tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersMommy I Feel Like A Girl Ch. 05

Mommy I Feel Like A Girl Ch. 05


As I approach the bed, I see mommy take a tube and rub the contents all over the toy, rubbing it up and down teasingly.

"Come here Mandy." she says, as she pats the bed where she wants me to lay.

She kneels behind me as I lie on my stomach and asks me to lift my ass up a little, so she can remove my panties. I lift up and feel her pull my panties down to my knees and slip them off of me.She leaves the baby doll and heels on. "You look so pretty in these honey. Spread your legs open."

I do as she asks and then I experience a warm, wet sensation as she rubs some of the lubricant along my pussy. Up and down, then I feel her finger slip inside me. The feeling causes me to moan and at the same time, lift my ass up again.

"Ohh, good girl." mommy says, appreciating my instinct to lift higher.

Slowly she moistens inside of me with her finger and the lubricant, then she adds another finger. The feeling is so amazing I can barely move. I don't have to, mommy is doing it all for me. She lifts my hips so I am on my knees, my face is now pressed against mommy's pillows as I feel her trying to stretch me more and more. I can feel one hand on my hip as I feel the tip of her cock slowly push against my opening. I am trying to open for it, but it is so big.

"Relax," I hear her say, "Try and relax baby girl."

I do all that I can to obey and feel the pressure building as she slowly enters me with the cock. The moment she is inside of me, I cum in an incredibly strong orgasm. My moan sounding extremely feminine, as the feeling travels along my spine, up and down my entire body, as I feel her press deeper and deeper into me. One hand slips under my body and gently squeezes my nipple.

"Wow, your nipples are so hard. You like this honey?"

I can't even muster a response, I just give her a moan that answers her question quite well. Her hand returns to my hips to lift me up even more. Her strength is so comforting. I realize that there is nothing I can do to resist her. She has total control of my body. I am no match for mommy's power. My fingers clutch at her sheets as I try to take all she is giving me. The orgasm subsiding, I can feel more of her cock enter my pussy. I begin to calm down, feeling myself opening for her.

"It's almost completely inside of you Mandy." I hear her say.

Just knowing that turns me on even more, my moaning now constant.

"There you go." she says as I feel her hips pounding against my ass. Seeing that I am now taking her completely her rhythm increases. Back and forth, her hands pushing my upper back down, to make my ass rear up even more. I can feel another orgasm coming on as she removes her cock from me, causing me to moan greatly. She keeps it out for just a moment and then thrusts it deeply into me. Instantly my body begins to tremble as the orgasm takes me over. This one lasts for so long, it almost scares me. For a moment, it felt as if it would never stop!

As I come back from the affects, I turn just a little, looking at mommy as I say, "Thank you mommy."

"You're welcome baby girl," she replies as she smiles. She then whispers to me, "Mandy, turn over honey."

As I feel her cock slip out of me I slowly turn over and mommy grabs my legs and opens them wide. Looking down at my pussy with a huge smile.

She says "Oh my Mandy, your pussy is so open right now."

Mommy is biting her lip, a look I've seen before in movies, when someone is really turned on.

"Stay like this she says, stay with your legs like this."

I keep my legs up and open as mommy grabs the tube once again, reapplying the lubricant to her cock as she stares down at me. Noticing my nipples standing up, so perky, she comments on how feminine I look as they pop through the mesh top of my baby doll. She grabs the cock in one hand and slowly pushes it into me. The moans begin again. Holding my thighs she quickly begins to fuck me, thrusting her hips against me with each push. Slapping her strong thighs into my ass, she's forcing the cock deeper than it was before.

Holding onto my hips, she says, "Mandy...mommy is fucking you honey. THIS is what it's like to be fucked."

My eyes roll back in my head, in such ecstasy. I can feel the orgasm building yet again, as I move my ass forward as mommy thrusts forward. Trying to feel her cock even deeper, I am now fucking back!

"Good girl," mommy says "Cum for mommy Mandy, cum on mommy's cock."

As the words leave her lips, the orgasm begins. Reaching for mommy's ass to pull her closer, her cock buried inside of me, I begin to moan loudly. "Fuck me mommy! Fuck me!" Not even caring who might hear.

"You ARE a girl Mandy, you really are."

I can feel mommy's cock getting more slippery as I realize that I am literally cumming on her cock from my pussy. I can barely hear the wet sounds from our fucking over my moaning. The orgasm diminishes in intensity and mommy removes her cock from my pussy and lies next to me.

Smiling at each other, she gently touches my nipples and asks, "Mandy, do you like being a girl?"

"Yes mommy, I really love it."

"Well, perhaps we can make you even more into a girl honey." she says with a giggle.

"How mommy?" I ask.

"You'll see," she says, "You'll see."

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