tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersMommy's Boy? Ch. 02

Mommy's Boy? Ch. 02


I skipped home from school, an expression of the giddy joy I'd felt for the last week. I'd gone from a pansy boy who got teased after school to my mommy's special sissy, who was swathed in the finest femininity the moment I got home. It was delicious, intoxicating even, and I was almost bursting with joy.

I'd learned so much in the last week! I could slip into a bra and stockings and panties just as well as any "real" girl could, and I was getting the hang of makeup. My girly voice was coming along -- puberty hadn't affected me all that much, anyway. And I was learning how to do all kinds of girly things -- my favorite was serving mommy tea.

Serving the tea was already a special duty for me. I loved my "tea dress" best: it was a candy pink dress with short, pouffy sleeves. The neckline was a bit low and square-cut, with white lace edging. I wore lots of crinoline under it, so that it pouffed out nicely. White stockings encased my milky-smooth legs; although I wanted to show them off, the silk of the stockings was just too wonderful to forego.

I bounced in the door, every skipping step toward mommy's bedroom making me feel more girly, and more giddy with anticipation. Mommy looked up from her cooking and giggled, laugh at her silly little sissy. I smiled back. "Hi mommy!" I drew out the "o," trying to sound girly and sweet.

With a quick movement, she was at my side, tickling me. A peal of laughter rang through the house, as two girls played. After a moment, though, mommy straightened her back and raised an eyebrow. "Is my little sissy ready to get dressed?"

"Yes, yes, yes!" I exclaimed, jumping up and down and clapping my hands. Mommy took me by the hand and led me through the kitchen, down the hallway, and to her room. I took off my clothes as soon as I entered, and she led me to the bathroom. Every day, she "eased my excitement" before I got dressed. She never removed a stitch of her own clothing -- just a few quick strokes into the toilet, and I was ready to dress. My favorite part, though, was how she'd rub my ass, her finger pressing slowly into my anus. It sent shivers up my spine and made my knees quiver.

Today was slightly different. Today, mommy put a latex glove on her right hand. I looked at her, inquiring.

"You've been such a good, trusting sissy so far, darling. Do you still trust your mommy?"

"Of course, mommy," I said. "You're my mommy!"

"OK. What I'm going to do will make you feel very good, but it might be a little uncomfortable at first. You just have to relax and trust your mommy. OK?"


Mommy took out a container of Vaseline from the cabinet above the sink. She took out a big glob of it, and grinned -- almost a little wickedly, I thought.

"Now, my little sissy," mommy said softly. "Bend over, and relax your anus. Pretend you're pushing out."

I did so. I couldn't imagine what she was going to do, but the way she rubbed my butt had been so, so good. I wondered what would happen as she spread my cheeks with her left hand and began rubbing the Vaseline onto my anus. I quickly found out! Mommy slowly worked her greasy middle finger into my butt! I gasped and clenched in surprise. "Oh!"

"Does it hurt, sissy? Please relax and unclench -- I promise it will feel very good. Just relax."

"No, it doesn't hurt, I was just surprised, mommy. I'll try to relax," I said from my bent-over position.

She gradually eased her finger into me, and I savored the feeling. I couldn't begin to describe it, but I instantly knew I wanted more, to feel fuller. As if reading my mind, mommy slowly pulled her middle finger out; when she came back in, she used two fingers. "Mmmmm.... my sissy seems to be enjoying this."

It was true, her fingers were driving me wild. My tiny penis, though not hard, was leaking pre-cum like a faucet; I felt a wild tingling in my belly, and my knees were weak. "Oh goodness, mommy, it's so good!"

Mommy pulled out and pushed in again, and began a slow, steady rhythm. In and out, in and out. Her two middle fingers sliding into my anus completely unopposed. Then she did something else. After a few long, slow strokes, when she was all the way inside me, she bent her fingertips up and tickled me. I didn't have time to think, to realize what she was doing. Fireworks exploded behind my eyes, and I exploded, too, my shrimpy, still-soft dick exploding cum into the toilet. I clenched and unclenched, spasming in mommy's two fingers deep inside me, tickling me in my absolutely most sensitive sissy-spot. I knew she would never touch my little sissy cock again; I didn't want her to, as long as she'd keep putting her fingers inside me!

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