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Mom Worth Sharing Wife


My name is Glen. I am twenty-four years old. Tonight I find my self at home alone as I walk the floor impatiently waiting for Ann, my wife of less than six months, to come back home. I know where she is and what she is doing. She is in bed with another man. I'm not jealous of her being with him; after all it was my idea. I can only imagine what it must be like for her and I am waiting to get the full details when she returns home. I had though she would have been home before now but it must be going much better than she had thought it would.

In my twenty-four years I have had sex on my mind most of the time. Some would say I am obsessed with sex. I can't even remember when I wasn't thinking about sex. I love to see women with nice high firm tits. I don't like the real huge ones or the little small ones, but the b and c size just turn me on. My mother says that my problem started when I was a baby and she breast-fed me. I was still trying to suckle when I was nearly two years old. If it hadn't been an embarrassment to her she wouldn't have made me stop then. I later found out that it excited her to have me sucking on her breasts.

My mother was and is beautiful. She is tall and has very black hair that comes down to the middle of her back. She always has a very nice tan and since we lived out in the country it was an all over tan. When we were the only ones swimming in our pool she never wore a swimsuit. For the first five years of my life it was mostly me and mom alone. Dad left early each day to go to his job and it was almost dark when he would get home.

We were a very close family, just the three of us. I looked forward to the days Dad had off from work, as he would spend a lot of time with me. The rest of the time it was just mom and me. I helped her take care of the small farm, as I grew older. It was mostly land and a few horses. It didn't take much time to tend to them and during the warm weather we would spend most of our time around the swimming pool.

Like I said earlier, Mom liked to have an all over tan and her times at the pool were spent mostly naked. I was a lot like her and liked to run around naked as does most young children. Mom would cover me in tanning oil to keep me from burning. I would watch as she covered her beautiful body with the oil. As I grew older I would put the oil on her back for her. On the weekends Dad would join us the same way. I was never bashful being naked. I had been that way most of my life. At an early age Mom and Dad had warned me not to tell others about us being naked around the pool together. They didn't say why but I knew it was our secret and I never told anyone.

Growing up on the farm, sex was every where. I had watched the horses and cows as they mated. The dogs that we kept seemed to always be having puppies. As most young kids I was fascinated to see the stallion riding the mare and the bull on the cows. Not sure just what was going on I asked Mom one day when we were sunning by the pool.

"Mom, Why does the stallion ride the mare and the bull jumps on the cows?" I guess that Mom and Dad had decided to raise me to not have any questions about sex that they didn't answer. I certainly knew the difference between men and women. How I got here had never been discussed.

Mom didn't beat around the bushes or stutter trying to inform me on the bird and bees. "That is the way the male horse and the female mate to have a little one. The bull does the same with the cows."

It occurred to me that I must have come the same way. "Is that what you and dad did to get me?"

"Yes, I loved your father and he loved me. Together we made love and now we have you."

"Does the horse and bull love the mare and cow?"

"No, it's not the same thing between them as your father and I. they only mate because nature tells them too. Your father and I mate because we love each other."

"If you and Dad mate why don't I have any brothers and sisters?"

"We only wanted one son and so we make sure I didn't get pregnant each time we make love."

"Why do you make love to him if you don't want another child?"

"It is how we show our love to each other. Now, I think you have asked enough questions for one day. When you are older I will explain other things to you."

There wasn't a lot of privacy around the inside of the house either. Not that we all ran around naked but I often went in the bathroom when mother would be in the shower or dad was coming out of the shower. When I was younger I often set with Mom in the big bathtub as she would bath and wash me. I didn't understand the difference then but I was uncircumcised. Mom made sure that I always skinned back my little cock and completely cleaned it.

As I grew older the tub no longer fit but I would still take a shower with her and she would wash my hair and I would scrub her back. When I got to the point that I wanted to wash her front she said it was time for us to stop bathing together. We didn't do it nearly as much but I would still get in the shower with her every once in a while. She never refused me but she was more careful as to what she let me wash of her.

Our house was two stories. Mom and Dads room was down stairs and mine upstairs. The house was built on the side of a hill. Even though I was upstairs the ground outside was just below my window. Their room was on the opposite side of the house. I could climb out my window and go around the house and see in the high window of their bedroom. It was at school that some of my friends had remarked that my Mom was such a really hot woman. By that time I knew what they were talking about. If they only knew that I got to see her all the time. I wasn't about to tell them my secret.

I was fifteen now and during the hot summer months Mom and I still spent a lot of time naked together by the pool. Dad still joined us sometimes at night and on the weekends. I had started having a hard cock back about twelve years old. At first I was embarrassed for mom to see me in that condition. She assured me that it was perfectly normal. I guess she was right because Dad often got the same way and they would soon call it a night and go off to bed.

At fifteen my cock was no longer as little any more. It wasn't nearly as big as Dads, but I was gaining on him.

I started slipping out of bed at night and going around and watch them as they went to bed. This was my first time to see them as they made love. Mom was on the bed with her legs spread. Since the bed faced the window I was looking through I had a full view of her naked cunt. Mom had always taught me to call it a cunt and mine a cock. She said there were other names but those would do for now.

It was a lot different looking at my naked mother when I was peeking through the window than out by the pool. I had seen all of her hundreds of times but not like this. Her cunt was open and I could see the pink inside. Her black hair usually covered most of her opening but she kept it neatly trimmed. Now it was spread open for my Dad as he came from the bath.

I had seen him swollen many times but now he was larger than ever. I guess he was about seven inches long but that wasn't what caught my eye. He was so big around. He must be even larger than my arm down there. I wondered how he was going to get all that in my moms little cunt.

I didn't have to wonder long. She raised her legs and he moved between them. Her hand reached down and guided him to her opening. Then I loss sight as he pushed down and she raised her hips up to help him. All I could see from then on was his cock between his legs as he drove in and out of her. I had learned to masturbate earlier and now I put what I knew to good use. All three of us came at the same time. It was mom climaxing that brought me back to my senses. I tucked my limp cock back in my pants and went back to my room.

It became almost a nightly thing to see them fucking away. I received a lot of education that other children my age would not have believed.

By the time I was seventeen I had grown to be at least as long as Dad is but not as big around. I also had watched him eating her juice from her cunt and knew she liked it from the way she carried on. I saw her return the favor by sucking his big cock. She struggled to get it in her mouth but once she had it in she didn't turn loose until he had spilt his cum in her mouth. I wanted to feel her mouth doing that to me.

As much as I knew about sex I didn't date much. Mom had always been free around me with her breasts and I wondered why the younger girls my age were so reluctant to let me touch theirs. Most of the girls would only date me once. I had a reputation as one of the boys that couldn't keep his hands to himself. Some how it got back to mom, from one of her friends daughter that I had dated, That I wouldn't leave the young girls tits along.

Mom set me down in the kitchen. "Glen, we need to have a talk. It has got back to me that you are always trying to feel your date's tits. Is that right?"

One thing Mom, Dad and I have never done was lie to each other. "Yes, but they don't like it much."

"Glen, you can't be doing that. You are not suppose to be feeling the young girls tits."

"But Mom, I feel you sometimes."

"That is our little secret that you can't tell anyone about. You have to leave the girls along or you are going to end up in trouble. I should have had this talk with you long before now."

"Ok, I want do it any more, but can I still touch you?"

"You are way to old to still be touching me like you do. I told your dad that we needed to stop this a long time back but he insisted that you would be better to know how everything works. You may know a lot more now than is good for you."

School was out for the summer before my senior year. The summer went just like the ones before. Work in the mornings and goof around during the afternoon. Back to the pool Mom and I went. Mom and dad had married early and she was only thirty-five then. None of the other mothers of my friends looked nearly as sexy as my Mom.

It had been a while since I had dated and Moms tits looked awfully good. She was spreading the tanning oil on her the way she had for years. "Give me the bottle and let me get your back." She handed me the bottle and rolled over on her stomach on the blanket. Her ass was firm and hard as I moved my hands over her from her shoulders down to her feet. I didn't miss a spot on her body including her ass as I rubbed in the lotion.

Her big breasts were mashed against the blanket and my fingers found the edges of them as I worked over on her sides. She just gave a sigh but didn't stop my fingers. My cock was hard as I finished doing her back and lay down next to her.

"Want me to do your back" I nodded ok. It was hard to lie on my stomach with my cock so hard so I turned around and set cross-legged on the blanket with my back to her. She did my back down as far as she could reach. "If you will stand I can get the rest of you and your legs."

I stood up with my back to her. I wasn't shy about her seeing my hard cock. She had seen it many times before.

She poured more lotion on her hands and went to work on my legs. Her hands covered my legs as she worked from the bottom up until her hand touched the underside of my balls. I wanted her to reach around farther and touch my cock but she put the lotion down and lay back. She was finished for the time being.

I lay next to her on my back. My cock still wouldn't let me roll over on my stomach. I lay there with my eyes closed and let the warm sun soak down on me. My cock gradually went back down to something like normal. I was almost asleep when I felt her roll over. I looked over and saw she was now on her back. Her beautiful tits standing high and firm as they had when I was a baby.

"Mom, can I touch them?" She didn't pretend to not know what I was talking about. She didn't answer but reached for one of my hands and brought it over and lay it on top of one of her tits.

"Is this what you want?" I could only nod. "Just be easy with them and I will let you have a little fun. Now this is one thing I don't think your father would need to know." She looked at me to see if I understood. I nodded my head that I did and she lay back down, my hand still on her perfectly shaped tit.

Once I knew she wasn't going to stop me I kneeled down next to her and worked both her tits over in my hands. Her nipples got hard like they did when Dad touched her. Somewhere back in my darkest memory I remembered that I use to suck on these beauties. I lowered my mouth to the one closest to me. As my hand moved my mouth took its place. Her only reply was her hips started to move.

I spent the best day of my life up till then. The rest of the afternoon I sucked and rolled her nipples through my fingers. She let me have complete control of her breasts and I made the most of it. The only time she stopped me was when I let my hand drift close to her cunt. She didn't speak, just caught my hand and brought it back to her breasts.

That summer was wonderful. I no longer cared whether I dated or not. Touching my mother each day was more than I had ever dreamed of. She never touched me on my cock thought she often ran her hands over my naked body. I must have been doing something right because each night as I watched through the window she really fucked my Dad until he couldn't go any longer.

Back in school my senior year was much better than before. I no longer made a grab for all the young tits around. I had the most wonderful ones in the world back at home to play with. Mom hadn't made me stop when the summer was over.

The cold winter months stopped us from running around undressed most of the time. Several times I would hear Mom taking a shower when Dad wasn't home and I would go join her in the shower. "You better be careful are your father might walk in. Being naked around you is not the same as taking a shower together."

We would take time soaping each other. Her breasts were always my main target. I liked to feel the firm skin as I ran my soapy hands across her nipples. I tried to wash her lower and a few times I got to touch heaven before she would stop my hands.

When she would soap me her hands would now go down to touch my cock. She would never hold me but the touch was enough to bring my cock up hard. We managed to stop before Dad came home.

School was out for the summer and next year I would be going to college. The warm spring days had already heated the water in the pool and Mom and I had started our all over tan. On the weekends Dad would join us. I watched his cock and now knew that I was just as big around as he was and longer. I don't know why that mattered but it was like I had won something from him.

It was my birthday on Saturday. My folks carried me out to a club for a meal. This was the first time I had been old enough to go in one of these places. The meal was good and then we went into the bar where a band was playing. Dad and I took turns dancing with Mom. It was easy to tell that we both had hard cocks each time we returned to the table.

The night was wonderful. Only when we got home it was Dad that fucked her while I watched through the window. I had to use my hand. I had made up my mind to see just how far Mom would let me go now that I was of age.

Monday Dad was back at work and Mom and I were up to our old stuff. For the last year I had felt her tits anytime I could when Dad wasn't around. With the chores done we headed to the pool, leaving a string of clothes from the house to the pool.

Mom lay down on a blanket. Her legs were slightly spread as she lay on her back. The opening to her cunt could be seen through the thick growth of black hair. "Glen, set down here and let me talk to you." I was more than happy to be setting down close to her.

I looked at her lying on her back and reached forward and touched her hard nipple. I ran my hands over her naked body and down to her flat stomach. It was remarkable how she had kept her figure all these years. As my hand neared her cunt she reached down and stopped the movement. She didn't return it back to her tits as she usually did. She just held it tight to her body only a fraction of and inch from where I wanted to go.

"Dad and I have been talking a lot about you and us." I started to speak but she stopped me. "Let me talk now. Before you were born we decided to raise you different from other boys. Instead of hiding sex from you we were going to answer all your questions truthfully. The naked body is nothing to be ashamed off. We wanted you to grow up knowing that. Somewhere along the way it kind of got out of hand. I don't think we thought about all the touching that has been going on. It wasn't just you that liked to play around. I was enjoying it as much as you were. Even Dad was getting a kick out of it. He knew every thing we did. I never kept secrets from him."

She posed a moment to catch her breath and I could see her nipples were hard little points. My cock was rock hard just listing to her talk and that my hand was only a breath away from being in her hot gash.

"Last night we had another talk. If you want me you can have me. I understand you are still a virgin and I can help you more than some inexperienced girl. Dad gave his permission and I want you myself." I was to shock to speak. It was then her hand touched my cheek. She pulled me towards her and brought my mouth down to hers. Off all the touching we had done I had never kissed her like a lover.

As our lips met her mouth opened and my tongue found the warm heat of her mouth. Her tongue pushed back at me and suddenly we were all over each other. We kissed as only lovers can do as I moved between her legs as I had watched Dad do so many times. Just as she did him she guided my cock to her hot hole. The heat from her body nearly burned me as my cock slid back where I came from so many years before. Just like that I wasn't a virgin anymore.

She was better than I had ever dreamed it would be. It was my mother that lay beneath me begging for me to fuck her harder and faster. I did all I could do, as I knew that it wasn't going to last long. Then we were both climaxing at the same time. Nothing a young boy could do was better than having his own mother to teach him the joy of making love.

Time after time we made love that afternoon. We went back in the house before Dad got home. Even thought he knew what we had been doing we didn't want to do it in front of him. It was in the shower that I sucked her pussy for the first time. It certainly wasn't the last.

That summer Mom and I fucked every day. She taught me all she knew about pleasing a woman; I was more than happy to try anything she suggested. She had even come to me at night after she and Dad had finished fucking. I knew he knew where she was going as I watched them finish and she would go to clean up. She would stop by his bed and kiss him good night before heading up the stairs to my room. I would hurry and be waiting on her when she came in the room.

Some nights we would fuck all night. I was young and being mother and son it was erotic enough to keep me hard and her wet

Dad had never said anything to me about mother. I guess we were both a little shy about bring it out in the open. That was solved one morning as I was fucking mom in my bed. Dad was ready to leave for work and he came to tell her bye. That morning the door was open. In our haste the night before we had failed to shut the door.

I shot the last of my juice in her and she had just climaxed when I heard him in the hall. I turned and he was standing in the open door. I didn't have any idea how long he had been standing there. He just waved and turned and left the house. I didn't tell Mom he had watched us.

The next weekend Mom was gone that Saturday morning and Dad and I were alone. We had cleaned out the barn and set down on the hay to cool off. Dad spoke up. "You owe me."

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