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Mom Wants It


I'm Troy and I'm 18 and like most eighteen year olds I'm horny all the time. If it wasn't for playing sports I would probably be locked up for jumping some woman by now. I have a sister, Sheeie, who is 19 and a sex pot. I don't know if she is a virgin but she acts sexy, dresses sexy and has a sexy attitude. Then there's my mom. If sexy was a picture then my mom would be it. My dad died over ten years ago and for some reason my mom never remarried. So there is just the three of us.

Lately it seems to me that my mom has been acting strangely. She is wearing less and less cloths around the house. For instance, last week early in the morning she got up on a Saturday and started making breakfast. She was wearing a short robe but it appeared there was nothing underneath. I came in the kitchen and my dick almost popped out of my shorts. I caught her bending over to pick something up and I saw her shaved pussy. It was almost more than I could take. I turned and ran back to my room and jacked off....twice!

Almost everyday this week I found her in the kitchen with almost nothing on or bumped into her in the hall coming out of the shower with just a towel wrapped around her or lying on her bed with a see through top. I have to admit it's getting to me. But then again I hope it continues.

So today is Saturday, 8am and I'm heading down to the kitchen. As I turn the corner I see mom bending over picking something up off the floor under the table. She seems to be having trouble reaching it. I look and she has the same robe on and no panties. That's it! I've had enough. If this is what she is going to do to me then I have no other choice but to do something to her.

I approach her from behind and pull my hard cock out of my shorts. He pussy is directly in front of my cock head so I ease the head of my cock up against her pussy lips. All of a sudden mom starts to back up on my cock and drives my prick deep in her pussy. She rises up just a little and turns her head to look at me. As she does she smiles and asked me "What took your so long?"

"That feels good son! I've tried to get you to fuck me before but I thought you were scared of me. Ahhhh....yea....shove that cock up my cunt!"

Then she leans over the kitchen table and spread her legs wider and tells me to fuck her, hard.

"Come on baby....fuck me.... Fuck your horny mama. I know you've been wanting to for months. You've been shut up in your room day after day stroking your meat wanting to shove it up my cunt. Now's your chance. Fuck me... fuck your mama baby. I need it as bad as you do baby....Ahhhhh... That's it.... Harder.... Oh fuck yea!.....Fuck me harder baby.... I haven't had a good hard dick in years and I need it now!"

I started fucking mom like there was no tomorrow. I grabbed her hips and started slamming in and out of her tight cunt. I could hear her pussy squish as her juices ran down her legs. I knew I wouldn't last long but I didn't care. I reached over and pulled her top down to release her big tits. I grabbed two handfuls of tits as I continued to fuck her. "Yea....that's it baby. Fuck me....Squeeze my damn tits. Pound my tight little cunt....fuck it... fuck your mama's pussy... make it cum on that big fucking cock of yours. I've been waiting for years to get a piece of that hard meat. That's it.... Harder baby...yea that's how your mama likes it. Hard....hard, fast and deep....Oh yea....your going to make me cum...your making me cum hard baby!!!!! AHHHHH....FUCK YEA YOUR MAKING ME CUMMMMMM!!!! OH FUCK THAT'S GOOD COCK!!!!!"

At that instant I started shooting the biggest load of my life and my mom was cumming on my cock. I kept pounding her pussy until there was not cum left. I stayed buried in my mom's cunt until my dick went soft and slipped out. I didn't want to ever leave that place. I looked down and could see my cock juice running down the insides of my mother's legs. My mom was still leaning over the table trying to catch her breath rubbing her pussy and then licking the cum from her fingers.

My mom turned around, dropped to her knees and sucked the cum off my cock. When she was done she stood up and gave me a deep sensual kiss. I could taste the spunk on her breath.

Just as I was about to step away from mom's beautiful ass Sherrie walks in.

"Now just what the fuck is going on in here? So mom you finally got him. I never thought he would take the hint. I've been trying to get him to fuck me for over two years. I was beginning to think he was queer."

"No sweetheart, he's not queer. Just slow to catch on. But from now on I think he will know what to do. You should try him sometime. I think you might be surprised at what a good cock your brother has."

Sherrie walked over to me and took hold of my rising cock.

"I will. I've been waiting to get this big thing in my cunt for a long time but right now I have something else in mind."

Sherrie pushed mom back against the table where she sat on the edge. Sherrie dropped to her knees between mom's legs, leaned forward and started sucking mom's cunt.

"Oh fuck Sherrie you do that so good!"

Sherrie stuck two fingers up mom's dripping snatch and started fucking her. "You know I do mom and a pussy full of cum is just what I needed this morning."

"Suck it honey, suck your mama's pussy. You like my pussy full of your brother's cum don't you. You've been waiting for this for a long time sweetheart. Now's your chance to taste your brother's spunk!"

Sherrie kept on licking the cum from mom's cunt as she spread her legs as wide as she could.

What can I say?

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