tagIncest/TabooMom Walked In Ch. 2

Mom Walked In Ch. 2

byCrazy Story Teller©

This story is completely a work of fiction. Any resemblance, in whole or in parts, to situations or persons is entirely coincidental. If incest offends you, please stop here, and do not read any further. If you have any constructive criticism or comments, please drop me a line. Also, please vote! Thanks, and enjoy.

* * * * *

My mother and I tried to act as if nothing had happened. I kept dreaming of her, and then a couple of days later, I realized that I could have her again if I really wanted. I thought about it for a day. I mean, I could make her to what I wanted. She wouldn't want Dad to know. He'd freak, and probably kick her out. He was a prude, and extremely jealous. Anyways, I realized that if I threatened to tell him, she would probably do what I wanted. I realized another way to trap her. I borrowed my buddy's camcorder, and set it up in my closet, focused on my bed. My sister was still in California, and Dad was at work again.

Mom was in the kitchen doing dishes when I walked in. I stopped and looked at her, eyeing her beautiful ass. I slowly walked up behind her, and slapped her on the ass. She jumped, and looked over her shoulder at me, "Scott!" I just grinned at her, then reached around her to cup her breasts.

"Scott! Stop that!" mother demanded. I leaned forward, and started to nibble on her ear. "Scott! I said stop touching me!" My mother exclaimed, slapping at my hands.

I pulled her away from the sink, and turned her to face me. I looked her in the eye, smiling slightly. "Mother, you are not in a position to be telling me what to do." My mother stared at me. "Starting right now, you are my sex slave. You will do anything I want you to, or I will explain to Dad what happened the other day." I watched my mothers expression go from one of shock to one of pure outrage, and as I continued, understanding. "You will suck me, fuck me. You will do anything, anytime, anywhere that I tell you to. Do you understand?"

"Scott, I can't. It is wrong," she said.

I shook my head, and said to her, "Mom, you don't have a choice. Now come with me." I turned and started to walk out of the kitchen. My mother just stood there staring at me. "Mom, what do you think Dad would do if he found out you sucked on my cock? What would he do if he found out that you let me lick your pussy? Or what would he do if he found out that I gave you the best orgasm of your life, and that his son was a better fuck than he was?" My mother started to cry, speechless. "Mom, it's not that bad. All I'm saying is that you have to fuck me. Whenever I want. Is that so bad?" I walked back towards my mother, stopping directly in front of her. I locked eyes with her, and said, "Mom, you liked sucking me, fucking me. I know you did. Do you really think it would be so bad as to do it again?"

My mother looked at me, and said, "Scott, I can't. It's wrong. No, no, no, it's incest. I can't. I leaned forward, and in one quick movement, wrapped one hand around her neck, and kissed her. I kissed her hard, passionately. My tongue fond entrance to her mouth, and slowly she started to respond to me. My hand held her in place, forcing her to continue to kiss me. My other hand came up, and reached beneath her skirt. Felt her pussy. She was wet. I broke the kiss, as she moaned in pleasure.

I grabbed her by the hand, and led the way to my room. We entered my room, and I spun her around and kissed her, hard. She responded to my kiss, her tongue fencing with mine. Our hands were busy, caressing each other, teasing each other. I started to undress her, taking her blouse and skirt off. My clothes followed hers to the ground. I sat down on the bed, with my back to the wall, allowing the video camera in my closet a good view of the rest of the bed. I looked at my mother, who standing there in her bra and panties looked incredible.

"Mom," I said, "kneel down her, and suck my hard cock!" My mother did as she was told. She knelt down beside me, ironically enough facing the closet, and took my hard cock in her hand. She slowly started to jack me off. God, the feeling of having her touch me made me throw my head back, and moan in ecstasy. My hand reached out and grasped her head, slowly forcing her to take my cock into her mouth.

My hands began to roam over her back, caressing her. I undid the clasp holding her bra on, and began to fondle her huge tits. Man, she was a talented cocksucker. She started to moan as my hands roamed her body. I was starting to get close to cumming, and I yelled out, "God, Yes Mom. Suck my cock. Shallow all my cum!" My mother increased the tempo of her bobbing, sucking my cock deeper and deeper, until I was deep into her throat. It felt incredible.

I reached one hand down, and grasped the waste of her panties, and tugged, ripping them off her body. I then, being quite rough, brought my hand down on her ass! She screamed around my cock head, and the vibrations caused me to explode into her throat. She kept sucking, taking it all.

After I had stopped cumming, she looked up at me, with a grin, and said, "Is it my turn, lover boy?" I grinned, and reached out, and lied her face down on the bed, positioning myself between her legs. I leaned down, and nibbled on the back of her neck, her ears, and slowly worked my way down to her ass. My hands, never idle, roamed over her body. My tongue started licking her ass hole. She loved it. Moaning and groaning, and she started to push her ass back into my face. I reached under her, and slightly pulled her hips off the bed, allowing my tongue easy access to her wet slit. I licked her pussy, making her scream in ecstasy, "Oh yes! Lick me, eat me! Oh yes!"

My tongue continued attacking her pussy, and my hands continued to roam. One hand came down and my thumb began to rub her clit, while the other hand reached under her, and began to pinch her nipples. "OH GOD! I am going to CUMMM!" my mom started to scream. I took my thumb off her clit, and pulled her hips higher off the bed, in fact pulling her up into a doggie style position. With one sure stroke, I plunged deep into my Mothers steamy pussy. One that first stroke she came, and came hard. I could feel her pussy walls clinch as she screamed in pleasure, throwing her head back. I had been smart, and placed her so that when she did, she was facing into the camera in my closet. I grabbed her hair, and pulled, controlling the speed at which she thrust backwards, pulling her head up and back. It was perfect. She was looking directly into the closet, while I was pumping deep inside of her. Her head back, her eyes glazed, screaming in pleasure. "Oh yesss! Jesus you little mother-fucker, fuck me hard, take me, make me cum again!" My mother's mouth was disgustingly dirty, nasty, and it was making me want to cum!

I fucked her hard, deep and quick. "Here I cum, Mom!" I yelled. "I am going to fill you pussy with me cum!"

"Yes, son, cum inside you mother!" she yelled, as she thrust herself back onto my rod, "Cum for me, now, you little mother fucker!" With that, she came, again. As her pussy convulsed on my cock, I exploded, filling her with my hot cum. It felt so good. We fell down onto the bed, exhausted.

The next morning after I made sure my dad was gone to work, I took down the video camera, and using the tv/vcr in my room, I made two copies of the original tape. I then placed one in the main VCR in the front room, and took the other two, and the camera out to my car. I then went back inside, and found my mom doing some laundry. "Hi Mom," I greeted her. "I am going out for a little bit. There is something in the VCR I would like you to take a look at. We can talk about it when I get back. I won't be long." After saying that, I left.

I returned to find my mom in the living room, sobbing. She looked up at me, and I could see the shock in her eyes. "Why, Scott? Why did you make that, and why did I have to see it?" My mom couldn't stop crying.

"Well Mom, it goes like this. From now on, you are my slave. You will do any thing I want, any time I want, any place I want. If you don't, I will show dad that video. As you could see, it clearly shows that you are having a good time fucking me, and there is no sign of force in it. He will never know, or believe that I forced you to fuck me. All he will know is that you were unfaithful, and he will react on his belief. I have made two copies of that tape. One is in my safety deposit box, and the second is hidden where you will never find it."

As I talked, she stared at me, speechless. She shook her head, and cried some more. "Scott, why do you want me this way? Why like this? This is not the way it is supposed to be, I am you mother for god's sake!" She begged with me, she pleaded with me, and in the end it was decided, by me, of course!

"Mother, if you do not want dad to see that video, you will be my slave. It is that simple. It is your choice. I don't care what you decide, but we both know it would be the lesser of two evils for you to accept my way. Don't worry, I won't force you to do things you won't like, and I won't force you to do anything while he is around. This will just be our little secret, out little private thing. No one will ever need to find out about it. If you would simply see things my ways, then no one will ever know!"

With that, I stripped down to my boxers, and looking at her, I demanded, "Get over hear, and suck on my cock!"

My mother looked at me, and smiled, "I thought you would never ask!" She stood up, and stripped in front of me, and then proceeded to kneel in front of me and sucked my cock. I couldn't believe it, my mom actually seemed happy to be sucking my cock. She was doing such a good job on my cock, that I only lasted a few moments before a groaned in pleasure, exploding deep into her throat. She swallowed all of my cum, smiled at me and stood up and pushed me back onto the couch. She proceeded to straddle me, taking my hard cock into her wet fuck hole. She moaned in pleasure as she rode me hard.

It was a violent quick ride, and we both came within minutes. After we had both recovered, she looked at me, and smiled, "Master, what would you like me to do, now?"

"Mom, it will have to be like this. I have no intentions of letting any one know about this. Yes I want to fuck you as often as I can, but we can't let dad, or sis know about it. I will only expect you to be my slave when we are by ourselves, and neither dad nor sis is due home anytime soon. Thank God, that sis is only here for another month before she goes back to school."

My mother and I settled into a comfortable situation. Whenever Sis or Dad was around, we were simply mother and son, but when we were by ourselves we were lovers; master and slave. This continued until we got caught, but that is a whole different story.

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