Momma's and Daddy's


"You gonna come baby? Gonna come all over Daddy's cock?"

I nodded, and she moaned again. "Good girl, come for me and your Daddy. I bet your cunt is so fuckin' tight against that monster."

"Yes it is."

Mom smiled over at Daddy, "fuck her harder, Theron. Show her how a woman gets fucked. Show her how little sluts that like to fuck their Daddy's cock and lick their Momma's pussy get treated."

Daddy grabbed my hips hard and began to rock me back and forth in time with his hard thrusts. I screamed into Mom's pussy, and her juices came flooding out as she yelled.

"Yes, that's it baby, our little slut, make me come!"

She shoved my head so hard into her pussy that I couldn't breathe, but I didn't care. Daddy's cock felt so good ramming into my pussy and Mom tasted so good that I couldn't stop sucking her. As her orgasm hit its height I tried to swallow most of the juices that shot from her.

Daddy, stopped moving all together, and I felt his cock swell right before I felt his seed hit my inner walls. Mom lifted my head as I moaned at the feeling of Daddy coming inside of me. She kissed me, just I had done Daddy, licking her own juices from my skin, before pulling me away from her.

Daddy moved and Mom laid me on the floor. She moved down to my pussy and began to lick all of Daddy's seed from me. I moaned loudly as Daddy came up and placed his still hard cock into my mouth.

"Clean it, slut. Clean all your juices off my cock."

I sucked him into my mouth, and as I got most of it in and thought I could take no more, Daddy thrust forward, sending the rest of his cock into my throat. I choked and heard mom laugh. Daddy didn't leave his cock in my mouth too long. He pulled out, right as I began to come from Mom's tongue.

"Oh shit, Mommy, I'm coming!"

She clamped her mouth down tight on my cunt and took my juices as they came from me. Then Daddy pulled her off of me.

"Suck me off, bitch."

Mom moaned and took his cock. I watched amazed that she could take the whole thing without choking. I couldn't watch for long; I was commanded to get back under mom. I licked her pussy, and shoved three fingers inside of her. I fucked her hard as I began to bite her clit. Her hips ground down onto my mouth, and she moaned loudly but didn't come. Daddy announced that he was coming again as well, and I looked up to see not a drop of his seed seeping from Mom's lips.

Mom moved after she took Daddy's seed. She came and sat on me, grinding her clit into mine. I moaned at the feel of her pussy on me, and as my mouth opened, she dropped down on her hands, and began to dribble Daddy's seed from her mouth into mine. I moaned louder as I took it.

When her mouth was empty she bent down and shoved her tongue into my mouth. We kissed, letting Daddy's cum pass between both of our mouths, and allowing it to drip down our lips.

As we both began to orgams again, I grabbed onto her hips and pushed her down harder onto me. I yelled out, "it feels sooooo good, Momma! Your cunt feels so good on me!"

She didn't say anything, but moaned even louder.

She rolled off of me when we were finished, and we laid on the floor, panting and exhausted. Daddy picked me up, and took me to my room.

"Sleep now. You'll need it. Your mother is insatiable."

"Okay Daddy."

He kissed my forehead and moved when Mom came in.

"You know your ours now."

"Yes, Momma."

"Good. Rest now."

She kissed my forehead too, and my eyes began to close after I heard the door shut lightly.

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