tagIncest/TabooMommy Ch. 02

Mommy Ch. 02


Before she knew it I was next to her, kneeling right there and with my head under her skirt. God, I could smell her cunt mmmmmm I just buried my face in her panties and started sniffing. Ah, I knew she was sweaty and her cunt's aroma gave that away. That and the dampness in her panties crotch. I touch her panties with my tongue mmmmmm yummy.

- Honey, I still have the shopping bags -- I need to drop them in the kitchen, I heard her saying.

My rage was nearly gone now, having felt the scent of her sweaty cunt so I stood up and trying to control myself I said:

- Drop them here mommy, I really need to smell and taste your cunt! I've been waiting for so long! Please!

I could feel my rage coming back with every second she was hesitating there -- and I knew she could read it in my eyes too. So she dropped the bags right there at the entrance, and decided to please me:

- Oh, my little boy needs some cunt; come here darling, mommy has some for you! – And she just laid on her back on the floor and put her feet up revealing her damp panties covering her sweaty cunt.

All this slutty talk just drove me nuts so I plunged my face in her crotch sniffing, licking, moaning with pleasure as she kept saying the things that she knew would just drive me wilder and wilder.

- Yes darling, have mommy's cunt oh yes. I kept it all sweaty for you darling, the way you want it. Does it smell nice for you baby? Does it, here have some more! And she'd buckle her hips and push her cunt even more so in my face.

- Mmmmmm -- she moaned as I was sniffing and licking her panties:

- My baby wants mommy's smelly cunt... mmmmmm here it is darling!

- Ohhh.... mommy.... I.... love...you – I was moaning too through the licking and sniffing.

God, her cunt was so smelly! Ahhhh that nice cunty smell combined with sweat mmmmmm

- I...love...you...mommy -- I kept murmuring in a total frenzy.

- I know you do baby, I know you do -- she was saying. And mommy loves you too. That's why mommy wants to please you every time. See, I got my cunt moist and sweaty and smelly for you, my little baby. What do you want mommy to do for you, darling? Shall I take my panties off so you can taste mommy's cunt baby?

- Yesssss -- I was screaming as she was teasing me.

- Here -- she said as her panties went off and they were just hanging by one of her ankles up in the air. Here, honey, just what you like: mommy's feet and panties. Want to give it a sniff baby?

- Ohhh, yesssss, mommy, can I? Can I? Please!

- Go for it sweetie -- she said.

- Ahhhh, mommy, you please me so much! Thank you, thank you, and thank you -- I said as I was inhaling now the aroma of her feet and panties mmmmmm. Delicious, mommy, delicious! I was moaning again as I was sucking on her perfectly red-painted toes.

I don't know when she took her shoes off but I could tell she wore some leathery ones with no socks -- their aroma had filled up the room in an instant. Licking and sniffing her yummy toes I was looking down at her cunt, all naked now and revealed to me in its hairy glory. The pubes were glistening with wetness, making her cunt so much hornier. Even now at the age of 26, my mum's 53-year-old cunt was giving me shivers through my cock!

- Mommy, I love your hairy cunt -- I moaned, still smelling her feet and her panties.

- Oh, my little baby, you know it's all yours -- she moaned softly while watching me rubbing her cunty panties all over my face. Help yourself to it baby, mommy knows how much you want it -- she said, pleasingly.

- Ohhh mommy, it's so difficult to part with your cunty panties and smelly feet -- I moaned.

- Come on, honey, give mommy her panties. Here, I'll sniff them and lick them for you as I know you like it so much

- Mmmmmm!

I was moaning while watching her taking her own panties and bringing them close to her face and sniffing and licking them while doing all this slutty talk

- Mmmmmm yesssss darling mmmmmm mommy loves licking her cunty panties for you.... mmhhmmmm -- she inhaled her own cunty scent. See, my cunt was all sweaty and smelly today for you baby. Mmmmmm.

I couldn't resist so I just plunged my face in her hairy cunt and started licking her meaty labia full of hair.

- Ohhh mommy I can just cum now like this licking you and watching you smelling your panties and feeling your cunt's aroma mmmmmm.

- Ohhh, go for it sweetie, you know mommy's here to please.

- Mmmmmm, I want more cunty smell mommy... more cunt Ahhhh more smelly cunt mmmmmm hair yesssss mmmmmm more hair Ahhhh

I was just muttering nonsense now, going at her cunt and looking occasionally up at her to see her still sniffing and licking her own panties.

- More hair mmmmmm ooohhhhh cunt mmmmmm Yesssss.... smelly mmmmmm hair Ahhhh

- Want mommy to have more hair baby? -- I heard her saying.

- Yesssss! Yesssss! Yesssss!

I was still muttering so close now to the point of no return that my mind was no longer with me and all I could say was just meaningless words and moans at random:

- Yesssss hair mmmmmm more hair Ahhhh mommy's hairy cunt yesssss!

- Stop honey, stop -- she said softly. Come on, let's get your mommy more hair on her cunt, ok?

I stopped, and looked up at her, puzzled:

- Huh?

- Just wait here --she said.

- Oh, no, don't go mommy, please, don't go!

She took my cock deep in her mouth and bit very softly the base of my cock as I was till begging her not to leave and then let my cock out of her mouth and said:

- Sweetie, you know how much I love your cock. Do you think I'd just leave you here like this and not come back? Just wait here for a minute and I promise I'll be back with something that you will just love! If not, I promise to take you in my mouth and sleep the whole night with your cock down my throat!

Hmmm, that sounded ok, so I let her go, only after she reassured me again that she'd be back in a second.... and indeed she was! My cock hasn't even started to go all floppy following her little "kiss" and she was back holding her shaving kit.

- Err, what's this? -- I asked, intrigued

- Well, darling, you wanted more hair on my cunt, didn't you? So we're going to start shaving mommy all over her belly and hips and everywhere you want to see hair growing. And after a few shaves, you will see all that dark hair you love so much growing -- simple, huh?

The thought of shaving her body wherever I wanted to see hair just made my pre-cum started to flow on my balls in waves. She could see how turned on I was.

- Here, she said, handing me the razor, shave me as you wish, darling.

I went mad with it: I ran the razor from one hip to the other, up her belly just above her bellybutton. I then turned her over and shaved her asshole -- she already had some dark hairs coming out of it but it just didn't seem enough so I ended up nearly shaving half of each cheek just to make sure I'd get enough hair! I then shaved her armpits and nearly ran the razor from her elbow to her hip, making sure that there will be a lot of areas that dark sexy hair will grow on in time.

And then I stopped and threw the razor at her:

- Now you will have to make sure that you shave there 3-4 times a day cause I want that hair to grow soon!

- I will, darling -- she smiled back at me, submissively. Now, how do you want mommy to please you? I can see your balls are just about to explode.

I love it when she gets all slutty and offers to please me. I normally try to humiliate her as much as I can in these moments -- and this was no exception!

- Can I piss on your bra?

- Sure, darling -- she whispered and slowly opened up her shirt a bit revealing her bra.

She then leans back on the floor propped on her elbows, offering me her bra. I crouched down above her, my cock pointing at her bra and started to shower her tits.

- Mmmmmm yes Ohhh that feels so nice -- go for it sweetie -- she kept whispering, tilting her head back and enjoying it.

I started moving my cock and peeing all over her shirt and then go up her neck and before she knew it her whole face and her hair was all bathed in my golden shower.

- Open your mouth, cunt -- I shouted as I could feel the shower about to end.

She opened her mouth up like a good girl. I was in her throat in an instant leaving my last few drips flow inside it mmmmmm her throat was warm and moist and silky, a bit like her cunt. I grabbed her hair and started fucking her face while she was struggling for air. Occasionally I'd come out of her mouth and let her breath. To make it nastier though I'd just smack her face and shout at her:

- Stupid cunt, you ruin my pleasure!!

And then shove my cock in her throat again.

It didn't take me long to cum and I made sure as I was starting to squirt I came out of her throat and shot my sperm all over her face and her wet hair moaning in ecstasy:

- Aaaaaahhhhhhh!!

I then wiped my cock on her panties and then put them back on her face, such that her smelly crotch was over her nose she could see through the leg-holes and just ordered her:

- I don't want to see you getting cleaned up, or changed or wiping your cummy face. I want to see you wearing those panties on your face the whole day today. Understood?

She just nodded. Throughout the whole day I got hundreds of erections watching her doing the housework with dry cum on her face and in her hair, panties on her face, her bra and shirt and hair still wet from my pee and a smelly cunt and feet. She was truly the best mom in the world!

(To be continued)

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