tagIncest/TabooMommy's Torture

Mommy's Torture


James was tired.

His classes has drained him of all energy and he just wanted to go home and go to sleep.

As he pulled into his driveway he noticed that his mother's car was home.

*She's supposed to be at work,* he thought to himself as he climbed out of his car.

James was 6'3" 190 pounds of muscle with short brown hair and hazel eyes. He was almost 19 and a freshman in college.

His father had died when he was 2, leaving his single mother to raise him.

His mother had once been a very famous model and so was well off. Even now, at nearly 36, she was a knockout.

5'4" with perfectly shaped breasts and an ass that begged to be grabbed.

James stepped into the house and found music playing very loudly. Even his slamming the door couldn't be heard more than fifteen feet away, and their house was rather large.

He went upstairs toward his room and as he reached the top of the stairs he noticed that there were clothes everywhere.

The same clothes that his mother had been wearing when he'd left that morning.

He slowly looked around the upper floor and found the bathroom door wide open.

He looked inside and found his mother totally naked, standing front of a full length mirror with a vibrator in her pussy.

James felt his cock stir and tried to noiselessly turn around, but the floor creaked and his mother's head snapped over to look at him.

James didn't move, just stared at his mother's naked flesh with his mouth hanging open.

His mother turned red and slammed the door shut.

James rushed to his room and stripped, eager to get his hard cock out of his pants. He locked the door and began masturbating furiously.

As he pounded his cock he heard the door knob jiggle as his mom tried to get in.

James soon found himself about to cum and the door suddenly burst open. His mother had used her spare key and the sudden appearance of his mother caused James to cum.

Streams of white cum streamed from his cock and his mother stared at his 8 inch cock as he finished unloading.

"You bastard!" His mother scream and charged him.

"YOU SICK PREVERTED BASTARD!" She screamed as she punched him.

James quickly grabbed her arms and held her.

"Stop!" He yelled but she continued to fight him.

He grabbed belts from his dresser and within minutes he had his mother tied to his bed, and she was still struggling.

"You sick bastard. Jacking off to the image of your mother." She spit. "That's SICK!"

"You want to know what's sick?" He asked. "You knew that I was jacking off and you still came in. That's sick."

Jamie spit again and turned her head.

James growled and climbed onto the bed and began to undo his mother's jeans.

"What are you doing?" She demanded.

Wordlessly James stripped off her pants and then removed her panties.

Her red bush was damp with her juices and he smiled as he lowered his head between her legs.

"No, don't," she moaned but he went to work anyways.

His tongue teased her pussy lips and he slowly slide a finger into her pussy and began to massage her insides.

Jaimie's complaints quickly turned into moans and James slide his tongue into her lovely hole.

His tongue flicked in and out of her rapidly and she began to buck her hips involuntarily.

Jaimie started to moan and then her body shuddered as she hit her climax.

Sweet fluid flowed onto James' mouth and he licked eagerly at her pussy to get all of the juice.

When her orgasm subsided James looked into his mother's lust filled eyes and smiled.

To be continued...

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