tagIncest/TabooMommy: Daughter Begins Training Mom

Mommy: Daughter Begins Training Mom


Note 1: Be sure to read part one...Mommy: Becoming My Daughter's Slut to see how the prim and proper mother ended up being her daughter's submissive.

Note 2: Goes to LeAnn and MAB7991 for their editing...especially since I originally sent them the wrong version!

Mommy: Daughter Begins Training Mom

The vibrating egg my daughter, my new Mistress, had left for me was buzzing inside me, I reread the note she had left me for me this morning over and over.


It is the morning after...a morning where you may regret the decision you made. That is why I am giving you an out. If you want, we will pretend this never happened and go on with our lives as a traditional family hierarchy: you the mother and me the daughter.

If this is what you want...STOP READING NOW!!!

Signed your loving daughter...

On the other hand, MOMMY-SLUT, if you want to become my unconditional, COMPLETE, sub...my pet, my slut, my obedient slave...well then follow these instructions:

1. Move all your clothes and items into my room and move mine into yours...clearly the Mistress of the house should have the biggest room.

2. You will be naked in the house at all times...but you may have a robe near the door in case company unexpectedly arrives.

3. You will address me as Mistress at all times when we are alone and whenever else I tell you to.

4. There will be no hesitation to my orders any such hesitation...even the slightest...will result in a punishment.

5. You will only orgasm when you have asked for and received my permission.

If you agree to these 5 conditions (and many more that I may add as time goes on), I expect you to go into my room and on my bed, I have left you a present. I expect it to be inside you all day, turned on low, until I get home. You may not come, I want you on the verge of orgasmic bliss all day as you anticipate the beginning of your training as the Mommy-slut you are about to become...a training that will bring you pleasure you can not even imagine (although I am guessing you have been imagining it for a while...haven't you MOMMY-SLUT?)

Now obey, like a good pet...

Signed your dominant daughter Mistress.

It took the majority of the day to switch the rooms around and when I did have free time I had a brief chat with MsAnn about my submission to my daughter. She was thrilled with the progress and told me to keep her up to date.

All day anxiety filled me, as did the constant buzzing of the egg that kept teasing me all day. I was thrilled that I had accomplished my goal of submitting to my beautiful eighteen-year-old daughter; but uncertainty about what was going to happen next had me on eggshells. Every time the phone rang, I hoped it would be her and yet feared it just as much. I was a bundle of nerves and it was almost dinner when I got a text from her.

Have you decided to be my Mommy-slut or return to your role as my traditional mother?

Reading the one sentence flooded me with shame. The ache and loss I felt at the words 'traditional mother' seemed to bring the harsh reality of what I had done to light. I briefly thought what I was throwing away.

Yet, overpowering my shame was my hunger for submission. I flashbacked to Chloe's submission to my daughter that fateful night where what I saw my daughter do changed my life forever; I flashbacked to last night when my daughter had fucked me and declared me her pet. Each brought changes in me, changes I could not undo nor did I want to. Accepting my new role with both excitement and trepidation, I took a deep breath before officially accepting my new role, my leaking eager pussy answering the question for me.

Mistress Kaylee,
Yes, I have accepted my role.

After sending it, I realized that she now had digital evidence of my sin. Instantly stress overwhelmed me and I was trying to calm myself down when another text came.

That is great to hear. I will be home in fifteen minutes with friends. Get dressed. No bra or panties, just a dress and thigh high stockings.
Mistress Kaylee

I stared at the order briefly before quickly going into my new room, Kaylee's room before today, and found a dress, the longest one I could find. Putting it on, I realized it would not hold my 36C breasts in firmly. Keeping the egg in my cunt was a challenge and yet another worry when Kaylee's friends got here. Three more dresses had similar problems and I decided to ignore the no bra instruction. I had just finished putting on black thigh highs when I heard the front door open.

Seconds later, I heard Kaylee call out, "I'm home, Mommy."

I went downstairs trying to be casual as I slowly walked down the stairs terrified that the egg might fall out. I walked into the living room and saw that besides Kaylee, was Chloe Malloy, the Reverend's daughter, who was Kaylee's submissive pet, Erika White the co-cheerleading captain with Kaylee, and Beth Saunders another cheerleader I had only met a couple of times.

"Hi, girls," I greeted, like I would always do when Kaylee brought a friend over.

"Mommy, order us pizza," Kaylee ordered, looking at me with a smile that shifted the second she looked at my chest.

Nervous by her disapproving look, I quickly obeyed, like a maid, "Yes, dear, what would you girls like?"

Kaylee, her tone ice cold, said, "Just bring us the menus, Mother."

The way she said 'Mother', with such disrespect, was utterly humiliating in front of three other teens, yet my response was, "Yes, dear," and I immediately left.

I returned a minute later with the menus and stood waiting patiently, like a servant, while the three girls surveyed the different pizza place menus. Finally, they decided and Kaylee continued to treat me like a servant. She told me what to order then handed me the menus and said, with a wave of her hand implying my dismissal, "Here."

I took the menus, felt the other three girls' eyes on me as I turned and walked to the kitchen. In the kitchen, I phoned in the girls' order and tried to regain my composure. The thought of submitting to Kaylee excited me, yet being treated with such disrespect in front of others was not something I expected.

A sat in the kitchen for a few minutes an emotional mess until Kaylee bellowed, "Mother."

I sighed and returned to the potential humiliation. "Yes, Kaylee," I said, once in the room.

"Where are our drinks?" she said, her tone an accusation.

Even though she hadn't asked for or ordered drinks, I knew my answer should be an apology. "Oh sorry girls," I said, with an insipid giggle, "What would you girls like?"

"Four cokes," Kaylee ordered, clearly the one in charge of her group.

I instantly wondered if Erica or Beth were submissives to Kaylee too, but pushed the thought aside as I said "Coming right up."

I returned to the kitchen, grabbed four cans of coke, and returned to the living room and heard just the end of a sentence out of Erica's mouth. "So you fucked her?"

I instantly went red with the instant fear they were talking about me. I nervously handed each of the girls a coke and asked, "Can I get you ladies anything else?"

Kaylee waved me off again. "Nothing now, Mother," again her tone on the word 'Mother' implying a great disrespect towards me.

"I'll be upstairs if you need anything," I offered, before leaving the girls alone.

In my new room a minute later, the buzzing in my pussy was really driving me crazy. I ignored the growing temptation to disobey my daughter's no coming without permission order, but seeing the look of death I received for wearing a bra I decided against it.

I heard giggles, I heard chatter, and every time I wondered if they knew. Trying to distract myself with a book, I grabbed the novel I had been reading. It worked as a distraction until the doorbell rang.

Instantly, Kaylee bellowed, "Mother, the door."

I sighed and quickly hurried down the stairs. As I did, the egg slipped out of my wet cunt and bounced down the stairs. I gasped mortified and quickly picked it up and shoved it back in before anyone could notice. Flushed, my cunt's scent on my fingers, I answered the door. I paid the pizza girl and brought the pizzas into the living room.

"Plates?" Kaylee said, the question rhetorical, the expectation clear.

"Coming right up," I responded cheerfully.

I returned a minute later with plates and handed one to each girl.

"Thanks Ms. Pierce," Beth said.

"Yes, thank you so much Mother," Kaylee said, her tone dripping with condescension.

Ignoring it, I replied, "You girls are so welcome. Is there anything else?"

"No, Mother, that is all," Kaylee replied her words firm and clearly implying I was to go.

Back upstairs, I sighed, as I looked in the mirror and tried to come to grips with my treatment. I was turned on thinking of submitting to Kaylee, yet the treatment downstairs, the utter disrespect, was not a turn on at all.

I went onto my laptop and logged in. I quickly sent a lengthy message to MsAnn explaining all that had transpired the past twenty-four hours. A few minutes later, MsAnn replied.

MsAnn: U did it? WOW!!!

Evesub: Thanks...your advice was instrumental.

MsAnn: Well now we are both daughter fuckers.

Evesub: I guess we are

MsAnn: So now what?

Evesub: She is downstairs and has been treating me like a maid.

MsAnn: She is testing u

Evesub: So what do I do?

MsAnn: That is up to you. Are you willing to allow others to know of your incest act?

Evesub: Not if possible. Plus I don't like her treating me with such disrespect in front of her friends.

MsAnn: A tricky fine line. She is testing you like she would with a late curfew. So you must make it clear that as a mother you are to be respected when others are around

Evesub: That makes sense, but what if she doesn't agree

MsAnn: Well, you crossed the line, my dear...Pandora's Box has been opened and with it does come potential consequences.

Evesub: I didn't think that through completely, did I?

MsAnn: No, but would you go back in time and not do what you did?

I thought about that briefly and realized I wouldn't. I never felt more alive than in that brief moment of submission, and I wanted and craved more.

Evesub: No.

MsAnn: No, what?

Evesub: I wouldn't not do it. I mean I don't regret it, I just don't want the whole world to know I am a submissive to my own daughter.

MsAnn: But you are.

Evesub: Yes, but....

MsAnn: Accept the reality that your life has changed...but if you are honest with her off the bat maybe she will respect your wishes for both confidentiality and using you sexually

Evesub: I guess

"Mother, what are you doing in my room?" Kaylee said as I sat on what was now her bed.

I stammered, quickly closing my computer, "Just chatting online."

She walked in and said with a heavy, condescending sigh, "You really are going to need a lot of training."

"Kaylee," I began sheepishly, trying to start the conversation.

"I am Mistress when alone," she turned and snapped.

I again stammered, "S-s-sorry, Mistress Kaylee, can we talk?"

"That is what we are doing," she replied, going to the closet.

"I mean can we clarify boundaries," I struggled to get out, as she began getting undressed in front of me.

"I think I made the boundaries pretty clear already, did I not?" she questioned, not even looking at me as she was now only in her panties and bra.

"Yes, but I was referring to your treatment of me in front of your friends," I continued on, even though her tone was menacing.

Turning to me as her bra hit the floor, my eyes magnetically drawn to them, she asked, "What about it?"

"I am still your mother," I tried to explain.

"Don't you mean my mommy-slave," she asked back, as she tugged her panties down, her perfect ass staring me in the face.

I felt my pussy tingle at the name, as she seemed to frame her ass for me.

"What Mommy, are you distracted by your hunger to eat your daughter's ass while her friends are downstairs waiting for her?" she asked, pulling her ass cheeks apart.

"Please, Kaylee," I weakly protested, my brief moment of standing up for yourself already fading.

"Crawl to me, Mother," she ordered her use of the word 'mother' clearly derogatory.

"What about your friends?" I asked, even as I began moving towards her like a moth drawn to a flame.

She smirked at the reality I was moving even as I asked the question. "Mother dearest, who runs this house now?"

"You do, Mistress," I answered, reaching her.

"And does the Mistress of the house ever get questioned?" she asked.

"No, Mistress," I said, reluctantly.

"Yet, you just questioned her, did you not?" she continued.

"Yes," I whispered.

"So you need to be disciplined for your disobedience," Kaylee concluded spreading her cheeks, her tight rosebud staring me in the eyes.

"Yes, Mistress," I agreed, suddenly wanting to lick her ass, something that had never once in my life been a consideration or turn-on.

"Beg to lick your daughter's ass, slut," Kaylee ordered, her ass just inches from my face.

I stammered, talking dirty making myself wet at the same time, distracted by her ass, drawn into the submission, forgetting her friends downstairs, "M-M-Mistress, may your slut mother eat your asshole?"

"What a dirty mouth you have, my dear," she quipped back, playing on the words of her favorite childhood story 'Little Red Riding Hood'.

"All the more for eating you with," I replied back, playing along like a good submissive, my cunt beginning to leak down my leg.

"Fuck Mom, you really are one submissive little dyke," she said, seemingly impressed as she reached back grabbed my head and pulled me between her ass cheeks.

Like a good eager slut, I extended my tongue and began licking my daughter's ass. The submission was so humiliating, yet equally exhilarating as I committed the taboo twisted act. I wanted to please my daughter at all costs, my brief moment of trepidation forgotten in the moment it took for my daughter to threaten disciplining me.

The taste of her ass was surprisingly not as unpleasant as I anticipated, it was more salty sweet sweat then the other more disgusting assumption.

After just a few seconds of the submissive sexual task, Kaylee moved away and began getting dressed again as I watched on my knees waiting further instructions. Once she was dressed, she turned around and said, "See you later, Mommy-slut the girls and I are going to a party. Be sure to clean up downstairs."

"Yes, Mistress," I agreed, as I watched her walk out of the room again leaving me wanting more.

I didn't leave the room until after I heard the front door close. My pussy was on fire, but obeying the expectations laid out for me, I refrained from fanning the flames of the fire and instead tried to squelch them with a cold shower. It didn't work, but it did relax me a bit. I straightened out the mess left by the girls in the living room with no idea how long she would be gone. When the task was competed I sat down thinking what I should do next. I probably should call MsAnn back but it seemed our conversation had reached a conclusion. I tried to relax by reading a book. Exhausted, I was just getting ready for bed when I received a text from Kaylee.

I will be home in a few minutes, I expect you at the door, naked, except for your thigh high stockings. It is time for your training to begin!!!
Mistress Kaylee

The fire in my cunt that had been lingering like a constant reminder of my submission instantly rekindled and began to burn bright. My hands trembled with excitement as I texted back:

Mistress Kaylee
I eagerly wait on my knees for you.
Your mommy-slut

Strangely, typing such words only enhanced my eagerness to submit. My hunger to taste her overriding every other natural instinct I had.

Each second felt like a minute, each minute felt like an hour as I waited, my nipples hard, my pussy juice leaking slightly, as I waited by the door like a puppy waiting for its master.

As soon as the door opened, I realized my daughter was not alone as I heard more than one voice from just outside the door.

I wanted to cover myself up, the thought of others seeing my submission suddenly mortifying, yet before I had time to react, I was staring at the one friend returning with my daughter Erica.

Erica stopped in her tracks, mouth wide open, as she followed behind Kaylee.

Kaylee said, "Good girl, crawl over here to get your reward, Mommy slut."

Humiliated, I fell to all fours and crawled like a puppy to her as her pretty brunette friend watched in stunned silence. When I reached Kaylee, she bent down and patted my head. "You are such a good girl," she repeated, treating me like a puppy.

"I can't fucking believe it," Erica said, her tone implying a mixture of shock and awe.

Kaylee responded in her usual confident tone, "Told you."

Erica finally spoke. "I know you said you thought your mom was a dyke, but this...this is...."

"Awesome," my daughter finished the sentence.

"Stunning, I was going to say."

"My mom is my pet. She will obey any order, won't you, Mommy?"

I nodded in the affirmative, my humiliation burning through my very core, yet unable to actually say the words.

"Use words, Mommy-slut," Kaylee ordered, able to see right through my insecurities.

"Yes," I whispered.

"Yes, what?" she demanded.

"Yes, I will obey you."

"Bark!" she ordered.

Mortified by the demand, yet oddly tantalized, I barked

"Roll over," she ordered.

Humiliation building, I rolled over awkwardly, my cunt now on display to my daughter and her friend.

Kaylee slipped out of her heels and tossed one a few feet away. "Fetch, Mommy."

A new shade of red was created at that moment as my cheeks already ruby red went even darker I imagine. Yet, already so far over the line, I crawled quickly to the heel, bent down and grabbed it between my teeth and brought it back to my very amused daughter.

"This is fucking amazing," Erica raved, "Can you make Elaine a pet too?"

Elaine was Erica's mother, someone I had coffee with on occasion, we were not best friends but in the same mother circle because of our daughters.

"Think you can seduce Mrs. White, Mommy-slut?" Kaylee asked.

"I-I-I don't know," I stammered, the idea unfathomable.

"The question was rhetorical you dumb slut," Kaylee sighed. "You are to make it happen, is that clear?"

"Y-y-yes, Mistress," I babbled, humiliated by my treatment, yet turned on just the same.

Erica was giddy with excitement. "I can't wait, I want my own Mommy-pet."

"Until then," Kaylee asked Erica, "Do you want to play with my pet?"

"Oh my God, yes," Erica admitted, her face also flushed, hinting at just how horny she was.

"Get undressed sexy," Kaylee suggested.

I watched from my subservient position, as Erica quickly discarded her skimpy outfit. She was very attractive, with small but firm tits and a trimmed but still hairy pussy.

Kaylee sat down on her usual chair and said, "Mommy pet, you may have a snack."

Erica sat on the couch, spread her legs, and patted her pussy. This was my last chance to stand up and keep what little dignity I had left, but the magnetic pull was too powerful, my desire to obey too strong and my need to please all I could think of. Like a puppy, I quickly obeyed and was between the teenager's tanned legs. I hesitated briefly before Erica ordered, "Start licking, puppy."

I leaned forward and began lapping my daughter's friend's cunt in front of her. Erica's pussy was hairier than I thought when I began licking, but her pubes captured her heavenly scent. Although I was nervous and tentative at first, I soon got into a rhythm and began pleasing her. I explored her cunt like Christopher Columbus explored America, with wonder and amazement. Each new sound excited me, each slight gush of wetness created a hunger for more and her hands in my hair fulfilled by need of utter submission regardless of the cost. As I explored every inch of her cunt, her moans began softly, but as I continued to explore, to use my tongue to spread open her canyon of pleasure, eventually digging deeply inside her pleasure canal with my tongue she got wetter and soon her moans got louder.

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