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Mommy's Poolboy


Ever since I was ten, I've lived alone with my Mom after she divorced my Dad. I never really knew what happened between my parents, but ever since then Mom never dated anyone seriously. Once in a while she would have a guy stay the night, and as a kid I never gave it much thought. But she would usually only fuck a guy once before it was over.

Anyway, when I was eighteen, I one day realized it had been a few years since she had gone out with anybody. My Mom is good-looking, and I must say she has a great rack. I've seen her in her underwear plenty of times over the years to know her body is also in good shape. That's why I was surprised she wasn't dating anyone. But she did work a lot, so I figured she just didn't have time to date.

I myself was a virgin and had never done anything with a girl before. I'd done plenty of things with my hand, which I was getting quite fond of recently. Mom and I were pretty relaxed around the house, like I said, I had seen her almost naked enough times that it wasn't a big deal. It seemed like she enjoyed wearing as little as possible. When we got a pool put in our backyard, suddenly she was always wearing her skimpiest bikinis. That was challenging for me, because at this point my mother, being the only female around, was becoming the object of my sexual fantasies.

Whenever we were in the pool, or if I saw her laying in the sun, I would get an erection. If I was in the pool, it was no big deal because I would swim around until she left or I distracted myself long enough to calm my groin down and run to the bathroom where I would picture my dick between Mom's tits, sliding in and out until I came all over her chest and neck and face. I usually came within a minute while thinking about fucking her like that.

One day, Mom was sunbathing and I was swimming, and after a while she untied her bikini top and laid on her front. No big deal, she couldn't see me staring at her when she laid like that, and I would usually stroke myself under the water until I felt like cumming, then I would sneak into the house and finish off in the bathroom. However, while she was laying on her front this time, she heard me get out of the pool and looked up.

I usually made it into the house before she saw me, either because she was taking a nap or she simply didn't bother to look in my direction. Now, though, I was standing right in front of her near the patio, and my swimming trunks were bulging quite obscenely. I was so embarrassed, there was no point in trying to hide it now. I just froze, hoping she wouldn't say anything even though she was staring right at my crotch.

After a few seconds she looked up at me. "Is that why you're always running into the house when I'm out here?"

"I...uh...I just have to go to the bathroom."

That was legitimate, sort of. I was, after all, going to the bathroom. Mom smirked at me, and laid back down, facing away from me.

"Sure," she said.

I hurried into the house, my erection not dying down in spite of my embarrassment. I hurried to the bathroom and didn't even have to fantasize about my Mom's tits before I came into the toilet bowl. I groaned out loud, my orgasm was so intense. I peeked out the window to where she was laying on the lounge chair, and to my surprise she had taken her bikini top completely off and was face-up. I had a great view of her tits, and my erection came back to life in an instant.

She had never done that before, so I wondered if she was trying to tease me, or if she was just trying to get some sun on her front before I came back. But when I opened the patio door, she glanced up at me and then closed her eyes again, not bothering to cover herself up.

"I didn't want any tan lines," she said. "I hope you don't mind."

I just stared at her for a moment, not knowing if I should say something or hurry back inside the house to jack off again. Mom opened her eyes and smiled.

"Are you all right?" she asked.

"Uh, yeah." I realized my cock was straining against my shorts, but somehow I didn't feel like covering it up.

Mom glanced down at my crotch. "Weren't able to relieve yourself?"

"No...I mean, yeah. I mean no!" It was pointless to argue that I had indeed been masturbating, and she knew it.

"That's okay, I figured you were doing as much."

Talking to my topless Mom about masturbation was having an odd effect on me. I was aroused, but confused too. I hurried back into the pool, where the cool water would calm me down.

After a while, Mom stood, and I thought she was going into the house. I was a little disappointed, since I had been ogling her tits since I had first seen them. But to my delight, she stuck her thumbs in her bikini bottoms and pulled them down. I saw her neatly trimmed pussy and nearly shot off in the water. And then she came over to the pool. She was going to swim naked!

"Can I come in with you?" she asked.

I nodded dumbfoundedly. She must have known what she was doing to me. She swam around, and then started splashing me a bit. I played around with her, but then she started swimming very close and I felt her breasts brush up against me. I was so hard I thought I would tear through my trunks.

"Why don't you take your trunks off," Mom said.

I was shocked, but then I found it hard to disobey a naked woman. I took my shorts off and tossed them out of the pool.

"Why?" I asked, better late than never.

Mom shrugged. "If I'm naked, why shouldn't you be?"

We swam around, and Mom was getting a little touchy feely with me. She wrestled me a bit and held me close to her body, wrapping her legs around me and grinding her pussy against my leg. I was rock hard and more than once I poked her with my dick. Finally, we both rested near the edge of the pool. Mom pulled herself up onto the ledge and sat with her legs in the water. I floated in front of her, trying not to stare at her tits.

Mom made some small talk, and after a while she opened her legs, giving me a straight-on view of her pussy. I couldn't stop myself from staring at her now, but she didn't seem to mind. If anything it was like she was showing off to me. After a while, we were both quiet and she just smiled at me, while spreading her legs as wide as she could. I must have stared at her pussy for a good five minutes, all the while she just watched me. Finally she got in the pool with me. I started to swim away from the ledge, but she swam behind me and told me to face the ledge.

I nervously did so, and I felt her hand travel down my back and around to my stomach. I trembled as she reached further down until her fingers found my dick. She wrapped her hand around it and held it firmly, squeezing it softly. I shuddered, feeling an intense twinge of pleasure.

"Do you like that?" she asked.

I was too surprised by her sudden actions to say anything. She continued fondling my penis while she pressed her chest against my back. She hugged me close to her, and began moving her hand up and down over my dick. I moaned, the sensations overloading my senses. After a few moments, I grunted and my dick spasmed in my Mom's hand. I came right there, in the water. Mom gently caressed my chest and lightly jacked me while I came, and when I finished she kissed my shoulder and fondled my penis for a bit.

"Did that feel good?" she asked softly.

I nodded, I still couldn't speak. Without a word, Mom went under the water and lowered her head to my crotch. Suddenly I felt something warm envelope my dick, and I realized my dick was in her mouth. I closed my eyes and savored the feeling of her warm tongue and her lips on my dick. After a while she came back up and smiled.

"You taste good," she said sexily.

She leaned her head close to mine and kissed me, sticking her tongue in my mouth. Then she lifted herself over me, and her chest was suddenly in my face. She lowered herself back down, her body much closer to mine. Her pussy slid down my stomach, and she reached under the water and moved my dick so it pointed right at her. She guided it to her warm hole and suddenly I felt a tremendous sensation as my dick slid up her pussy. She moaned a bit, adjusting to the feel of my dick inside her.

"Do you want to do this?" she asked.

I nodded. "Yeah."

She squeezed her pussy around my shaft, and I groaned in ecstasy. She began humping me, circling her hips around on top of me. I instinctively thrust up into her, and she met my thrusts and slammed back down. My face nuzzled between her tits, and she held onto my neck while she rode me. Even though I had just cum, I could feel another orgasm not far off.

Mom began writhing about, her body trembling and convulsing until she cried out and held me tightly, her pussy contracting as she came. I couldn't take it anymore, and I plunged my dick as far up my Mom's pussy as I could, and released jet after jet of cum into her belly. I groaned loudly, and shot so much cum up her I thought I was going to pass out.

After we both came down, we stayed joined together for a while. We were both panting, and Mom squeezed my dick with her pussy every few seconds, smiling at me.

"That was great!" I said.

"I know. I haven't had sex in so long, I forgot how great it was."

"I can't believe you let me have sex with you."

"I figured, one of us was always having sex," she joked. "I might as well join you."

"Can we...do it again?" I asked hopefully.

Mom laughed. "Of course. There's some things I want to teach you about fucking." I loved hearing my mother swear.

"Can I say 'fuck' too?" I asked, since I had never cussed around her before.

Mom smiled devilishly. "You can say 'fuck' anytime you want."

"Then let's go inside and fuck!"

We got out of the pool and went inside the house.

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Great Story, But...

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Good story but -

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Mom and pool boy

Well mine was all most like that but I was younger and I was watching this house sitting it's a great job if u don't mind moving to other people's homes I think of it getting a way from my place I livemore...

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