tagIncest/TabooMommy's Plan For My Puny Penis

Mommy's Plan For My Puny Penis


I got home from school with a ripped shirt, a black eye and a fat lip, and I tried to quickly head up the stairs to my room. Unfortunately my 36 year old mother was in the living room, working out to her Tae Bo video, and she stopped me.

"Peter, what happened to your face?"

"It's nothing Mom. I have a lot of homework and need to get to it."

I started to head up to my room once again, but was reprimanded by my Mom's unmistakable, "don't mess with me" voice.

"Come here young man. Right now."

She instructed me to sit next to her on the couch, and told me to tell her what happened.

"Please Mom. I'd rather not talk about."

I hung my head in shame, then Mommy sternly broke the silence, saying, "Well you aren't going anywhere until you give me the full story."

I knew it was useless to argue with my muscular 5'3" 135 pound mother, who more than once had punished me with devastating spankings as I lay across her lap. Although I was an 18 year old Senior in high school, and passed her at 5'5" and 140 pounds, I was still her little boy who she could discipline easily.

"It's really embarrassing to talk about Mommy."

"Come on now Peter. We've always been open with each other, and it will help to talk about it."

"Well, okay. I had gym class last period. I always try to be the last one out of the showers, and keep my towel around my waist. One of the kids always teases me, and he ripped my towel off and yelled for everyone to come look at me.... So finally I had enough of his teasing and I punched him, but he's bigger than me and stronger, and easily beat me up. I'm so embarrassed. I'm such a wimp."

I wiped tears from my eyes and my Mom took me into a big hug and consoled me by rubbing my back.

"My poor baby. Well it's time I gave you some lessons in self-defense. But tell me. Why was the boy picking on you and what was everyone laughing at."

"Oh please Mommy. Don't make me tell you. It's just too horrible."

"Nonsense. Now tell me the details."

I debated about what and how I should tell her, and finally decided that the truth was the only way out.

"Ummm...They were all laughing at the size of my...penis," I whispered.

"What was that Hon? I couldn't hear you?"

"My penis Mommy. I have a short, tiny miniscule little penis. Are you happy now?"

"Oh Peter. That's nothing to be ashamed about. Your Daddy has a small one too, and I taught him how to use his tongue to please me sexually."

"Mom! Please. I don't need to hear that."

"Well it's true. Come on now son. I'm sure it isn't that bad. Let me have a look at it."

"No way," I bellowed.

"Now Peter. Don't make me get stern with you. Drop your pants and undies and let Mommy see how big you are. It's not like I haven't changed your diapers and seen it before."

"Please don't make me do that Mommy."

"Don't argue Son, and do as I say."

"Oh God. Okay. I really wish I didn't have to."

I slowly undid my belt, and clasp to my pants and let them fall to the floor. I put my fingers at the waistband of my jockies and after hesitating as long as I could, pushed them over my legs and stood up, quickly covering my tiny penis.

"Move your hand Peter, and let Mommy see your little man."

Slowly I let my hands drop to my side and heard my Mom intake a breath.

"My God Son! You can't be over a half inch in length. I didn't think anyone could be shorter than your father's three quarters of an inch.

Tears started to fill my eyes again as I once again covered my naked lower body in humiliation.

"I knew it Mom! I knew you would make fun of me, just like those assholes in my class. I'm hopeless, and should never ever have shown you." "I'm sorry Peter. You are right. I shouldn't have ridiculed you, and apologize. It was just such a shock to see how small you are. Come here and let Mommy get a closer look."

I moved towards my mother who was seated on the couch and stood before her as she moved her hands slowly up my thighs to inspect me. When she reached my tiny penis, she took it between her two fingers and began to twist it in every angle for a complete view. I never had a girl or woman inspect me so closely, and her warm breath combined with the view of her deep cleavage shown fully in her scoop necked workout outfit, began to make my little organ grow.

I stood motionless and tried to control my breathing, but when she took both of my testicles in the other hand, while continuing to twist and bend me in every direction, I couldn't help but grow to my full hard 3 ¼ inches.

"My. It looks like you are enjoying Mommy's little exam. We will take care of that a little later, but first things first. I want to teach my little man how to defend himself, so let's both strip down, and I will be you, and you will be the bully."

I had seen my beautiful muscular mother in her bikini before, but had never seen her, or any woman for that matter totally naked in real life. I could only stare, wide- eyed as she slipped the straps off her shoulders and slid her outfit down her legs. She rose, standing with her beautiful full breasts on display, covered only by tiny sheer blue panties.

"Come on Peter. Off with the shoes, socks, pants and shirt. We are going to be naked in your locker room at school, and I want to make this as realistic as possible."

Slowly I removed all of my clothes, while sneaking peeks at my Mom's rock hard body. It was wrinkle-free, bulging with muscle and the thick patch of jet black pubic hair had me mesmerized.

I watched her grab the towel from the couch which she had used to wipe off her sweat, and she wrapped it around her waist.

"Okay Hon. Now I am you. I just got out of the shower and am walking toward you. Do exactly the same thing as that jerk classmate did, and I will show you how you should have reacted."

I was skeptical, but I meekly said "Okay Mommy," as I watched her strong sexy body approach me.

When she was about two feet from me, I grabbed the towel and pulled it from her grasp, so once again she was standing naked before me. Unlike my reaction in the locker room of getting angry though, my Mommy just smiled, and moved closer to me, acting as if she was thoroughly enjoying the joke. When she was about a foot from me, she put a hand on each of my shoulders, still laughing, and before I knew it, drew back her right leg and quickly brought it forward, slamming her knee into my tiny balls.

I saw stars floating in my eyes as I immediately crumbled to the carpet in agony. I had never felt such extreme pain in my life as I grasped my crotch and rolled around and almost passed out.

I was just vaguely aware of my muscular Mommy standing above me as she explained that I must use the surprise factor, and go for a well placed shot to the balls, the next time one of the classmates abuses me.

It took me a good five minutes for the pain to become even bearable, and for my breathing to return to some normalcy.

My Mommy helped me stand, and took my hand as she led me into the bathroom, half carrying me as I struggled to walk.

"I'm sorry I had to hurt you Baby, but I wanted you to actually see how effective that particular maneuver can be no matter how big and tough the bully is. Now, let's get a shower and get you all cleaned up."

The pain finally wore off as my mother soaped my body from head to toe. She returned her attention to my tiny penis, and it was at its full meager length in no time. She washed and stroked my small balls and penis with loving strokes until I thought my heart would jump from my body. I wrapped my arms around her strong wide shoulders, and with four final firm strokes, I exploded, sending thick ropes of semen into her beautiful strong body.

Mommy taught me how to please a woman with my mouth after our shower, and told me that since Daddy was away on a business trip, she wanted me to sleep with her tonight, just in case there were any negative side effects from her slamming into my testicles.

Mommy is the best Mommy in the world, and wants to teach me some more self defense, and also let me get some more practice on licking her vagina, to know how to please a woman....since I will never be able to do it with my small penis.

The End

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous03/19/18

So true to life

With minor exceptions this could have been my story. Living with a tiny, tiny dick is a curse I have to bear. My fraternal twin sister is the only female I can be intimate with. We've been exploring andmore...

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by Anonymous01/07/18


Decent I guess, needs work, not enough erotica, but enough story, would like to see more, you set it up for a follow up, keep going.

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