Mommy’s Panties Ch. 02


It didn't take me long to finish shaving my puss, and despite doing it in the shower, I'd done a good job and it felt nice to be pretty down there again. I hoped my son would appreciate it, too.

Shaving my legs only took a few minutes. I can do that with my eyes closed by now, and, as I checked my shins and calves for stubble, it felt nice to be doing this – preparing myself to be seen in a feminine way by a man; by my son.

I set the razor aside and reached for my apricot shampoo. Loading my palms up with enough shampoo for my long, brown hair, I brought my hands to my head and began to breathe in the luxuriating scent as the lather grew and grew. With my back to the water and my head tilted forward, I scrubbed my hair as I wondered what Danny was doing. I'd been in the shower at least ten minutes by now – surely enough time for him to finish his sandwich, open the wine bottle and bring me a glass of wine.

No sooner than I had this thought, I heard a knock on the bathroom door. "Mom?" Danny said through the small opening. "I've got your wine."

"What?" I called out loudly, as if I didn't hear him.

What I wanted him to do was push the door open so he could see the pink panties on my counter top and figure out on his own they were the ones I was planning to wear after my shower. Plus, letting him see my naked form behind the frosted glass wouldn't hurt, either.

He spoke louder this time. "I've got your wine." He said. Then he asked, "Where do you want me to put it?"

I had to be careful here. I needed a way to accomplish three things in the couple of minutes, but, they had to seem 'spur of the moment' or he'd start to see through my plan.

"In here is fine." I replied, a little louder than I needed to. "Just put it down by the sink."

He'd have to push the door open and walk into the bathroom in order to do it. When he did, I knew he'd look at the shower to see if he could see me – that was just human nature. I knew he couldn't see anything specific, except a nebulous flesh colored form, but, I bent over as close to the door as I could, letting my breasts swing down below my chest thinking he'd might be able to make out what he was looking at.

Turning my head, I could see well enough through the door from my side to know he was standing at the counter, probably looking down at the frilly panties I was going to put on. For a second, I wondered what was going on in his mind, and if he'd be able to withstand the pressure I was heaping on him.

Just as I saw he was leaving the bathroom, I yelled out, "Danny!"

"I'm right here." My son answered. "I was just leaving."

"Oh, sorry! I thought you were gone." I said, then continuing, I added quickly, "Would you mind handing me the wine so I can take a sip?" I asked. "I can't step out right now, I've got shampoo all over me."

It was true. I had shampoo heaped all over my head and it was running down my body, front and back. When he didn't answer immediately, I said, "I'll just stick my hand out. Can you hand it to me?"

"Yeah," he answered, "Okay."

Now, one of he interesting things about these frosted shower doors is that if you press against it, they become almost translucent. As long as you don't touch the glass, it does a good job of providing privacy, but once you touch it, someone on the other side could see fairly well. Knowing that, it played into my plan perfectly.

"Just hold on a second so I don't embarrass myself." I replied. Then, pressing my body up against the glass, as if I was using it as a shield to protect my modesty, I pulled the door open just enough to stretch my arm through. I made sure my breasts and hips were touching the glass and I knew he'd be able to see the fullness of my breasts and my dark nipples clearly, as well as the absence of hair between my legs. Maybe, if I was lucky, he'd be able to make out my vagina and see the outline of my pussy lips, too.

"I've got soap in my eyes." I said, wiggling my outstretched hand, waiting for him to put the wine glass in it.

"Here." I heard him say, and then a second later, I felt his fingers graze against mine and he pressed the glass into my hand.

"Thanks." I said, pulling the wine glass into the shower with me. "Hold on a second, I'll hand it right back. I just wanted a sip."

To make it look like I was struggling with a head full of lather and a wine glass, I arched my back away from the frosted door so I could take a sip. In doing that, my pelvis pressed against the glass even tighter and I knew he'd be able to see the slit of my pubic mound. I took a sip of the cool wine, and then a much bigger gulp, almost emptying the wine glass and then handed it back out to him and quickly closed the door.

"A sip, huh?" He said to me. "It's almost gone, Mom."

"Well, I was thirsty." I said back to him. "Do you mind topping it off when you get a chance? There's no hurry, but, I'd like some more while I'm drying my hair."

Trying to think of a reason to keep him in there with me for as long as possible, I asked, "Did you have some?"

"Yes, I poured myself a glass, too." He replied. "It's pretty good. You have excellent tastes in wine."

"Hey, Sweetheart?" I called out.

"Could you do me a favor?" I asked. "Kind of help save me some time?"

"Of course, Mom." He said.

"There's a pile of dirty clothes on my floor. They need to go down to the laundry room. Can you just take them down and toss them on the floor next to the washer for me?" I asked.

"Oh, sure." He answered. "No problem."

Then, wiping the shampoo from my face quickly, I slid the frosted door open enough to stick my head out and then leaned into it again.

He was about to leave, and I caught him just as he was reaching for the door knob.

"Can I have the wine again?" I asked. When he turned to look at me, I smiled and tilted my head in a cute way. "Might as well finish it off." I added.

He handed me the wine glass, and shook his head as he smiled at me. I drank the rest of it as he stood no more than two feet from me. Taking the last swallow, I handed him the empty wine glass and pushed my breasts tightly against the frosted shower door.

"Hey, can you also get those clothes on the bed and take them down, too?" I asked him, adding, "Pretty please?"

Danny told me he would and then turned to leave.

"Leave the door open a little, would you?" I called out as I closed the shower door. "The fan is broken and I'm starting to get hot. I need a little cool air in here."

I waited just a second and then I yelled out, "And, don't forget my wine, Sweetheart."

I bent my head under the running water and thought about what I'd just done. Effectively, I'd just exposed myself to my son. I knew he'd be able to get glimpses of my body if I pressed against the frosted glass, so what I did was no accident. I did it on purpose – I wanted to tease him, I wanted him to see my nipples and I wanted him to see I was clean shaven down there, just like the actors in his DVDs.

Like I said – I was going to make this a night to remember for him.

I rinsed my hair twice and let the conditioner sit while I washed my body. Pretty soon, I was done and ready to get out. I slid open the shower door just enough to see if he'd brought back my wine glass, but, he hadn't. The bathroom door was open about an inch – a perfect set up for the next phase of my plan.

Determined to take this as far as I could without doing anything completely obvious, I turned the water off and slid the shower door all the way open and stood there in plain sight of the opened door. Reaching to the towel rack, I bent over and wrapped my wet hair in a towel. Then, ignoring the fact that the bathroom door was open, I stepped out on the bath mat and took my time drying my body. I don't usually use the after bath spray I keep on the counter, but, I did this time. Just a touch between my breasts.

As I took my time, I thought about all the things Danny could be doing right now. Maybe he was behind the door, watching me – staying out of sight, but looking through the crack at his naked mother. The idea of it excited me to no end. But, what excited me more was the thought of my son with those sopping wet panties. Did he have them in his hand right now? Was he sniffing them? Was he sucking or licking them? Did he have them wrapped around his cock and was he masturbating feverishly?

So far, my plan was going fine. I was sure he hadn't put all the coincidences together – at least not yet. He had no idea all these seemingly accidental things were really a setup for his benefit. I'm sure he just thought he'd had some extremely good luck tonight, but, I wasn't done yet. My goal was to drive him into total mother and panty overload.

Of course, I'd given some thought to how it might end tonight and I came up with two possible ways it could end. First, I'd tease him incessantly and he'd go home tonight with a throbbing erection and a matching desire to take care of it, and I really liked that idea – it would take some of the bite out of his anger when he found out what I'd done at his house. Then later, he'd see my notes and think about what happened tonight and probably put it all together. He'd realize I set him up tonight, and that could make our conversation tomorrow a lot easier for him to bear.

Or, the other way it could end was, I'd tease him incessantly and he'd end up staying here for the night and then I'd treat him to a lot more teasing, a lot more eye candy and then I'd have to decide how much further to take it. Eventually, he'd have to go home, I knew that, and when he did I knew he'd be smart enough to add it all up.

Banking on the fact he was probably busy jerking himself off in the laundry room with my panties right now, I confidently opened the bathroom door all the way and walked out into my bedroom. Sure enough, both piles of my dirty clothes were gone. I giggled to myself, visualizing my son leaning up against the washing machine – holding himself up with one hand while he stroked his cock with the other. I could probably sneak down there quietly and creep up on him and watch, but, I wanted him to have some quality time and really enjoy the nice presents I gave him. So, I was content to stick to my plan and move to the next tease.

I needed to dry my hair, and any other time, I'd do it in my underwear, or naked. But, I wanted to use the opportunity to tease him some more. It was still too warm and humid in the bathroom after my shower, so, reaching in to pick up my ruffled panties from the bathroom counter, I walked again to the center of my bedroom, faced the door and stood there naked and hairless. If he came up – fine. I'd just make the excuse that I was finished drying off and ready to get dressed and he'd pass it off as purely another coincidence.

I stood there for a minute in my nakedness and listened closely for any sounds from down stairs, but there was nothing. What was he doing down there? My fingers dropped to my pussy and I began to slowly rake my fingertips through my smooth lips and around my clit. I closed my eyes, wishing he'd come up the stairs right now and see me touching myself; wishing he'd stand in the doorway and watch me. And, as this nasty thought made its way through my head, I got bolder – and still with my eyes closed, I dipped my finger into my pussy, feeling the warm, slippery wetness engulf first one, and then two fingers.

I kept it up, touching myself for three or four minutes, hoping I'd open my eyes and he'd be standing there, maybe with my wet panties held to his nose, or even better, maybe he'd be masturbating. I clinched my eyes shut for another few seconds and then opened them suddenly after making a special wish he'd be standing there, but, he wasn't.

I was a little sad, but, there was still so much more to do to him. I'd only barely gotten started.

To be continued.

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