetically.

"Erm, I mean can we talk about earlier?" I ventured.

"There is nothing wrong with what you were doing you know?" she giggled.

"No, I don't mean what I was doing... more..."

"That I watched you?" she interrupted.

Watched not saw or caught, did she mean that? She watched me?

"Watched?" I asked. "How long exactly did you watch for?"

"Come and sit down!" she invited.

"What do you mean by watched? Were you there for long?" I desperately searched for my answer.

"Oh long enough, a good few minutes, I had nothing else to do and had a free show presented to me, what else was I gonna do?" she explained.

"Erm, not watch your son stroking himself in his room?" I shot at her.

"The door was open! After all, why wouldn't I want to see the result of what I had apparently started?" she smirked.

"Started? What?" I was bemused now, what the hell was she on about?

"Oh come on, you know I caught you staring at my chest this morning, you think I didn't also notice the rise in your pants as you were entranced?!"

"I.... err...... ummm" I fumbled.

"Exactly, there is no reason for me not to enjoy my son in the same way he was evidently enjoying me!" she stated.

"No, I wasn't thinking of you, I was just, well, I do it every morning! Today was no different!" I cried innocence.

"Every morning???" she asked shocked.

"Umm, yea!" I replied honestly.

"Now isn't that something?!" she probed

"Why? What difference does it make? As you say it's only natural!" I shot sarcastically.

"Oh no no, I don't mean it in a bad way, I'm impressed, truly! To think you do that for me each morning!" she smirked again.

"What? No! ", I was beginning to curse my tongue for blurting all this out now, and wishing I hadn't ventured into this conversation! " I do it every morning yes, I didn't say it was over you, that was just this afternoon, not every morning!"

"This afternoon? Well I am sorry I missed that one! Over me as well eh?!" My mind punched itself and my brain slid razor blades across my tongue! You dropped a bollock there kid! Now you're in dangerous territory! "And what exactly were you thinking of this afternoon then? What were you thinking about me doing when this act took place?"

"Nothing, nothing at all, Mom, forget I said anything!"

"Now that's not fair, getting me all excited like that then letting me down so quickly. I have a right to know what my son was thinking of when he used and abused my image in his mind whilst he played with himself!" she fished.

I shuffled on the bed and she smiled. She pulled the covers back off of her to reveal a shiny white satin night dress. She shuffled towards me, and sat up on her knees, still smiling.

"What did you think about me doing, son?" she repeated

"I wasn't.... I... ", I sighed, resigned to the fact I was trapped and she wouldn't give up, no matter what I said. "You watched me, just like you did this morning"

"Yes?" she ventured for more.

"And... you came over to me, and lay your hands on my sides." My cock started to react in memory of my thoughts.

"Go on"

I closed my eyes, helping me to remember, "You were running your hands over me, kissing me all over, running your tongue down my body"

She said nothing, just leant further towards me as she sat on her knees.

"You... you... took me into your mouth, and then sat on me, until we both came...."

I was now sat on the bed with my legs stretched out, the pain from my erection being confined in my crossed legs unbearable meant I had to unfold them and sit with my legs down the mattress. I felt her touch the outside of my thighs lightly.

"Did I touch you like this?" she whispered.

"Ummhmm" I gulped, was this actually happening?

"You must have enjoyed it, the way your cock has grown just thinking about it tells me that much." She slid her hands up to my torso. "Does that feel nice?"

"Yea" I whispered, I could hardly talk.

I felt her shuffle around on the sheets and move nearer. I felt her lips gently touching my skin as she kissed my chest, then my stomach and waist-line. She moved further down, and placed her hands at the base and tip of my cock, and gently kissed my shaft through my boxers. My member reacted immediately and lurched up as much as it could beneath my underwear.

"My my, he does like it doesn't he?" Mom toyed.

She slid her fingers down the waistband of my shorts, and gently tugged them down. She lifted the elastic over the head of my penis and pulled the boxers clear of my crotch. With her left hand she slid my boxers off entirely and with her right she began to stroke.

"Does that feel good?" she toyed again.

I couldn't even reply anymore. She smirked, opened her mouth and took me inside.

I gasped in shock at the sensation, I had received blow jobs before, but none of them had ever felt this good. I breathed deeper as she took me further and further into her throat. Before long she was sliding her face up and down my shaft and we both breathing heavy, together.

After a short while, she stopped sucking me off and stood on the bed above me, slowly she slid the straps of her nighty off her shoulders, and let the garment fall to her feet. I reached up and grabbed her thighs, aiming to pull her down next to me, so I could enjoy her body and kiss her all over. She resisted my direction and sat down straddling me. She leant forward and kissed me, slowly, deeply and passionately.

She reached down between us, and grabbed my still hard and throbbing cock.

I looked up into her eyes, "Are you sure you want this?"

"Oh god yes, I want it more than anything! I need it. I've wanted it for so long you couldn't even imagine!" gushed her reply

She stood my cock on end and placed it against her already dripping pussy. She started to lower herself down onto me, slowly, and complaining and wincing at the pains that shot through her. I grabbed her hips, and slammed my cock up inside her making her groan and collapse on to me.

"Fuck me!" she begged.

Hearing my own Mom talk like that flicked a switch inside me, it turned me on like a mad man! I started hammering into my mother's pussy, slamming harder and harder whilst she moaned and begged for more.

"Oh god yes that feels good" she gasped

"You like that Mom? You want more?" I demanded.

"You filthy fucking animal, give it to me" she cried.

"You love it" I whispered into her ear.

Her body jolted as a wave of pleasure shot through her body, she continued to buck her hips, taking more and more of my cock, so our pelvic bones were slamming together.

"Oh Christ, you're gonna make your own Mother cum!!!" she cried desperately.

"You want me to?!" I demanded her reply.

"Y, y, y... yes" she stammered

"Then come all over my cock you sick bitch" I growled

This did it for her, this one line sent her over the edge and sent her swirling into a massive orgasm that made her body convulse and whip like a loose electrical cable. Her cum washing over my cock send shiver down my spine, I knew I couldn't contain myself much longer. In my mind I had wanted this moment for so long, just never really wanted to admit it, not even to myself, and here I was now, about to shoot my load for my Mom, for real this time!

"Oh shit!!! Oh shit!!!" I cried

"Oh god baby yes, give it to me" she begged

"I can't!!!"

"Why not baby, of course you can!" she moaned

"It's not safe... what if..." I started

"I've been seen to honey!!! Now don't ruin it and give me your fucking cum!!!"

This was the line that sent me off, I shot stream after stream after stream of cum into my own mother.

"Oh god yes" she sighed as she received my gift. "God yes" she repeated.

I lay there breathing deeply, my mother in my arms, both of us smiling at what we had just done.

"Mom?" I asked.

"Yes, son?" she replied softly.

"I think I'm into incest" I smirked

"Me too son, me too" she chuckled.

We lay there for a while in each other's arms, as we both recovered our energy. "Me too" she repeated as she drifted off to sleep on my chest.

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