tagIncest/TabooMommy's Massage Time

Mommy's Massage Time


"Don. Come here. It's massage time."

The young man rose from the couch, flicked the television off, and trudged up the stairs to his mother's bedroom. As he entered the room, he approached a large king sized bed covered by a bedspread imprinted with little lilac flowers. His mother lay face down on the bed, a beach towel over her buttocks. The rest of her was bare.

This activity had started a couple of years ago. Don was sixteen at the time and his Dad had recently died. Don's mother Lilly had been devastated with her loss and the stress had built up to the point where headaches were a genuine reality. In desperation, she had enlisted the help of her son to provide her with a stimulating rub-down at least once an evening to help her relax.

Often she would simply fall asleep as the boys tender hands rubbed her back and neck, then shifting to her long shapely legs. She was a young 40 year old woman and Don enjoyed touching her soft flesh.

And for the most part, it was an innocent activity. It didn't become more until sometime after his eighteenth birthday.

At first the fall from innocence occurred solely in the young man's mind and imagination. The heat of the afternoon encouraged him to wear a loose fitting pair of gym shorts around the house that day. When his mom called, he rushed to her side and began his usual ritual of kneading her neck muscles. They were particularly tense that day and required a substantial amount of effort on his part to manipulate them to a point of relaxation. Eventually he was able to move to her back and continue his magic work on her tender flesh.

As he worked, he eventually reached the top of the towel. Seemingly innocent, he showed great dedication by massaging further and further downward, pushing the towel over his mother's buttock's as he worked. Tenderly his hands squeezed and caressed her buttocks. His mother in response moved back and forth causing his hand to accidentally slip into the crack between her butt cheeks. A finger inadvertently slipped into her anus. Fearing that he had made a mistake, he froze for a minute without motion until his mother pushed upward and his finger slid further into her hole. When he attempted to pull the finger out, she responded by pushing upward again so the finger slammed to the hilt into her cavity. Then the woman proceeded to wiggle her butt back and forth, squeezing her anus tightly around the finger.

Then Don's mother woke up. "Oh my. I think that's enough for now," she said grabbing her towel around her and rushing into the adjacent bathroom.

The next evening when Don's mother called to him, she was wearing a pair of loose fitting running shorts. She was dreaming about past loves long before his hands had finished massaging down to the top of her shorts. He proceeded to massage her toes. Soon he was moving his efforts up her legs, spending considerable time on her calves. She was a thin woman with sleek skin, soft like velvet with just a trace of hair showing against the angled light from the window.

Don rubbed the upper part of his mother's legs, stroking the insides of the legs as they merged together at the bottom of her shorts. Slipping a hand inside the soft material, he continued massaging her skin, sliding his fingers over the softness of her butt.

As Don continued to slide his hands under the shorts, his mother arched her buttocks upward. His fingers grazed her wetness and he inserted a couple of fingers inside her. She shoved her buttocks upward so the fingers entered deeper into her wet hole. He began to twist his fingers, rubbing his thumb against her front where he felt a little bump. As he touched it, his mother jerked. A moan escaped her mouth.

Again she awoke grabbed a towel around her chest and dashed into the bathroom.

Don wasn't called for a massage for over a week. Eventually it did happen. Don was half asleep on the couch, music playing softly on the stereo, when he heard his name. Rising to a sitting position, he cocked his head listening. Then he heard it again.

"Don, baby, I need you. Come baby."

The voice had such a plaintive tone to it that Don dashed up the steps two at a time wondering what could be the problem. His mother was lying on the bed face down, completely uncovered, her ass reflecting the fading light outside. Her eyes were closed, a soft hum coming from her mouth. Don quickly slipped out of his shorts. Completely naked, he straddled his mother, his penis resting in the indentation between her buttocks.

Leaning over her, he slipped his hands over her shoulders and began the massage. As he rubbed, his penis hardened. Each time he reached forward to rub a shoulder or push down on part of his mother's back, his penis moved along the indentation between the buttocks.

Slowly, the young man's manipulations proceeded down her back. As this happened, he naturally adjusted his seat over his mother's butt downward as well. At one point, his penis slipped off the butt between his mother's legs. When he moved forward to start his massage stroke, his penis slid forward. He felt something wet and pushed further into the wetness. It felt as though a tight glove had gripped him. The sensation was unlike anything he had ever experienced.

He wasn't sure if something was wrong when he heard his mother groan and push back against him. His penis slid further into the wetness. A bit nervous, he pulled back and his penis slid out of the wet glove. He liked the feeling too much to stay out that long. He was a bit afraid that he might hurt his mother, but it did feel so wonderful he just couldn't resist. He pushed back into the wetness. It slipped so easily into the juicy hole. His mother groaned again and pushed back at him. His penis slipped further into the wetness. The sides of the hole were massaging him. He pulled out and then back in again. Each time he did it, the joy of going into the wetness made his insides quiver. Once a while back, he had felt like this just before he threw up. He definitely did not want that to happen this time. It felt too good.

Sometimes when he had shoved his penis all the way into the hole, he let it stay there for a minute quivering. As it did this the sides of the hole seemed to contract, gripping the penis tighter and tighter.

He felt like exploding and grabbed his mother's slender hips to help him push as far as possible into her hole. Something exciting was going to happen, he could tell. His mother was groaning loader and he felt the same way.

Hands on his mother's hips, he slammed into her and started to shake. His penis exploded jerking and jerking. He shot something into his mother, no pee, no this felt so different from that.

Meanwhile his mother screamed some unintelligible words, writhed as though she were a snake plugged into an electric socket. Then she was still. Don slumped over her buttocks and fell asleep.


"Don't you ever ask me that again." Don's mother stood about two feet from him, her lovely bottom resting against the warm stove, her first finger stretched toward him, inches from his face.

"But it would be so much better than what we do now." Don's voice had this pleading tone to it, winsome some might say.

"No, that would be wrong," she exclaimed. "Maybe if you were sick and needed my help. But you're healthy as an ox." She spun away to some eggs cooking on the stove. "You're a bit perverted is all. I'm your mother for goodness sake."

The young man sighed. "I just thought it might give us room in case Aunt Elaine visits us again. It was terrible her being on the couch." He laughed. "I caught her naked that one time. She had her fingers between her legs. Seemed to like it all right."

"Well that's disgusting," the woman said. "You shouldn't snoop around. No way we'll ever sleep in the same bed. It's perverted. I'm your mother." She plopped the eggs and some bacon on a plate and placed it in front of Don.

"You do let me massage you," he said.

"That's different. You're giving me therapy. That's perfectly natural."

The boy shook his head and proceeded to eat his food. "Of course if I was sick that would be different, right? Then you'd need to doctor me. I would need all kinds of comforting that's for sure."

Moments later Don left the house, jumped into his old blue Ford and drove toward school.

That evening after supper, his mom called him to the bedroom. When he arrived, she was laying face down, a large beach towel draped over her buttocks. For a long time, the young man massaged her neck, shoulders, back, feet and legs. He was careful not to venture near the enticing parts that had excited him so much the previous evening.

"My butt is sore," his mother said. "Don't forget to massage it. Don't remove the towel."

The boy followed her instructions to the letter, leaving the towel, but not on her butt. He slid it up, toward her mid-section where it bunched together. Her lovely bottom was now open to his eager eyes. He removed his clothing feeling so much better this way. Besides that would be the only way he might be able to stick his penis in his mother's hole. That was wonderful and he wanted to do it again.

But he knew that she might think him perverted, this need he now possessed. Of course if he did it to help her as part of the massage, maybe it would be like a doctor or nurse, like medicine. His penis would be like an injection. It even squirted right into the hole. It was also a massage for him. While he massaged her neck and legs, she could massage his penis. That's what the hole did as it grasped his penis and squeezed so tightly.

His mother was like a doctor to him because she had helped him feel so much better the other night. He had never slept so well as he did that night. He just wished he could have slept in her arms. As he thought of this, he wondered what it would feel like to touch his mother's breasts. He had never massaged them before. It was about time to start.

After massaging her buttocks for some time, he frequently ventured to that special area where her legs met, a place of wetness. He even slipped a finger into her hole a few times. Each time he did so, she would arch her back so it slipped further into her. She would moan as though the finger was special. All Don could think about was how nice it would feel if his finger was his penis.

Don placed a leg on either side of his mother, sliding forward until his weight rested just behind her bottom on top of her legs. Then he leaned forward and slipped each hand under her chest where her breasts lay. Cupping each mound, he began to squeeze them. Feeling a nipple graze one of his fingers, he rubbed it between thumb and first finger. She groaned and pushed back against his hardening penis nestled just below her pussy.

With her extreme wetness, the tip easily slipped inside her. Pretending that he was not doing this "naughty" activity, he continued to lean forward to "massage" his mother's breasts and each time he rocked forward, his body pushed into his mother's bottom area. Little by little he entered further and further into her pussy.

She was no passive participant to this activity. Each time he rocked forward she did the same thing in reverse. Soon he was hardly even making a pretense of the massage, but was banging back and forth, in and out, his breath ragged, hands at her hips pulling her toward him.

Her moans mixed with his as their frantic activity grew more intense, the collision with each other's privates stronger and the motion faster.

"Touch me down below," Don's mother cried.

So he reached between her legs near where his penis entered her and began to massage a small bump next to his mother's hole.

"Yes!" she cried. "Don't stop."

With each stroke, he rubbed his mother's little button and she screamed and screamed. Her grip on his penis tightened as though she were trying to squeeze an orange or swallow a banana.

They exploded together and then collapsed, their muscles exhausted.

Don did get his wish that night. They spent the entire time together, naked under the blankets, his flaccid penis nestled against her butt cheeks.

Toward morning he hardened again thought of her soft hole, wanting to slide into it again. When he tried, his mother pushed him away.

"Find your own bed you pervert," she said. "This sort of thing isn't right you know. Do you know what we did?"

"You were my teacher, right?" he asked. "You taught me how to sleep better than ever before. You taught me how good it feels to be in your hole. Is it bad to teach your son something new and different and fun."

"I don't know," she said at last. "It's called fucking. Have you ever heard of that before."

"Oh yes," he said. "Even a Catholic school has some girls that will do that. I never knew it would be so good before." He kissed the back of his mother's neck, his hand stroking a breast.

She never stopped him and when he reached between her legs, she simply moved them apart. His penis soon was probing her hole again, the tip worming its way into the entrance. She turned onto her back. Soon he was over her, his penis probing her entrance from the front this time.

As he slid further and further into her hole, the softness of it closed around his penis with this pressure, encircling him, pulling him inward. She arched upward and he slammed into her all the way. While he had loved entering his mother's hole from behind, this was even better. He was face to face with her and he had easy access to her soft breasts. Bending over, his mouth covered a breast, his tongue encircling a nipple, flicking it. Yet he never stopped his thrusting motion. As he did this, moans rose from his mother's mouth.

Yet she never said a word, just lay on the bed naked, her body convulsing. As one orgasm passed through her, another began to build.

Don didn't want any of this to end. Each stroke sent shivers up his spine. When his mother would convulse with yet another release, he simply shoved himself all the way inside her and held his penis there feeling her cavity gripping him, pulsating around him. He knew that he would soon explode and shoot his juices inside her.

It happened at the perfect time, just as his mother was convulsing with another powerful orgasm, her body writhing under his, he shot into her. Spasm after spasm gripped his body as he shot load after load into the womb that bore him.

That night they again slept together naked. It was the start of something that Don intended to be part of their continuing life together.


"He's such an innocent boy," Don's mother said. "Didn't even know about the birds and bees." She smiled at her younger sister, Elaine. "It's hard for a mother with a young man, hormones strong. I'm just glad he hasn't gotten some girl pregnant."

"Have you had a mother-to-son chat yet?" Don's aunt asked.

Don's mother didn't respond for a long while. "Not exactly a chat," she said at last. "Frankly I don't know how to talk about this sort of stuff. He's at that Catholic school and none of the nuns will tell him anything. He doesn't have many friends. It's pretty much just the two of us." She laughed. "Not that I mind or anything. I love my son. It's nice he likes to spend time at home."

"It's been lonely since Pete died, hasn't it?" Don's aunt asked.

"Yes it has. I don't know what I'd do without my son."

"Maybe you should show him about the birds and the bees?"

"Show him?"

"You know what I mean, handsome hunk like him. I'd almost like to try him out myself. You better not let me be alone with him. He wouldn't be innocent very long."

"Oh you," Don's mother said. "He isn't a virgin anymore. I do know that much."

"Really? How do you know that?"

"He doesn't know what a virgin is actually," his mother said. "He's just a passionate kid with lots of love in his heart."

"Then how come you know he isn't a virgin?" Don's aunt didn't respond for several minutes. "Something's happened between you two hasn't it?"

"Goodness," his mother said anger in her voice. "Do you think I'm some kind of pervert?"

"No," his aunt responded calmly. "I think you're a lonely woman who loves her son and I'm sure he loves you just as much. So you've had fun a few times, big deal."

"Well I'm not like that," she said. "He massaged me a few times, that's all. Nothing else."

"Sure," Don's aunt said a strange smile on her face. "I've been around the block a few times. I can smell this sort of thing ten miles away, knew something was up the minute I walked in the door."

"And what should I do about all this now?"

"Let him stay with me a few days until you sort things out, know how you feel. Hey if you love the kid, I'm not going to stop you. But you should be sure."

"And what are you going to do alone with him in your one bedroom apartment?"

"That's our business. You think about it. Then you decide what you want. And maybe, he'll have some fun with someone else and he can think of all his options. Maybe he just needs a girl closer to his own age."

"Maybe," Don's mother muttered to herself.

Don had heard enough. He had arrived home a bit early, noticed his aunt's car in the driveway, and had slipped into the house unobserved. Now it was time to be noticed, so he stepped out of the hallway into the kitchen where his mother and aunt were talking.

"Hi all," he said with a smile. "What's up?" Both of the lovely ladies glanced up at him a crimson color deepening their faces.

Don spent the night in his Aunt's apartment.

When Elaine unlocked the door, the two of them entered a clean but extremely small residence -- two rooms -- a living room and kitchen rolled into one and a bedroom. A small bathroom was tucked into the corner of the bedroom.

"You can have the couch if you want," Elaine said. "Or you can sleep with me. My bed isn't that big but the company will be great." She gave Don this smirk that should have been obvious in its meaning but simply went right over his head.

"I can't sleep. I'll just watch a bit of TV," he said sprawling on the couch, legs propped up on a cushioned chair.

His aunt disappeared into the bedroom, returning moments later clad in a clinging nightie that barely covered her buttocks. She wore no bra or underpants. Don's eyes were fastened to her, observing her youthfulness, the sheen to her skin, the dark mystery where her legs joined. She was a natural blond and no amount of sun tan could hide it.

Plopping beside the young man, the two of them watched the inanity of the crowd pleasing evening show. The myriad of smiling faceless stars paraded on the screen. The entertainers knew the perfect moves, the exact words to cause the crowd to squeal its pleasure. This was show business at its highest point, ripe with naked breasts bared in a way no Catholic school child had every seen before. The animal trainer had brought a cage of snakes, real imitations, not found in any of the artificial zoos.

Together Don and his aunt watched the show, both their thoughts on something else. Don was no longer the innocent his mother had raised. She herself had seen to that. The lion was out of its cage. He knew where the magic sauce was hidden – in the folds of a silk night gown, between the soft hair of a moist vagina. Oh yes, he had tasted of the nectar and it agreed with him. He simply wanted more.

All of this and more swirled around the young man and his aunt as they sat passively watching the television. Then she turned to him, her breasts open before his hungry eyes. Their lips touched. A tongue slipped from his mouth entwining hers, hungry for the taste of her special bounty, the need within her eyes that demanded satisfaction. A hand slid under the silky material, up the softness of skin, fastening on a breast.

"Let's go to bed," she whispered.

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