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Mommy and Me


This is a story about my first time with my mom. I was 20 when it first happened and she was 39. I have always found my mother to be very attractive. She is 5'11, long blond hair and blue eyes and a 38D chest. I took every chance to get a look at her nudeness when I was younger. When ever she got out or into the shower, when ever she was changing for the day. She always smiled when she saw me. She never told me I shouldn't or that it was wrong which only made my love and desire for her stronger. It was a lovely sight. I also loved that my mom loved lingerie. She always wore a silk nightie to bed and always wore silk panties.

When I turned 20 I finally decided that I wanted her to be my first and started to think of what I would do. I planed to go in and fuck my own mother after my father left for work in the morning. I didn't sleep at all that night imagining how great it would be to finally fuck my own mother. I waited for my father to leave for work. As soon as I was sure he was gone I got up out of bed and approached her room. She was sound asleep as I hoped she would be. She was wearing a knee leanght red nightie and had on matching panties. I stood in the door way for a moment just loving the sight and admiring my mothers body and how it looked in that nightie.

I finally snapped out of my dream state and approached the bed. I got in bed with her slowly so as not to wake her up just yet. After getting in bed with her and seeing she did not wake from it I decided to take the next step. I reached my hand out and slowly stroked her thigh through the nightie. I have always loved the feeling of her lingerie and it felt so good to be now feeling it with my mom in it. She started to stir a little which made me stop but I didn't move my hand off of her. I was afraid she was going to wake up before I could get further but she didn't. I then decided it was now or never and ran my hand down her covered thigh and up and under her nightie towards her pussy which I so wanted to taste and fuck now.

I ran my hand right to her panty covered pussy and started to rub her pussy slowly through the material. I heard a small moan escape from her lips but she didn't wake. So I then pushed the panty aside and ran my fingers into her pussy. It was wet and smelled so sweet that I just had to taste it. I moved my head down towards her pussy and pushed her nightie up and stuck my head between her legs and then started to lick and tongue fuck her hot pussy. I was right it tasted just as sweet as I imagined. As I started to lick and eat her pussy more I heard another moan escape my mothers lips and her legs then clamped down a little around my head.

My mom then woke moaning even louder as she was starting to have the first of what I was hoping would be many orgasms I would give her. She then opened her eyes and saw that it was me inbetween her legs eating her out and that just made her have a great orgasm. She then startled asked what I was doing. I asked her to please not stop me and to enjoy it. This is something I've dreamed of doing for a long time, all the while I was still using 3 fingers to finger her pussy. She told me to please stop that this was wrong. She told me that what I was doing was called incest and was wrong.

I asked her how it could be wrong if we are both enjoying it as much as we are right now. I told her that if she wasn't enjoying what I was doing to her in the least to say so and I would stop. She told me that I knew she couldn't do that and that I knew she was enjoying it. I continued to finger her harder and faster and she threw her head back and let out another load moan as another orgasm hit her. She then rolled off the bed and away from me. I was afraid she was going to tell me again that this was wrong and to leave. Instead to my delight she pulled me into her and kissed me long and deep. As we were kissing and our tongues entwining I reached under her nightie and pulled her panties down. She stepped out of them and then helped me pull her nightie off over her head.

She saw how hard and long my cock was and how arosed I was with her. She said she knew this was wrong but seeing my hard 8" cock was more than she could handle and had to have me in her mouth and anywhere else I wanted. She also informed me that I was much bigger than my father and she couldn't wait to feel me and taste me. She then threw me down on the bed and sat down on my face with pussy right over my mouth. She told me to start eating her out again and I did just that. As I was doing this I she tuged my hands over my head and tied them to the bed. She then got off my face. I asked her why she had tied my hands to the bed. She stated that it was now time for her to teach me a leason.

She then told me that she was also a dominatrix. That was definately something I had never known or would of though my mom was into. She then stated I shouldn't be suprised. Didn't I ever wonder what was in the locked chest in her closet. I told her I never though that much about it. She laughed and said that now I was going to find out and since I wanted to be bad and commit incest she figured why not go all out. She walked over and opened her closet door and proceed to open the locked chest. I couldn't see what she was up to. She then turned around with a whip in one hand and what I thought was a dildo in the other. I knew what she was going to do with the whip and asked her what she was going to do with the dildo. She then informed me that it was not a dildo although easy to mistake and was an anal one and that she was going to be putting it up my ass. I begged her not to that I had never done anything like that. She just laughed and told me my wants have no interest in her right now and she was going to do as she pleased.

She then came to the bed and whipped my cock. I shrieked in pain. She told me that if I knew what was best for me that I would not question her again and do as she stated. I said yes mom and she informed me from now on when we were alone together that I was to address her as Mistress. I said yes Mistress and she said very good. She then told me to relax because this was probably going to hurt at first. She then took some lube out of the night stand next to the bed and proceeded to lube the anal toy. She then took it and pushed it into my ass. I told her that it hurt and to please stop. With that she whipped me again and told me to relax and it will not hurt as much. I then closed my eyes and relaxed and it slid in. After getting it inserted all the way in she then got on top of me and began to ride and fuck me. It was the greatest feeling in the world and at the same time I could still feel the pain from my ass but it too was slowly becoming pleasure. I came harder than I could ever imagine into her as she moaned and orgasmed yet again for the morning. She then got off me and untied my hand. I went to reach for my ass and take out the anal toy which caused her to use the whip on me again and told me to leave it there. I was to now just lay here in bed with her and enjoy the new feeling and that she would take it out later when she was ready. I said yes Mistress and layed down doing as I was told. She then put her nightie back on and got into bed with me and we just held each other.

She told me that this was just the start of things to come and kissed me once more.

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Minu ema

Minu ema külastas mind kui olin sõjaväes.Mulle anti kolm vaba päeva ja jalutasime emaga linnas ringi.Ööbisime hotellis ühes toas,võtsime natukene veini ja ajasime juttu.Korraga mõtlesin ma emamore...

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