tagIncest/TabooMommy's Boy Ch. 02

Mommy's Boy Ch. 02



Joe Jarvis ran down the wing as fast as his muscular legs could carry him, his tight sexy ass juggling inside his skimpy soccer shorts, the ball at his feet before passing it to a team mate. A few tackles later and the ball sailed through the air back towards Joe who was in the box and rose majestically to head it towards goal, giving the opposing team's keeper not a hope in hell's chance of saving it. Joe gave out a cry of triumph as his header crashed into the net, raising his arms and turning to receive the congratulatory hugs and kisses from his team mates, the football pitch being the only place in the world where grown men could openly kiss each other without anyone so much as batting an eyelid.

Joe's mother Donna, along with the families of the other players and members of the general public, stood on the touchline of the amateur Sunday League match and clapped and cheered, delighted for her son and admiring his sporting prowess, not to mention his physical attributes. Though there were twenty-one other hunky young men displaying nice tight shorts-clad asses, Joe's was definitely the best, as was the entire rest of him, his strong athletic legs and his beautiful handsome face, Joe having been one of those lucky sods who had gone through adolescence without so much as a single spot.

Football in this weather calls for lots of enthusiasm, Donna mused, as she snuggled into her coat and wrapped her scarf tightly around her neck. It was a misty November morning and the chill wind confirmed beyond doubt that winter was well and truly on it way. When the players had trooped out at the start of the match, she had been grateful for her coat, thinking how cold the men looked in their shorts and thin shirts, rubbing their hands together and jumping up and down where they were as they got into their positions and waited for the referee to signify the start of the match.

Now, however, the game was over, the final whistle having gone five minutes after Joe scored and, thanks to his goal, his team trooped off to the changing room in victory, having seen off the opposition by three goals to two. Joe saw his mother smiling at him from the touchline and ran over to speak to her, making no attempt to disguise the beginnings of a bulge in the front of his shorts.

"Hi mom," he said, sweating profusely and still getting his breath back, "enjoy the match?"

"I sure did," replied Donna who was not really a football fan, didn't know the first thing about it, but was only too happy to watch Joe running around in his tight skimpy shorts and knowing that when she got home she would have her son's divine ass all to herself. It was now five years since they had become incestuous lovers after Joe had seduced her one afternoon and although she had been reluctant at first to enter a taboo relationship with her own son, she now couldn't believe how reticent she had been. The last five years had been the most magical time of her life, no more having to go out to clubs and pubs to find a one-night stand just to get a good shag, Joe had pledged his undying love to her right from the start and in that he had never wavered. And the sex was unbelievable!

Joe winked at his mother, a tell-tale sign that he couldn't wait to get her home, and then headed off back to the changing room, again treating Donna to another scintillating view of his tight shorts showing off his ass cheeks to spectacular advantage. Joe's team had been dressed in their customary all blue kit and the silky shorts hugged Joe's buns while the seam in the material heightened the long narrow cleft of his ass crack. Donna licked her lips and went back to the car to wait for Joe to get himself cleaned up and changed, trying to imagine what it must be like in the changing room with eleven sweaty footballers all naked under the showers and no doubt comparing cock sizes into the bargain, even though they were all heterosexual - or so Donna assumed. It never entered her mind to think that some of these great hulking lads might possibly be gay.

Half an hour later, the players began to emerge from the changing room, Joe walking behind a couple of team mates and now dressed in a pair of jeans, sweatshirt and zip-up hooded jacket to ward off the cold. Donna's mouth filled with saliva again, it didn't seem to matter what Joe wore, he was the type of young man who would look sexy in anything, just as he did when he was in the nude.

Joe stopped and had a few words with the other guys which Donna couldn't hear before taking his leave of them and then hurried over to the car and smiled at his mother as he opened the door. "Want me to drive, mom?"

"I don't mind driving," replied Donna, "you must be tired after all that football."

"Not as tired as all that," said Joe, grinning and climbing into the car and planting his now jeans-clad ass into the passenger seat, "if you get my meaning," he added, lasciviously, slamming the door behind him.

Donna smiled as they accelarated away from the sports ground. Donna was finding it difficult to keep her eyes on the road when Joe was sporting such an enormous bulge in his jeans immediately next to her and when they were out on the open road with no other traffic about, he went a stage further, unzipping his jeans and taking out his aroused prick.

"Oh darling," said Donna, risking a glance at Joe's engorged membrane as he peeled back his foreskin, exposing his pink well-rounded knobhead, "you'll make me have an accident."

Joe grinned and zipped himself back up. "Just teasing you, mom," he said, "I can't wait to fuck you again. Nothing better than a great game of football before a hot round of sex."

"Sweetheart, you are one hell-of-a-horny sod. It's only twelve hours or so ago since you last gave me a good seeing to."

"Yeah," replied Joe, "and what a seeing to! I'll have to try and make to-day's even better. Did you enjoy looking at my ass in my shorts while I was out on the pitch?"

"I sure did, sweetheart," his mother replied, "though some of your team mates and the other side had great asses too. Probably still do."

Joe laughed. "Yeah, mom, I suppose they have, but then I don't really look at men's bums, they're not my thing."

Joe was well used to Donna's ass fetish by now, after five years of her telling him what a nice bottom he had and the many times she had touched it up, rimmed it and fucked it with her strap-on, he couldn't be anything else. Donna felt sure that Joe could easily take another man's prick up his ass, however, but she never voiced this fantasy to her son, it could ruin the beautiful relationship they had.

But it still remained a fantasy of hers when she was masturbating on her own while Joe was at work or out jogging by himself through the lanes near their home. In her vivid horny imagination, Joe would be licking her cunt while another one of those hunky footballers came up naked behind him and rammed her son's asshole with his thick fuck pole ...


Donna shook herself out of her reverie as they got home and entered the house, just in time to escape the first drops of a miserable grey rain and grateful the timer for the central heating had worked and the house was lovely and cosy and warm. It was nice to think that they had the rest of the day to themselves with no need to go out into the cold again. And even if the heating had not been on, they both knew plenty of other ways to keep each other warm.

As soon as the door closed behind them, Joe folded Donna into her arms and kissed her full on the lips. They snaked their tongues into each other's mouths in a deep incestuous snog and Donna giggled to herself when she thought of some of the other footballers' mothers she'd been chatting to on the touchline while the match was in progress and how they would probably all be shocked to know what their sons' team mate was up to now with his own beloved mother.

"So soon," said Donna, as her hands snaked round to grope Joe's magnificent buttocks, still nice and tight through his jeans.

"No time like the present, mom," Joe replied, "you know you're always up for it. Let's get undressed."

They didn't even waste time going up to the bedroom but removed their clothes where they were in the lounge, letting them fall haphazardly onto the thick fluffy carpet that stretched from wall to wall and helped make the house even more cosy. After five years, neither Donna nor Joe felt any shame nor embarrassment in their full frontal nudity as Joe lead his mother over to the sofa and gently laid her down, lifting her legs in the air.

"Lick me, sweetheart," said Donna, "I really need to feel your tongue again in my cunt."

Joe didn't say a word, he buried his head in his mother's muff and opened his mouth, sticking out his tongue and running it up and down the groove between the two soft cunt lips. It was, as Donna has said earlier, only twelve hours or so since they had last had sex but each session was always treated as if it was the first and Joe was again determined to show Donna how much he loved her by making this the best cunt licking of her entire life.

"OOOh, sweetheart," squealed Donna as Joe found the hard nub of her clit and he once again began to encircle his tongue around it, "lick it hard. You are so good at this."

Joe continued to lick his way in and around Donna's cunt for ten minutes or more, every now and then giving his hard cock a tug and allowing gobs of pre-cum to emerge from his piss slit. He was delighted by the beguiling sounds of Donna's unlady-like moans and whimpers, letting him know he was doing the job correctly. After another ten to fifteen minutes of non-stop cunt-licking, Donna placed her hands on Joe's head and drew her up towards him.

"You nearly got me going there, son," she said, "but I don't want to cum yet."

"No, mom," agreed Joe, "we've got the rest of the day to enjoy ourselves. How about showing me how much you love me now."

Joe pulled Donna up from the sofa and she got on her knees in front of her son as Joe stood in front of her with his hard throbbing cock in his hand, eagerly anticipating another hot maternal blowjob ...


Donna sucked Joe's prick so hard, her cheeks caved in as little gagging sounds emanated from her mouth as the head of her son's thick rod hit the back of her throat. Donna had sucked lots of cocks in her time, before she and Joe became lovers, and was an expert in the art of full blown oral sex and never disappointed her offspring, she absolutely adored sucking and tasting the prick that she had created. Joe's father had slung his hook as soon as he'd impregnated her and Donna had hated him for years for that but now she thanked him profusely for giving her such a beautiful and considerate lover.

Outside, the weather had deteriorated, the rain descending in torrents from dark oppressive clouds and lashing against the windows with loud staccato thuds. Donna and Joe curled into the warmth of their home as they happily let the world go by in an afternoon of hardcore incestuous sex. Donna couldn't think of a better way to spend a gloomy Sunday, watching her twenty-three years old sporting son expertly and enthusiastically playing football in the morning and then having lots of taboo sex with him in the afternoon.

Joe's balls were bubbling up with spunk as he continued to press his prick deep into Donna's mouth. Donna was beside herself with maternal pride as she sucked and tasted Joe's fat rod, excited beyond belief that it was her son's cock and not that of some no mark she'd had to put up with up to five years previously. Sex just went on getting better and better nowadays, thanks to Joe.

Joe let out a cry as he felt his first orgasm of the day approaching, After having flooded his mother's cunt with his seed the night before, he had resisted the temptation to have a wank when he woke up that morning and was now just about ready to blow another full load.

"I'm gonna cum, mom," he said, pulling his prick out of Donna's mouth and throwing his head back as he felt the sensations starting, "oh yeah, here it is, mom, it's all yours."

With that, Joe rocked back and forth on his strong athletic legs as he tossed himself off, his first spurt landing on Donna's face and his second on her chin. Donna loved being spunked over and she lifted her head, closing her eyes as she waited to receive every drop of her beloved son's spunk.

Joe's grunts and groans grew louder with each spew of his load. Donna gasped with excitement and pleasure as she felt her son's warm blasts rain down on her.

When he had finished, Joe looked down at Donna to see his mother's face coated in layer upon layer of his rich cream, her countenance temporarily disfigured as she savoured the thrill of another of Joe's stupendous cumshots.

But the best was yet to cum ...


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