tagTransgender & CrossdressersMommy Adriana Convinces Andrea

Mommy Adriana Convinces Andrea


My thanks go to Cherysse St. Claire, who was so nice and edited my story! Without her my story wouldn't be as good as it is now! Dear Readers I hope you enjoy the ride!

When they finally ended their embrace, I minced towards my wife and Mommy Adriana, head bowed, avoiding their eyes. I held out the tray and waited for Andrea to take her breakfast.

"Greta, you brainless bimbo!" Mommy Adriana exclaimed. "Is Andrea supposed to eat her breakfast holding the plate in her lap? Put the tray down on the nightstand, get the folding table from the kitchen, then come back. After you've set it all up, walk to the corner, face the wall, hold up your skirt and recite fifty times: "I am a dumb bimbo maid and need Mommy Adriana to train me well."

I felt deeply humiliated and blushed beet red. Despite my embarrassment, I didn't forget my earlier training and curtsied smartly.

"Yes, Mommy Adriana."

As I sashayed into the kitchen to get the table, Mommy Adriana and Andrea broke into laughter.

"Oh Mom, look at that pathetic sissy. I once thought I had married a man. You reduce her to a simpering, mincing maid in less than forty-eight hours. She simply has no spine. What are we going to do with her after the weekend is over? I mean, she has to work tomorrow."

After I returned, I set up the table, put the tray on top and went to the corner, where I held up my skirt and began to recite my latest mantra as Mommy Adriana had instructed. My two tormentors chatted on about me as though I wasn't even there.

"Honey, don't worry your pretty head," Mommy Adriana responded. "You have two choices here. You can send her to work in skirts and she has her big coming out, or you keep her here with me. How much does she earn? I mean, she doesn't have a career like you. Her little paycheck was just good enough to buy that extra soap or body milk for you, right? I think you should have her resign first thing tomorrow morning so I can train her full-time. You take care of your career, go out, and meet some gorgeous hunk who can finally give you the fabulous sex life you deserve. In fact, I just had a great idea."

When I had finally completed my task, I asked Mommy Adriana what I was supposed to do next.

"Greta, remain standing in the corner and think about how you can best serve Andrea," she replied. "You have a choice: tomorrow morning, you either go to work dressed as a female or quit and promise to become the best maid Andrea and her lover-to-be could ever ask for. You will give us your decision after Andrea finishes her breakfast. Oh, by the way; if you choose to go to work, you will do so without a wig. Otherwise, your co-workers might not recognize you, and that just… wouldn't… do."

Still standing in the corner, I knew I was in a dilemma. If I went to work as instructed, I would be the laughing stock of the whole company. I would probably be reduced to the status of Coffee Girl in no time. If I chose to become a maid, I would have to endure a severe training by Mommy Adriana and have to serve not only Andrea, but the lover she was supposedly taking. I knew I couldn't leave Andrea. I simply loved her too much. Besides, where would I go? My low-paying job might be enough to rent a studio apartment - just. No more South Sea vacations. No more expensive weekends in Paris or London.

While I considered my options, my mother-in-law addressed my wife once again.

"Honey, with this change in your relationship, you are her Mistress now, not her wife. You will have to adopt a whole new frame of mind, Sweetheart. You don't ask things anymore; you demand. You have to establish your power over her. The best way to do that is by doing what I did to her last night. She completely accepts me as her personal trainer now. In fact, you have to do two things…."

I listened intently, trying to hear her words, but Mommy Adriana's voice had turned to a whisper.

"Oh Mom," Andrea replied, "I don't know if I can do that."

"Honey, you must!" Mommy Adriana urged. "If you do, the path to a fulfilling life is open to you, My Dear. Think of it; you can do whatever you want and you will always have her at your beck and call."

I heard Andrea push the table away.

"Greta," she announced. "I wait for your answer. What will it be? All decked out at work, or resignation and becoming my favorite maid?"

I slowly turned around. I knew I had to answer. I also knew I couldn't face my co-workers in a dress or miniskirt and heels.

"I will become your maid, Mistress Andrea," I whispered.

She stared into my face.

"I didn't hear you," she demanded. "What did you say?"

I stuttered and hung my head. I felt like I was in a scene in a bad movie. This couldn't be happening to me! What had I done to deserve this?

Her icy voice cut into my thoughts.

"What is it? Speak up, Greta!"

Slowly, I raised my head. I was surprised by my boldness.

"No, I can't do either one," I announced. "I am your husband. Please, you can't do that to me."

Andrea kind of started to smile as if to say: Finally he stands up! But then I saw how Mommy Adriana looked at me. She rose in slow motion, her face red with anger. I felt a cold chill running down my spine.

"If you know what is good for you, Girl," she growled, "you will walk over to Andrea and assume the position you know you need to take. Otherwise, I will take things in my own hands - or should I say, paddle?"

I held my breath. I didn't want to feel that awful paddle again and I knew I wasn't a match for Mommy Adriana. Oh, how I wished she would go home and I could establish normal order in our house again! But such was not to be. Time stood still. Somehow, I felt the room moving. I saw Andrea coming closer to me. No, it was me who was slowly mincing towards her. She was sitting there on the bed, looking up at me almost in pity, knowing it was the last battle I would ever fight. I got lost in her gaze and then dropped to my knees and positioned myself over her lap. Nothing happened for a while; just silence. Then I broke the spell.

"Please Mistress Andrea, I apologize profusely. Please let me be your maid. I promise to be the best maid you could ever want. Please punish me for my bad behavior."

I started to sob and cry.

"There you go, Girl", Mommy Adriana crowed. "That's much better. I have just the thing for Andrea to reinforce your new status as her maid."

She turned to Andrea.

"Here Honey; take my beloved paddle. I don't think I need it anymore, but I believe you should use it whenever you think she needs it."

Just hearing the word "paddle" intensified my sobs. Then I felt the first hit. It wasn't so much the pain. Knowing it was Andrea who held the paddle, hitting me with it, reduced me to an emotional wreck. I started to cry uncontrollably. All my thoughts of rebellion left at that instant. I knew I would do what I was told to do from that moment on. I wanted Mistress Andrea to be proud of her new maid - of me. I hardly felt the rest of my punishment. I simply cried and cried.

I must have passed out. When I came to my senses, I was lying on the floor. I heard Mistress Andrea and Mommy Adriana talking in the living room. I straightened my dress, picked up the tray and minced slowly towards the kitchen. Of course, both women heard the feminine click-click-click of my heels.

When I entered the kitchen, I almost dropped the tray. While unconscious on the floor, Mommy Adriana had put a nail into the kitchen wall and hung the evil paddle on it. While staring at it in fear, I heard Andrea's voice.

"This, Greta, shall be a constant reminder of who is wearing the pants from now on. Do you understand?"

I slowly turned around, looked at her and curtsied in submission.

"Yes Mistress, I do understand."

Both women smiled, I curtsied again and walked to the kitchen sink and placed Andrea's breakfast dishes in it. Just as I had done this, I felt a hand under my skirt. It was Andrea, stroking my bottom through my frilly panties. Then she held her closed hand in front of my face, palm up, and slowly opened it. When I saw the two pills, I knew what I had to do. I took the proffered medication from her hand and swallowed them with a drink of water.

"Good girl," Mommy Adriana pronounced. "Now you are on the right path to becoming a girl. Haven't you always dreamed of becoming one?"

The question was rhetoric; she already knew the answer.

Andrea resumed kneading my butt cheeks. Mommy Adriana stood at my side watching my reactions. I slowly started to moan when Mommy Adriana started to roughly tweak my nipples. In no time, they were rock-hard little nubs. I moaned even louder. My mother-in-law drew closer while Mistress Andrea kept caressing my behind. Then Mommy Adriana began kissing me. She pushed her tongue deeply into my mouth. Andrea pulled down my panties, caressing my now bare bottom, kneading my cheeks. I let them have their way with me, enjoying their caresses. Mommy Adriana continued to probe my mouth with her insistent tongue. Like a robot, I started to suck it.

Due to our heavy breathing, I didn't hear the zipper of Andrea's slacks being lowered. I became alarmed when I felt something cold and slippery at my sissycunt. Mommy Adriana held me in a bear hug and my struggle was ineffectual. I had mentally surrendered before and now my body followed suit. My cries were muffled by Mommy Adriana's wrestling tongue when Andrea pushed the ten-inch dildo home to mark her new territory.

"Oh yes, Greta," Andrea gasped. "What a tight pussy you have. Oh my God, I never imagined how good this could be. Why didn't I do this sooner? Oh yes, oh my God, I'm cumming already!"

Soon, Andrea recovered from her first orgasm and quickly settled into a steady rhythm, frequently interrupted by orgasms racking her body. Meanwhile, Mommy Adriana slowly pushed me to my knees with Andrea still deeply buried in my sissycunt. Mommy lifted my head. I saw her adjusting the straps to yet another huge strap-on.

"Greta," she crowed triumphantly, "I brought two identical cocks - just in case. I'm glad I did."

That said, she unceremoniously pushed the dildo into my mouth. I just held on for dear life. Mommy Adriana pushed deeper and deeper into my mouth while Mistress Andrea did the same from behind into my newfound pussy. Both women worked themselves into a frenzy. Mommy Adriana seemed happiest when my nose finally touched her belly. They came at almost the same time and screamed with pleasure.

Mommy Adriana stepped back with wobbling legs. She held on to the kitchen table and slowly eased herself into a chair, breathing heavily. My new Mistress Andrea just slumped over my back, forcing me down onto all fours. Her rock-hard cock was still buried deeply inside me. She lay there some time. Then I felt her kisses on my back and neck.

"I simply loved it," she whispered in my ear. "You are one hot bitch. I never imagined it could be this good. Say what you need to say to Mom and I will fuck you again, right in front of her. You know, you want to. I felt your ass muscles clenching on my cock. You crave to be fucked hard. Just give in to your feelings and say it."

I was momentarily stunned. How was she able to sense my deepest, unspoken desires? How could she have read my mind, that I desperately needed to be taken from both ends at the same time by her and Mommy? How could she have seen I craved her dominating me?

Mistress Andrea held me by the hips, her fake cock still buried deeply inside. Then, she began to withdraw that phallus agonizingly slowly. I wrestled with myself to voice my darkest secrets. She was almost out. Only my sphincter clenched her cock, preventing her from slipping out altogether, when I finally made up my mind.

"Dearest Mommy Adriana, thank you so much for showing Mistress Andrea the joys of using a huge cock in me. I really love to be taken by the two of you. I deeply desire to be used by you and Mistress Andrea at any time you wish. Thank you, Mommy Adriana. Thank you, Mistress Andrea. I know I am just a little sissy bitch and need to be at your mercy."

When I reached the end of my little speech, Mistress Andrea pushed her huge cock back where it belonged; deep into my pussy. Mommy Adriana smiled at me.

"I always knew it, Greta honey. That is why I was so insistent. I have always known you were a sissy - oops, a sissy slut. I should have dressed you at your wedding, but didn't want to have a fuss with your sweet Mommy. Unfortunately, she has let you believe you were a man. She is just too sweet and doesn't want to see the truth. Well, we will change her mind soon, when we go and visit her in the hospital. It'll be such a surprise for her to see she now has two daughters; her daughter-in-law, Andrea, and her own sweet daughter, Greta. I'll bet she will recover quickly. If she doesn't, at least she can rest in peace knowing she finally has the daughter she always dreamed of, like she told me at the wedding. Isn't it ironic I made her dream come true, Greta?"

Before I could answer, I felt Mistress Andrea pull back, until only the tip of her cock was in me. Holding my hips firmly, she thrust with all her might deep into me, filling me to the hilt. With glassy eyes, I cried out and heard the roaring laughter of Mommy Adriana.

"Oh yes, Andrea; fuck her good, fuck her for all she is worth, the little slut."

Andrea did exactly that, ramming her huge cock into me, her flesh slapping against mine repeatedly.

"Oh, Mistress Andrea," I cried out. "I am yours. I am all yours, your little bitch. Fuck me hard, fuck me hard, harder, harder." Andrea tensed up one last time, screaming as she had never done before. Her orgasm almost made her pass out. She slumped backwards on the kitchen floor, gasping for air, leaving my pussy wide open. Mommy Adriana stepped around and looked at my violated bottom.

"This is fabulous," she exclaimed. "See how her pussy is now a gaping hole? Look how slowly it is closing. Now she is ready for the real thing. Hahahaha!"

Then she grabbed my genitals, tightly encased in the chastity. I winced in pain.

"You know you will never have this pathetic thing in Andrea's pussy again. It is no place for a sissy like you. From now on, her pussy will only belong to a real man with a real cock."

With that, she squeezed hard until I cried.

We each showered. Afterwards, Mommy Adriana summoned me into her room.

"Greta, I have laid out your clothes for you. We'll go to the mall and see what we can do to make you more feminine-looking. I don't know exactly what we will do yet, but Andrea and I will decide once we are there."

I viewed the day's outfit with wonder – and dread: a lacy white corset, white stockings, frilly pink panties, black four-inch high heels, a black mini skirt and a pink top with the legend "I love being a Sissy girl". To one side lay a pink leather Jacket which read: "Andrea's Sissy" across the back.

I stared at the clothes in a state of shock. Then I gazed beseechingly at Mommy Adriana. A single word left my lips.


Her smile was saccharin-sweet; her voice was cold as steel.

"Just think of the paddle, Honey."

My shoulders slumped in defeat. I knew I would soon be leaving the house, wearing only the clothes she had chosen for me. Mommy Adriana motioned to me to come to her. She quickly dressed me in my new clothes, but did not make up my face. Nor did she fit the wig to my head. She simply ushered me out of the room. Andrea was already downstairs, waiting for us.

"Please Mistress Andrea," I pleaded, "can't I at least put on the wig and some make up? This outfit looks ridiculous."

She shook her head.

"Sweetheart, the outfit doesn't look ridiculous; you do!"

Mommy Adriana's roaring laughter rang in my ears. My face turned beet red with embarrassment. Mistress Andrea took my arm, leading me to my fate.

"You will survive this trip and be stronger for it - as a girl."

We walked to the car. Mistress Andrea opened the door. Before I could enter, she instructed me to take off my leather jacket. Then, she turned me around, pulled my hands behind my back and quickly handcuffed me. My Mistress then replaced the jacket around my shoulders and zipped it up, effectively pinning my arms to my back. She pushed me down onto the car seat and buckled me up.

"Open your mouth, Greta", she commanded.

I looked at her pleadingly, but knew better than to object. I simply opened my mouth. She pushed a penis gag inside and buckled the straps tightly behind my head.

"There we go Mom; all set for our little excursion."

Mistress Andrea reached to close the door, but Mommy Adriana stopped her.

"Oh no, Honey, we aren't quite ready yet. At least, this little bitch isn't ready."

Out of her shoulder bag she produced a wide, studded black leather collar. A silver tag was riveted in front, on which were engraved the words "Sissy Bitch". Handcuffed and gagged as I was, I could do nothing about this newest humiliation. Mommy Adriana let Mistress Andrea do the honors of buckling it around my neck. Then Mommy handed Mistress a pink leash which she clipped to the collar. Both women slipped into the front seats and Mommy Adriana drove off to the mall.

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