tagIncest/TabooMommy's Panty Boy Ch. 01

Mommy's Panty Boy Ch. 01


(This story not only explores the panty fetish, but includes incest as well)


My father left us when I was little, so most of the time it was just Mommy and me around the house. I always used to love looking up Mommy's skirts from as long as I can remember. It always looked so sexy and would always give me an erection. Sometimes I would peek into her bedroom when she was getting dressed.

I really love my Mommy. She is so beautiful and so much sexier than the girls my age. Actually, the girls my age are nothing but dorks the way they show-off their stuped piercings and tattoos making themselves look like something out of one of those old Boris Karloff movies grandma likes to watch.

But my Mommy isn't like that. I should know, I've seen her completely naked stepping out of the shower and there is not a tattoo or any other blemish anywhere on her whole body. And no stupid pieces of metal or jewelry to get in the way either. Her skin is so smooth and creamy white—with just a touch of tan from being out in the sun. Mom is in real good shape too, even though she's 38. She works out at the gym all the time and could easily pass for 28. She's about five ten, trim, and well-stacked. I think she told me sometime that she has a 37C. All I know is that they look firm and they bounce when she walks which I really love to watch. And, oh yeah, she has shoulder-length blonde hair.

All my buddies at school keep telling me how lucky I am to have such a beautiful, sexy mom. If only they knew how sexy she really was!

I turned 18 just yesterday (Friday), and mom took me out to dinner and dancing to celebrate. I felt so grown up, being the escort of such a beautiful sophisticated woman. The fact that she was my mom made no difference at all to me. In fact I felt proud of her. She turns eyes everywhere she goes. But especially last night. She was really dressed! She had on a form fitting, silky black dress that went down to just below her knees, and it was slit up on one side clear up almost to her hip. She also wore heels and hose. And the side of the dress where the slit was showed off her stockings and garter straps. It looked so bitchin' sexy. And, when the angle was right, or whenever she bent over the right way, I could catch a glimpse of her white panties when the slit of her dress parted. Of course so did a lot of other people based on all the looks she got. Actually, her panties, the whole monty, kind of showed up a little bit anyway through her black, stretched real tight dress. So did her white bra.

I was the envy of the whole club, and almost every eye turned her way. I really felt grown up and important being the escort for such a beautiful, sexy woman. But the best time of the whole evening was when we were dancing.

Around ten o'clock or so they turned the regular lights out and turned on a special dark lighting that made anything white stand out like it was florescent. So, this made it look like my mom's dress had completely disappeared and all you could see was her underwear. That looked so-o-o fucking sexy. It was really fun dancing the fast numbers with her and watching her move her white panties and bra this way and that in the lighting. But what I really loved were the slow numbers because then she danced up real close with her body right against mine. Mom is about an inch taller than I am, and in heels even a bit more, so when we danced up close her tits fit right on top of my pectorals. I felt like I was in another world, feeling her body move so sensuously against mine. The aroma of her perfume accentuated the other-worldly feeling making me feel like I was being transported on a bed of flower petals.

She was so warm, and felt so sexy moving in her slinky dress that was almost invisible under that lighting. Her white bra, standing out so sharply in the dark lighting gave me such a hard-on—especially the way she rested it on my chest. And, OMG, feeling her tits moving against my chest as we danced! She pressed her body in tight against mine, her arms around me, holding me close. The heat of her went right through me. And the way her hips and ass moved side-to-side as we danced sent tingles all over my body. There was no way she could not feel the growing bulge in my pants the way it was pressing against her crotch as we danced.

But Mommy didn't seem to mind at all. She just kept on dancing and holding me close. I got real brave and let my hands slide down from the small of her back to her ass!

Her face immediately turned bright red as she leaned back to look me in the eye. At first I thought she was going to scold me or something. But then her beautiful green eyes glistened and her face crinkled into a mischievous smile. I love it when she smiles like that 'cause it makes her nose kind of wriggle and wrinkle. She leaned back into me, much closer this time, resting her cheek against mine. When she ran her own hands down my back to rest on my butt I thought I'd go crazy. How could she not feel my cock suddenly get even harder as it strained against my trousers, throbbing against her increasingly warm crotch. Her warm crotch that was moving so sexily against my growing erection as we slow danced.

She let out a sigh, and the warmth and dampness of her breath scalded my ear lobe and made me tremble.

I can not describe how sexy it felt, having her ass move in my hands as we danced. Feeling her hands on my ass, feeling the heat of her crotch against my all too obvious, throbbing erection, feeling her tits move on top of my chest.

Towards the end of the evening, she gave me a kiss right on the lips. "It's getting late, son. I guess we'd better be going."

We walked to the car arm in arm. I played the gentlemen and held the driver's side door open for her. As she sat in the car seat and swung her legs in, the split in her skirt parted big time, and her whole skirt slid up and her legs parted giving me a nice bull's eye view of her panty covered crotch.

She caught me looking up her skirt, up between her legs.

"Oh, you naughty little boy you." She giggled and poked me in the stomach with her index finger as she brought her legs back together and swung them into the car. "Go sit down on your side."

I hung my heed sheepishly, and did as she said. But on the way home, I couldn't help but look at her legs as she drove---especially since the slit up her dress was on MY side so I got to see all the way up almost to her panties. Every time she had to apply the breaks, her thigh muscles would ripple just a little under her stocking. I tried to imagine what it would feel like to have my hand on her thigh and feel those muscles moving and rippling.

Mom began talking to me about school and stuff, but I still couldn't get my eyes off of her and how sexy she looked.

When we arrived at home, mom didn't wait for me to open the car door for her. I guess she didn't want to give me any more opportunities to look up her skirt. But, once inside before she headed off to her bedroom she gave me a big hug.

Neither of us said a word at first. We just held each other for the longest time. Then finally she said, "Thanks for the wonderful evening, Wendell."

"Thank you, mommy. It was your idea, and your treat."

"Yes, for your eighteenth birthday. You're my big man now." She kissed me right on the lips. It wasn't a sex kiss, but it wasn't exactly a mother-son kiss either. She let her lips rest against mine for much longer that the usual family good night kiss.

Her perfume enveloped me once more, transporting me out to la la land. I tasted her breath as it entered my mouth. My dick sprung to life again and began to bulge and throb against my trousers pressing against her crotch. God, I wanted to give her tongue so bad! But this was my mother for crying out loud! I felt her lips puckering once more against mine sending ripples of pleasure all through me. Then there was that sweet soft suckling sound as she kissed my lips strongly one more time. So, I gave her a little tongue. I just couldn't help it.

Her lips parted at first, and I felt her crotch grow suddenly warmer against my erection. Then she suddenly broke off the kiss, and pulled away from me with her face turning all shades of red. She turned and made a dash for her bedroom giving me a "good night sweetie" over her shoulder as she left me standing there in the front room.

I stood there perplexed for a few moments. The sweet aroma of her perfume lingered and still enveloped me. The sweet cherry taste of her lipstick was still strong on my lips and tongue. My lips still tingled from the sweetness of her kiss. My cock still throbbed from the closeness and hotness of her, and my whole body trembled from my overpowering need.

Needless to say, I didn't get much sleep last night. My clothes still smelled of her sexy perfume, so I sat them on a chair near the head of my bed so her aroma could keep me in la-la land all night long.

My lips tingled all night long from the good night kiss she gave me. My cock throbbed from remembering the feel of her body against mine as we embraced, the feel of her body against mine when we danced, and from the way my Mommy looked in that slinky black dress under that dark lighting, with her white bra and panties swaying this way and that, and the way her body moved against mine, the way her ass felt in my hands. And, oh, yes! Those tits!

This morning (Saturday), I was the first one in the kitchen. I got mom's coffee ready, then sat down at the little table in the breakfast nook to eat my cornflakes and read a football magazine. Just to the side of the breakfast table I was sitting at we have a serving bar/counter top combo that extends out from the sink and wraps around parallel to the breakfast table. There are several bar stools arranged on the side of the bar facing the breakfast table.

As I was eating, I heard from behind me the "swish, swish, swish" sound of nylon stockings rubbing together as mommy walked from her bedroom towards the kitchen. I immediately stopped chewing my cornflakes so I could listen all the better to that sexy sound. I felt my cock grow hard against my gym shorts from trying to picture what her legs looked like all encased in those sexy nylons and how sexy they must make my mommy feel as they brushed together with each step she took: "swish, swish, swish."

Then I heard her heels clicking on the kitchen floor tile and hot blood surged through my body. My cheeks felt on fire. My mouth got suddenly dry.

Her perfume reached me before she did. I inhaled deeply, letting myself get carried away. I imagined she was embracing me closely and we were slow dancing, holding on to each other's butts.

Her hand on my shoulder sent chills all through me. She bent down to give me a kiss on the side of my face. "Good morning, Wendell, how did you sleep?"

I swallowed hard, then answered. "Oh, I don't know mom, I guess I kind of tossed and turned." No way in hell I could tell my mother that I masturbated all night long just thinking about her. "And, you, how'd you do?"

"I kind of tossed and turned a little myself. I guess maybe we both had a little too much fun dancing last night." She gave my traps a squeeze, then swished on over to the counter top/bar. My cock quivered with each step she took from the "swish, swish, swish" of her nylons rubbing together and the click of her sexy heels on the tile. I watched her as she poured herself a cup of the coffee I had prepared.

"But it was worth it," I managed to say, giving her a smile when she turned back around.

Her cheeks turned beet red, but then her face crinkled up into that irresistible smile. "Well, thank you, Wendell." She tried to hide her nervousness by grabbing the paper off the countertop and pretending to read the headlines as she sat up on one of the bar stools right in front of my face.

Even though this was Saturday, she was dressed like she was going to work. In addition to the heels and hose she had on a silky red skirt that came down to just above her knees. On top she had on a light pink blouse. The material of the blouse was so fine and delicate I could easily see the outlines of her nice, sexy white bra underneath.

Still reading the paper she placed both her feet on the highest rung of the stool so her knees were way up and her thighs angled high. For a brief second as she positioned herself, I saw right up her dress. I saw her sexy white panties. Sure, I've seen her in her panties before, but this was just so much sexier—when you're not supposed to see it.

She crossed her legs making her skirt slide up a bit. I caught another nice glimpse of her panties before her legs closed together. You can't believe what a beautiful close-up view I got. I mean, sitting on the stool the way she was, her legs were practically right in my face. Needless to say I had forgotten all about my football magazine.

Her skirt had slid up her thighs so high by now that I could see the tops of her stockings and the garter snaps holding them up. She took a sip of her coffee, put the cup back down on the sink and holding the paper a little closer to her face she recrossed her legs flashing me another glimpse of her panties—and making her skirt inch up just a tad more. With each movement of her lush thighs, the silky smooth "swish" sound of nylons rubbing together made my poor hard-on throb all the harder.

And, oh My!, How gorgeous her long legs looked in those stockings. And, the contrast between the beige of her nylons and the creamy white of her upper thigh gave me an instant erection. Her exposed garter straps fascinated me. My eyes followed their trail from where they held her nylons to where they disappeared under her skirt. As my cock throbbed, I was seized by an urge to kiss her along her garter straps, having my tongue and lips go where her garter straps led me—into those secret mysterious places up inside her skirt.

As I stared at her gorgeous gams so close to my face I had pretty much stopped pretending to eat my cornflakes. My mouth was so dry and my heart beating so fast, the cornflakes tasted just like so much cardboard now.

Mom reach back down to the counter to lift her coffee cup up. As she took a sip, she once again uncrossed and recrossed her legs—much slower this time than before. I mean this was going on right in front of me, not a foot away. Naturally I stared up between her legs. What else was I going to do? This time I clearly saw the bulge of her mound caressed so tightly by her white panties--her beautiful white panties standing out so clearly in contrast to her red skirt. I knew I was drooling into my cornflakes, but I didn't care. I had such a raging hard-on. I wanted to BE her panties so bad so then I could cup her mound just like her panties were doing.

As she slowly closed her legs back together, she turned in the seat slightly as if to get better light on the newspaper. This move made her garter straps stretch out a little further and I thought that looked so friggin' sexy. Even if she was my mother I didn't care. She was one hell of a sexy lady.

Mom finished her coffee, then leaned back in the stool to set her cup back down on the counter top. As she did so, she uncrossed her legs slightly, lifting one up a little to give herself more balance. This opened up her thighs more than ever--right in front of me--and I got to see almost all of her crotch—her beautiful panty-covered crotch. I could even make out the darkness and the mystery of her slit behind the panties.

She caught me looking up her skirt!

Her face turned bright red. Then she grinned at me—her nose crinkling up like it does. "I don't know what I got all dressed up for. Today's Saturday isn't it?" She ran her hands down her thighs, smoothing out her dress.

"Y-y-yes, Mommy."

"And here I thought I had to go to work. Actually, I'm supposed to meet one of my colleagues for breakfast, then we're going to the mall. Maybe I'd better go change into something a little less formal." She scooted forward off the high bar stool, causing her dress to hike all the way to her waist as her feet touched the floor.

For a moment her panties were completely exposed all the way to her waist. Her crotch was not a foot away—directly in front of my face.

My blood throbbed in my blushing cheeks. My cock ached. I stared at the nice wet spot gathering where her slit was. The wetness made her panties almost transparent. Her slit clearly stood out. Actually, when she had slid off the bar stool it had caused part of her panties to indent into her slit showing me a nice camel toe. Her blond pussy hairs were starting to show through too.

The close, hot smell of her muskiness made me feel light headed.

All too soon she smoothed her dress back down, then she stepped over behind me. She bent down to give me another kiss on the side of my face. Her hands were so gentle on my arms as she touched me there. Her perfume filled me with sweetness—such a nice contrast to her muskiness I still smelled and that made my cock throb. She touched her tits lightly to my shoulders as she whispered in my ear. "Can you be a good boy today and mow the yard while Mommy's gone?" Her hot breath made me tingle all over—and made my cock twitch.

"Y-y-yeah, sure, mom."

She gave me another sweet kiss on the cheek, then turned to go. As she walked across the kitchen, heading towards the bedroom, her heels clicking on the tile, I again relished the "swish, swish, swish" sound of her nylon enshrouded legs rubbing together. And my aching cock throbbed in time to each step she took.

Somehow I managed to finish my cardboard-tasting cornflakes while mom was in her bedroom changing. Then I went into the living room to sit on the couch and finish reading the article in my football magazine.

I lowered the magazine when I heard mom come out of her bedroom. I was anxious to see what she had changed into.

She had changed her dress heels for pumps, but she still had her nylon stockings on. The silky, formal, red dress she had changed for a red latex micro mini. This skirt was so short that her garter straps were exposed almost to her butt. From the angle I had, sitting down on the couch, I could see a wisp of white panty peeking out from under her hemline as she walked. She had obviously changed her panties because there was no wet spot on these panties.

She had the same see-through blouse on—but with no bra this time. Her erect nipples poked through the flimsy material almost lewdly. She had left a few more buttons undone showing cleavage clear down to the top of her stomach. She had so many buttons undone that about the only thing holding her blouse in place was the way the thin material clung to her huge, erect nipples.

She walked towards me, hips swaying side to side, micro mini glistening and trying to hike even further up her thighs and hips with each step she took. With each step a hint of white panties winked at me. As she walked, her magnificent boobs jiggled this way and that like a couple of bowls of Jello. Her hard-on nipples danced and tugged at the flimsy material of the blouse.

She paused right in front of me. She looked down at the bulge in my gym shorts then crinkle smiled at me. "Well how do you like my outfit? I just bought this skirt last week." She did a couple of turns, moving her ass and hips so sexily as she twirled. I didn't know whether to look up her micro mini that seemed to hike up a little higher with each movement she made, or stare at the way her tits bobbed and chimmied under her skin-fitting blouse.

"M-m-m-mommy, you look so sexy in that outfit you're gonna get arrested."

"I'm glad you like it." She giggled and did a couple more turns, then bent down forward to give me a kiss on the forehead.

As her perfume enveloped me, I couldn't help but look down her almost wide open blouse. Her tits dangled so close like a pair of ripe peaches on a tree, I wanted to just reach out and touch them. No, I wanted to stick my face in there and kiss and suck them.

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