tagIncest/TabooMom Tucks Son In

Mom Tucks Son In


Well here goes, I’ve wanted to write a story about my experiences for many, many years.

It all started when I was 18. My dad was not around much during those years. He was off working out of town and it just wasn’t a job he was working on it was a lot of women too. My mom knew about it and so did my two younger brothers and myself.

Mom was pretty open about nudity around the house so it wasn’t unusual to see her naked walking from the shower to her bedroom or to see her changing clothes in her room. She was never shy and didn’t cover up which was not a big deal when I was younger…but as I got older I really loved seeing her nice big boobs and the way her inch long nipples always seemed to be hard. She had a very hairy pussy too and at the time wasn’t sure if it was trimmed around her lips or not.

As a typical teenager I would stroke my hard cock 4-5 times as day. Either locked in the bathroom with a dirty magazine or in my room after I had gotten a peek at mom. I’m not sure if my brothers thought about mom the same way I did but I know I tried to be around her as much as possible especially when id see her come out of the shower. As I got older I got bolder. I would say that my legs ached and mom would sometimes give me a leg rub. Not knowing I had the biggest hard on pressed under me as she rubbed the backs of my legs. This happened on rare occasions because I didn’t want her to figure out my motives. I would also rub her feet n legs for her if she said they were sore too. Then one night I had seen her come out of the shower, her nipples so hard and that sweet hairy pussy.

God I wanted to hold and touch her so badly. So after she got her nighty on I asked her to rub my legs since they were sore. I lay down on my bed and folded my hardening cock back down between my legs, hoping she would see or touch it as she got closer to my crotch. She started at my feet then slowly worked her way up to my thighs. As she drew higher I opened my legs a little bit so that her hands could access my inner thighs better. The next thing I know is that her hand brushes over the head of my now hard throbbing cock. I let out a little moan and the next thing I know she said that’s enough and that she’s tired. I wanted to roll over and show her how hard she had made me but before I could she was out the door. I had to just stroke my hard cock thinking how close I had come to having her hot hand wrapped around my hot hard cock. After I shot four hot ropes of cum on my stomach n chest I went to her door and heard the buzz of her vibrator as she slid it in n out of her pussy. I tried the doorknob but it was locked, so close again.

A few weeks later I had another plan. I had noticed that mom would come into our rooms n check on us before she went to bed each night to see that we were covered up since it was cool in the basement where our room was located. I shared a huge room with my two brothers, which was no big deal since we were very close in age and in everything. So I devised a plan to see what mom would do if she saw me naked in bed uncovered. I would lay awake (acting like I was asleep) uncovered and naked in bed waiting for mom to come cover me up. It worked like clockwork, right before she went to bed she would come in our room and make sure each of us were covered up. She stood next to my bed, looking at my cock and as she reached across me to grab the covers she accidentally brushed my stomach. I was so hot and excited I almost died. Now I had a new plan in mind for mom to see.

Over the next few nights I laid there waiting for her with the biggest hard on I could pump up. I wanted her to see how big her oldest son had grown up to be. It was about two nights later that she came back to check on us, and there I was with my 7” cock throbbing and exposed for her eyes to see. As she came up to my bed I did hear a little gasp from her as her eyes focused on my hard cock. She was in her nighty and I could see her through my half-closed eyes that her nipples were hard and her hand had brushed her pussy over the top of her nighty. She then got on her knees trying to be quiet and at eye level to get a better view of my cock. I was so close to cumming right then it was hard to contain my excitement. She reached her hand across my body this time brushing it over my hard cock, waiting to see if I would wake up. I acted like I was sound asleep.

Her hand and arm were brushing the length of my hot hard cock then her hand wrapped around it and she started to stroke my cock. It didn’t take long and my cock responded by shooting what seemed like a never-ending stream of cum on my stomach. After she had me pumped dry she got up n left and I lay there still acting like I was asleep. Moment later she came in with a washcloth and wiped up as much as she could without “waking” me up. As she stood up she covered my body and left with the washcloth she had brought into the room. I was in heaven and started to figure out how I could take this further... but that’s another story. Let me know what you think of this one so far.

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