tagIncest/TabooMom Wants To Cheer Up Son

Mom Wants To Cheer Up Son


Alice and her son, Greg, were sitting in the living room watching TV. They were waiting for a girl to the arrived for Greg. Alice could not concentrate on the TV program because she was thinking about what had happened in their lives during the past year.

It had been about one year ago when her husband and Greg and his wife were in a terrible automobile accident. Her husband and daughter-in-law were immediately killed when a drunk driver ran a red traffic light. Greg was seriously injured, but he had recovered after a long period in the hospital. He had been going through a face reconstruction because his face was disfigured. She had taken Greg into her home when he was released form the hospital.

Greg had recovered sufficiently to return to his job. Both Alice and Greg were trying to re-build their lives after the loss of their spouses. Greg wanted to meet girls, but the girls tended to avoid him because of his face disfiguration. Alice knew he no longer had a sex life since his wife was dead. She felt sorry for him.

Alice decided to give her son a prostitute on his birthday. Greg was shocked when she mentioned it, but he graciously accepted the thought and gift. Alice looked at ads in the paper and found one that read, "Horny housewives available." She thought that was just a way to get a reader's attention and didn't think any married housewife would sell herself.

The madam answering the phone explained that she could send a street walker much cheaper, but would cost much more to get a housewife. She had one in mind who was available on Friday and Saturday nights. She was on the pill, but insisted her date use a condom to prevent diseases. That was just fine with Alice because she told Greg he would need a condom. Alice told the madam she would pay for a whole night.

Now Alice and Greg were waiting for the girl to arrive. She was wondering what she would look like. Probably she would have heavy makeup and wear fishnet hose that would show all the way up to the short skirt that hardly covered her butt.

Greg got up to answer the doorbell to invited the girl in. Alice saw she looked very neat. She was wearing an ordinary dress that came down to her knees. Her makeup was very light, but just enough to give her lips a rosy glow. Alice thought this could not be the prostitute she ordered.

The girl said, "My name is Cindy, are you Greg?"

"Yes I am Greg and this is Alice, my mother."

"Very nice to meet both of you."

Alice thought she was about twenty-five years old, very close to Greg's age.

Cindy said, "I was told you wanted me to stay all night. I need to leave by six AM so that I can go home to take care of my two little children and husband when they wake up."

Alice was astounded. The madam was telling the truth about a housewife being available.

Cindy continued, "My husband has been disabled for a long time and does not have a job. I have a part time job in an office during the week, but I don't work on Saturdays or Sundays. That allows me to stay all night with a date on Friday and Saturday nights. Usually, I don't get much sleep, but I can sleep when I go home and after I fix breakfast for my family."

Alice said, "Does your husband really approve of this?"

"We don't have much choice because we badly need the money."

Alice commented, "I'm leaving you two alone while I go to the movie. I'll be home later and I won't bother you. Greg, enjoy your birthday present."

Cindy followed Greg into his bedroom. "I'm yours for the night. Please, no rough stuff. What would you like to do?"

"I want to see you naked One of my favorite positions I had with my wife is the six nine position. Also, I like many other positions and I like sexy kisses."

Cindy smiled at Greg, "That's fine, but if you want me to go down on you, we must shower. I like cleanliness."

Cindy started undressing while Greg watched. She removed her plain looking dress to expose her panties and bra. Unsnapping her bra released her beautifully shaped breasts. Then her panties dropped to the floor to expose her trim butt. She didn't have the clothes to make her look sexy, but now that she was naked, Greg was very impressed with her beauty.

She said, "Get undressed and get in the shower with me."

Greg quickly undressed and followed her trim body into the bathroom. He could hardly wait to move his hands all over her body.

Once they were in the shower, she said, "I'm going to wash your cock and balls to make sure you are clean before I take you in my mouth." While she was doing that, Greg was soaping and exploring her body.

They went back to bed after drying off. Greg kissed her and she responded with very sexy tongue searching kisses. He moved down to take her nipples in his mouth.

Cindy spoke, "Don't rush so much, we have all night. Most of the guys I get in bed with rarely let me sleep very much, so I'm used to staying awake most of the night."

Greg took plenty of time to kiss and fondle her breasts while playing with her pussy at the same time. Greg finally decided he couldn't wait any longer to get in the six nine position.

He started moving his tongue up and down her slit, but pulled back a little now and then to get a good view of her cute cunt and puckered ass hole. Greg's wife had been a little plump, but this girl had a nice trim crotch.

Cindy said, "If it turns you on, you can put your finger in my ass. I know your cock is too big for me, but your finger is OK. Some of my dates have a slender cock and I let them cum in my ass. It doesn't do much for me, but they like it and ask me for a repeat visit."

Cindy moved her mouth up and down his cock. Her lips swirled around his large head often sucking the whole head into her mouth. Then she took him deep into her throat and back out to lick the head.

Just then she felt Greg's body shudder as he loudly groaned. She took the first squirts of his cum in the back of her throat. It didn't gag her as she had lots of experience with other guys. This was the favorite position for many of her dates. His cum tasted very similar to the other men she had sucked off. He shot a big amount in her mouth, but with her experience, she easily consumed all of it.

She had not worked up to an orgasm as yet, so decided to relax while she continued to keep her mouth on his shrinking cock. She often had one or more orgasms with her dates who were paying for her body. But she would wait. The night in bed with Greg had just started.

They sat up in bed to talk for awhile. Greg asked, "How often do you have dates with men?"

"Every Friday and Saturday night. I wouldn't do it at all if I didn't need the money for my family. I get all kinds of guys. Some are younger and others are much older. One of my regulars is old enough to be my grandfather. He takes viagara and sometimes cums twice in one night. However, he keeps me awake most of the night as he likes to continually play with my pussy and ass even though he can't get another hard on. He and I will stay in the six nine position for an hour or longer at a time. One time we both went to sleep for a short time while I was lying on top of him. He is a nice guy and gives me an extra big tip."

"Also, I have some guys in the range of 16 to 20 years who can cum several times in one night. They want their cock in my pussy or my mouth most of the night. That gets a little tiring for me, but I do my best to satisfy them."

"Occasionally, I get a teenager who is a virgin. Then I enjoy teaching him about sex."

"Once in a while, two or three guys will hire me. They take turns with me and I never get any sleep at all. I'm worn out by the time I go home. My pussy is sore and I have a weird taste in my mouth. Three young studs can fill my mouth several times, but it's worth the extra money I'm paid."

"One time I had three guys about eighteen years old who were celebrating their graduation from High School. I went to one of the boy's home while his parents were away for the weekend. Before the party started, I talked to them while we had a beer in the living room. They seemed rather shy and nervous. They admitted they were not really experienced in sex, but had one or two brief encounters in the back seat of a car. They said they had used condoms to prevent pregnancy. I told them I would let them have sex with me without a condom because they evidently didn't have a disease."

"I asked if they all wanted to go in the bedroom together. They looked at each other as if they would be embarrassed while the others watched. I then asked who will be first. They decided to draw match sticks to take turns. I held three different length match sticks and let them draw. I thought it was rather humorous."

"I took the winning boy by the hand and led him down the hall to the first bedroom I saw. He acted as if he was afraid to touch me. I asked him if he would lift my dress up over my head. He clumsily did that with a little help from me. I unsnapped my bra in the back and freed by breasts. I told him to pull down my panties."

"I asked if he had ever seen a naked girl before. He said only on the internet but never a live girl. I helped him get undressed and laid on the bed with him. When I briefly took his throbbing hard cock in my mouth, I assumed he would cum very quick."

"I asked him if he would like to see my pussy. He nodded yes. I got him in a six nine position, but decided to go slow and not put his cock in my mouth just yet. After I told him he could lick my pussy, I could feel his tongue going up and down. I played with his balls and squeezed his cock. I assumed he would cum fast, but I didn't think he would start before I put his cock in my mouth. Suddenly, the first squirt hit my cheek. I quickly went down on him to take the remaining big gobs of cum in my mouth. He shuddered and shook while I drained his cock of the last drop."

"We got up after he recovered sufficiently to stand on his feet. I told him to put on his shorts and tell the next guy I'm ready. I then wiped my cheek with a tissue."

"I was already naked on the bed when the next young man entered the bedroom. He looked shy and I told him to undress and get on the bed with me. I decided to go through the same procedure with this young man to give him a chance to look at my pussy while I sucked him. This time, I was careful to have my mouth on his cock before he got too excited."

"I followed the same procedure with the third guy and then put on my dress to go into the living room with them. I sat on a chair, hiked up my skirt to allow my crotch to show. They were paying me a good sum of money so I might as well let them look while we rested. I noticed they all stared at my crotch as we talked."

"We all went into the kitchen to get another beer. We stood for a few minutes making small talk. Then I had an idea. I asked the boys to take my dress off. Two of them quickly lifted my dress up over my head leaving me complete nude again. There was a bright kitchen light to give the boys a good show. I noticed all the boys had a tent in their shorts. I walked over to face the kitchen table and bent over to let my breasts dangle over the table. My pussy and ass were brightly exposed for all to see."

"I suggested the first guy get behind to fuck me. He stepped up without hesitation and rammed completely in me. These guys were too shy to be very aggressive, so I told him he could reach forward to feel my breasts. Since he had already cum once, it took a minute or more of pounding before he groaned and shuddered as he filled me with cum."

"I looked around to notice the others were very quiet and had been watching. They were both holding their cocks ready to step up. I think they were losing their shyness because the next boy moved up to me without my prompting him. When the last guy pulled out, cum started dripping and running down my legs. One boy gave me a kitchen napkin so that I would not dribble all the way to the bathroom."

"The night went on and on with the guys taking turn with me. I told them I needed a little rest now and then. The guys were always ready again after we rested a few minutes."

"We not only had sex in the kitchen, but in the living room on the floor, on the couch, and in one big chair. I think we had sex in all three bedrooms, too. I was getting tired and my pussy was sore. I don't know how many times I took a mouth full of cum."

"These three eighteen year olds sure could keep going all night. When I got tired, I thought of all the money I was getting for this one night with these three young studs. I know I gave them their money's worth."

"I think I was worn out when I left at six in the morning. When I arrived home, my husband wanted sex with me. I told him I was very tired and my pussy was sore. It had been a long night pleasing three young studs. Please wait. The taste in my mouth was bad. It wasn't just Morning Mouth, but the mixture of cum from three different guys who had cum in my mouth several times. I took time to brush my teeth before going to sleep. "

Cindy continued, "When I get home in the mornings after spending the night with a date, sometimes my husband wants to have sex with me before I go to sleep. While he is fucking me, I tell him everything that happened while I was in bed with my date. It really turns him on to know all the details."

Greg had a very hard cock by the time she told him about her dates. He said he wanted to fuck her in several different positions before he cums again.

Cindy said, "You'll need to put on a condom."

"OK, I can put one on, but I know I don't have a disease. I never cheated on my wife when she was alive and I haven't had a girl since she died."

Cindy hesitated, "You are probably clean. I'm very careful when I'm in bed with men and I know I am clean too. I often get a medical checkup. Let's just skip the condom. You might enjoy it more if you cum in me. I'm on the pill"?

Cindy was ready for Greg to enter her in any position. Then they heard his mother drive in the garage and enter the front door. They knew she would not bother them.

Alice took a shower and went to bed. She woke up a couple of times during the night to hear noises from Greg's bedroom. Then she heard footsteps in the hallway. She looked at the clock to see that it was six o'clock. She knew Cindy was up and ready to leave.

Alice dressed quickly in her robe and walked in the living room to see Greg with his arm around Cindy's waist. Alice asked, "How did the evening go?"

Greg responded first, "Cindy was really great. We had so much fun, at least I did."

Cindy spoke up, "Yes, you have a very nice son. I spent a pleasant night with him. Much better than some others I've been with."

Alice handed Cindy a generous tip.

Cindy smiled, "With this I can buy my little girl some new clothes. Thank you. I'm willing to come back anytime you want me."

Cindy left.

Alice asked, "Did you get any sleep?"

"Very little, and I kept her awake most of the night too. She was really a very sexy girl. Thank you again for my birthday present."

A couple of weeks had gone by and it was Friday night again. They were sitting in the living room together watching a boring TV program. Alice knew that Greg had some adult video tapes in his room.

Alice said, "Greg, I've seen the adult video tapes in your room. I've never watched one before. Would you show one in the living room for us. Get one that isn't too raunchy."

Together they sat on the couch to watch. The scenes were fairly mild, but soon one scene showed a girl giving a guy a blow job. Alice was a little embarrassed. She had given her husband many blow jobs, but had never seen a movie of one. The movie soon ended much to Alice's relief. She could feel some wetness on her panties.

Alice commented, "Does this remind you of Cindy's recent visit?"

"Yes, it does. I wish I could find a girl friend who would like me for myself and not look at my disfigured face."

"Greg, I really feel sorry for you. Maybe we could get Cindy back here again for you."

"Mom, I'll call and pay for her myself. I wonder if she is busy tonight even though it is late. If so, maybe tomorrow night."

Greg called the madam. She said Cindy was very much in demand and was booked up for the weekend and next weekend, too.

Alice noticed Greg was very disappointed. She felt so sorry for him.

Both Alice and Greg took their separate showers and put on their night clothes. Greg gave his mom the usual good night kiss on the cheek and went to his room.

Alice was frustrated. She wished she could make her son happy, but Cindy was busy. What could she do? Nothing.

She decided to knock on Greg's door and maybe cheer him up someway. Greg invited her in. It was a warm night and he was wearing only his pajama bottoms while sitting in a chair. Alice had seen him bare chested many times and thought he was a very handsome man. When he first came home from the hospital, he needed help getting in and out of the bathroom and shower. She had seen him naked. She remembered seeing his rather large cock hanging down over his balls.

Now she noticed his cock punching up his pajamas even though he was sitting down. Had he been playing with it getting ready to masturbate? Maybe she had interrupted him.

Greg was getting ready to masturbate before his mother knocked on the door. He was embarrassed because he saw her glance at his crotch. He should have refused to show the adult movie, then he wouldn't be so horny. He wondered if the movie affected his mom in any way. Now she was standing in his room wearing a thin nighty and robe. From the position of the light behind her, he could see through her legs all the way up to her crotch. She did look sexy standing there. His hard one wouldn't go down as long as she stood in that position. He had to get up and move. It really showed when he got up and he knew his mom could see it.

Now what should he do. Before he could say anything, Alice said, "Sit down on your bed. It looks as if you are in a bad way."

As he sat down, Alice walked over to him and got down on her knees. Before she realized what she was about to do, she grasped his cock though his pajamas.

She said, "Pull them down. Cindy isn't available, but I am."

Once his cock was freed from all restraint, Alice put the big purple head in her mouth. It seemed so natural for her to do this since she had done this to her husband many times.

Greg watch his mom swirl her tongue all around the head and then go down on him as far as she could. He could hardly believe what she was doing. His own mother giving him a blow job. He knew she really loved him and wanted to make him happy one way or another. He looked down to see her breasts jiggling around in her loose nighty and wondered if she would object if he put his hands on them.

Alice could feel that Greg was about to cum. He was pushing up to her mouth in short jerks and his body was beginning to stiffen. Then he cum. It had been over a year since she had felt cum squirting in her mouth. This was her son, but she was too far gone to worry about that. She wanted to suck him completely dry. She felt his hands grab and clasp her breasts. This all had happened so quickly. She probably should have given him time to kiss her nipples.

Greg flopped back over on the bed as he was still gasping for air. Alice kept his cock in her mouth until it was so small and about ready to flop out.

She got up to sit in the chair and watched his breathing become more regular.

She smiled at him when he sat up, "Guess I shouldn't have done that, but I wanted to do something for you. I couldn't think of any other way I could make you happy tonight."

Greg was speechless and just stared and smiled at his mom. Finally he said, "Thank you, Mom."

Alice said goodnight and left to get in her bed. She was so sexually aroused that she would have a problem going to sleep. She was very wet between the legs. She thought about rubbing her clit for an orgasm, but decided to not rush.

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