tagIncest/TabooMommy's Panties Ch. 02

Mommy's Panties Ch. 02


Please read the Part 1 for a better enjoyment of the story. I appreciate the feedbacks which includes suggestions to complete the rest of the story.

I looked at Mom and with my cock still berried in her pussy and I could feel my cock starting to rise with her proposition. Mom gave a wicked smile and said "You don't have to answer that my darling. I think I already know. But I thought perhaps my son would like a blowjob first?" She asked as I pulled out.

"What?... Oh, sure." I haven't even thought about it, so focused was on the imminent prospect of Mom's adorable ass.

"Well if you don't want one..."

"I do want one." I said while standing on the bed.

Mom smiled and kneeled in front of me and said, "I really want to suck your cock." As first a hand and then her mouth closed around my cock, I held back and closed my eyes as fingers, nails, teeth, lips and a very active tongue worked in concert to elicit my second orgasm of the morning.

"Do you like having your balls licked?" she asked, after popping my cock from her mouth.

"Yes Mom ... mmmh ..."

Her hand continued to stroke me as her nimble little tongue danced around my balls, bathing them in her sweet saliva.

"You...have...such...a....beautiful....boy-cock," she said between licks.

"Suck it then Mom." I was beginning to get a little more adventurous.

"Do you want to come in my mouth?" she asked, letting my cock slither out of her mouth and watching it bob up and down expectantly in front of her face. "Come in my mouth and let me taste your sweet sap, and swallow it down into my tummy. Mommy is starving."

"Yes. Yes...I want to come in your hot mouth," I babbled out, poking my cock at her lips.

Then with a lecherous smile, she opened her mouth and quickly sucked me back inside. Gently, Mom began to suck on my cock, complemented by wet, slurping noises escaping from her warm, motherly mouth. I was amazed she managed to get as much of me in her mouth and the feeling was wonderful as she brought her hands down to cradle my balls for a gentle squeeze. While sucking me she lifted them in her hot hand, rolled them around, lovingly squeezing and fondling their rubbery-ness. She took me out of her mouth and ran my engorged length along her lips, stopping to kiss and lick at the tip. Her eyes were closed now and she seemed to really be getting into this. Then she plunged me back in again, applying greater suction this time; her energized sighs becoming clearly louder. My cock filled her mouth with its hardness as it sawed in and out, yet she did not complain. Running her tongue over the spongy mushroom-shaped cock-head, she tickled and toyed with the notch of the corona at the most sensitive spot. It dawned on me that I was approaching climax, not really thinking about the consequences of ejaculating my hot semen into her mouth, I reached down to touch her smooth breasts and it sent me over the edge.

"Damn ... damn ... Mother ... oh ... It's ... Oh ... Mother ... I feel ... Oh ... Mother ... I Feel It Commminnngggg," I grunted and groaned, "Oh ... Mother...I'm Going to...Oh...Damn...damn...here it...Come...Watch Out...I'm Going to come...come in your mouth...Mother... HERE IT COMES!"

Then instinctively, I tried to pull my cock out of her mouth, but she held my throbbing penis imprisoned in the hot, wetness of her mouth as the first gusher of my thick, hot semen bolted out into her mouth. Then I realized she was serious regarding drinking my cum. My body tensed and I griped her head with both hands holding her firmly in place as my cum blasted the back of her throat. I felt Mom's mouth clench down around my cock as she gulped down the first load of gummy cum. She looked up into my eyes, as she greedily sucked my juices down as fast as I could shoot them. My body was writhing as she continued to suck down every drop of my cum without sparing it as a starved bitch.

"That was amazing Mom!" I exclaimed as Mom let my dick fall from her mouth and licked her lips.

Letting my still-hard prick slither out of her mouth, she looked up at me.

"It's not getting soft," she grinned, wrapping her hand around spit-covered shaft and squeezing it.

"Yeah...it wants more action," I grinned.

"Yeah...and she too," she laughed, dipping a finger down into her drooling cunt. "You taste good, honey! Did you like that? Does baby want more, huh?" She looked deep into my eyes before returning to my softening dick and sucking me clean, "now it's your turn," she said and with that mom and I got up and she went to doggy position on the bed. She then bent over, placing her head on the pillow, sticking her ass out for me to admire.

"What are you waiting for?" she asked looking over her shoulder. "Get on your knees and take Mommy."

I was a little taken with Mom's straightforward attitude, but it turned me on to no end. I fell to my knees behind her and soon found myself face to face with her beautiful ass. I could smell her intoxicating scent as I inched my way forward.

"Honey, make Mommy ready for your monster. But just take it easy. Your old Mom hasn't been ass fucked in a long time but I just know it's going to be good with your boy-cock!!!"

"Just a second, Mom," I said looking at her delicious derriere "Part it for me for a minute and give me a taste of that lovely asshole before I put my cock in there."

"Mmmhhh! My boy want to taste my forbidden charms. You will love it darling." She complied and crawled backwards on her knees, while reaching behind with her hands and pulled apart her ass cheeks, displaying her tight, reddish-brown asshole. Each backward movement she made with her knees pulled her cheeks apart invitingly as her loins moved closer to my waiting mouth. She stopped with her beautiful ass and pussy spread wide right in front of my face, her wrinkled nether eye winking at me invitingly. I could smell her in the air and it was enticing.

"Oh, yeah, Mom," I moaned, "you are driving me crazy with those ass-winks." Placing my hands on the smooth ass-cheeks directly in front of me, I stretched them apart as wide as they would go, making her asshole actually protrude slightly from the wet crevice between her creamy ass-globes.

Pulling her ass toward my face, I inhaled the musky aroma and opened my mouth and pressed the lips to her puckered pinky. Mom gave a shriek and bucked forward, but I held fast on her hips and pulled her right back onto my hungry mouth.

"Ooooo," she cooed as my wet tongue touched her sensitive pink ring.

"Do you like that?" I asked, taking short laps at her asshole.

"Fuck yes! Stick your tongue right up my asshole!"

Spreading her cheeks wide, I did my best to shove my tongue inside her as she continued her whorish talking.

"Do it! Fuck! Lick that asshole baby! Eat my fucking ass!"

I sealed my open mouth against her closed anus and licked it lovingly and tickled the very center of her tight little rosette with the tip of my probing tongue. The taste of her was quite a turn on as I eagerly lapped up her ass-crack. Then I pressed my tongue hard against the center of her tight ring of ass-opening. By now my probing tongue and saliva had loosened her tight sphincter and the tongue slid nicely into the warm silky passage. I tongue-fucked in and out of the squeezing hole, enjoying Mom's little moans and gasps this has caused. I kept my lips pressed around the musky opening and continued to manipulate her anus with my tongue, just like I was kissing her mouth. Yes, I was literally frenching my mother's rectal mouth.

"Oooohhh Babieee!" Mom let a long, lusty sigh escape her throat as she felt my tongue probe deeper and deeper into her inflamed anus, "it feels great darling ... Mommy goes nuts ... mmhhg ..." Then I removed one of my hands from her buttocks and guided the fingers to take hold of her swollen clit. Shivers shot deliciously through her body as her clit was tweaked and lightly pinched.

"Aaaaahhhhh ... squeeze my clit ... squeeze it, baby!" she screamed. "Ooooohhhhh, that's sooooo goooood ... tongue-fuck my ass, lover!"

I loved the clatter of my mother's sexual excitement. I squeezed harder on her throbbing clit, sticking my tongue as deep into her shit-chute as it would go giving relentless pleasure to her pleading body.

Removing my tongue from her anus, I pushed her sex-stunned body forward. "Okay, Mom, now get ready for the real thing," I said.

"Oh yes baby," She whispered, "Please get some K-Y Gel or something. Mommy needs good lubrication. Please honey?"

"I won't hurt you Mom, you are lucky. I've got some K-Y Gel I use for masturbation." I reached for the night stand and retrieve the K-Y tube in no time.

"You're a dirty boy", she said, looking at me. "I like that ... uhhh baby ... I need you inside me now," Mom pleaded, "give me your big cock! Stretch my ass wide with it."

"Thanks for the compliment Mom, now part your cheeks," which she obeyed willfully. Then I put some of the K-Y on the middle finger of my right hand and inserted it to her waiting rectum. She jumped a little with the coolness but nicely parted her ass-cheeks for me. With two fingers, I began to massage the lube into Mom's anus, gently pressing a fingertip into the declivity with each pass until it yields. As soon as the finger slips past the knot of her sphincter, I squirt more lube onto the surrounding area and worked my finger in tight circles. Then my middle finger followed. After probed around for a few minutes, I withdrew the finger and then coated my cock liberally with gel.

Meanwhile she moved back down toward my erect cock until her hips were positioned in line with my throbbing prick. She said "Here let me help." She griped my thick tool in her fist and guided my cock into the opening of her ass while mom fingered her own pussy. Placing the tip there, she began to slowly but steadily apply the full weight of her hips on my dick. "Go gentle at first," she cautioned. "It's been a long time since I've done this."

A groan escaped from my mouth as I felt the sensitive head of my cock contact the hot wrinkled flesh of Mom's anus. I reciprocated by thrusting my hips forward and watched in pleasure the bulbous head of my boy-cock spread open the tight ring of rectal muscle and gradually enter my mothers forbidden anal passage.

As the head of my cock passed on into her squeezing shit-chute, she threw her head back and howled at the burning sensation it created in her sensitive passage. Nevertheless, she wiggled her hips to help ease it into her ass, loving every sensation of the hot cock head intruding into her bowels after a long absence.

"Aaaaahhhhh ... it hurts you motherfucker ... ooohhh ... but still it feels so goooooood in my tight ass-hole darling," she grunted, "be gentle and keep on pushing honey ... ooooohhhhh ... I love it, I love this long awaited pleasurable pain!"

"You want me to stop Mom?" I asked.

"No I want you to be gentle. For Gods sake let me adjusted to it before you fuck my ass," she was pleading, "come on son keep on going till you burry in full."

She reached back and grabbed her ass-cheeks with both hands and spread them widely apart to help accommodate more of my cock. I enjoyed the lovely view of Mom's rectum opening wider and wider as my cock gradually disappeared inch by inch into her tender ass-hole.

"Oh fuck honey. Your cock is splitting my asshole open. Keep fucking me you motherfucker. Shove that big prick up my fucking ass! You're making me fucking cum..... Oh fuckkkkkkkk!!!!"

"Yeah, Mom! Squeeze it in there! Squeeze my cock into that tight ass ... uuhhggh ... it's heaven Mom ... I'm in heaven," I cried in unbearable pleasure. Her ass continued to suck in more and more of my hot cock-flesh. I was stretching her entire rectum with my intruding prick.

"It's not heaven baby. It's your Mommy's tight ass-hole you prick," she was giggling now, "enjoy your first anal-fuck my darling, enjoy to the fullest." Then she buried her face in her pillow as she pushed her hips backward, forcing her asshole to swallow the entire length of my cock.

"I'm such a whore!, Oooohhh ... yeah ... I'm such a whore to get butt fucked by my own son!, I'm such a whore!, Yeah baby, your mother is such a fucking whore!!!" She hissed rapidly as my meat invaded her smooth, tight tunnel.

I worked my hips back and forth slowly, giving her time to adjust. Mom was moaning incoherently, and she pressed her face down into the pillow as I worked my way inside of her. Soon, my balls pressed against her upturned pussy, and she was whimpering from the pressure created in her bowels due to inward thrust of the intruder into it. The deeper I went in mom's ass the more mom moaned. I started fucking mom's ass harder and harder giving her more and more of my rock hard cock.

The tightness of her asshole was amazing. I loved the way the wall of her asshole had enveloped my cock like a tight velvet glove. I was in ecstasy. I dreamt of this. I wanked several times for months just fantasizing about Mom's ass. I began to pump in and out, ignoring Mom's whimpers, delighting in the throbbing tightness and the heat of her tender bowels.

"Shove that big fucking cock up my ass baby. You know that is where Mommy like it after I've cum. Fuck me in the ass you horny bastard. I want you to give all of it to me up my tight asshole. You know I love a good ass fuck by a thick cock as yours."

By now Mom manages to get one hand to her clit and rubs it to augment the pleasure of feeling the enormous cock stretching her back passage.

"Ah...that feels good now," she murmured, wiggling her ass around in the air with my entire cock buried up all the way to the hilt inside the sucking hole between her ass-cheeks.

"God, what a view Mom!" I groaned, watching my big, hard cock glistening wetly as it slithered in and out through my mother's clinging nether-ring.

Leaning on top of Mom proves to be the perfect position for slow sex and now I am in absolutely no hurry. I was enjoying the feel of Mom's ass gripping my slick penis and the increasingly urgent moans she makes as she frigs her clitoris. I bend down and nuzzles her neck and whispers to her.

"That's it... Rub yourself off. Come for me Mom... Come with my hard cock deep in your ass... I know how much you like having an ass-full of thick cock..."

"Oh yes... oh... that feels so good... yes... fuck me... Ooh... Yesss." She practically vibrates as she comes, her rectum seizing my cock, allowing me to feel every convulsion of her abdomen as waves of pleasure pulse through her.

"That's it Mom! Come for your little boy. Feel me deep in your ass and come for me."


"What's that? You want harder?"

"Mmm yes... fuck me... harder, fuck me harder now." She was pleading with pushing her hips to meet my every forward thrust. "Yeah...yeah...yeah," she babbled, "deeper...push it in deeper in to Mommy's ass."

I obliged, thrusting hard and deep into her rectum, feeling my own climax is imminent. Mom moans in pleasure and pain as I batter her insides. She continues rubbing her clit and the pleasure definitely outweighs the discomfort of so much going on in her ass. I was grunting with the effort of each deep stroke, with pleasure and effort.

I grabbed Mom's hips and held them firmly as I fucked her ass a little harder. She was beginning to buck so wildly, I didn't think I could hold her steady. I admired the sight before me. Her pert little ass framing my cock as it plunged in and out of her tight butt hole, her thin waist dipping low, and her head buried in her bed, her hair a tangled sweaty mess.

"Ooh... Oooooh .... OH YESSS!" Mom bucks beneath me as her orgasm boils through her. She grabbed the bed spread once more with both fists and stuffed her face into her pillow, muffling her loud cries.

The convulsions of her bowels around my cock send me over the edge making me scream, "OH!.. Fuck yeah!... OOOH YEAH!" Gripping her hard, I moaned into her ear "God Mom, your tight ass feel so good around my cock."

My breathing grew very ragged. I held my breath. My body grew tense. Eyes shut tightly, all focus directed to my cock and balls, my brain, body, and soul exploded. Then I gave a hoarse yell, and scalding hot cum began to pulse deep inside her asshole. My young cock was jerking and pulsing inside of her, and Mom would have felt it through the tender flesh of her rectum.

"I'm going to cum," I muttered, giving her a final thrust in the ass.

"Cum in Mommy's dirty asshole baby!! I want to feel it in my guts!!"

That did the trick. With one final thrust, I spewed a massive load of hot cum into Mom's dirt-chute as she lay writhing and bucking beneath me. I could feel the muscles of her anus, convulsing and squeezing my cock as if milking the cum from my balls.

As I exploded in orgasm, Mom's eyes flew open when she turned to look at me. I had not seen such a look on my mom's face. Wild eyed, she grabbed the covers, and pushed back hard on me. Tilting her hips, she screamed "Baby, don't stop fucking me. Oh darling, you're fucking Mommy so fucking good... shoot ... shoot that cum in Mommy."

"Yeah Mom. Here it comes ... uuuhhhgg ..."

"So good!" she gasped. "You make me feel so good darling!"

"You too, Mom!" It was simple, but the only thing I could think of.

Finally she collapsed popping my deflating cock from her ass-hole and looked at me with a weak smile, her eyes glistening from tear of joy and her face soaked with her sweat.

I listened and felt the throbbing of both our hearts as we laid there for the next couple minutes, touching, and kissing and breathing.

"Oohh! It was wonderful Mom."

She continued whispering in my ear as if she had not even heard me. "I love it... love my son fucking me! ... Love that ... you ... can make me cum ... My God ... I love you inside me, in every hole!"

Your comments are welcome, especially who have real experiences with their mother/son.

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