tagIncest/TabooMom went to Work

Mom went to Work


Dad was home when the package arrived and he naturally signed for it. It wasn't a big package just about the size of a book. Dad placed the package on the small table next to the door and went to the kitchen.

I was drinking a coke and Dad went to the fridge and got one for him. Dad asked how summer vacation was going and reminded me that I needed to finish my yard work. I went on outside and I guess Dad opened the package.

I hadn't been working long when I heard dad call my name, my first and middle name. That was what he used when I was in trouble. "William Emmett!"

"Yes, I answered.

"Get in here!"

As I entered the kitchen I could tell Dad was mad and I said, "Yes Sir."

"Go to your room and stay there until I say you can come out."

I walked to my room as Dad watched in the hallway.

"Whew!" I didn't know what was going on but at least I wasn't in trouble. I waited a couple of minutes and checked the hallway. The way was clear so I went to my observation point. There was a small closet next to the living room and I had made a small hole in the wall to look through. I was eighteen and very interested in sex. The hole was used to watch Mom and Dad having sex. I had pulled my pud more than once watching them fuck in the living room. Down the hall next to their bedroom was a linen closet and I also had a hole to watch through there.

Looking through the hole I saw dad sitting on the couch watching TV. He was watching a "Fuck Film." But, wait a minute, that's Mom and she is sucking dick. "Damn." She's not sucking Dads dick, 'cause that dick is black. Contrary to porno or stories this black dick was normal in size.

I need to describe my parents.

Dads name is Ronald Gene. Mom calls him Gene. He is about 5'10"; Dark hair and smooth slightly tanned skin. I think he weighs about 180 lbs. Slim with a bit of belly, not muscular but solid and still in good shape. His dick is about six inches long and maybe six inches around, and like me he isn't circumcised.

Moms name is Patricia Anne. Dad calls her Annie. She is about 5'2"; I think she weighs about 110 lbs. She has dark hair with golden tanned skin. Her bra size is 34C. (I check her bra and panties regularly.) She has big aureole and thick nipples that stick way out. Her hips are in line with her chest so her figure is hour glass. She has a slight belly and a hint of love handles but is not fat.

As I'm watching Mom suck on that black dick I think it must be her boss. Her boss is black and about the same size as Dad.

Her hands are on his thighs and she is working her mouth in and out on that black dick. Her jaw is moving and as her nose touches his crotch hair her throat is moving.

"Goddamn it, Patricia!" Dad blurted out.

It startled me and I thought Dad heard me move because he looked at the hallway.

"Gonna Cum." The black guy said. Mom pulled back and looked up at the man with her mouth wide open and the head of that black dick on her extended tongue. As the first spurt shot into Moms open mouth the black guy said, "Yeah! That's it. Good girl." Mom's left hand was tickling his balls and her right hand was milking that dick. She had stuffed it back in her mouth and was loudly sucking. Looking up at him as he was cuming in her mouth to show she wanted it. I could tell he was shooting stream after stream of cum in her mouth because his dick pulsed several times and Mom was gulping it down. Mom continued sucking and licking on that black dick getting every drop. As that black dick softened Mom let it out of her mouth still looking up. She asked, "Did you enjoy that Sir? Is there anything else you require, Sir?"

("What's this Sir Shit I mumbled?")

"I'm good for now." He said.

During that whole scene Moms bare shoulders and head could be seen along with that black hip section and I wondered if Mom was naked. Then the black guy sat down and leaned into Mom and kissed her. It was Moms boss Daniel Ronson. He had on a shirt and tie with his pants down around his ankles. As Mom stood up the camera panned back and she was naked from the waist up. Her bra and blouse were hanging at her waist.

Daniel reached up and massaged Moms tits. Then he pinched her erect nipples and pulled until Mom stepped forward. He kissed her belly button and hugged her waist.

"That will be all for now."

Mom turned and left his office without putting her bra and blouse back on.

Dad stood up swearing and I quickly returned to my room.

As Dad opened my bedroom door I was watching TV. He was red in the face and clearly mad. He took out his wallet and gave me a twenty telling me to go to a movie. He added that I better call before I came home as he and Mom needed some time.

"I said, "OK," and checked the time. Mom should be home any second. As I rode my bike down the street I met Mom and we both waived. I was around back and slipped into the house before Mom entered.

All of Dads attention was on Mom allowing me to get back into my hiding place. With Dad thinking I was gone I could stay in there.

Mom walked in carrying groceries and Dad grabbed them and headed to the kitchen.

I heard Mom squeal, "OW, Gene." Then they thumped down the hall to the living room. Dad had a grip on Moms upper arm and literally threw her into the couch.

Mom said, "Gene what's gotten into you? What's wrong?"

Dad tossed the package in Moms lap. She looked at it and asked, "What's this?"

Dad said, "Look it over."

Mom looked at the box reading the labels and then opened it taking out the disk cover with a gasp. "Daniel!" Written on the disk cover was, "Your Copy, Lowanna" with a lipstick kiss.

That's when Dad started the disk.

As soon as Mom saw herself sucking that black dick she let out a loud gasp and started pleading with Dad to shut it off.

"Gene, Please, Oh Please, Shut it off, don't watch it. Please, Oh Please, Please!" Mom was crying uncontrollably. Sobbing deeply and begging Dad to not watch it and let her explain.

Dad told her to shut the fuck up, that they would both watch the explanation.

"Let's see what a white whore does to lose her family!" Dad said cruelly.

I didn't like that statement, it burned into me. Mom was mom and thinking back, I couldn't remember any change in the way she was.

Dad started the disk from the beginning. Mom sobbed and begged but Dad just said, "Patricia Anne, Shut up, we're watching the evidence!"

(I got to see the beginning of the video.)

Mom was holding her skirt up and her hand was rubbing between her legs over her panties. Then Moms blouse fell down blocking the view of her rubbing. She continued rubbing and then her bra joined the blouse. Then the camera panned up and there was Moms tits being fondled by Black hands. They were rubbing and squeezing them. Lifting them up and dropping them making them bounce.

Mom moaned and said, "Yes Sir. "Play with them, Sir. Mmmmmm! Do what you want with them, Sir. Ooooooh! "Oh Sir, your hands feel so good on them."

Those Black hands were on Moms stomach and they moved up touching Moms tits and following their contour until cupping them and then easily rubbed them side to side. Mom was moaning again. Then forefingers and thumbs pinched Moms nipples and she shook. Then he pulled her nipples out stretching the skin until her tits were perfect cones. Mom moaned, "OH Yes. Yes Sir. Ooooh Yes. That feels soooo good, Sir. My titties are for your pleasure, Sir."

Then those fingers released her nipples and they sprang back making her tits jiggle. Then Mom started moving down. Those Black hands were pushing Mom down to her knees. Then with a hand on Moms head a pair of pants moved around to stand in front of Mom. Smiling and looking up, Mom said, "Oh Sir. May I play with you, Sir? May I, Sir?" And Mom reached up undoing his belt. She unbuttoned and unzipped the slacks letting them fall. "Mmmmmmm," and Mom licked her lips. Cupping her hand under the bulge in the shorts Mom looked up and again said, "Sir, Oh Sir, May I please play with you, Sir?" And she licked her lips. Then leaning forward Mom nibbled on the outlined bulge.

Mom then pulled the boxers down slowly, dragging the material between her face and his genitals. As the material cleared the flesh Moms face was against that Black Dick and her tongue was licking his balls. The man moaned a couple of times and Mom licked upward over his balls and up the length of his now rock hard Black Dick. He jerked at this and Mom smiled. Looking up at him, Mom asked, "Would you like me to suck your dick, Sir?" With each word his dick was bouncing on Mms lips. She quickly licked the drop clinging to the end of his dick. Moms hands were caressing his thighs, moving down and up to his crotch and down. Mom didn't touch his dick with her hands. She was kissing and licking it; Mom settled at the tip and started kissing it. Slowly she pursed her lips around its head and letting more and more of it in her mouth she moved in and out on it. As Moms lips closed over the head of the now pulsing dick, Moms tongue came out and worked the underside. The man shuddered and moaned. Mom kept this up until the man grabbed her head and pulled it off of his dick. "Oh, Sir! Isn't my mouth pleasing you, Sir?" Mom said as her tongue flicked at the end of his dick.

"Yes. You are doing very well. Now please me." He responded as he released her head.

Oh, Yes Sir! Mom said wantonly. "I want to draw that sweet cum from your balls and swallow every drop!" Moms hands were at the tops of his thighs and her fingers would draw in together and back out again. She was slowly swirling her tongue around the head of his dick. Then her hands flattened and moved in to surround his genitals as her mouth opened and her lips slid down the entire length in one movement.

He shook and said, "Damn girl, that feels so good1"

Mom moaned and continued her slow in and out on his dick. Her hands now went back to his thighs and she was twisting her head back and forth as she continued the slow in and out on his entire length. He didn't really last long and this is where I originally came in.

(If it was me, I would have cum at the first touch of Moms lips.)

As the black dick was cumming in her mouth Mom was crying into her hands. Dad grabbed her by her hair and pulled her face away from her hands saying, "Watch yourself, Slut!"

"Gene. Oh Gene. No!" Moms voice pleaded.

"Watch it. It's you, so watch it!" Dad commanded.

Mom whimpered and moaned as she leaned back to watch herself in the video, still crying.

The scene changed. Mom was at her desk in the front office. She was answering the phone, working at the computer, and talking to people that came in. A few times she checked with her boss and let people in to see him.

The scene changed again. Moms boss called her and said, "We need to review your work on section two." (It was actually, Sextion two.)

Mom said, "Yes Sir" and got up and went into his office.

(There's that Sir Shit again.)

She stopped just inside the closed door and immediately raised her skirt up with both hands so she could remove her panties. Hooking both thumbs in the waistband she slowly slid her lacy violet panties down her nice legs.

(I Love her violet and purple lingerie.)

Stepping out of them she held them out in front of her.

Her boss pointed at his desk and said, "Sit."

"Yes Sir," Mom said and walked over to the desk. As she sat down she raised her skirt to her waist and put her feet on each of his chair arms allowing her knees to fall to the side. "Like this, Sir?"

He looked at her pussy and licked his lips. "Yes, just like that." "Now lean back."

She did as he said and he started gently rubbing all over her thighs. Then he started kissing the inside of her legs.

Mom moaned and moved her ass slightly. He was definitely getting a response.

Then, almost as though he wasn't sure if he should, he nosed the hair on Moms mound. His jaw moved and his tongue went down the top of her pussy grazing her clit.

Mom moaned and whispered, "Yes Sir, as you please, Sir. Ohhhh, lick my pussy all you want, Sir."

Moms boss was now making long flat tongue licks the entire length of her pussy. Wait a minute. He was starting his licks on her asshole. His tongue would poke into the brown puckered ring of her asshole then circle around it. Flattening out his tongue he would lick up between her swollen lips and across her clit. He would every couple of licks stop and suck on Moms clit and/or pussy lips.

(More than once I've fantasized about doing that.)

Mom was moaning constantly, saying, "Yessssss SSSSSSir. Yessssss SSSSSSir. Lick my pussy all you want, Sirrrrrr. Yes Sir. Yes Sir. Yes Sir. Yes Sir." Then Moms legs, stomach, and ass started vibrating. MOM WAS CUMMING! Sure enough her bosses face was now very wet and Moms pussy was dripping. Moms boss had a finger in her pussy and he was now sucking greedily on her clit.

Mom couldn't hold herself up on her elbows any longer and fell flat on her boss's desk. She briefly passed out.

Moms boss wiped each of his cheeks on her inner thighs and kissed her pussy.

"Is there anything else I may do for you, Sir?" Mom asked.

"No, no, that's all for now. Put your panties in your purse and go to lunch." He said. "Yes Sir," Mom replied. Then he stuck his fingers in her mouth. Mom sucked on the fingers that were just in her pussy until her boss pulled them out of her mouth with a pop. Mom then walked to her desk and put her panties in her purse as she was told and walked out the front office door.

Through all of this, Dad intermittently said, "Damn. He is really eating your pussy like a pro. Son-of-a-bitch!"

Mom again pleaded, "Please Gene! Stop this and talk to me, please! Please!"

"NO FUCKING WAY!" Dad replied. "We're watching this till the end. Then I'll decide what to do with my wife turned whore." Mom was again crying into her hands.

I was a little pissed at Dad calling Mom a whore. But, I kept quiet. It was then that I realized the screen was blank. Was that the end of the video!?

Dad noticed too. Mom said, "I'll do anything you want! Just please talk to me without calling me names. Oh Shit! You're right I am a whore. Oh God!" Mom was now crying like I have never seen her cry before.

Dads gaze softened as he heard her words and he started toward the TV.

(I guessed it was over.)

Then the video started again with Mom sitting at her desk.

"Ohh, No. Why can't this be over!? Please God!" Mom cried. "Please Gene, stop this and talk to me."

"SHUT UP!" Dad growled through clenched teeth.

Mom was talking to another woman about work stuff. About then Moms boss buzzed and she answered, "Yes Sir."

He replied, "It's time we reviewed Sextion three."

The other woman took Moms hand and squeezed it saying, "It's only sex honey, only sex." As she left, Mom said, "Later Donna."

Again as Mom entered her bosses' office she stopped and stood still at the closed door. Her boss said, "Clothes. Leave the stockings and heels."

Mom said, "Yes Sir," and immediately started removing her clothes. She did this slowly, as though teasing him. Soon she was naked except for her hose and heels. She stood still as he gazed up and down her body. He stood up and walked around to the front of his desk. He then said, "Now me."

Mom said, "Yes Sir, with pleasure Sir." She then walked over to him and slowly removed his clothes leaving him standing there naked.

"Prepare me," he said.

"With pleasure, Sir," Mom replied.

Dad said, "I should have kept William home so he could watch his Slut Mother, Whore Herself to her black boss!"

Mom started crying again and saying, "No God, Oh No God, Please Don't"

"Yeah! I'll let William watch his mother whore herself to her black boss. And you'll see his reaction."

(Dad and Mom didn't know I was watching and I was hard as a rock.)

Mom had stepped forward letting her nipples touch her boss' chest. She gave a little jerk of her torso and those beautiful nipples moved side to side on his chest as her tits wiggled. Going up on tiptoes she then reached up and holding the sides of his face pulled him to her waiting lips. At first she pecked at his lips with hers and then pulled him into a full sensuous kiss. Letting go of his face and settling back down on her feet Mom kissed his chest as she took his hands and placed them on her tits. Helping him fondle them and encouraging him to play with them.

"Yes Sir. Play with them. Oh Yes, play with them, Sir."

He was, and he was gentle about it. Mom was rubbing his chest with her hands. Then her hands went to his sides and he stiffened momentarily.

(I was imagining the feel of her soft hands.)

Slowly they both hugged and Mom sighed. Mom was slowly moving her hips with his dick against her belly. Then her hands slowly went down to his asscheeks. She was rubbing his asscheeks and pulling him into her thrusting hips. Slowly he released her from his arms and gently pushed her back. As he did so Mom took his dick in her hand and started gently tugging on it. Her boss moaned and Mom dropped to her knees and put his dick in her mouth. Tickling his balls Mom sucked him for a bit.

(Watching and wishing Mom was doing it to me.)

Mom' boss reached down and pulled her up. Then he turned her around pulling her into him. Mom' hands were on his outer thighs and her ass was moving into him. Reaching around her he started fondling her tits. Running his fingertips around her aureole, the gentle tickling making her moan lustily. He started to squeeze and pull her nipples when the phone rang.

Without missing a beat Mom answered the phone. I heard her say my name! She was standing there naked, pressed back into her boss, with him playing with her tits, and talking to me on the phone.

(Damn, I wish I had known.)

"Son-of-a-bitch woman, you don't even stop to answer the phone!" said Dad.

Mom saying my name didn't register with Dad or he ignored it.

I was listening intently, trying to figure out when I made the call. Mom was talking about my chores. My Aunt! And, the end of school!

The call was a few weeks ago just about a month before the end of the school year. Damn! I was talking to Mom on the phone while she and her boss were going at it!

Moms boss was pulling her nipples with one hand while the other hand moved down to her hairy mound and she was moving back into him with more pronounced movements of her hips.

"OK, Hun. I'll see you tonight. Tell dad I'll bring takeout for supper. Bye. Love You."

As Mom put the phone down her boss held her pussy and pushed her torso down and forward.

Mom' boss went down on his knees and he rubbed her asscheeks with soft touches. He pulled her asscheeks apart and started kissing her. After a few kisses he stuck out his tongue and was licking her puckered brown asshole.

"Yes Sir. Yes. Enjoy my ass Sir!" Mom said as she played with her tits with one hand and rubbed her pussy with the other.

Moms boss eagerly stuck his tongue in Moms asshole and licked around the puckered ring. Then he started licking Moms pussy from behind.

Mom moaned and said, "Yes Sir. Yes Sir. Lick my pussy Sir."

After a bit Moms boss leaned back and told her to put her hands on her knees, which she did with the now annoying, "Yes Sir." Her boss stood up and held her hip with one hand and his dick with the other. He held the end of his dick to her pussy and started rubbing it round and round, up and down.

"Yes Sir. Please yourself with my pussy Sir." Mom' tone of voice was lustful.

"Now you're begging another man to use you, to fuck you!" Dad said. "Yeah, William is definitely going to see what kind of whore his mother is."

Moms boss was slowly pushing his dick into Moms pussy while holding onto her hips with both hands.

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