Mommy’s Panties Ch. 01


The last segment was very intense and actually kept my attention all the way through. The plot had an older woman, and a twenty something looking girl, sitting across a kitchen table from a young, almost teenage looking boy. I'm sure the actors were at least 18, but this kid sure looked and acted like he was younger than that.

"Stand up, Son." The older woman said softly.

Once the young kid stood up, she calmly told him to unbuckle his pants and take them off. The camera zoomed in to show the pain and humiliation on the kid's face, but without arguing, he did it.

"Look at your brother." The woman said to the girl. "He's wearing your panties and he's been doing it for a long time." After some back and forth between the mother and the sister, the mother asked her, "What do you think we should do about it?"

As the segment continued, the girl and her mother teased him, touched him, and his mother eventually reached out and lowered her son's panties to his knees. They both continued to touch him, stroking his penis and giving him an erection. This actor was shaved, too – and I realized it was a common theme in this DVD – most of the actors, both male and female, were all hairless.

But, under the mother's direction, the boy was told to stroke himself as punishment in front of his sister. I could see the angst in the actor's face as he shyly took hold of his erection and began to masturbate. The young girl, his sister, moved closer and bent down to watch her brother stroke his hairless cock. When he couldn't climax, the mother suggested he might need some encouragement, and in the next few seconds, both the mother and the sister took all their clothes off. Again, both females were shaved.

Soon, the mother positioned the girl on the table with her legs splayed open and then had the boy look at his naked sister while she, the mother, used her hand on the boy.

All three actors in this segment were attractive, and the way it was filmed and portrayed was very sexy and exciting. There was just something about the calm demeanor of the mother, and the way the shy boy reacted to her instructions that made this segment good.

About half way through the segment, I couldn't deny my interest in it, nor the wetness that was gathering between my legs. Before it was over, my fingers found their way between my hairy lips and I was touching myself shamelessly, just like I'd done in the shower. I watched the action with baited breath as I fingered my clitoris and dipped my fingers into my lubricated pussy. With each line of dialogue, my excitement grew and I rooted for the girl and the mother as they gently guided the kid to his eventual climax, spurting long streams of cum all over his sister's legs, groin and chest.

When he finished spraying his semen all over the girl, they still weren't done with him. The woman used the sister's panties to wipe up his cum, and then told the young boy to lick them clean. I groaned to myself as I watched the boy bring the messy panties to his face and then lick his semen from the flimsy material.

"Look mother!" The young girl exclaimed. "He's getting hard again!"

It was true. When the camera panned back, the young kid had another erection!

The rest was intriguing, too, with the mother and the daughter taking turns sucking the young man's cock. But, what really caught my interest was when the mother bent over the table, with her butt end stuck out, as she told her daughter to guide her son's cock into her pussy.

The conversation between the actors was hot, but it wasn't filthy. And, my fingers went into high speed as I watched the boy hump his mother's pussy. The close-ups were amazingly clear and perfectly shot. The way his cock moved in and out of his mother's pussy was magical and as I got closer and closer to my own climax, the mother was moaning with pleasure. What sent me over the edge was when the young man was ready to cum, the sister wrapped her hand around the kid's penis and yanked him until he shot his sperm all over the mother's back.

I shoved my fingers deep into my pussy and attacked my clit with my other hand. Writhing on my son's bed, I watched the scene on the screen as my orgasm rolled over me like a locomotive, sending strong waves of stinging pleasure through my body and causing me to do something I hadn't done in a long, long time...... leaking a profuse amount of my female juices on the fresh sheets I'd just put on my son's bed.

I lay gasping for breath as my orgasm overwhelmed me and took me to a place I'd never been before. I was in total bliss, completely unaware of everything except the erotic action on the screen in front of me. I lost track of everything else except what I was feeling, and as my orgasm started to subside, my arms and legs went limp, and I laid there helpless to do anything besides breath.

As the DVD finished, I closed my eyes and let myself rest. It wasn't long before my mind began to think about my day at my son's house, and what I'd discovered about his obvious panty and incest fetish. My initial disgust with finding several pairs of my panties, including some recently worn pairs, had given way to a level of excitement that caused me to use his toy in the shower, watch his DVDs and masturbate myself while lying on his own bed. In as much as I should have been totally disgusted with what I found in Danny's bedroom, I had to admit that wasn't the case now. And as I rested there, I came to grips with the fact that not only was I sexually excited about my son's interest in my panties, I was beginning to be interested in promoting it further.

I slept soundly until about seven the next morning. Sleeping naked in my son's bed was a wicked thing to do, and when I awoke and thought about it, I wondered how he'd feel about his mother watching his DVDs, masturbating and sleeping in his bed.

When I got out of his bed, habit forced me to reach down to pull the sheets up and make the bed properly. But, as I did, I saw the stain in the middle of the sheets where my vaginal juices poured out of me last night during my tumultuous orgasm. Looking at the stain, I briefly considered ripping the sheets off his bed and washing them again, but something stopped me. Maybe I'd want him see the stain. Maybe I'd want him to smell my smell on his sheets. Maybe that would turn him on - smelling my scent on the sheets next to him when we went to bed.

And, without another thought, I straightened out the sheets, adjusted the pillows and pulled the bedspread into place and smoothed it out. I wasn't completely comfortable with my decision to leave the sheets in place, but, I reflected back to the first segment on the DVD and what the sexologist said about the 'scent of the mother', and I figured if my son got some comfort, or, pleasure from my natural smell, then letting him have it was a cheap price to pay for the way I invaded his private life. Maybe he wouldn't be so mad at me.

I decided I'd forego wearing a bra – there wasn't going to be anyone here but me. I was smart enough to bring a t-shirt and a pair of shorts from home when I loaded my car with cleaning supplies. Unfortunately, in my haste to get what I needed from my house, I forgot to get some underwear.

"Well," I said to myself, sarcastically, "no problem with that here. I'll just get one of the pairs I washed yesterday...... one of my own."

So, I marched down stairs and stood in the kitchen looking over the piles of clothes I washed yesterday. I went through the stack of panties and found a pair I knew was mine and slipped them on and went back to his bedroom and put on a t-shirt. I was ready to attack the rest of the house now.

I started in his bathroom, took everything off the counters and off the floor and scrubbed everything. I took his cock toy out of the shower and put it in the dishwasher, along with the other dishes, and started it up. Then, I started the arduous task of scouring out his shower. When it was done, I hung up fresh towels, put everything back on the vanity, organized his cabinets under his sink and then turned my attention to his other bathroom.

I vacuumed all the carpets and dusted every room. About noon, I stopped to pee and take a rest. Finding nothing else to drink, except water, I cracked open another one of his beers and picked up my cell phone to call my son. I just wanted to check on his travel plans. I didn't want him to come back early and find me there still cleaning.

He seemed happy to hear from me. I don't normally call him when he's out of town, but I told him I was wondering if he needed a ride home from the airport. Of course, I knew his car was there, but it was the only reason I could come up with to see when he was coming back.

"I won't be in until 10:52 tonight, mom." He chuckled. "And my car is there, so I'll be fine."

That's all I wanted to know. And if his plane didn't get in until almost 11, that meant he wouldn't get to his house until at least midnight.

"What are you going to do about dinner?" I asked.

"I'll just have something when I get home." He replied. Yeah, right. I knew there was nothing here to eat. Well, maybe the frozen pizza I ate yesterday, but barring that, I knew he didn't have anything.

"Okay." I said, holding back a laugh. Then, I said something I never expected to say.

"Would you like to have lunch with me on Friday?" I asked. "Do you have to work?"

"No, I'm off." He answered. "My plane is coming in so late, I'm just going to take the day off."

"Well, then," I continued, "do you want to come over for lunch..... say about noon?"

"Sure, yeah.... Okay." He said.

"Danny," I said, in my best motherly tone, "now promise me you'll be there and you won't forget. I don't want to make a nice meal for us if you're not going to come."

"Mom," he said, laughing, "I'll be there, and I'll be on time. I promise."

"Honey," I replied, "I'm counting on this. There's something I want to talk to you about and I don't want to be stood up for lunch."

"Mother," Danny said, "is there something wrong? Are you okay?"

"Yes, of course," I answered, "I just want to run something by you..... you know, get your take on something. But it can wait until tomorrow if you promise you'll be there – no matter what else comes up."

"Yes, Mother!" He said, laughing into the phone. "I'll be there. Even if the flight is diverted and I have to walk hundreds of miles....... I'll be there at noon. I promise."

"Good." I said, smiling to myself. "Besides, it's been a while since we had lunch together. You can spend the night in your old room if you want to stay."

We said goodbye shortly after that, and then I thought about what I'd done. Whatever possessed me to invite him over tomorrow? Well, I knew damn well why I'd done it. I knew I was going to have to apologize for going through all his stuff – all his personal stuff, and I was hoping that the sooner I did it, the quicker it would be over. I didn't have any ulterior motives, I just wanted to make sure he'd let me apologize and explain.

I went back to my house cleaning and went from room to room finishing everything that needed to be done. About 4:00 PM, I put on a bra and my shorts and went grocery shopping for him. I was back by 5 and the only thing left to do was to finish in his bedroom. Since I knew there was no way I could get all the clothes and panties put back exactly the way they were, I decided to organize his drawers and his closets my way. So, lugging up the piles of clean clothes from the kitchen, I laid everything out on the bed, and pulled open all his drawers.

I made the decision to use his lingerie chest the way it was intended to be used. So, very methodically, I sorted out everything that could be considered lingerie, with the exception of my dirty panties, which I left in the plastic bin.

I separated all the panties first by type, then by color. I folded each one like I fold my own, and carefully arranged each drawer so the panties overlapped. This way, when he opened each drawer, he'd be able to see the material, type and color of each panty.

I put his normal clothes in his dresser, and in his closet, refolding and re-hanging everything so it all looked great. I gathered up all his DVDs and arranged them alphabetically on the shelf and I went through each of his plastic bins and found a place for everything. All of his pornography, lingerie and nasty stuff was in his ex-wife's closet, and all his normal clothes were in his drawers and in his own closet. By the time I was done, I was extremely proud of what I'd done and everything looked picture perfect.

When it got to be 8:00 PM, I made him one of his favorite dinners, Beef Stroganoff, and put it in his refrigerator so he could warm it up in the microwave when he got home. By the time I finished his dinner and had cleaned the kitchen again, it was almost 9:30 and finding nothing more to do, I reached into the dishwasher and took out his toy cock and took it back upstairs to his bathroom. Not wanting to stick it back on the shower wall, I found a clean hand towel and laid it out on the vanity in his bathroom and simply set the cock down there. He'd figure it out.

I went back down to the kitchen, found some note paper and started to write him a note. By the time I was done, it was two pages. I began by telling him what I'd done in the kitchen and how I arranged his cabinets. I mentioned that I'd done his grocery shopping and there was dinner for him in the refrigerator. I explained what I did in each of the other rooms, except his bedroom, and tried my best to explain where I put things. All that took the full two pages and when I was done with it, I signed it, "Mom", and I set it on the counter where I knew he'd see it as soon as he came in.

Then, I started a second note which I would put in an envelope and leave on top of his bed.

"My Dearest Danny," I began, "I'm sure by the time you read this note you'll be seething mad at me, but, I hope you'll let me explain before you disown me and curse me until the day I die."

I took great pains to be clear in my note. I told him it wasn't my initial intention to snoop in his stuff and invade his privacy. I explained how I found his house in disarray and thought it would be nice to surprise him by cleaning it up while he was gone. I begged him not to be embarrassed, feel humiliated, or be mad at me. I told him how much I loved him, and added there was nothing I either saw, or found, that changed any of that.

I went into detail about how I washed his panties and rearranged his room. I explained what I did with his lingerie chest, and I made sure I didn't use any words that made it seem like I was condemning him, or finding fault. I told him I knew he was an adult, and he didn't need to explain or justify anything to me. I poured my heart out to my son – telling him I understood how hard it was to be alone – without anyone, and I told him I was sorry for discovering his DVDs and all the panties, but, I hoped we could both be adult enough to get beyond it, and not let it affect us. I spoke from my heart - as clear and as precise as I could.

The hardest part for me to write concerned the plastic bin that contained several pairs of my worn panties, which he obviously stole from my own laundry hamper at home. I sat and thought about it for a long time before I wrote that part, and, just when I was about to start writing, I decided to make a peace offering...... so to speak...... hoping it would help smooth things over.

I took the panties I'd worn yesterday, and put them in the bin along with the ones he'd taken from me. I'd gotten the idea from the DVD I watched – the interview with the mother and how she said she gave her son her panties, and how it was the turning point between them. So, hoping it would be a meaningful gesture to my son, I did the same, leaving him my panties and knowing..... maybe even hoping, he might use them the next time he masturbated.

And so, I began to write......

"Lastly, I want you to know I'm not upset with you for taking my panties. If anything, it flatters me to know a woman of my age can still interest a man. You'll never know how much that does for my ego, Danny.

So, Son, I don't want you to be embarrassed or feel awkward about anything. And, if you can forgive me for the way I snooped in your room and invaded your privacy, I'll forgive you for taking my panties. I've even placed a new pair in the plastic bin for you – the ones I wore yesterday while I cleaned your house. They are yours to keep now, and you don't need to return any of them. All I ask is that you think about everything I've said in this note, and forgive me the same way I've already forgiven you.

I love you, son. Please don't ever forget that.

Love, Mom.

PS, I slept in your bed last night after I changed the sheets. I took a shower before I went to bed, so they should still be fresh. Sleep well, and I'll see you for lunch tomorrow. Don't forget you promised me you'd be there.

PPS, I had to borrow a pair of your panties to wear home. I'll give them back to you tomorrow and you can throw them in your wash when ever you get around to it, or, put them in the bin with the others. They are yours, so do with them what you want."

I read the note back from the beginning, and I felt good that I hadn't been mean or cruel in anything I said. Hopefully, the last part would help him get over his anger and he'd find it in his heart to forgive me.

I had to admit to myself that despite my initial disgust with what I found in his bedroom, my interest in my son's panty fetish and his incestuous interests, had peaked my curiosity and every moment brought me closer and closer to a point where I knew I'd admit to myself, and to him, that I wanted to explore it with him – just like in the DVD I watched. It was a shameful thing to face, I knew that – but, there was a part of me very willing to go down this path, and I knew that with a little urging, and with the right signals from my son, I'd willingly do it. And silently, I prayed he'd go down the path with me.

To be continued.

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