Mom was an Addict


"You're hurting me!" She moaned, in her Gnome like voice. "Dammit! You're hurting me."

Gary only relented his abuse because he did not want his mother to become agitated and fight him again.

He maneuvered to get his feet flat on the bed on the outside of her thighs. He rose over her and continued fucking her.

As she stopped her complaint, he continued to fuck her in this position until he was near exhaustion. The orgasm eluded him.

"Go wash your pussy." Gary directed, when he pulled out of her and dropped to his knees beside her.

Betty did not question her son's motives, as it could mean only one thing was coming her way. In an uncomfortable manner of just having her ass fucked off, she kneed herself backwards off the foot of the bed and went to the bathroom to accomplish the chore.

Returning from the bathroom, she found her son lying across the bed with his head hanging off the side. He stretched his arms out over his head and she got the gist of what was expected.

"I've never seen this in a video!" She said humorously, as she straddled his head, having to squat slightly to put her pussy within reach.

Gary reached to palm his mother's buttocks as his tongue began to explore her pussy. There was a bit of repositioning on Betty's part, but soon she was receiving the extreme pleasure of male on female oral sex. She tried to reach his cock to offer him a bit of return pleasure, but she did not have the body or flexibility to accomplish it. In the end, she placed her hands on her thighs and fought her body's efforts to drop her on her ass.

"You like eating your Mama's pussy?" She queried, not really needing an answer. "I used a sweet smelling soap. AAhhhhhhh! That's good! That's real good! Right there!"

As the minutes wore on, Betty's body began to tremor from the exhaustion of her position and the building arousal of her nearing orgasm.

Her moans and labored breathing filled the room.

To fight the exhaustion, she studied her son's firm erection.

"You got a good sized cock! I'm sorry I can't suck it for you while you're eating me. If your daddy could only see us now!"

"Right there, Gary!" She pleaded. "Don't move! Yes! Just like that!"

A few more moments;

"Wheeeeesss! Aahhhhhhhhhh! FUCK! FUCK! FUCKKkkkkkkkkk!"

Gary's mouth was soaked with his mother's juices and he found his hands supporting more of her weight as her body shook and trembled with the orgasm.

As the orgasm ebbed, Betty, with a little bit of difficulty, un-straddled herself from her son's head.

"What have you got in mind now?" She queried, breathing heavily. "If you want me to suck your cock, you'll have to give me a moment or two."

"Move over to your sewing machine." Gary instructed.

"Can't I lay down?" She whined.

Receiving no answer, Betty retrieved a pillow from the bed and moved to her antique sewing machine that sat caddy corner across one corner of the room. Placing the pillow on the machine, she laid her torso on it, presenting her ass to her son.

"You do like to doggie-fuck don't you?" She queried. "You like my big ass or one like that married bitch?"

"You've seen her?" Gary inquired, positioning himself behind his mother.

"Yeah. Remember you showed her to me in the grocery store." Betty replied.

"Yes. I do now." He replied. "But to answer your question, any ass will do. And, I enjoy fucking like this a lot."

As Gary spread one side of his mother's butt to get his cock into her, he had to admit that her large ass, while making coupling a bit more difficult, was much more to his liking. His mother's beefy buttocks allowed his determined thrusts to be somewhat absorbed. He liked the effort it took to shove his cock as deep as possible into her.

Betty didn't understand the physics. All she knew was that her son was slamming against her ass in a quick rhythm. His deep penetration was not all that uncomfortable in this position. She stared at the floor and the foot pedal on her sewing machine, involuntarily grunting, as he had his way with her pussy and ass.

"You got some good pussy, mom!" Gary said with a lustful tone.

"Could it be fucking your mother's pussy or just the position that makes your cock so hard!" Betty returned, grunting loudly as his cock penetrated deep.

"I do love to doggie-fuck!" He replied. "And you've got a good ass for it! As for you being my mother, pussy is pussy and you been offering it to me for a long time!"

"Are you going to come in me?" She queried.

"You want me to, don't you?" Gary queried

"I can't wait for it!" Betty assured him. "Are you getting close? Tell me when you're going to fill my belly!"

If Gary were to be honest, it was the lust creating by the self-loathing he felt at finally giving his mother what she wanted. He had no illusions that his mother was high on incestuous lust. She wanted cock, any cock.

He tried to touch her belly button with the tip of this cock as he shoved his cock as deep into her as he could. If he could, he would gladly fill her belly with enough cum to have it flow out of her onto her thighs like a waterfall.

His mother's pussy was the first one in a long time that he had not used a condom to fuck. Married women insisted on a condom and he hated using them. He felt the freedom of having a truly wetted cock and the knowledge that his mama's pussy was sterile.

"You ready?" He queried in a labored voice.

"Give it to me, sugar!" She encouraged. "Give Mama your cum!

Long moments passed.

"Here it comes! AAGggggggggggggg! MOTHER-FUCKER!!"

"Yesssssss! Yes you are!" Betty moaned and groaned.

Gary's cock jerked hard as it exploded into his mother.

As the orgasm abated, Gary continued to push into his mother. His youth and the incestuous lust in the knowledge of where he had spurted his cum finally gripped him in orgasm and kept his cock firm.

Betty was quite content to remain where she was. She concentrated her focus on the feeling of her son's cock pumping into her.

"Did you feel that? " He queried. "You like having my cum in you?"

"Yes! I've felt your cock jerk and your warm cum fill my pussy."

"Let's go back to the bed." Gary proposed, after a few long minutes of fucking his mother's butt. He pulled out of her.

Betty moved to the bed and rolled onto her back in the middle.

Gary joined her, positioning himself between her lifting legs. Gripping his cock, he wet the domed head of his cock in his cum he could visually see seeping from her.

He lowered himself over her, cradling her in his arms, and began again to fuck her with an alternating rhythm that switched with his mood of the moment.

Neither, mother nor son pursued orgasm.

Betty was content to fuck until her pussy was sore. She no longer was an active partner. She laid there, knees wide, having her beefy ass flattened on the firm mattress with each thrust into her. The occasional involuntary grunt escaped her, but she offered no encouragement to her son's efforts.

Gary, mindlessly, robotically fucked his mother. His rhythm and mood evolved from slow, determined deep thrust to a frenzied pile-driving hammer and somewhere in between the two.

There were even a few brief moments when he gathered his mother's ass into his hands and sought relief, but it did not come.

Finally, his thrusting slowed to a stop. He lay there atop her, for a few long moments, with his cock inside of her.

Gary was not tired but had become bored.

When Betty felt her son starting to withdraw out of her, she tried to keep him atop her. Her pussy had not become sore quite yet.

"I've got to go, mom." Gary stated without emotion.

Gary left his mother lying there on the bed and went to the bathroom for a hot shower.

He heard his mother come in and sit on the toilet. She sat there for long minutes undoubtedly letting his cum seep from her pussy.

"Come in here and I'll wash your back." He directed, hearing the toilet flush.

There was only silence as mother and son scrubbed each other in the shower. Betty tried once to get hold of her son's simi-erect cock in an effort to lure him back to bed and between her legs, but he blocked her hand.

After leaving the shower and drying off, Betty followed Gary back to the bedroom and lay on the bed watching her son dress. She lay on her back, legs spread wide, with her feet flat on the bed, her right hand and finger toying with her pussy, tempting him still.

Gary was indeed tempted but the desire to fuck her or anyone was not there.

Finished dressing, standing at the foot of the bed he looked long moments between his mother's legs at her lavishly, bushed pussy.

He knew her pussy, as it always had been, was available to him whenever he desired. Having wetted his cock inside of her, he knew he would do it again.

"You get some rest, mom." He said. "I'll see you in a couple of days."

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