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Mommy's Caged Boy Toy


This may be the best story I've ever written yet. Please comment and rate. I want to know what was good about it and what I can improve. Thank you now enjoy!


It's been 4 months since I fell in love with my new domme, Miesha. I was at the time a horny, broke, 18 year old college student and she was a 41 year old divorced woman with no kids. We naturally gravitated to each other when we met at the mall and we never looked back. She always had a flair for having this kind of spicy attitude but it was subtle which I really liked. When I found out how much spiciness she had in the bedroom, I was intoxicated on her lust. Just on our first hookup after date night at Cheesecake factory, she whipped some handcuffs out of her nightstand drawer and fastened my hands to the headboard of her bed before I even realized it. She then gave me the craziest blowjob I've ever gotten then road me out until I couldn't take it any more as I felt her pussy clenching my cock an uncountable number of times from orgasm. I received the most intense orgasm of my life and that point on, it was bliss.

3 months after that, things were flying. I was being blindfolded, gagged, or forced to wear headphones while bound in chains or leather restraints being used as her personal fuck toy. Getting to go to her place after college classes each day became the best part of my life. She offered to let me move in with her that fast into the relationship and how could I not say no? Getting free room while enjoying the best relationship I could ever ask for was a no brainer. I moved in and everything went smoothly accept she had two conditions.

Miesha really enjoys taking care of me. She does almost everything for me such as cooking, cleaning up, doing laundry, helping with homework, and even likes to shave me and soap me down in the shower. It's like I'm a child or precious artifact to her. When I moved in, she told me to start calling her "Mommy". I guess I was into that and I began doing so. She also began mandating a new sexual task.

The night I moved in, she presented me a gift. Unwrapping it, I found in my hands the box to a chastity cage. It was heavy being made of stainless steel with one base ring and a spiked ring to hold it in place as well as a long urethral tube. I was nervous but she promised to make sure it stayed clean and a spare set of keys would stay in her safe protected by a number pad she would give me the code to if I needed an emergency release and then would change the passcode after. I agreed and together, we fitted both rings on and the sheath fitted on my cock easily. The urethral was the worst but we managed to get it in to where I could use the restroom without spraying down the place while not in discomfort from using it.


The first month so far has been both good and bad. Miesha agreed to have me milked either daily or every other day by whatever method she desired. What she said in return for the favor is that none of my milkings would ever be purely pleasurable. I wholeheartedly was thankful and agreed to it because I'm a full of testosterone teenager that needs his balls drained or else I would go crazy. Miesha's done a lot of different techniques on me. Her preferred version is the prostate milking. She'll usually have my arms, torso, and legs bound in leather on the bondage table. She will then remove my chastity cage and shove a prostate vibrator up my ass. After, she will put on gloves on her hands but would soak them in numbing cream. She then uses her hands on my cock like milking a cow's teat with the vibrator turned up pretty high. Because of the cream, I only get this strange pulling feeling on my genitals that feels more like an itch rather than pleasurable. The prostate massager always makes me cum hard though and while I don't get a physical feeling of orgasm, I can feel its mental effects.

The strangest way and by far the most painful is her estim kit. She's only used it 7 times this month and for good reason. During the estim milking, she'll make me soak in the bath tube for a while. I'm then commanded to get out where she leads me into the bedroom with a towel spread out on the floor. She removes my chastity cage and replaces it with a plastic one lined with electrodes. An electric anal probe is also inserted and my balls are fitted into a funny, latex trap with 2 metallic prongs. She wires it all up to her control box and then begins shocking me repeatedly with a very intense electricity. While pleasurable, the pain from the repetitive electric shocks far outweighs any feelings of orgasm and I then jet out onto the towel multiple times.

The most intense is her milking machine. It's like a surge milker with a custom milking receiver. With a max vacuum of over 9 psi, it basically lubes my shaft and goes to cycling my cock through near excruciating levels of suction with no mercy. The first orgasm or two is so overpowering, I usually scream out of the oversensitivity so I'm ball gagged but by then, it's only been 10 minutes and any more orgasms would become too pleasurable in Meisha's eyes. She's only used that on me 3 times and I don't look forward to those because it usually means I've done something wrong such as not putting my clothes in the hamper or making a bad college assignment grade and does it serve a good punishment as it's not only physical draining but mentally as I feel like I'm a lab rat with it on.

When I'm not being taken care of or being milked, Meisha is using me for her pleasure. She often ties me up almost immobily on her bed with me blindfolded and then sits on my face. If I want to breathe, it means I have to lick her clit which I do. It's pretty awesome hearing and feeling her cum especially the rare times I'm not blindfolded where I get to see her red pussy lips clenching. Feeling all of her pussy juices spray me and tasting it is just the hottest thing. I also enjoy when she forces me to suckle her tits. If I don't kiss, lick, suck, and nibble her breasts properly then I usually don't get my special barbecue sauce on my chicken dinner so I have to work hard.

Cleaning is perhaps the most frustrating part because I'm forced to wear a special neck and wrist belt restraint when in the shower. Miesha usually strips naked and removes the cage. Seeing her stark nude along with feeling her hands clean and soap my whole body and cock up and down always makes me horny and rock hard but I'm not granted sexual pleasure. What's even more of a tease to the denial is when the urethral is soaking with the sterilizer in the disinfectant box for a period of time, she has me sit in the tub with her kissing and grinding up on me or even forcing me to suckle her tits or eat out her pussy but never having my cock stimulated. I guess my cock belonging to Mommy only gets released for milkings if the milking technique requires it.


Today marks a month and hopefully the end of my chastity treatment. As Miesha promised, she would begin using my cock for sex again if I was a good boy. I feel like I have been besides a few broken rules but she is the judge.

Midway through my last class of the day, I get a text message from her.

"When you get home: bedroom, naked, clothes in the hamper, handcuffs on the head board. Put the key on the table and lock yourself in."

I shake at this. I then feel my cock squeeze up against the sheath it's entrapped in and I wince as usual when the small little spikes squeeze against the base of it. Shortly later, I feel the cold precum seep out of the opening of the urethral and soak into my underwear. I'm extremely excited for tonight and joyful.

My last class finishes up and I get in my car, start up, and drive away. I make it back home after a brief trip onto the highway 15 minutes later. I pull in the garage, get out, and basically sprint through the living room into her bedroom. I shut the door not turning the light on and seeing with the little daylight shining through the curtains on the windows. I take off my shoes, strip my shirt off and unbuckle my jeans. My Calvin Klein boxers go with them revealing the shiny, metallic cage fastened to me and my sensitive and tender cock. I pick up my clothes and go into the closet throwing them in the laundry basket. I hustle back over to the bed where I strip it of the covers only leaving the sheets and folding it gently over to the side of the bed on the floor. Reaching in the nightstands, my hands graze the cool metal of the handcuffs and I pull them out with the keys. I set the keys down on the nightstand as demanded and I sprawl out onto the bed.

I wiggle my way up to the headboard and reach my arms back between the several small wooden openings. I run the handcuffs through one of the openings and back over. I push my wrist in one and the link swings in and locks shut. I push on it with my free hand and then slam my wrist into the other cuff, the link clicks and I push back on the headboard tightening it. I'm now free to be used or abused by Mommy.


About 20 minutes later of waiting patiently with my heart pounding, I hear the garage door open up. About a minute after that, the door to the bedroom swings open. Standing in the doorway is Mommy with her hair tied up in a nice bun and in her work skirt attire.

"Hi, Frank." She greets me.

"Hi, Mommy. Glad you're home." I chirp back.

She smiles then drops her computer bag on the floor. She then carefully unbuttons her shirt and slides her skirt off. She shuts the door behind her as her panties come into my view made with black lace. My cock tries to shoot up with its possessive cage holding it at bay. She smiles as she throws off her top. She begins strutting over towards me at a slow pace. Seeing every precious etch and curve on her body only covered by the matching bra and pantie set shows me how much I appreciate her. She undoes the bun on her hair as her jet black hair waves down over her shoulders. She then gets up on the bed laying over top of me. My heart flutters out of my chest and all of my energy focuses on her.

"How was my boy today?" She murmurs.

Surprisingly, she kisses my neck instead of my mouth. The warm, soft brush of her lips pressed plushly on my tender neck sends deep shivers down my spine. She begins slowly but at a consistent pace caressing my neck then moving over to our lips meeting. Her feminine grace and gentleness racking every fiber of my being.

"I'm fine, Mommy." I respond. "How was work?"

"Stressful as usual but you don't need to be concerned about that." She murmurs and then continues to kiss me.

She then gets off of me and fumbles under the bed. She pulls out the restraints on the end of the bed near my feet. She guides each of my ankles into the straps and tightens them with the velcro.

"Those handcuffs look awfully uncomfortable on you." Meisha mentions.

"Please, Mommy, the metal's cold." I beg.

"I suppose we can do away with them." She agrees.

She takes the keys off the nightstand and unlocks the cuffs. Seeing her breasts so close to my face concealed with only her cleavage visible as she reaches over me begs me to bite at her bra cups but I know I can't or I won't be a good boy and could get the milking machine punishment. I feel the locks click and I slip my hands out. Miesha helps me scoot down the bed pulling on my legs and then gets the other set of straps free from the mattress. Her smooth, silky hands assemble the velcro over each of my wrists and I'm left helpless to her with only limited movement.

"I like my boy at my disposal." She whispers.

"Anything for you, Mommy." I add.

She grins and I can tell it's an evil one. I know what's hopefully about to come. She moves off of me in her once straddling position and walks towards the dresser. Her ass flaunting back and forth in her panties as she walks makes me clench my muscles tight. She digs around in her dresser and pulls a keychain out of it and shuts it holding them up. My heart pounds so strongly, I can't contain it.

"I bet you didn't know these were in there." She mentions.

I shake my head no.

She gets back up on the bed straddling over top of me. Her silky soft hands rub down my belly and over my pelvis. I wiggle in the bondage as she gets close to but doesn't touch my locked up cock. Meisha then holds the ring up with the key now clearly visible in it's tiny, brass state.

"Do you want out?" She asks.

"Please, Mommy." I beg.

"Do you?" She murmurs again in her soft voice.

"Please, Mommy. I want my cock at your service." I continue.

"That's my good boy." She compliments.

I feel the cage moving around and I hear the sound of metallic contact as I look at her work. The key goes in the slot, her brightly polished fingernails turn it a little bit and the locking rod makes its way out. I almost want to sigh in relief knowing I'll finally have a free erection and knowing what's to later happen. Mommy then tugs on my urethral tube and it slides its way out of my urethra. She drops it off the side of the bed and continues to focus on dismantling the device. The 2 prongs holding the sheath are gently wiggled out and the metallic sheath slowly glides over the tender shaft. I wiggle from the touch of its sliding as it eventually comes free.

Instantly, my cock goes from trapped to standing at attention. It's red, swollen, and ready to be used. I feel freedom but also pain as the spiked containment ring holds it solid in place.

Mommy giggles. "I know you'll always like my flawless body."

I grin at her hoping she'll do what I want her to do.

"Do we need the cock ring off as well?" She asks.

"Please, Mommy, the spikes hurt." I plead.

"Really?" She rubs her hand on my cheek.

"Yes, Mommy." I whimper.

"I'm sorry but I don't know if I should let you feel pure pleasure again, my boy." She mentions.

"Please, Mommy, please take it off." I request.

"Hmm. Tell me a compliment that would demand me to do so." She orders.

"Mommy, I love your body. I could kiss you or do anything for your looks. I love your boobs that satisfy me, I love your vagina that I miss so much. I'm your little boy that is always at your service and wish to please and pleasure you." I list.

"That's fair enough." She accepts.

She begins pulling out the rods holding together the 2 piece ring. The spiked ring falls down to the sheets and her fingers pull the base ring over my cock and off. I moan in pleasure from just simply feeling the freedom. I look down to see the imprints of the spikes on the shaft base.

"I'm sorry, my baby." Mommy leans up to me and kisses my forehead. "I won't use spikes on your cock no more. I promise."

"Thank you, Mommy." I kiss her cheek back.

She then gets up and searches for the lube in the nightstand. I see a small bottle in my peripheral pulled from out of the top drawer. She slides the drawer shut and then lays down next to me. The warm presence of her body and skin demand me to cuddle or hug her but I can't in my bondage.

"I'm going to use a water based lube on your penis. It's going to be warm and let my hands glide slowly over you." She whispers.

The whispering triggers massive waves of pleasure through me and my cock stands rigid in front of her. Meisha rubs her hands over my chest and then gently wraps around my cock. Feeling all of her palms and fingers around me without numbing for the first time in a month makes me tingle all over.

"You can cum when you want to. You don't have to ask permission just for once. Just relax, enjoy it, and let your semen flow out of your balls and ejaculate when it wants to." She announces. "I just want my good boy to feel good."

"Thank you so much, Mommy." I beam.

My mind is racing now with signals of pleasure hearing those words. My mental attention suddenly becomes physical when I hear Meisha's bra snap. I turn to see the black bra slide off her chest revealing her 34D firm breasts with long, pink nipples. She then begins to take off her panties commanding my attention. They come off and I see her shaved pussy lips I so desperately want to dive into. She straddles over me stark nude making me more turned on than ever before in my life. She then takes the lube bottle and I feel the drip of the fluid falling onto my glans. I see it seeping onto my cock and dripping down, down, down to the base. My breathe becomes out of pace and ragged which only intensifies as I feel her hands envelop the shaft and glans.

"Ohhhhh!" I groan as she begins rubbing my penis up and down at a slow but erotic and sensual pace.

The lube collects in her hands I feel it spread all over the shaft and glans. Her gentle stroking reaches all the way down to the base and back up over my glans. The feeling is almost like being in her pussy except for the hot walls. I know I won't last long and the cum will let loose by the ounce.

She erotically moans. "You like that?"

"Yes, Mommy." I confirm.

"Yeah, does that feel good?" She questions.

"Yes, Mommy." I answer.

She grins as her hands go to work on the shaft. She then adjusts her grip to where her thumb rubs over my frenulum as the stroke flows upward.

"Oh my god." I can barely murmur and my eyes shut tight.

I enjoy every single finger and stroke of her soft hands and the warm lube flowing all over. I'm not going to last long. My body twitches, my legs shake, I close my eyes and begin groaning and moaning. I feel a deep contraction under my cock and my balls retracting into my body. I feel everything tense up and down at an extremely fast pace. I know it's coming and I can't hold back. All I can feel now is Mommy's soft, warm hands effortlessly gliding up and down my penis along the shaft, up the glans, and rubbing on my sensitive frenulum. Suddenly, I feel my cock spasming so strongly, my body is overtaken in sexual pleasure. I can barely watch as the semen ejaculates out of my glans nearly catching Mommy's face. Five full shots jet out and then a lot more oozes out and travels down the shaft onto my pelvis. My stomach is covered in white, viscous cum and I try catching my breath as I still feel the orgasm taking its course in my mind.

Mommy moans ever so slowly as the cum travels out and over her hands still working on the shaft draining me of every last drop.

"I like watching you cum." She mentions. "Now what do you say?"

"Thank you, Mommy for letting me cum." I praise.

"Your welcome." She moves up to face me and then kisses me.

"Please don't ever lock me in chastity again. I'll be a good boy. I promise." I barely am able to say.

"Maybe so." She mentions.

Mommy then lays down next to me and cuddles me not releasing me from bondage. I feel as if I'm high on the most powerful drug in the world as the afterglow kicks in.

"A caged cock is only fun for so long." She then takes my now flaccid cock still covered in jizz and rubs it in her hands.

"I miss being inside Mommy's pussy." I state.

"I know you do." She kisses me.

Randomly, she begins to jerk my cock fast and aggressively. No time to relax now. I snap out of afterglow and I instantly become hard again.

"Wow, it's go time, baby, isn't it?" She asks.

"Yes, Mommy. Please use my penis." I request.

She then gets up and my glans makes contact with her wet, vaginal lips. Before I can process what's happening, my freak aroused and drained cock is slid deep inside her hot, lubed, wet pussy juices and walls, her pelvis landing onto mine.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous12/21/18

'How could I not say no' is a double negative. He had to say no.
Awful grammar. I noticed road too.
Past tense of to ride is rode.

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by spaceinvader10/31/18


Amazing and so hot. Love Dommy Mommy sissy son stories. I'm so glad he got relief. Sometimes it is nice to get proper relief from chastity.

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by Deejay12109/17/18

Basic story line is good

it is obvious that English is not your first language, the basic story is good, but with an editor checking for grammatical errors and terms and correcting them could be a lot more intense, that is mymore...

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by rdoolittle09/16/18

Alternate ending?

Loved the story...Something said or done just before climax, resulting in a ruined orgasm...Back into chastity.

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by Anonymous09/15/18

1 star


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