tagIncest/TabooMom Wants Son to Make a Baby

Mom Wants Son to Make a Baby


I want to tell you about my mom. She's forty-two and really sexy. She's very pretty and takes care of her self by eating right and exercising daily. Despite her age, most people mistake her for being in her early thirties or late twenties. Besides her looks, the way she dresses (miniskirts and dresses mid-thigh in length, and tight tops, such as tube or tank tops, and always wear hosiery and heels), also makes her look younger.

I have been fucking her on a regular basis for four years now, since I was twenty. Whenever Dad wasn't around. Lucky for us, he owns an import-export business and has warehouses in Mexico and Florida, which business takes him to for extended periods. I have never worn a condom, because Mom was on the pill, until she switch to the birth control patch a year or so ago, which she wore slightly above her bush.

The story I want to tell you started about three months after she started wearing the patch. Dad was packing his bags to leave for Mexico the following morning. He said he would be gone for about a month and a half, and told me to take care of my mom while he was gone. Boy, if he only knew! I knew that I would be sleeping in Mom's bed during that time and couldn't wait. He asked me to drive him to the airport in the morning.

That morning, while Dad was getting showered and dressed, I went downstairs to the kitchen to get coffee. Mom was already there. She said, "I can't wait until you come back home." Then she did something that totally shocked me. She pulled her miniskirt up to her hips and pushed her panties down, exposing her patch, saying her clock is ticking and she wants more children, but Dad's not interested. So she wants me to make her pregnant. With that, she peeled off her birth control patch and tossed it into the trashcan.

My cock was hard immediately. To think my mom, who gave birth to me, now wanted to give birth to my baby! I turned her around, pulled her skirt back up and pushed her panties to her thighs, bending her over the kitchen table. I pushed my pants down, exposing my 8in thick cock. I stood behind her as I guided my cock into her love canal, and fucked her like a dog in heat. She said, "Hurry, before your father comes down." Then we heard him coming down the stairs, and she said softly to stop, and tried to straighten up, but I couldn't , so I held her on the table with my left hand and kept fucking. She said, "Oh my God!" Dad yelled from the other room that he was taking his bags out to the car, and I said, "Okay. Mom told me to please hurry.

We heard Dad come back inside and open the closet door to get his jacket. I increased my fucking motion, glanced over at the patch lying on the garbage, and thought about my baby growing inside my mother's womb. I pumped a large heavy load of my seed deep inside Mom's vagina. I pulled out, buckled my pants, as Mom pulled her panties up and pushed her skirt down, just as Dad came into the kitchen. He gave Mom a big kiss and said, "Lets go, Son."

After he walked out, I gave Mom an even bigger kiss and whispered that I loved her. She smiled and said, "Hurry back."

When I returned home, I went upstairs, undressing as I ran. I found Mom lying on her bed wearing nothing but a smile. As I went over to the bed, she spread her legs apart. I glanced at her abdomen and saw no patch, which made me very happy. I got between her legs and buried my face in Mom's shaved cunt. I licked, sucked, and chewed on her clit. She had an orgasm. I licked and swallowed her sweet nectar hungrily. Then I mounted Mom and fucked her, as I did several times that day, flooding her pussy with my sperm. We only got out of bed to use the bathroom. We didn't even eat that day, if you don't count me eating Mom's pussy.

The next morning, we got up and fucked in every room in the house. We even fucked on the deck, all while Dad was gone. Speaking of Dad, he had to extend his visit in Mexico another month, for which Mom and I were very grateful. However, we didn't need the extra time to accomplish our goal, because an early pregnancy test we bought at the store said Mom was knocked up by me the first month Dad was gone.

When Dad came home, Mom was almost two months pregnant with my child. Mom told Dad about us, and told him that that was the way it was going to be from now on. He was angry at first, but was glad it was kept in the family. Mom also told him that we agreed he could continue to fuck her as long as she was pregnant with a baby by me.

Mom gave birth to another son, only this one was by her first son...me. He appears to be healthy and "normal"-so much for the taboo. I'm happy to announce that Mom is pregnant again by me. I'm sure Mom will give me several more children before she stops ovulating. She says she wants to have babies until she's at least fifty years old. Man, I've got a lot of fucking ahead of me! Thank God and Mom.

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