Mom's 5th Wheel Lovin


Kate looked into her son's eyes. "You may not have to kill your sister...I just might."

"She is annoying, that's for sure," Alec said.

Claire sprawled out on a lounge chair, out of site of Alec and Kate. She had a body much like her mothers, only twenty-years younger.

"So I have to know something...does it feel as good as you thought it would?" Kate asked.

"What's that?" Alec asked.

"My legs wrapped around you. That is what you were thinking about in the truck, wasn't it? Wondering what it would feel like." She said, with a perceptive little smile.

"Well, I..."

"Come on, give us moms some credit. We know a lot more than you think we do," Kate said.

"Yeah, they do feel good," Alec smiled timidly.

"You can hold onto them you know...they're not gonna bite."

Alec placed his hands under his mom's velvety thighs. They felt amazing.

Kate tightened her grip, hugging him snuggly, clutching his toned young body against her voluptuousness.

The hot-bodied Mom rested her head on his shoulder. "You're soo strong"

They were both startled as one of the big old women jumped into the pool. Mom and son giggled as they were overcome by the wave.

Kate released her son, but held his hand as she swam for the side of the pool. "I need to get some sun. Come lay with me."

Kate and Alec climbed from the pool and moved to the lounges. As they grabbed their towels and dried Alec couldn't help but admire every curvaceous inch of his mom's nearly naked body.

"That bikini is really hot, Mom."

"Thanks sweetie. Your father thought it was a little too revealing, but you know how old-fashioned he is," she said.

"Yeah," Alec giggled.

"Pedicures, Brazilian bikini waxes, anal bleaching...all the things I get done on a regular basis he thinks are ridiculous."

"Anal bleaching?" Alec asked.

"I'll show you later," Kate said with a naughty little smile.

Placing her hands on her hips Kate turned around, displaying her meaty buttocks for her son. Half her ass-cheeks were spilling out of her bikini bottoms.

"Do you like it? It's called a scrunch butt bikini."

Alec stared in admiration. "It's sexy."

Kate got a gleaming white smile as she peeked over her shoulder, watching her son stare. "My ass or the bikini?"

"Both," Alec blushed.

Kate giggled, took her son's hand and led him towards a sunny area back behind the lounge chairs. "Come on my Romeo."

They spread their towels out in a small private little grassy area. Kate sat down, squirted some baby oil onto her hands and began rubbing it on the smooth tan skin of her arms and chest.

Alec watched his moms tits jiggle as she rubbed oil into her cleavage and around the contours of her big bulging breasts.

"Better put some on you too sweetie," she said.

Alec put on some oil, but had a difficult time tearing his eyes away from his Mom. Kate rubbed oil down her shapely legs and onto her little feet. It gave her tan a wet glossy sheen that made Alec's cock stiffen in his shorts.

Kate turned over onto her belly, propped up on her elbows and spread her gorgeous legs slightly. Alec remained sitting down by her feet, his heart racing with wicked cock-throbbing excitement.

Kate reached around and untied her top. "So how's the view from down there?"

"Amazing," Alec muttered breathlessly.

Kate giggled and laid her head down on the towel.

Alec wasn't kidding. The view he had would make any cock as hard as concrete. He stared straight up the backs of his Mom's shimmering golden brown legs to the meaty mound of her half-exposed buttocks. The tiny patch of yellow fabric between her legs moulded around her snatch, revealing the pouty folds of her outer labia and the furrow of her cleft of venus.

With her top now untied Alec could see the sides of his Mom's breasts distending outward as they lay flattened against the towel.

His peter flexed in his shorts. A long strong cylinder of teenaged cock-meat aching for attention.

Kate peeked back at him and giggled. "Are you close to passing out again?"

Alec's face was flushed. "Uh-huh."

"Well, if it's that hard maybe you should pull on it a little bit," Kate said, raising an eyebrow.

"" Alec asked.

"Well, you could put the towel over your lap and try not to be too obvious about it."

Alec pulled his beach towel over his protruding trunks. "Yeah, I could try I guess."

Kate offered the bottle of oil to him. "Here, once you have it out...get it nice and slippery. That way you can really jerk on it."

Alec fished his cock from his trunks and coated it with oil. The slick fist gliding acrossed his glans felt amazing. He gazed back at his Mom and saw that she was still peering back watching him, her head propped up on one hand. "How's that feel?"

"Incredible," he muttered.

Kate spoke to him softly. "So what sort of things do you like to think about, while you jerk off you cock like that?"

Alec sighed excitedly and shrugged his shoulder.

"Big tits?" Kate asked and Alec nodded.

Kate gazed into his eyes seductively. "Warm slippery pussies?"

Alec's fist squeezed and pulled at his dong. "Uh-huh."

Kate stared dreamily into his eyes. "Do you like to think about loooong smooth legs wrapped tightly around you...clutching you...guiding you?"

Alec gasped, his body quivering. "Oh God, Mom!"

Kate fed her baby a warm smile. "I bet you think about what it'll feel like when that big beautiful slab of manhood squeezes down inside a warm wet hole."

Alec's eyes traveled down to his mom's bikini camel toe. He imagined the cock-gobbling feminine treasure that lied just beyond that thin piece of fabric. He stroked furiously on the slippery cock-head.

Kate smiled as she watched him gawk. He was completely hers, and she knew it. "I want you to imagine what all that pretty pink's gonna feel like when it stretches around that tender dong...sucking you in deeper and deeper and dripping all that warm honey on your stinger."

"O-o-oh shit, Mom!" Alec muttered excitedly, her words making his cock throb and leak.

"And that feeling when you touch bottom is gonna be out of this world... And believe me, with a dick as big will touch bottom."

Alec's heart was racing. His cock was now coated with hot oil and slippery pre-cum. He milked it with fast furious strokes.

Kate glanced over her son's shoulder. "And you better slow down, because your sister's coming this way."

Trying not to be too obvious, Alec stopped beating off and slipped his hand back out from under the towel.

Claire walked over behind him and gazed down at the way her mom was spread out lewdly before him. "You can't be serious."

Kate glared at her daughter defensively. "What?"

"Are you kidding me? Mom, look at you. Your ass is hanging out of your bikini and I can practically see your cunt," Claire said.

"Claire, you know I don't like that word," Kate scolded.

"Oh please...don't play Miss Modest with me, Mom. It's pretty obvious what you're up to."

"Oh and what would that be?" Kate asked.

"Well lets see...making out at the gas station, dry humping in the pool, locking youselves in the RV and doing God only knows what...and now this."

Kate shook her head. "Young lady, you have no idea what you're talking about."

Claire quickly ripped the towel off of Alec's lap. "Don't I, Mom?"

All eyes were drawn to Alec's cock, brick-hard and glistening as it stuck way up past his belly-button.

"Then what the hell's that?" Claires asked angrily.

"Claire!" Kate scolded, as Alec snatched the towel back and covered himself.

Claire started marching away. "Oh I'm sure dad's gonna love to hear about this."

"Shit!" Alec said, watching his sister stomp out of the pool area.

Kate stood up, tying her bikini top behind her. "Don't worry about it, sweetie. Your father knows the way she is...he won't believe her."

"Maybe we should go back to the camp, just to make sure he doesn't flip out," Alec suggested.

Kate stepped up to her son and rubbed his cheek gingerly. "Honey, it's okay...he trusts me. You heard what he said to that guy at the station. I'm his wholesome bride. He believes that."

"Okay," Alec said.

Kate took her son's hand and began leading him towards the clubhouse. "Besides, we have some unfinished business to attend to you and I."

Inside the clubhouse a few old men were playing checkers, otherwise it was quiet and empty. Through the door came the barefoot bikini clad mom, leading her son by the hand.

"Excuse me, where are the bathrooms?" Kate asked.

"Bathrooms and showers are in the back." One of the old men answered, ogling the big nearly-naked tits bobbling on Kate's chest.

Kate led Alec towards the back of the clubhouse. "Thank you."

As they neared the women's room the door opened and out came another barefoot bikini-clad Mom, leading her teenaged son from the bathroom. The buxom blonde gave Kate a knowing smile in passing. "Hi."

"Hi," Kate smiled as they passed.

Kate and Alec moved into the women's rest room and Kate closed and locked the door behind them. She then turned towards her son and smiled as she stepped up to him, planting a soft sensual kiss on his lips.

For a few a long moments they stared into each others eyes. Alec felt his heart leaping as the woman of his dreams gazed at him with those big almond-colored eyes. As she stared, Kate had little smile of excitement. Being alone and naughty with her son thrilled her to the core and the fact that they were doing it just under her husband's nose made it even more exhilarating.

Alec looked across from them at their reflection in a large floor to ceiling mirror. A handsome teenager facing a gorgeous middle-aged woman built like a brick shit house. They smiled at one another.

"What a site we are huh?" Kate said.

"Yeah," Alec muttered.

"Get down on your knees. There's something I promised to show you."

"There is?" Alec asked.

Kate gave him a peck on the lips. "Yes, there is."

"What is it?" Alec asked.

"Well, you were asking about anal I thought I'd show you my butt-hole. But if you don't wanna see it..."

Alec dropped quickly to his knees. "No I do, I do."

Kate giggled and turned around watching her son lower himself eye-level with her meaty buttocks. "Pull my bikini bottoms to one side for me."

Alec pulled the bottoms aside, revealing her sexy ass-crack. Kate placed her hands on the cheeks of her buttocks and gently pulled them apart, revealing the cute puckered ring of her butt-hole.

Alec's cock twitched in his shorts. "Wow!"

"Isn't it pretty?" Kate asked and her son immediately nodded.

Kate stepped away from her son and strolled behind him to the sink. She lifted herself up and sat on the edge of the counter. Alec found himself being pulled back between her legs until his back rested against her spongy chest.

Without saying a word, Alec's mom reached around and undid his shorts. They fell to the floor and his cock, still rock hard, stuck straight out at an upward angle, bobbing up and down.

Kate gave him a sensual kiss on the cheek. "Now....where were we before your bitch of a sister interrupted us."

Alec grasped his big baby-maker and started stroking as his mom planted little kisses on his neck.

Jim was visiting with his nieghbor when Claire arrived. "Dad I need to talk to you."

"Claire, I'm visiting right now honey, can it wait?"

"She turned and stomped towards their own RV. "No, it's important!"

"Excuse me, " Jim said to the other guy, clearly embarrassed.

Jim entered the RV to see Claire sulking on the couch. "Dad you have to do something about them."

"About who?" Jim asked.

"Mom and Alec...God Dad it's sick!"

Jim rolled his eyes. "What this time?"

"Well, first Mom was practically riding him in the pool and then she was tanning with her legs spread wide open, letting the little perv sit behind her and masturbate."

Jim shook his head and sighed. "Claire, come on...I'm sure that wasn't the case."

"He had his dick out of his shorts, dad...and believe me, it was hard."

"I'm sure your mother would never let something like that happen," Jim said.

"She was letting him do it dad. If you don't believe me go down there and see for's disgusting."

Jim threw his arms in the air, then exited the RV to go investigate.

Alec's fist stroked furiously at his cock, making a lewd creamy sound from all the lubricating precum. Kate's tiny hand clutched his large hairless scrotum, her ruby-red nails digging into the tender balls, gently kneading them.

Her other hand caressed his strong toned chest. Her lips were to his ear. "That's it, sweetie, stroke it for me. Stroke it for Mommy."

"Agh, yeah!" Alec groaned.

Kate stroked on his nut-sack with her slippery fist. "Ohh, that's my baby...pull all that cream out of those big beautiful balls...come on."

Alec gazed in the mirror at a site that seemed almost surreal. There he stood completely naked and jacking his big jutting dick, while his own beautiful mother sat snuggly behind him, urging him on.

"What a fucking rush," he thought.

"My poor little sweetheart's been suffering this whole trip, hasn't he," Kate said in a seductive mommy-tone.

Alec stared at his mom's tan shapely legs. They looked so strong and smooth, still glistening with oil as he stood between them. He pictured them propped back into a huge spread eagle, those tiny bare feet flexed and pointed in opposite directions.

His balls boiled within Kate's clutching grip. "Oh-h-h shit Mom!"

"Mmmm, does that feel good, sweetie?"

"Oh yeah," he sighed.

He pictured her tits and what they must do when she fucks. Large pillowy mounds jumping up and down her chest. Those nipples and large thick aroela descending towards his mouth.

"OH WOW, I'M GONNA SQUIRT!" Alec cried.

"That's it baby...cum for Mommy!" Kate implored.

Alec growled as the first powerful rope shot out of his piss-hole. "GGGRUUUHHH!!!"

The huge stringy gob sailed across the room and splashed against the mirror. It was followed by a second milky rope, then a third.

"Ohhh sweetheart...that's my boy!" Kate exclaimed.

"UNGHH, GOD!" Alec groaned as he milked smaller strands of cock-cream from his dong.

Jim entered the clubhouse and saw the two old men playing chess.

"Excuse me, did you see a woman come through here with a teenage boy?"

The two men looked at each other and laughed.

"Women come through here all day with teenaged boys," one of them said.

"Well this woman was wearing a yellow bikini," Jim said.

The same man answered, pointing toward the back of the clubhouse. "Oh yeah...they're uhh...they're back there."

"Thanks," Jim said.

Jim checked the mens room first, but it was empty. He went to the women's room and knocked. "Kate?"

There was no answer, so he knocked again. "Kate, you in there?"

"I'm ok hun...just taking a shower," her voice said from somewhere behind the door.

"Have you seen Alec?" Jim asked.

"He met some boys out by the pool, probably wandered off with them somewhere."

Jim tried the door, but it was locked. "Can I come in?"

Kate answered in an annoyed tone. "Jim, no...this is the ladies room. What do you need?"

Kate was still on the sink, Alec remained between her legs. His head was tilted back onto her shoulder as he fought to catch his breath. His cock-rod still stuck straight out, dripping with stringy gobs of orgasmic bliss.

"I just wanted to make sure you two were okay, that's all," Jim's voice said.

"Honey we're fine...I'm fine, and I'm sure Alec is too," Kate said, then gave her son a loving peck on the cheek.

She looked towards the door. "I need to dry off and I'll meet you back up at the RV okay?"

Jim moved away from the door. "Alright, so you a little bit."

He stopped back at the entrance next to the two old men. "Are you sure the lady in the yellow bikini had a teenager with her?"

"Oh yeah, following along like a love-struck puppy dog," one of them answered.

Jim looked around for Alec and his new friends, but wasn't able to find them, so he headed back to the RV. He didn't want to admit it, but he was actually starting to wonder if maybe his daughter was right. The idea that his wife of twenty years would be doing such things and with their own son made him almost sick to his stomach. He remembered the words of the man at the station.

"Ahh women like 'em young now days I guess. You'd be surprised how many women our age are chasing these young boys."

Later that evening the family was invited for a barbaque with their friendly neighbors in the park. Jim had already met Tom. Kate was surprised to discover that Tom's wife Ashley was the blond that was leading her son from the bathroom, just before her and Alec got there.

Ashley was 39, just a year older than Kate and looked a lot like a middle-aged version of the actress Jennifer Lawrence. Like Jim, her husband Tom made a lot of money and they were owners of large, spacious RV.

While the men prepped the grill outside, Ashley and Kate stood side by side in the kitchen preparing the food. Both women wore a thin, thigh-length summer dress, Kate's was a white tube-top style and Ashley's was pink, with thin little straps. Like Kate, Ashley had gorgeous legs and sexy little tanned bare feet with pink tonails.

Kate glaned down the hall and into the bedroom, where Alec and his new friend Tim lay on the bed playing the play station. "Well the boys seemed to be getting along."

"And I'm sure we won't be seeing much of them. Boys and their video games," Ashley said, making them both giggle.

"Oh I know...getting Alec to do his chores is like pulling teeth sometimes."

"He's adorable. Does he have a girlfriend yet?" Ashley asked.

"Yeah, sweet girl, but kind of controlling. You know how young girls are."

Ashley smiled. "That I do. Sometimes I have to remind Tim that him and his girl aren't married...he doesn't need to be with her twenty-four seven."

"So it's tough getting Tim to stay home then?" Kate asked.

"Well, if his dad's not around, it's never a problem," Ashley said, sharing a mischievous smile with Kate as she walked the plate of burgers outside to the men.

Jim watched his wife step out of the RV behind Ashley. She looked so fresh and beautiful and her dark tan in contrast to her white summer dress looked amazing. The tube top made the swell of her breasts look absolutely enormous and left about five inches of cleavage exposed.

Kate smiled at him lovingly and shared a kiss. She loved her husband, despite her growing infatuation with her new young sweetheart.

In order to ease suspicion, she had her son come back to the RV twenty minutes after she did. She knew that Jim would just assume that Tim was who she was talking about, when she said that Alec had met another boy.

Tom was obviously in the middle of spinning a tale before the wives showed up." Yeah so that bass nearly got away from took three of us to drag that son-of- bitch in."

Ashley rolled her eyes. "Oh please, Tom, not that story again."

"Honey, you saw the picture. You think reeling that thing is was a walk in the park?" Tom asked.

Kate looked at Ashley with an amused smile. "Oh believe me, Jim has his share of fishing stories too and he's always eager to share."

"Well then we better go back inside and let the men do what they do best...bullshit and barbaque," Ashley said, making her and Kate giggle.

The wives stepped back into the RV and each took a chip from the bowl, muching it down as they gazed down the hallway.

"That's okay, I think I'd rather go back and hang out with a couple of handsome teenaged boys anyway," Kate said.

Ashley sashayed towards the bedroom. "I concure."

Tim and Alec were on the bed leaned up against the headboard playing their video game, which was being displayed on a 52-inch flat screen across from the bed.

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