tagIncest/TabooMom, You're Gorgeous!

Mom, You're Gorgeous!


Caroline started it. They were sitting after breakfast, after their mom had gone off to work. School was out and Carl and Caroline were home for the summer break. Caroline was reading the local paper, reading out snippets of news to Carl, trying to make him laugh, because Carl was on a low. His girlfriend Rhonda had gone home and it would be a month before he saw her again. After the intimacy they had shared, Carl was feeling lonely. And horny.

"Hey, Carl. Listen to this!"

There was a strange tone in Caroline's voice. "Listen to what?" said Carl.

"This. 'Fun, people! July 14th is National Nude Day! Get those clothes off now!'."

"So?" said Carl, then, "Oh. That's today."

"Yeah, it is," said Caroline, a strange note in her voice. Carl looked at her, really looked at her. His twin sister was good-looking, sure, with the same tawny-blonde hair as himself, except on her it looked good. But from the sound of her voice it seemed that his usually shy sister was thinking of going naked. Maybe she was, she seemed a lot more open after being away at college.

"Where?" said Carl. It always half amused, half frightened him that sometimes he and Caroline seemed to have the telepathy thing going, and somehow he knew Caroline was going to do this.

"Dover Point," said Caroline. "It's a nude beach now. They're doing a special for National Nude Day, free admission to couples and family groups."

"Whoa," said Carl. "Not me."

"I'm a girl, you're a boy. That makes us a couple," said Caroline. She grinned at her brother. "Don't tell me you've given up trying to catch me naked?"

Carl flushed. Caroline was right, he admitted to himself. He had tried to take a peek - no, truth, several peeks - at her, but somehow she always knew if he was around.

"Well?" demanded Caroline.

"Okay, I admit it," said Carl. "I have tried, but you're a hell of a looker, sis, so you can't blame me."

"I don't," Caroline said softly. "I've tried to catch you a few times, too."

Carl blinked, surprised. "Sis," he said softly, "I don't think I've got the nerve to do it in public."

Caroline made a face. "Me either, truth be known." She brightened. "Why not here?"

"Here? You mean, in the house?"

"No, stupid, in the back yard. Look, we have that lovely pool out there. I think only one corner can be seen from outside, and we could move your van to block that. The rest of the back yard is screened because of the trees and the slope. We could go naked, no sweat."

Carl looked at his sister, beautiful, animated. He knew already he was going to agree, yet he hesitated. "What if someone comes?"

Caroline laughed. "Who? Our friends are away. Mom's at work." She shrugged. "Take a chance, bro." She fixed him with a look. "You want to see me naked? Fine, but I have to see you naked, too. A special offer which might never be repeated, to celebrate National Nude Day."

Carl stared at her. "Okay," he said slowly. "It's a deal."

"Great," said Caroline, throwing the newspaper down and springing lithely to her feet. She opened her robe to reveal her bikini. "I'll go and dump this in my room. See you in the pool." She grinned. "Don't forget to move the van!"

"Sure thing," said Carl absently as she left the room, the vision of his sister's slender, bikini-clad, soon to be unclad, body vivid in his mind. His prick twitched and he grimaced. That could be awkward, if it acted up at seeing Caroline naked. Think icy thoughts, Carl, he told himself, icy thoughts.

A few minutes later, as he started his van and moved it forward to block any view of the pool from the road, or indeed from the driveway, Carl was startled to see his sister's slender loveliness flash across his vision as she ran lightly forward and made a neat dive into the pool. 'She was serious', he thought, the vision lingering, her high, taut breasts vivid in his mind's eye. He swallowed, parked the van and made his way thoughtfully into his bedroom. Moments later, naked under his robe, he went out to the pool.

Caroline, who had been on their high school swim team, was doing fast laps of the pool and Carl just watched her for a moment, enjoying the display of athletic grace. As she turned Caroline caught sight of him and slowed, letting her feet find bottom, just her head showing. Carl couldn't make out any detail of her form because of the disturbed water, but the glimpse he had caught came back to his mind.

"Come on, Carl, the water's lovely." He hesitated, and Caroline laughed. "Come on, the water feels great when you're naked. If you're shy, I'll turn my back while you get in."

"No, it's okay." He untied his robe, his back to Caroline, praying that his prick would stay down. He threw the robe onto a sun lounger and turned back to the pool. Unheard by him, Caroline had swum closer and was standing just six feet away, the water level now below her breasts. They stared at each other.

Carl let his eyes roam over Caroline's upper beauty. Her hair, short, was plastered to her skull; her nipples were erect, eraser-tip size, on inch-across areolae, her breasts firm; not large, but standing proudly from her chest. In her turn Caroline saw her brother as she had never seen him before, as a stud male. A good-looking one, too, she thought. Carl's prick, despite his willing it not to, was half-erect and Caroline felt a twinge in her pussy.

Shit, she thought, I bet that would feel good. It's as big as, or even bigger than Jimmy's, and that feels good. She shook herself mentally. It's not going to happen. Pity. Aloud she said, with a grin, "Nice prick, bro. Come on, I'll race you. Ten laps. Loser acts slave for the other. Deal?"

"Slave?" said Carl. "To what extent?" He grinned. "Incidentally, sis, nice tits." Very, very nice.

"Thanks," said Caroline. "To what extent? How about, for an hour, the loser does exactly what the winner asks, no arguing? You could manage an hour, surely?"


"Um, yes. Anything."

Carl grinned. "I bet I'm still faster than you."

Caroline grinned right back at him. "Have you been swimming every day at college?"

"Not every day, no."

"I have." Caroline held up her hand. "Pull me out. We'll start on a dive."

Carl held out his hand and hauled his sister from the pool. His eyes dropped to her groin despite his efforts not to look. Caroline had trimmed her pussy hair to a small tuft on her mons. As far as Carl could see, she had shaved her pussy clean, otherwise. His eyes caught hers and she gave a knowing grin.

"Yes, bro, cleared for action." She turned and poised herself ready at the pool's edge. "Ready?"

Carl moved up alongside her, trying to decipher her cryptic phrase. "You call it, sis," he said.

Caroline dropped into a racing crouch. "After three. One, two, three, go!"

There was nothing in it for five laps, then Carl realised that Caroline was drawing ahead. Fit as he was, she was out-swimming him. He reached deep into his reserves but at the end of the tenth lap he was still half a yard behind. Panting, they hung onto the end of the pool until Caroline hauled herself deftly from the water and twisted, to seat herself neatly on the edge. She grinned down at Carl, who stared almost mesmerised at her heaving breasts.

"I guess I win, slave," she said softly. She reached across to where her robe lay and took out her watch. "It's ten thirty-five now. Your slavery starts when I say, for an hour. Okay?"

"Why not now?"

"I thought you might want to use the john, grab a sandwich, or something, first. Remember, for an hour you do everything I command. But now, I'd like to ask a favour."

"What sort of favour?"

"Once I've dried off, will you put sunblock on my back for me?"

"Yeah, sure. You do it for me?"

"Of course," said Caroline. Carl reached for the sunblock, trying not to stare as Caroline began to dry her tits.

A few minutes later, Caroline was face down on a lounger and Carl was rubbing sunblock into her skin. He grinned, seeing the tan lines on her back and ass. A thong bikini bottom, he guessed. Lovely butt. Caroline moved to get comfortable and spread her legs slightly. Mesmerised, Carl stared at the glimpse of her pussy crack now revealed. Not a trace of hair. Her turn of phrase came back to mind. 'Cleared for action', she'd said. Shaving her pussy for sex? Wow!

"Finished, Carl?" Caroline said in a drowsy voice.

"What? Oh! Yeah, sorry." Carl sat back, still staring at his sister's mysteries.

Caroline surprised him by sitting up and twisting round. "Your turn now, Carl." She stopped, staring. Carl glanced down and blushed scarlet. His prick was standing at almost full attention. He'd been so hypnotised by seeing his sister's pussy that he hadn't noticed. Mortified, he raised his eyes to Caroline's. She was grinning, her eyes alight with mischief. "Very nice, Carl, very nice."

"Um," he began.

"It's okay. I think I probably flashed my pussy, was that it?"

Mute, Carl nodded.

Caroline looked down at herself, then back at Carl. "I guess it's hard to see a girl's equipment," she said softly, "while a guy's is out there for the world." She reached out and squeezed Carl's fingers, then moved, spreading her legs. "Fair's fair, bro, I don't mind you looking."

Carl stared. He was right, the little tuft of hair on Caroline's mons as all she had left on her pussy. Her lower lips were a little swollen, pink; beautiful, he thought. He looked back up at Caroline, and she smiled.

"Like it?"

He nodded. "Beautiful," he said, struggling to get the word out past the obstruction in his throat.

"Thanks, Carl. You look pretty good yourself." Caroline bit her lip. She'd had a sudden vision in her mind, but she didn't know if what she was about to say would excite Carl or revolt him. Only one way to find out. "Carl?"

His eyes came back to hers. "Yeah?"

"How often do you masturbate?" She smiled faintly. "I need to do it every day, until I see Jimmy again."

Shock ran through Carl. He'd imagined Caroline was still virgin, then kicked himself mentally. Why should she be? Rhonda was younger, and he'd been having sex, great sex, with her for nearly a year now.


"Oh! Sorry." Carl grinned sheepishly. "Every day, sis. Sometimes twice a day."

"Do you just use your hand?"

Carl made a face. "Yeah. At least a guy can satisfy himself easily and quickly that way. You?"

Caroline laughed softly. "Depends where I am. Sometimes just my fingers, but if I'm in my own bed, either here or at college, I usually have a dildo handy." She grinned. "Only snag is, dildoes aren't as warm as a man, and they don't hug you or hold you close." She chewed her lip again. "Carl? Can I ask you a tremendous favour?"


Caroline took a deep breath, causing Carl to cast another appreciative look at his gorgeous sister's upper-body assets. She grinned as she caught his eye. "Carl, sex with Jimmy is great, but I've never seen him come, never seen any guy come. Will you jack off for me?" She flushed, holding her breath as Carl stared at her, relaxing as he smiled slowly.

"Yeah, sis, but there's a condition."

"You get to watch me, too?" Caroline said wryly.

Carl nodded.

Caroline smiled. "It's a deal." She looked around. "I think we'd better go inside. Getting caught naked just sunning ourselves is one thing. This? It's a whole new ball game."

"You're right." Carl stood, holding out his hand, hauling Caroline to her feet. Impulsively she kissed him. "Thanks, Carl. You're the best brother in the world." She bent and picked up her robe, then took Carl's hand and led him inside. "My bedroom, I think. My bed's bigger."

In Caroline's bedroom she hung her robe up, then bent to a dresser drawer, burrowing beneath bras and panties and removing something long wrapped in a thin towel. She unwrapped it and brandished a luridly lime-green dildo. "Meet Jimmy Two," she giggled. She fixed Carl with a look. "You first. I won't be able to concentrate on you if I'm playing with this."

"Okay. Where? On the bed."

"Yeah, you lean against the headboard and I'll sit here." Caoline moved onto the bed and sat cross-legged near the foot. Her pussy was exposed and Carl's prick, which had been softening, twitched. He leaned back against the headboard and lightly stroked his returning erection, his eyes on Caroline's pussy. She chuckled softly. "I thought it might help if I sat like this."

"It does, sis, it does. Your pussy is beautiful." Wet, too, he thought, sure he could see moisture.

"Thanks, bro. It's wet, too."

"I can see." Carl stroked his hardness, grasping it lightly, then winced slightly as his hand caught on the dry, hot, skin.

"What's up?" Caroline asked, concerned.

"I need lubrication," said Carl. About to spit on his palm, he paused. Caroline was staring at him, hunger on her face. "What?" he said.

"I have lots of lubrication," she whispered. "Carl?"


"Will you be my warm dildo, let me fill my pussy with you?" He could hardly hear her husky croak.

A shock of desire ran through him. Mute, he nodded, his prick feeling as if it was trying to get even harder. Caroline smiled, a sweet, warm, smile and moved to her knees, shuffling forward astride Carl's legs. She rested her hands on his shoulders and leaned forward to kiss him. Her lips were soft, warm, and the kiss was friendly, a siblings' kiss.

Caroline broke the kiss and reached down between them. She took a gentle grasp of his prick, positioned him carefully and then lowered herself onto his hardness. Carl groaned, feeling the hot, wet grip of her pussy on his prick, enveloping, heating, hardening. He reached up to cup her breasts.

"No, don't!" she gasped. "If you don't touch me I can pretend, pretend that I'm just using a pleasure tool."

He groaned, and she gave him an absent half smile, her face absorbed as she moved herself on his hardness. It was warm in her bedroom, and there was a sheen of sweat on her face as she moved. She was wet inside, too, and Carl was hypnotised by the liquid slither of Caroline's pussy as it moved easily the full, hard length of him. He pushed to the back of his mind any thought of this being wrong. He was helping his sister, he told himself, that was all.

Caroline was excited, and she was revelling in the feel of Carl's prick in her pussy. You feel great, Carl, she thought, absolutely great. And you're gonna make me come, soon. She adjusted her angle slightly, trying to make it so that Carl's prick rubbed her just so, giving a soft little moan as she felt the first faint indication of approaching climax. Damn, she thought, I've never come this quickly before, abandoning herself to the feelings, letting the heat rise in her until with a strangled cry, half moan, half scream, she came.

Carl was watching the expressions on Caroline's face with fascination, enjoying the fact that he could make his sister feel this good; enjoying too the pulsing clamp of her pussy on his prick as she abandoned herself to the moment, her head thrown back, her eyes closed.

The voice when it came startled them, both with the fact of it and with the anguish in the tone. "What on earth are you two doing?" Judy Muller's voice trembled as she stood in the doorway, staring at her children.

Caroline cast a startled, apprehensive look over her shoulder, but Judy was gone, fleeing the vision. Caroline quickly eased herself off Carl's prick. "Quick, we have to see her, explain."

"Explain? How? How the fuck do we explain incest?"

"I don't know, I'll think of something. Come on."

Carl rolled off the bed and followed Caroline, the two of them still naked, Carl's prick hardly softened, for he had yet to come. They found Judy on the couch in the living room, her face strained. Caroline went to her knees in front of her mother and took her hands. "Sorry, Mom," she said.

Judy gave an empty laugh, almost a sob. "So you damn well should be, committing incest."

"No, Mom, I'm not apologising for that, I'm apologising for the fact that you caught us. Why aren't you at work?"

"Never mind why, what do you mean, you're not apologising for screwing your brother?"

"Just that, Mom. I'm sorry you caught us, but we weren't exactly screwing."

"Ha! It looked like it to me!"

Caroline smiled gently. "I was taking advantage of Carl and using him as a living dildo. Mom, think about it. Isn't it better to have a nice, warm, hard prick with a gentle man attached, one you're fond of, rather than a cold dildo or your fingers? It's just a different form of masturbation, don't you see?"

Judy half smiled. "And just when did you think that one up?"

"Just now, when I saw Carl's prick erect for the first time."

"And when did that happen?"

"Out by the pool. Mom, do you know what day it is today?"

"The fourteenth. What difference does the date make?" Judy was puzzled. She didn't buy Caroline's story, but she was prepared to listen while her daughter tried to explain herself.

"It's National Nude Day, Mom."

"National Nude Day! You're kidding me!"

"No, Mom. I read it in the paper and managed to persuade my bashful brother to strip, too. Goodness knows, we've tried to peek at each other often enough. I thought, hell, it's National Nude Day, so why not let's see what we've been hiding from each other. I guess the sight of me finally naked excited Carl, and he got a hard on. It looked so pretty I asked him if he would be my substitute dildo. Well, you know what men are like, Mom, he wasn't going to say no, was he? And I guess that's where you came in. Why are you home, anyway?"

"There was a power cut. Some no-brain took a drill through the circuit. The estimate was evening, so the boss sent us home." Judy gave a short laugh. "And what do I find? My kids screwing each other."

"Not quite, Mom, although I have to say, having felt Carl's prick in my pussy, if he wanted to offer me a friendly fuck I'd find it difficult to say no."

Listening to this, Carl felt his still more than half-hard prick twitch in excitement. Shit! If Carly was telling the truth, he'd make the offer as soon as he could catch her alone. Caroline caught his eye and grinned. She does mean it. Wow!

Caroline gestured. "Look at it, Mom, isn't it pretty? Doesn't it give you naughty thoughts, too?"

Carl flushed scarlet to find himself scrutinised by his mother but instinctively he knew not to hide himself. Whether it was the unblinking look with which Judy regarded him or not, Carl felt his prick stiffen a little more.

Judy turned away, reluctantly, Carl thought. She gazed at Caroline for a moment or two, then nodded. "You're right, it's very pretty, and yes, it does give me naughty thoughts. Naughty thoughts which I have no intention of acting on. It's incest for goodness sake. A crime!"

"Lunch, Mom?" said Caroline, abruptly changing the subject. Seed sown, she thought.

"Just a sandwich, I think. And don't think that by changing the subject you're going to make me forget what I caught you doing, young lady. You, too, Carl. You know it's wrong."

"I guess so, Mom," said Carl.

"You know so." Judy stood. "Are you two going to get dressed?"

Before Carl could answer Caroline shook her head. "No, Mom. It's National Nude Day, remember. We stay naked. In fact, why don't you join us?"

"Don't be ridiculous! Okay, stay naked, but you can at least help me make sandwiches."

Lunch was a quiet affair, and the twins kept a low profile. They had slipped robes on while they ate, a slight concession to convention, but after they had finished Caroline led Carl out to the pool again and they discarded the robes. Carl was relieved that his prick had finally softened in the fuss of lunch and Caroline was greeted by an only half-hard prick when Carl discarded his own robe.

She looked up at her brother, grinning. "Did I think quickly enough? For Mom, I mean?"

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