Frank hurried straight to his room turning on his computer as the entered; the 19 year-old had an hour before his parents got home. He liked surfing the Web and looking at porn when no one else was around usually in the afternoon while his parents were still at work. At 6 ft. 2 he could play basketball or football, but he chose football, because he liked the contact. He brushed his blond hair back out of his blue eyes as he waited for the screen to come up.

He had gone to several sites before he stumbled onto one that caught his attention. There was a woman in her 20s with several different men, but what got his attention was the clover shaped birthmark on her back. He had seen that birthmark before, every time he went swimming with his parents, because the birthmark was on his mother's back. The pictures were the normal kind with her taking a black cock in her mouth; another showed her preparing to take one in her ass. Frank only had about 20 minutes before his parents got home, so he quickly downloaded the pictures to a disk, and put the disk in his drawer.

He just got the computer turned off when a parents walked in the House and called for him. He went downstairs to meet them, " Hi Mom and Dad how was your day today? "

His mother headed for the kitchen to get supper ready, and his dad said, " oh about the same as always, never grow up, because then you have to get a job pay bills. "

Frank's dad Peter turned on the TV, and put on the news. " How was your day at school Frank, think that you'll make first string on the football team this year? "

Frank said, " oh yes I got it locked up I am going to be offensive tight end, the coach says I got real good chance of getting of football scholarship. "

When supper was over Frank excused himself and went to his room to do some homework on the computer. He opened his e-mail address that no one knew about and then attached one the pictures from the web site to it. He sent the e-mail to his mother's e-mail address, and then shut his computer off going to bed.

Next morning Frank opened his e-mail before going to school and the found a message from his mother. To whoever sent this disgusting e-mail to me, I am not impressed with it. And you know what's good for you will not send any more disgusting e-mails of this kind. The e-mail wasn't even signed but he knew it was from his mother.

He did another one the pictures this time one showing her birthmark very clearly and sent it. In the message box he replied, I wouldn't be so quick to insult me. If you look at that birthmark on the picture and then you will recognize it. I will look for your apology later.

All day at school Frank was nervous as the sat through class after class. When he got home he immediately went to his room and turned on the computer. He signed on the net and brought up his e-mail account, sure enough there was a message there from his mother. I don't know where you got those pictures, but I do apologize for being rude earlier. Please tell me how much it is, going to cost to get those pictures back. Thank you for letting me know you have them. Lana

Frank sat there and read the e-mail twice smiling to himself each time. Now the game was his, he had control if he moved the other player had to jump. He took time to decide what he was going to type, I don't want your money but I want to prove that you are sincere in your apology. I want for you to e-mail me a new picture of you the full body with your legs spread wide. I expect to see the picture the next time I check my e-mail, do I make myself clear? Frank hurried up and sent the mail off to his mother.

Frank's father was out of town for the week on business, so he knew his mother had plenty of time to take the picture. Frank wasn't prepared to what happened later, he had done his homework and was getting ready for bed with his mother knocked on his door. Frank's mother said, " I need to take a picture of myself for your father do you have a digital camera that has a automatic shutter on it. I kind of wanted to take a nasty one for him do you think can you could help me? "

Frank smiled to himself this is even better than he had thought he did have a digital camera with the automatic shutter on it, but he told her he didn't have one. Frank said, " gee Mom I don't have one with a automatic shutter with mine yet to click it manually. Sorry "

Frank's mother hurried back to her computer and typed out a message, I don't have the digital camera with the automatic shutter and there isn't anyway for me to take a picture of myself. Maybe if you give me some more time I can get a camera somewhere.

Frank turned on his computer; he felt that there would be a message coming through. He smiled to himself when he read it; he really had her going now. He sat down at the keyboard and typed an answer, I didn't ask you for excuses I told you what to do and I meant it. Now I expect three pictures by morning or I start sending out some of these pictures I have. Frank clicked the send button and sent the e-mail on its way.

Frank was still reading when is mother appeared at his door again, " I don't know what to do, I need a picture of myself, and a don't how to take it by myself. A long time ago when I was in college someone took some pictures of me with other men. It was before I ever knew your father, but now someone has those pictures and is threatening to expose me. I don't know what else to do, would you take some pictures of me, and not think too terrible of me? "

Frank Almost felt bad at what he was doing, but he had known for long time his mother was hot, and that was all he could think about. "What kind of pictures you want to take? "

His mother was almost in tears, as she answered, " You know, I need three nude pictures of myself, maybe you could help me. "

Frank said, " Well I guess I could Mom. Were you what take the pictures? "

His mother swallowed hard, and said, " I don't know I guess we could take them right here if that would be ok with you? "

Frank said, "Well OK, come on in right now. "

Frank's mother walked into the room; she was wearing a robe, and moved to sit on the side of his bed. She looked uncertain and not for sure what to do.

Frank said, " Well first of all if you want them taken in the nude you very get that robe off, and get ready. " Frank watched in awe as a mother slipped her robe from her shoulders, on to the bed. She was wearing a silk nightgown and revealed little, but almost as though on cue she stood up and pulled it over her head. Then she stood there front of him totally nude, her breasts were perfect 38 c breast and he couldn't get over how beautiful they were, her pussy was shaved and he could see her clit sticking between her lips. Frank positioned her on his bed, and took a picture, when at last he had taken the last the three pictures he gave her the camera so she did download in her computer. His mother picked up her robe and the nightgown leaving the room.

In the morning when Frank turned on his computer the three pictures he had taken with their waiting on him, and he knew there would be more come.

Frank's mom is cooking breakfast when he walked in the kitchen and walked up behind her. She was wearing her robe again with her hair mussed like she had tossed and turned all night. Frank reached his hand inside her robe on the front of her grabbing her right breast, which brought the instant response, as she slapped his hand.

Frank's mother said, " I don't know what you're thinking about but don't do that again young man. "

Frank smiled to himself slightly, " listen, we're going to have some new rules around here, because if you don't want Dad to know about those pictures I took last night You better be nice to me. Which way do you want it, my way, or do you want me to tell Dad and do it your way? "

Frank felt like a heel, as his mother sniffled a quiet sob before answering, " I don't have much choice do I, if you tell your dad he'll divorce me, and leave me with nothing. OK, you win, but what do I have to do? "

" Well first of all take that robe off and fix my breakfast in the nude. "Frank said with a smile.

Frank watched as his mother took the robe and I nightgown off laying them over a chair. She was beautiful with her blond a swept back in a bun, and nipples getting hard from the cool air rushing over them. Frank couldn't help himself, as he walked up to her and ran his fingers over her nipples making them even harder. His mother bit her lip, but didn't say a word. When Frank's other hand wandered over belly and his finger found her clit, his mother felt her knees almost buckle, as a juices began to flow. It had been years since she felt like this, because most the time his father fell asleep on the couch downstairs watching TV at night. When they did make love it was usually 10 minutes of missionary style intercourse, without any foreplay, and it did feel fantastic to have a finger in her pussy, and her juices flowed in proof. Frank's mother without even realizing it let her hand go down the front over her son's pajamas feeling his manhood begin to stiffen to a rigid pole.

Before she even knew it Frank turned her around and forced her to her knees in front, and she without even being told to open the front of his pajamas then her mouth engulfed his cock. She slid her lips up and down his hard cock taking as much of it as she could in her mouth at one time. Tom's hands rested on her head, but she didn't need any encouraging to do what she was doing, soon she was moving rapidly taking him to his peak. When Tom felt his cum beginning to flow from his cock he grabbed a hold of her head and pulled her all the way to him, forcing his dick deep in her throat. He held her head tight against him until his cum finally stopped flowing down her throat.

When Frank released her she fell back panting on to her ankles, waiting for his next instructions. Frank turned off the food that was cooking on the stove, and pulled her to her feet leading her down the hall to the bedroom. If forced his mother to lay on the bed with her legs spread wide, where he then got on he his knees between her legs bringing his mouth in contact with her hot cunt. He uses his thumbs to open her up, and his tongue found her clit swirling around in circles until it was hard as a nipple, then he locked his teeth on it bringing a gasp from her mouth. Frank had never tasted pussy as sweet as this and he used his tongue to scoop juice from her hole and swallow it. His mother was delirious, and her hands clutched the bedspread on either side of her, as the approach of her orgasm built. When the last she could hold out no more Lana grabbed Frank's head by the hair and pulled him to her cunt as if she was trying to force him back inside.

When Frank was finished he get up and went to his bedroom to dress for school, leaving his mother on her bed completely out of her head. After Frank was shower and dressed he walked into his mother's bedroom, just as she was finishing dressing also. Frank said, ` when you get home to night You how to dress. " He turned and walked out room without waiting for answer.

Frank's day at school was busy, but he found himself thinking back over his new power. He made plans for some of things he was going to have his mother do that night, because he still had two days before his father returned. He wasn't worried though about his father, because he knew this father usually fell asleep on the couch in the living room, which would give him plenty of time. Frank got home before his mother, and went back to the Internet for while.

When Frank heard the door open and close he waited for his mother to come upstairs. When he heard the knock at door to his room he said, "come on in mother. "

The Frank's mother entered his room, but she was still dressed in her work clothes. She said, " I've decided that we can no longer do this. What we did was wrong and must not ever happen again. You can do whatever you want I don't care. "

Frank was furious as he answered her, " OK, have your way bitch, you can figure out how to explain to Dad about the pictures, and if you need to have any more pictures taken you better find someone else to take them for you. Now get out here, and don't come back unless you have decided to obey me. I don't care one way or the other, the choice is yours so get out. "

Lana was furious she left the room, how dare he talk to her like that. Then like a ton of bricks it hit her, he was right if he told his father she would lose every thing. And what was she gonna do? She did need more pictures for the person on Internet, or he would send those pictures out all over, and she would be ruined for life. She set in her room crying for an hour, and then realized she had no choice that been taken from her long ago. Lana took off all her clothes, and walked out of her room down to her son's room knocking on the door. She had to knock three times before he acknowledged her, and told her to come in.

Lana entered the room, but was stunned when she saw Rob and Tom two of her son's friends there with him. She turned started the step back of the room, when Rob who is sitting next to door slammed it before she could leave. She stood there shaking in front of three teenagers trying in vain to cover her breasts and her pussy with her hands.

Frank broke the silence, " come on in mother dear, don't be so shy with my friends put your hands down at your sides like a good girl. "

Lana had no choice and she knew it. " Please son don't embarrass me like this in front of your friends, after all I am your mother. " but she did lower her hands to her sides and it was there with her head lowered in shame.

Frank's voice was hard as ice when he spoke, " just look at it this way Mom, you know it felt good this morning with one man, now you get to try three young men at once. Now walk over here and let my friends check you out, or get out and don't come back. "

Lana knew she had no choice, so with head lowered she did what he told her, and stood there letting his friends feel her. His two friends began feeling her breasts, and it did feel good soon her nipples were beginning to get really hard. Rob continued to massage her breast, and she had to admit really did feel good, but Tom had a mean streak, and he started to twist and abuse her nipple. Suddenly Frank grabbed Tom's hand pulling away from her breast saying, " hey don't hurt her, I said you could have some fun, but I didn't mean you could hurt her. If that's what you're interested in then you get the fuck out here, do I make myself perfectly clear? "

Tom said, " yeah man, I just having some fun I didn't know it was hurting her that bad or I wouldn't have done it. "

Tom behaved himself, and soon Mary found herself on her knees with three beautiful cocks in front her face to suck on, which she did with with eagerness. While she was sucking on Tom cock Rob slid underneath her, and began eating her pussy. It had been fantastic that morning with Frank eating her, but Rob had the longest tongue she ever felt, and it felt like he was going clear up inside her with it. Soon Mary was grinding her pussy down against his mouth and taking Tom all the way downer throat. She did not care how wrong it was now all she cared about was the orgasm that was building inside of her, the one that is threatening to tie her stomach in a knot. When at last she came to it felt like she was being sucked inside out, that her insides were flowing out of her pussy.

Lana did not get much time to become aware her position, as she was pulled to her hands and knees between the young men. Frank sat on the floor in front of her and pulled her head down to his cock shoving it deep in her throat, while Rob knelt behind her and pushed his cock deep into pussy. Soon she was being shoved down on their son's cock by Rob's forward motions, and being pulled back when her pussy didn't want to let the cock be pulled out of it. Lana had no idea how long the beautiful torment went on, all she knew was that she had never been filled so much before. Rob came deep in her pussy filling it till it ran down her legs pooling on the floor between her knees. Suddenly she felt the emptiness as Rob's cock was pulled from her, but she devoted all her attention to Frank's cock deep in her throat.

Abruptly without warning two fingers scooped some cum from her pussy and began applying it to her ass hole. Lana had never had a cock there before, and she was afraid of what would happened to her if one of them tried to do it now. She tried to get their attention by waving her hands frantically at her sides, but with her throat filled with Frank's cock she could say nothing. Then her wildest nightmare happened she felt the head of a cock at the entrance to her nether hole, and then suddenly without any further warning the whole cock was buried deep in her ass. The first couple of strokes in her ass were pure agonizing pain, but surprisingly after the first couple of strokes the pain turned to the most fantastic pleasure she ever felt. Lana found herself ramming her ass back at who ever was behind her. Finally Frank came deep in her throat and She drank his juice until his cock softened pulling out of her mouth. Lana turned around and saw that it was Tom shoving his cock up her ass and she reached between her legs to play with his balls as he fucked her even harder. When last he gave out with a groan she knew that he was spilling his load deep in her bowels and she was sad that it was over, but just then she was wracked by the greatest orgasm she had ever had in her life.

Lana knew that no matter what they made her do she would never be able to get enough of this young cock, and she would do whatever they told her. She was broken, but that was a way had to be, she reasoned it could be worse.

The End.

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