Mom, You're Gorgeous!


Fifteen minutes later his grip was firm around his erection, an erection as firm as the one Peter North was sliding into Lori Michaels on the flickering screen before him. He let the memory of Caroline riding his prick come back into his mind and his eyes closed while he replaced her in his mind, seeing his mother, visualising her tits jiggling as she rode him to her climax.

I needed to come then, he thought. Maybe, if she does let me fuck her ... and Mom, wow! She has a body to kill for!

"Enjoying that, son?" Carl spun round, shocked. The voice, soft as it was, had startled him. In the glow from the screen he could see his mother, wrapped in a light robe. There was a gentle smile on her face.

Oh, shit! "Mom! How long have you been there?"

"Just a couple of minutes. You seemed to be enjoying yourself."

"Um, I was." Thank goodness it's almost dark in here, I can feel my face burning, he thought.

"So why were your eyes closed?" There was a smile in her voice. "Were you seeing something else? Caroline, perhaps?"

In for a penny. "Only at first. Mostly it was you, Mom."

Judy didn't look surprised. Why? he wondered. "Me? Why me?" she said, her voice coaxing him. As she spoke she came across and sat down beside him.

"I guess because I got so horny with Caroline, and then you took your clothes off, too."

"Yes, and enjoyed being naked. Maybe the three of us should join that naturist club at Dover Point."

"My vote's yes if it means seeing you nude again, Mom."

Judy laughed. "We'll see. Were you enjoying your video? I don't think I've seen that one. Mind you, I've only seen a couple."

"I guess I'm surprised you've seen any, Mom."

"We old folks get horny, too, you know." Judy laughed. "This last semester, while you and Caroline were away at college, remember I went to stay with your aunt Lou?"

"Yeah, I remember."

"Well, she had a couple. She got them out one night when we'd drunk too much wine. I guess she didn't mind me knowing." Judy reached out and squeezed Carl's free hand. Abruptly he realise he was still holding his erection and let go as if it had burned him. "Sweetheart!" said Judy, "No need for that. If it feels good to touch it, touch it."

"You don't mind?" Carl said, surprised yet again by his mother.

"Of course not. Masturbation doesn't make you blind or anything, despite the old wives tales." Judy moved a little closer. "Mind if I watch the movie with you? When I got to bed I found I wasn't as tired as I thought I was."

"Of course I don't mind, Mom," said Carl, feeling slightly stunned. Watching a porn movie with his mom, fer chrissake! Unreal!

"It's still warm. I'll take my robe off if you don't mind?" Judy chuckled. "You've seen all I've got anyway."

"Of course I don't mind," said Carl, feeling even more stunned, watching as his mother slipped off her robe and sat beside him again, naked, lovely, closer now, her shoulder touching his.

"I've never done that," Judy remarked thoughtfully, as Lori Michaels took a mouthful of semen.

"Never?" said Carl, his voice a croak.

"Never. Carl, stop the movie for a moment, please." There was a strange note in Judy's voice.

Carl did as his mom asked, and as the scheduled program reappeared, muted the sound, too. "Something wrong, Mom?"

Judy shrugged, her tits jiggling delightfully, Carl saw. "Yes. No. Hell, I don't know. Probably. Carl, honey, ever since Caroline suggested I fuck you I haven't been able to get it out of my mind. I know I said no, never, but ..." Her voice trailed off.

"But, Mom?"

"Yeah, sweetheart. But." Judy turned to him, taking his hands in hers. She avoided his eyes at first, gnawing her lip, then looked up at him. "Fuck me, baby?"

A shock went through Carl and his slightly softened prick twitched. He opened his mouth to speak, but paused, thinking furiously.

Judy must have thought he was going to refuse, because her face crumpled. Fighting tears, she reached for her robe. "I'm sorry," she said. "I'm letting my hormones rule me."

Carl grabbed her hand, stopping her. "Mom, yes. Please, I'd love to, if you really want me."

Judy looked away, her hand still in his. "I want you, baby, oh, yes. I want you, more than I dare admit. It's wrong, it's incest, but I want you."

"I want you, too, Mom, but I'd like to ask you something first."


"Is this a once and never again situation?"

Judy nodded. "I guess it is, sweetheart."

"You said you'd never blown a guy. Was that true?"

"Not quite. I've blown one or two, but I always made them tell me if they were going to come, so I wouldn't get it in my mouth. I used to finish them with my hand."

"Mom, at the moment, I feel so damed horny that if my prick got inside your pussy I'd go off like a rocket. I don't want that."

Judy laughed softly. "Me, either. What are you suggesting? That I give you a blowjob first? What then?" There was a wry look on her face, but no revulsion, Carl realised.

"You blow me, I eat you and then we fuck, because I'm damned sure I'll be hard again by then!" Carl held his breath while Judy stared at him. She shuddered.

"Yes," she whispered.

Carl released her hand and sat back. "Do we watch the rest of the movie first?"

"Fuck, no," said Judy. "If I'm blowing you, I'm blowing you now!" She laughed. "How d'you want it, baby?"

Carl reached and took a cushion, putting it on the floor between his feet. He slid down so that his ass was on the edge of the couch. "If you kneel there?"

Before he realised, his mother was kneeling between his legs, her forearms resting on his thighs. She looked up at him with a smile on her face. "How close were you before?"

"Pretty close, Mom."

"So this shouldn't take long. Warn me when you're getting close, baby?"

"Yes, Mom. I promise." Carl took a deep breath as his mother reached out and took his fully-returned erection in her hand. He shuddered at the soft touch.

"You like that, baby?" Judy said softly.

"Yeah, Mom," Carl said, his voice thick with emotion.

"Me, too, baby." Judy leaned forward, her hair, loose, obscuring Carl's view and he drew his breath in on a hiss as he felt her lips close softly round his prick, exhaling noisily as he felt her mouth moving down, her tongue moving lazily across as he went down. She took him deep, then came slowly back up, letting him escape from her mouth with a soft 'pop'. She sighed. "You taste good, baby." Her mouth closed over him again, and again she slid down, and then back up. But this time she went straight back down. Slowly, Judy developed a rhythm, going down, her lips pursed, coming up, gripping him lightly with her lips, her saliva easing her passage over him. She moved slowly at first, getting used to him, but gradually speeded up.

Carl had been close before and it only took a few strokes of Judy's mouth for the sensations to start rising again. Had he been jacking off, he realised, he would have been going faster by now, but Judy kept the speed down and the rising sensation in him intensified until it was almost an agony, He felt that bone-deep almost-ache that he knew meant he was close, felt it growing, consuming him.

"Soon, Mom," he managed to say, "very soon."

He expected Judy to release him, to take him in her hand but her mouth stayed wrapped around him and he felt her tongue moving over his glans as her head moved up and down.

"Mom," he said urgently, "you're gonna make me come. Mom! Shit, Mom, oh, fuck, oh, fuck, oh ... aaaah!" He came, in a violent jet of semen which caught Judy on the down stroke. She coughed and hurriedly lifted her head so that Carl almost came out of her mouth, swallowing urgently as a second blast, a third, hit her mouth, another, gentler, then another, and the blasts eased to pulses, one, two, three, slowing, easing, finally stopping. Judy paused, but when no more came she swirled her tongue around his glans and lifted her head, throwing her hair back with one hand.

"Wow," she said softly. "You needed that!"

"Yeah, I guess I did. Mom?"

"Yes, baby?"

"I thought you didn't take it in your mouth?"

"I never did before, that's true, but this time, suddenly I wanted to taste it." She laughed softly again. "Maybe because it was yours."

"It was absolutely fantastic, Mom. Absolutely fucking fantastic."

"Thank you, honey. I kinda enjoyed it myself." Judy eased herself off her knees and sat beside her son.

"Your turn now, Mom."

"Just a minute, son. Let's watch a little more of the video, eh?"

Carl laughed. "Sure, if you want."

"I know you want to eat me, and I sure as hell am looking forward to it, but maybe if we watch for a while you'll get hard quicker, because what I'd like to feel is as soon as you get me off with your mouth, you slip that lovely prick straight into my pussy and fuck me hard."

"Sure thing, Mom. Mother knows best. If that's what you want, that's what you get."

"It is, honey. Believe me, it is."

"Mom, do I need a condom? I don't want to, um, er," Carl tailed off.

"Make me pregnant? Thoughtful, sweetheart, but it's okay." Despite the dim light Judy managed to look embarrassed. "I put my diaphragm in before I came down."

Carl laughed. "Forethought, Mom, or wishful thinking?"

"A bit of both. Now get that video playing again."

Carl took the remote and Peter North resumed his vigorous pounding of Lori Michaels' pussy. Judy leaned against Carl and he put his arm around her. She turned her head and kissed his cheek, then took his hand and put it on her breast.

"I always did like having my tits played with," she murmured.

"So does Rhonda. If she's excited, sometimes I can get her off by sucking her nipples."

"Lucky Rhonda," Judy said with a chuckle. "I don't get quite that excited." She moaned softly as she felt Carl's fingers playing over her breast. "But I do like that."

Carl turned his head and looked into his mother's eyes. She smiled and he leaned towards her slightly. Her smile softened and she leaned towards him. When their lips met it was a friendly kiss at first, but it deepened and Judy's lips parted to let Carl's tongue play over her lips, her own tongue playing with his, advancing, retreating, teasing. The kiss lit a fire in both of them and Carl could feel his prick hardening again. He broke the kiss and slid his mouth down Judy's throat, raining little kisses on her, sliding his lips down and onto her breast, taking the nipple between his teeth, biting, oh so gently. Judy shuddered and her hands pressed him to her.

Carl's prick was nearly hard now and he lifted his head. "Time for my supper, I think," he said softly.

Judy smiled, love in her eyes. "I think it would be best if I lie on the rug, that way I'm ready when we go from feeding to fucking."

"Yeah, I think so too." He broke gently away from her, stood and pulled Judy to her feet. She moved a pace or two and lowered herself to the sheepskin rug, moving her legs easily apart. Carl knelt between her ankles and then eased forward, his weight on his outstretched arms, lowering his head towards Judy's heat, breathing deeply of the rich, complicated aroma.

"You like my smell, baby?" Judy said softly.

"I love it. It's like Rhonda's, yet it's different."

"What about the taste, baby?"

"Tell you in a moment, lover-Mom." Carl bent and let his tongue run slowly up Judy's slit, from just above her anus up to her clitoris. She moaned softly.

"That's good, baby," she whispered.

"It tastes good, too." Carl chuckled. "Like Rhonda, but different."

He bent again, licking delicately at Judy's labia, sucking them, running his tongue between them, then down again in the groove between thigh and pussy, then up again, savouring her flavour, flicking her clitoris lightly with his tongue, then down again, into the heat and musk of her, tasting, licking, nibbling gently, sucking, never settling, never letting Judy guess what he'd do next. Her head began to toss from side to side and she whimpered and then as Carl sucked at her clitoris she gave a tight scream and shuddered into her climax, her thighs gripping Carl, her fingers in his hair, clenched, gripping him almost painfully.

As her tremors eased a little, Carl flicked his tongue across her clitoris again and another tidal wave of sensation ran through her. She tugged at his hair, urging him up, over her, into her, his rock-hard prick sinking easily into her slick, wet depths, liquid slither suddenly loud in their ears as Carl's hips bucked in urgent thrusts. Judy was panting, little gasps of pleasure, her fingers clawing at Carl's back, her legs coming up, her heels urging him into her. Despite having so recently come in his mother's mouth Carl felt the sensations rising in him, strange, familiar, that ache that wasn't quite, that urge to thrust even harder. His hips were pounding his prick into Judy now and she was urging him on, little gasps and yips in his ears, her heels behind him pulling him into her.

It couldn't last, and it didn't. The sensations had built in Judy too, and suddenly she came again, another tight scream strangled in her throat, her pussy clamping down on Carl, triggering his own climax so that reflex took him and his hips thrust into Judy in spasms of pleasure. Gradually they stilled, and Carl eased onto his elbows so as not to crush her. She smiled up at him, beads of sweat on her brow, a liquid slither of sweat between them where they touched at belly and groin.

"That, son, was probably the best sex I ever had in my life."

"Pretty wow for me too, Mom."

"You should have been standing where I was," came Caroline's voice. Carl looked back over his shoulder, grinning at his sister who stood in the doorway, a t-shirt not quite covering her pussy, Carl's baseball bat in her hand. She looked down, following their eyes and shrugged. "I heard a scream, it could have been anything." She grinned, embarrassed.

Carl eased himself from Judy and she sat up. "So you came down to see what it was? I'm proud of you, baby."

"Do I get a reward? When is it my turn?"

Judy laughed, rich, deep, amused. "I think you might just have to wait until Carl recovers." She laughed again. "I can recommend his video for stimulus!"

Caroline laughed. "Sounds like fun, and he still owes me slave time."

"Come and sit down, sweetheart," said Judy. "Let's you and me think of what to get him to do."

Judy got up from the floor and sat on the couch and Carl collapsed beside her, still breathing heavily. Caroline gazed at the two of them for a moment, then stripped off her t-shirt, throwing it aside.

"You guys are naked, so why not me?"

"Why not? It's still National Nude Day, at least for the next hour and twenty minutes or so." Judy smiled up at her daughter. "Here, honey, sit down."

Caroline flopped down beside Judy, who leaned across and kissed her cheek.

"I'm a little embarrassed at being caught fucking Carl," she said, "especially when I told you 'no way', earlier."

"So why did you?" said Caroline.

"Because I'm irresistible," said Carl with a grin.

Judy smiled at her son. "Because I couldn't get the thought of your prick out of my head." She frowned. "It shouldn't have happened, but I can't say it will never happen again, because, frankly, it was marvellous." Judy giggled suddenly. "Your porn film might just have tipped the balance."

Caroline grinned. "I told you he felt good," she said.

"You did, sweetheart, indeed you did, and you were right."

"Does that mean I can fuck him? You never did answer me before, not directly."

Judy smiled sadly at her daughter. "Sweetheart, how can I forbid you after I've just fucked him myself?"

"I guess not." There was a pause, silence from all of them, but it was a relaxed silence, not a strained one. Caroline broke it. "Mom?"

"Yes, sweetheart?"

"Have you ever had your pussy eaten?"

Judy glanced sideways at her daughter. "Was Carl fucking me when you came down?"

"Yeah, he was."

"You should have been a little earlier, you'd have seen Carl eating me, so the answer's yes, I have had my pussy eaten."

Caroline made a face. "I haven't. Jimmy doesn't like it." She laughed softly. "There are compensations, he has a lovely prick."

"Jimmy's a fool," said Carl. "Pussy eating is great."

"So is cock-sucking," said Judy. "Have you tried that yet?"

"No, I haven't. I take it I missed that, too?"

Judy laughed. "Yes, honey, I'm afraid you did. Never mind." She reached out and squeezed Caroline's hand. "There's a slave here who owes you an hour of slave time. Have you decided what you want him to do yet?"

Caroline shook her head. "Not yet."

"Open to suggestion?"

"Of course, Mom. Did you have anything particular in mind?"

"Something possible, I hope," said Carl. "I'm not Superman."

"No, I guess you're not, baby, but you were when it mattered, before." Judy grinned. "I told you. It's the best sex I ever had."

"Thanks, Mom," said Carl.

Judy turned to Caroline. "I was going to suggest that you get the slave to eat your pussy. I think asking Carl to fuck you as well might be asking too much right now, but I'm sure he'll be ready to go in the morning, won't you, son?"

"I guess," said Carl. He grinned. "I'd do that anyhow, sis, you don't need to waste my slave time!"

"Generous of you. Thanks. What about the pussy-eating? Is that free?" Caroline giggled. "Heck, listen to me!"

Carl chuckled. "Maybe. It might depend on what you actually have, or had, in mind for me, before Mom's suggestion."

Caroline shrugged, and Carl watched the bounce of her tits with appreciation. "I hadn't really thought it through," she said. "I mean, earlier, I had visions of ordering you to try to fuck Mom, but I realised that I can't impose that sort of thing on anyone."

"True, baby," said Judy, "but you did get me thinking about it, and look what happened."

Caroline laughed. "Yeah, there's that." She frowned. "Mom?"

"Yes, baby?"

"Was Carl fucking you a once-only thing?"

Judy grimaced. "I thought so, before it happened, but it was so damned good I just don't know. Why do you ask?"

"I thought of ordering our slave - "

"Our slave?"

"Yes, Mom, our slave. I thought I'd give you equal rights."

"Hey," said Carl, "don't I get a say in this?"

"Hush, dear," said Judy. "You were saying, baby?"

Caroline grinned. "I thought maybe, if we all piled into your bed, Carl could eat us both, and then maybe, in the morning, he could fuck me."

"Fuck you? With me there?" There was a strange note in Judy's voice.

Caroline shrugged, a slight flush on her face. "Why not?" She grinned. "I don't know about you, but it makes me excited."

"And me," said Carl.

Judy stared at Caroline for a long moment. His mom's nipples were erect, Carl realised. Judy swallowed. "Okay," she whispered. She stood. "Now, before I get cold feet and change my mind."

In Judy's bedroom there was a sudden awkward pause. "How are we going to do this?" she said softly.

"Mom, you and Caroline lie on the bed. I'll practise my pussy-eating skills on Caroline, and you just do whatever feels good to you. Soon as I've eaten sis, then I'll come back to you. Okay?" said Carl.

The women stared at Carl for a long moment, and then turned to each other. Caroline held out her hands to her mother, squeezing Judy's fingers. "Sounds like a plan to me, Mom."

Judy smiled faintly and lay back on the bed, scooting across to make room for Caroline and propping herself up on one elbow. Caroline grinned at her and lay down beside her mother, spreading her legs and smiling at Carl. "Okay, Carl. Show me how good you are."

"He is good, baby," said Judy, reaching out and squeezing her daughter's hand.

Carl lay down and got himself comfortable between Caroline's legs. She watched him with interest as he positioned himself. He grinned up at her. "Just testing the range," he said, extending his tongue and taking a swipe up Caroline's slit. She jumped, giggling. Carl wiggled his eyebrows at her, then shuffled forward an inch or two on his elbows and extended his tongue again. Perfect. He glanced up. Caroline was holding her mom's free hand, fingers entwined.

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