Mom Went to Work Ch. 06


When Grandma saw Mom sucking my dick on the TV, she said, "Patricia, you are a naughty little girl."

I glanced over at the couch and Mom was kissing Dad, while Liz had her hand up the leg of Dads shorts and was playing with his dick.

Grandma snuggled into me and went, "Mmmmmmm," as she put my hand on her tit. Then she reached up and turned my face to hers for a quick kiss, and softly said, "Play with me for a while. I need you to play with me." She then ran her hand down to my knee and back slowly to my crotch.

I played with her tit a little and then started softly running my hand around her body. My other hand was rubbing her side, upper arm and shoulder. She moaned and snuggled several times as I continued softly touching her. Slowly, I let my hand go further and further down her body and slowly I softly touched from her knees to her face.

Grandma mumbled, "Pussy. Touch my pussy."

I had come close but hadn't touched it as I caressed everywhere else. I had already freed both of her tits and played with the nipples several times, but I hadn't touched her pussy.

As I slowly moved my hand up her thigh and softly touched her pussy she reached up and turned my face to hers and kissed me softly. Grandma's pussy was smooth and already wet and I felt her jerk a little as my hand crossed her clit. Now Grandma was kissing my neck and moaning with her hand holding my head. I had managed to get my other hand under her halter top and caress the side of her tit, when I felt her shudder. Her pussy was really wet now and I slid my finger inside keeping pressure on the flesh at what I now know is the G Spot.

"Oh, God! That feels so good!" Grandma said into my neck.

It was then that I noticed, Grandma had slid her hand in my pants and was playing with my balls.

I was squeezing and releasing my hand on Grandmas pussy mound keeping a pulsing like movement going on her clit, when her body started shaking and she squeezed my balls. The pain made me wince and Grandma let go of my balls saying, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to do that." But, she was still cupping them in her hand.

Grandma went to her knees in front of me and started undoing my pants and I looked over at the couch to see Mom and Liz sucking Dads dick and balls. Liz was on her knees between Dad's legs sucking his balls as Mom was sucking his dick above.

Grandma didn't wait to get my pants off before she had my dick in her mouth. And she sucks every bit as good as Mom. I was building quickly to a climax, when Grandma looked up and said, "Cum for Grandma, Yessss, cum in Grandmas mouth." I felt her fingers tickle my balls and that was it, I exploded and shook violently. Grandma didn't miss a drop and when she released my dick from her mouth she went, "Um, um, um, that was good." Her tits shook wildly as she stood up and pulled me to my feet, saying, "Get those clothes off."

I still had all my clothes to take off but Grandma only had to remove a skirt and halter. She was behind me kissing my back and reaching around to play with my dick as I tried to get my clothes off. With all of the annoyance I wasn't getting hard again and Grandma said, "What do I have to do, to get that thing up again? Don't tell me Elizabeth and Patricia has worn you out before I can get some." She said as she gently worked my dick back and forth.

I pulled Grandma in tight and kissed her. Then I said, "You'll get plenty, but first, I need a little snack." Then I went to my knees and put my hands on Grandmas ass as I pulled her pussy to my face. She grabbed my head as if to pull me inside her and I knew she didn't mind a little wait before fucking. When she started pulling my head harder and grinding her hips I knew my mouth was doing a good job. The shaking started and Grandma lost her balance and fell on the love seat. I quickly got between her legs and started rubbing my dick up and down her pussy lips.

In a low guttural growl, Grandma said, "Fuck Me. Fuck Me Now, William!"

I shoved my dick in her pussy as hard as I could and ground into her. I thought she was going to pass out as her eyes rolled back and she shuddered.

Then she clamped on to me with her legs and started grinding her hips as she also took my hands and held them to her tits.

"Yes. Yes. Yessss." She kept saying and shaking her head.

I was holding on now because she was doing the fucking. Suddenly, Grandma started shuddering again in another climax. As she stopped moving, I started stroking my dick in and out of her soaking pussy, slowly but forcefully. Making sure I hit home, hard each time. She started matching me movement for movement and her pussy was gripping me like it was stopping me from leaving. Her pussy's squeezing was driving me to cum, especially when it gripped below the head of my dick. Her hands slid up my arms and she pulled me down on top of her. Squeezing me tight she started nibbling on my neck and ear. I was being driven to cum and just at that moment she said, "Stand up."

I stopped thrusting and pushed back and said, "What?"

Grandma said, "Stand up. Can you stand up and Fuck Me?"

"Well sure, I think so." I said. It took some effort but I got up and she was still grinding on my dick. I had to move my arms to be able to stay that way. One at a time I put my arms under her legs and gripped her ass with my hands. This was good and she held me tight as I moved her back and forth on my dick. All I had to do was keep balanced and I was slamming into her like a machine gun.

Grandma started grunting and leaned back as she held on to my neck. I felt her have an orgasm and another and another.

I was beginning to wear out when I felt my own orgasm start and I slammed into her and just ground her around on my dick. Grandma was shaking violently and biting my neck. When I stopped cuming I couldn't stand anymore and fell back to the love seat with Grandma still locked on to me.

As my breathing slowed to normal, Grandma was kissing up my shoulder to my neck and finally to lock lips with me in a deep tonguing sensual kiss.

As Grandma stayed on me and snuggled, I looked over at the couch and saw Mom sitting on Dads face while Liz bounced up and down on his dick.

After a bit, Grandma looked too and then said, "I have a wonderful family."

I had to ask Grandma to let me up so I could go to the bathroom. She gave a little pout and kissed me before she let me up. I headed off to the bathroom with Grandma right behind me. She said, "We need to clean up a little before we go back." So we took a quick shower and went back to the living room. That's when I noticed that Grandma's body looked a lot like Moms.

Grandma and I sat and cuddled while we watched Dad, Mom and Liz. Before I realized it, Grandma had slid down and was sucking and playing with my dick, real slow and soft. As we watched, Mom and Liz change places and I started to rub Grandma's back and butt. When Mom and Liz changed places again I slid sideways so I could play with Grandma's pussy.

Mom started watching us and when she and Liz moved to change places again, Mom pulled Grandma up and told her to fuck Dad. Then Mom took Grandma's place sucking my dick and watching the others. Mom got up and sat on my dick with her back to me. She had her hands on my knees and was moving her pussy up and down my dick, never taking her eyes off of the others. After Grandma and Liz switched places a couple of times, Mom switched places with Grandma. I don't know if Dad noticed or cared.

Grandma sat down on my hard dick, with her back to me, and put my hands on her tits, saying, "Play rough with my nipples." I started squeezing and pulling her nipples and she started moving her pussy around on my dick. Grandma then said, "Tell me when you're ready to cum. I want to clean my pussy off your dick as you cum in my mouth." Her words just about made me shoot, but I held back and thought about when Mom did the same thing.

Liz was bouncing on Dads dick when I saw him stiffen. Liz jumped up and pulled the rubber off of his dick and started sucking like mad. All I could do was say, "Now." And Grandma quickly had my dick in her mouth as I shot spasm after spasm. It was mind blowing. I was watching Liz suck Dad's cum down as Grandma was sucking my own cum down and Mom was kissing Dads pussy juice covered face with her pussy pointed at me.

When it was all over, we all took turns in the bathroom cleaning up.

The day wasn't over and everybody migrated to the kitchen, talking and getting food ready, and setting the table. There was the occasional pat on the butt, or a quick kiss, or a friendly grope with a wink. Finally, everybody was eating, talking and laughing.

The phone rang and Dad answered it talking to someone. After the call, he hung up and said that Grandmas car was finished and he needed someone to take him over to get it.

Nobody knew Grandmas car was being worked on, not even Grandma, because she said; "Now Ronald, you didn't need to do that. I'll go with you, so I can pay for it."

Dad said, "It's already taken care of Mom."

Grandma went with Dad anyway, leaving Mom, Liz and me at home.

After they left, I hum hawed around and kind of asked Mom about Grandma.

"How did all of this start, with us, with you and Dad and Liz, and, now with Grandma?

Mom patted my cheek, and said, "Sit down and I'll try to explain."

About that time Liz came walking in and said, "What's up?"

Mom said, "I was just about to try and tell William why my family is relaxed about sex."

"I gotta hear this." Liz said as she sat down.

Mom said that she and her brother were raised in an openly sensual home. There was always constant hugging, touching and kissing. Sex wasn't a taboo subject, but rather a subject to be openly discussed. Then, suddenly, Mom' face became sad and she was crying.

Liz and I both moved to comfort her and ask what was wrong. Mom said, "I just thought about Emmett." Mom's brother Emmett was killed in VietNam, when he was just nineteen, so Liz and I never knew him.

Anyway, Mom's upbringing had taught her that sex was physical pleasure, not mental attachment. That doesn't mean, you don't mentally attach to your sexual partner, it means you view sex for what it is, physical. I know, there are studies that say people mentally bond to the one they have sex with, but that is just an excuse for control. Mom went on.

When Grandpa was being treated for cancer the first time, Grandma became sexually frustrated and talked about it to Mom. Mom thought it over and decided that it would be better for Grandma to have sex with Dad than to go to a stranger and risk scandal. After convincing Grandma about it, Mom set things up for Dad to be her sexual relief. It worked out well; no one was hurt, and no one outside knew. A few years later, when Grandma was sick, Mom saw Grandpa's frustration and offered to be his relief. Mom already knew Grandma had told Grandpa all about Dad. Grandpa resisted at first, but Mom's hand between his legs, proved she was willing.

Grandpa was still unsure, so Mom kept talking and moving closer. She had moved to slip her hand up his shorts and when she cupped his balls, Grandpa moaned. Mom gave Grandpa a kiss as she moved his hand to her tit.

Mom and Grandpa made out like teenagers for a bit until Grandpa said, "I need to fuck you, now!" They both knew the living room was too dangerous so they went to the bathroom. No sooner had they entered the bathroom when Grandpa pushed Mom to lean on the sink and threw her skirt up over her ass. Grandpa dropped to his knees and pulled Mom' panties down as she spread her legs and he buried his face in her pussy, sucking and licking.

Mom said she shuddered in climax several times before Grandpa stood up and rubbed the head of his cock up and down between her pussy lips several times. Mom said she wanted to move back and take Grandpa's dick in her pussy but decided to let him do his thing.

Just then Grandpa slammed into Mom knocking her forward and the pounding began. That's when Liz caught them. After that Mom and Grandpa fucked many more times while Grandma recovered. And, at every get together, Mom, Dad, Grandma, and Grandpa would enjoy each other sexually, but privately. Mom and Grandma even got together a few times, but Mom wouldn't give details.

Mom looked at me and chuckled, saying, "Sometimes, Grandpa would lay his head on my lap so I could give him a head rub. I started jacking-him-off at the same time. Kinda like when you nurse me."

Liz went, "Wow!"

Just then the phone rang, it was Reece, with his voice shrill and excited, he told me, "Mrs. Hull's car has been t-boned on the highway. We were there, man! Right, there!"

Due to my saying, "Oh, Shit!" Mom and Liz were standing next to me.

Reece told me an eighteen-wheeler had t-boned Donna's car, at full speed, at the day camp intersection, Kay Hull was killed. Donna Hull, Stephanie Mitchell, and Carrie Daniel were in very bad shape and taken to the hospital.

The shock had passed and I was getting sick. It was then, that I realized for the first time, that I was in love with Stephanie.

I hung up and Mom immediately wanted to know what had happened. When I told her, she looked like she was going to faint.

Liz was holding onto Mom and crying as well. Kay was one of Liz's friends and it hit her pretty hard. At about that time Dad and Grandma came home. I told them what was going on and the whole family went into mourning.

After Mom and Liz regained their composure, we talked about what to do. Donna didn't have any family here; Mom was her friend and had agreed to take care of things in case something like this happened.

Just as Mom started to make phone calls, there was a knock at the door, it was the police. The hospital had found Mom's name listed on a card in Donna's purse, as the one to contact, in case of an accident, so the police came to talk to her. Mom talked to the police and found out that someone had stolen the stop signs at the intersection, the truck driver, who was also killed, didn't have a chance to brake and hit Donna' car at sixty mph.

After hitting the car, the truck flipped on its side, which is when the trucker was killed. Donna, Stephanie, and Carrie were in the hospital, in extremely bad condition; Carrie was the worst since she was on the side of impact. The police didn't know how Carrie was still alive.

We got to the hospital at the same time as Stephanie's Mom, Carrie' family hadn't got there yet.

The Intensive Care rooms had little side rooms for the families. The rooms were separated by a door and a glass wall so the families could see their loved ones.

Stephanie was unconscious, as were the other two, and they were prepping her for surgery. The Dr. came in and talked to Donna, he said Stephanie was in the best shape of all of them. She had a broken leg, broken arm and a head injury. They were going to take care of her broken bones and drill two holes in her head to relieve the pressure. He thought her prognosis was very good, much better than the other two.

Just then a buzzer sounded and the Dr. rushed out, we found out later that it was Carrie and he saved her life, the first of several times.

Stephanie was in surgery for eight hours and when she was returned to her room we all felt relief, but she looked bad. Her left arm and leg were in casts and her bandaged head was the size of a watermelon. Her face was swollen and reddish blue looking and of course there were the tubes in her nose and mouth.

I got sick and had to leave for a while. When I went back, Mom said she was going home to change and then get Donna some things and go back to the hospital.

Liz had gone around to check on Carrie and found out her parents were away on business, so they wouldn't be there till morning. Liz said she was going to come back with Mom and stay with Carrie, so someone would be there with her until her parents arrived. Grandma knew Donna Hull as well and said she would stay until Donna's sister arrived. I asked Mom to drop me off at Reece's, I wanted to talk to him about the accident.

Reece and the other guys were in the back yard talking about the accident. They were all at the intersection talking about the missing stop signs when the car and truck came along. They were checking to see if the Girl Scouts were at the Day Camp so they could come back to spy after dark. They saw the car and were waving at the girls when they heard the truck. Reece said he turned and saw the truck, then turned back to the car, and things went into slow motion.

The noise was deafening. Kay was sitting up, but Carrie was leaning toward Stephanie. I figured Kay died instantly, she was seventeen. The car spun away from the truck and the truck went on its side. That's when things went back to normal, Reece said. Reece couldn't get over seeing the expressions on everyone's face but Carrie's, since she was facing away.

I went back to the hospital and found Donna alone, Mom hadn't returned yet. As I stood there looking at Stephanie, I said, "Please God, don't let her die. I want her around for a long time."

Donna immediately turned and hugged me, crying. Just then Mom walked in and smiled. I went to check on Carrie and found that she had just came out of surgery and Liz was standing next to her talking and holding her hand. I asked how she was doing and Liz said, "She'll make it. You'll see. She'll make it." Never letting go of Carrie' hand and crying.

Carrie had multiple broken bones in her leg, arm and hand as well as internal injuries and her skull was shattered.

I slipped out and went to see about Grandma. Grandma said Donna had severe internal injuries, broken ribs, a broken back, a broken neck and a bad head injury. They couldn't tell the full extent of the damage and had a hard time getting a response from her. I asked Grandma if she needed anything and she said, "A crisp apple and a fresh cup of coffee."

I went and got them and then stayed with Grandma until Mrs. Hull's Sister Bonnie got there. After Grandma and Bonnie talked a while, we went to check on Liz.

The Dr. was examining Carrie. As we watched, he pricked her with a needle, several times. Each time there was a slight jerk in her muscle at that point. As he started on her feet there wasn't any movement. He took the needle and drew it up her foot again and again nothing. He did it again and there was a slight movement. He did it again and again there was movement. He smiled a little.

Her other foot was covered in a cast and he pricked her toes several times, with no response. Finally, he stuck a depressor down the cast and pulled it out slowly. The third time he did this, Carrie moved her toes. The Dr. looked at us and gave a 'thumbs up'. Liz burst into tears and grabbed me and Grandma in a hug.

It was getting late and I decided to go home. Grandma was staying with Liz and I went to check on Mom and Stephanie. When I walked in, I got the shock of my life. Mom and Donna were in with Stephanie and Stephanie was talking.

My body felt like it emptied, my knees went weak, and I started crying. I tapped on the glass and Mom came out and told me Stephanie had just woke up and started talking.

I went in and Donna hugged me as she told Stephanie I was there. Stephanie held her hand up and I took it as I bent and gently kissed her. Donna hugged me from behind and whispered, "You Love her, don't you?"

Stephanie had a hold of my hand and wouldn't let go. I sat down and Donna went out to sit with Mom. Just before Stephanie went back to sleep, she muttered, "I knew you'd be here. I wanted you to be."

I stayed, holding her hand, and whispering my life's dream until the nurse pried her hand open and had me leave. Before I left, I gave her a light kiss and whispered, "I Love You," in her ear. There was a slight smile on her swollen face.

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