tagIncest/TabooMom's a Tease Ch. 02

Mom's a Tease Ch. 02


Julia showered long and hard trying to clear her mind. Despite having cum three times already, she could not stop thinking about her son's cock. She wanted so badly to put it in her mouth. She wanted to taste his cum, but she was not sure that was ever going to happen. She was not sure she could trust him anymore. What if he told someone? What if he wouldn't stop when she wanted him to. This was spiraling out of control, and she had to find a way to reel it back in.

After her shower she put on black lace stockings that clipped into a garter belt. She put on a matching black push-up bra that barely covered her nipples and she wore no panties. She then slipped on a plush white bathrobe over the whole outfit and decided that it would be up to Paul to see how things would progress. If he was penitent and showed he was up for the task, she would let the games continue. If not, she would leave the robe on and turn in early. She had toys that could replace him if need be. But she did want to see that cock again. She wanted to feel his chest. She wanted to see ecstasy on his face as he spurted his creamy sperm all over her. What was she thinking now? She was certainly mad with lust.

She made her way downstairs, grabbed a bottle of wine and two glasses. She found Paul on the couch watching TV as she strode up to him, and stood arms crossed, feet shoulder length apart, looking as menacing as she could.

"So have you figured out your punishment yet for not listening to me?"

Once he had managed to calm himself down, Paul had gotten out of the pool and took his time in drying himself off. Once he was nice and dry he went inside, chucked his swim shorts in the dryer, and changed back into some casual pants and a tee. He then flopped himself down on the couch to watch some TV and hopefully try to rid himself of any more sexual thoughts about his Mom.

It wasn't that he didn't find her attractive, because he did. It was that he just knew if he wasn't going to be cumming soon, the agony of being so stiff and horny wasn't a pleasant thought. Already the symptoms of what his classmates called being blue balled were setting in. He was getting a pain in his stomach, and his balls were sore as well. He needed to cum soon. Then his mom came back into the lounge and he felt his cock stirring jerk under his strained pants.

As she stood before him, he couldn't help but wonder just what she might be wearing under her long while robe. She crossed her arms in an attempt to look intimidating; however, the wine glasses in her hands defeated that purpose.

Even after all he had seen this crazy day, the look of his mother in a robe, with her long, tanned, legs in front of him, drove him wild. His steel rod of a cock ached. As his eyes drifted down to the bottom of her toned calf that was exposed, he noticed that she was wearing stockings. What were her intentions?

He looked up at his mother as she asked him if he had figured out a punishment. He had been thinking about it and gave her his answer.

"I would first like to say sorry again Mom, and I think that my punishment should be to do exactly as you say for the rest of the week, whatever it may be." he said, hoping it was enough.

"Do exactly as I say for the whole week? That makes you me slave!" She grinned at him with a wickedly seductive grin. "Get up and pour me a glass of this red wine and pour yourself one too. We are going to watch a good girlie movie tonight, and I get to pick it out."

She sat down on the couch careful not to show what she was wearing under her robe. She decided she was going to have some fun with her son -- see how far he would go. She didn't necessarily want to have sex with him, but he didn't have to know that. She did want to see him play with that cock of his again. And maybe she would get to taste him again. Maybe she'd find out if she could fit that cock in her mouth. No, no, he was her son. These thoughts were wrong, she argued with herself. She wouldn't do any of that, but she could, tease him.

"After you pour that wine slave, go change into something more comfortable. In the top drawer of my dresser, there are some red panties. They are a little big for me, but you should be able to squeeze into them. Come down in just those panties please." She smiled at him the most innocent smile she could muster, and then winked at him.

Paul paused for a second as his Mom told him that he was now going to be her slave. It wasn't exactly what he had meant as a consequence, but, well, the sinister grin that she gave him left him with little doubt that what she had said was now going to be the rule. He hurried over to where she had left the bottle of wine, and he uncorked it before pouring two glasses. He couldn't say he was thrilled about having to watch a girly movie, but it was what she said next that really had him thinking.

"You want me too..." he said to himself, his heart thumping, at her request that he put on a pair of her panties, and nothing but. He could feel his cheeks blush as he thought it, and his cock throbbed even harder inside of his pants. "Yes Mom." he said as he then scurried off upstairs after handing her a glass of wine.

Once in his mother's room he opened the drawer, the red panties were there on show for him, and as he picked them up he could feel his cock aching even more painfully. He really couldn't believe he was doing this, but at his mother's request he slipped out of his own clothes and pulled on the panties. They were a very tight on him, but that just meant that they clung to his erection more than anything, and after having put his own clothes in his room he slowly walked down the stairs, his rock hard cock tenting the front of the red fabric. His cock really was madly twitching and leaking precum under the slick material of the panties which rubbed his excited organ as he stood blushing as he faced his mom.

"I'm back." he said announcing the obvious.

By the time Paul had come down the stairs wearing nothing but his moms panties, Julia had already gulped down two additional glasses of wine, the alcohol fortifying herself for the night in front of her. She had to try hard not to laugh out loud when she saw how he looked. The waistline of the panties seemed to be cutting into his waist, and his cock was bulging out the silk fabric obscenely. She loved the way it accentuated his hairless boy's chest.

She'd put on the romantic comedy "Valentine's Day" into the player and told Paul to cuddle up next to her.

"You look so cute girlfriend. Snuggle up so we can watch the movie together." High on wine and incestuous lust, she started giggling uncontrollably and allowed her robe slip off one of her shapely legs, revealing her black stockings and garters. The contrast between her long tanned legs and the black stockings would surely have an effect on her son. When she caught her son's eye on her leg, she let her robe slide open a bit more so that he could see her garter clipping the top of her stockings.

As they sat together drinking wine and watching a movie, and she cuddled up to her son, carefully placing a hand high on his thigh.

She gestured for him to come sit even closer to her and he did just that, sitting down close to the gorgeous older woman on the couch as the film started. He blushed further as she told him how cute he looked, calling him girlfriend ... definitely not what a horny young man expected to be called.

The alcohol helped lessen the young man's nerves, helping him to feel a little less self conscious about what he was wearing as he sat with his mom.

He was paying little attention to the movie, focusing instead on his mother's stocking clad legs, and, when she revealed it, his eyed further upward on his mother's thighs all the way to her garter belt.

His breathing was labored as he hungrily examined her with his adolescent eyes. Her soft hand on his thigh had his cock standing at attention; it was fully hard.

When the movie ended Julia hungrily noticed her son's raging hard on, and also her lack of wine. She was already feeling pretty buzzed, but she was in the mood to get stinking dunk and have some fun.

"Honey, be a good slave and bring mommy another bottle of wine. I will throw in a new movie while you are up."

Seeing her son try to walk in the tight panties straining against his hard rod, was both comical and a turn on for her.

When he came back she had decided to throw all caution into the wind.

"You can take off your panties honey. I can see that they are way too uncomfortable. Sit here next to Mom."

She patted the couch next to her, and as she did her robe slid open revealing her naked pussy. It was glistening with moisture from watching him prance around in her panties. Her freshly shaven pussy seemed to be aching for some attention. She then started the next movie, a porno she had been pleasuring herself to lately.

"Yes Mommy." he replied as she asked him to get her another drink. He didn't even try to hide his rather obvious erection as he took her glass and filled it up once again. By now he was so horny and a little drunk and couldn't care less about being seen erect by his own mother.

When she told him he could remove the panties he was at once both relieved and embarrassed . While the panties had been very uncomfortable, they were at least some clothing. He was going to have to sit naked next to his mother. He said, "Thank you," as he then took the panties off, his cock springing free of the tight underwear, his body thankful to have them off, and he put them down on the side before he sat back down where she showed him to, his cock still rock hard.

He gasped as his mother's robe slid open. His eyes kept glancing down at her naked pussy, and he could see how glistening wet and aroused it was. Seeing his mom's bald, moist pussy only made his length ache even more between his legs. He had touched his mom's pussy earlier in the day. Made her cum, in fact, with his fingers, but he could not get a good luck at her pussy in the pool.

Now sitting naked on the couch with his mom, he had a full view of her shaved pussy, and it was driving him crazy.

Paul glanced at the TV as he heard the film start, his eyes going wide as he saw what type of film it was.

"Mom... please can I?" he whispered, and nodded his head towards his erect cock. The young man was so desperate to orgasm he was asking his mom for permission to grab his cock.

"No dear you have to learn some self control."

As she said this she stood up abruptly and completely removed her robe. She stood next to him in black stockings, black garter belt, and matching black pushup bra. The black looked radiant against her blonde hair and tanned skin. Julia was feeling very horny and drunk now, and she posed for her son, thrusting out her ass and pushing out her chest. She then grabbed her left breast and pushed it up toward her mouth. Her big nipple was erect now and flushed red. She stuck out her tongue and tried to lick her nipple, but it was just out of her reach.

She threw back her head and laughed, and then sat down next to her son. As she started to watch the movie, she started to rub her pussy, slowly at first, but steadily increasing her pace. Next, she reached up and palmed her large breast. Soon her gaze left the movie and was fixed on her son's cock. She wanted to touch it again. She wanted to put it in her mouth. Would she let him cum? She continued playing with herself. Rubbing her clit with one hand, she inserted a finger from the other as she stared at his cock and then she looked at him and licked her lips.

On the screen a petite blonde was taking a huge black cock up her pussy. Her lips were stretching out over the massive organ as if they were about to break. Still the little blonde smiled and moaned as her cunt was ravaged.

Next to her, her son whined softly as she shot down his appeals for some relief, reminding him again that he needed some self control, leaving the young man to instead just sit and squirm.

He knew his mom was hot, but this was something else, in this outfit she looked like a model.

As she sat down and started t touch herself as the movie played, Paul didn't once look at the TV; instead, he just sat staring at his mother, he watched her fondle her breasts and touch her pussy. In all his life he'd never been so turned on as he was now.

She looked over at her sexually frustrated son and pitied him. Maybe she was teasing him too much. He was only human. And at his age, his testosterone levels must be out of control. He deserved a little release didn't he?

"Okay you dirty boy, mommy will help you out, but only on her terms. "

Paul nodded slowly. He was shocked by the words coming from his mom's mouth.

"You will have release, but you have to trust your mom. Do you trust your mom dear?"

Paul felt his body tingle with excitement as his mom told him she would help him out. He didn't care if it was on her terms, he was just so eager for her to help him out.

His mouth was hanging wide open and it was a wonder that he wasn't drooling.

"I trust you mommy."

"Lay down on the couch." She commanded.

Without hesitation Paul laid down, and his thick cock stood straight up. Julia stood for a moment just admiring her son's body. From his broad shoulders down to his muscular legs she visually masturbated. She was wild with lust.

Julia slowly straddled his chest, putting her pussy within inches of her son's mouth. She was crouching over her son on her knees. She could feel his breath on her drenched pussy. She reached out and grabbed his cock. She was amazed again at its thickness, and it was as hard as steel.

Paul thought that he would cum right there and then. He used all of his resolve to keep himself from cumming.

His mom bent over and put her mouth within an inch of the head of his cock. She opened her mouth and blew a slow, hot breath on her son's cock. She could see his rod twitch, and a drop of precum ooze from its swollen head. Julia reached out with her tongue as she touched the drop of precum and created a sticky web from the tip of her tongue to his cock head. It tasted sweet in her mouth; the taste was intoxicating.

She stopped and looked over her shoulder at her son.

"Do you like that? Do you like mommy tasting your precum?"

"I love it Mommy, please don't stop! I want to cum for you!" he moaned out.

"I told you this was on my terms. Now you must wait. And while you are waiting, lick mommy's pussy for her dear."

And with this she lowered her bald pussy on her sons mouth. He began lapping at her soaking cunt like a dog to water.

"Good boy. Now suck on my clit dear."

Julia shifted her hips back towards her sons head and pushed down. She was practically suffocating him with her pussy.

"Good boy. That's it. You are getting mommy very close to cumming again."

Julia was out of her mind with lust. She could not think straight at all. If she could pull back and see what was going on she would be horrified. She was straddling her son, with her pussy buried in his eager mouth. And mere inches from her own mouth was her son's thick, ready to burst, cock.

Without warning she put the head of her son's cock in her mouth. She sucked on it for a bit, reveling in the sensation of its smooth velvety head in her mouth. Then she took it out, and grabbed his cock hard and turned it so that she could lick the bottom of his hard rod from tip to his balls. She did this again and again. Then she drooled all over the head of his cock. Next she wrapped her two hands around his shaft, and started jacking him off. As she did this, she shoved her aching pussy back towards her son's face.

"You like that dear? You like Mommy jacking off your hard cock? How does that make you feel you dirty boy?"

She ground her pussy hard on her son's mouth. She was mad with desire. She was jerking his thick cock with one hand, and then she reached back with her other hand and started to rub her clit as her son licked her pussy. She was being driven over the edge like never before.

She brought her head down as she was jacking off his cock, and sucked a ball into her mouth. She let it plop out of her mouth in a pool of drool. She then took the other ball in her mouth and sucked its taut skin. Then she let it out with a mouthful of saliva.

His licking had intensified, and then he started sticking his tongue in her pussy and really driving her wild. She frantically rubbed her clit. Her hand on his cock moved faster now. It was so slick from all of his precum.

"Oh my god, I am going to cum Paul!!!. Stick your tongue far up Mommies pussy, and jam a finger in my ass. I am going to burst!!! Ohhhhhh God!!!!"

Hearing this from his mother was more than Paul could take. He erupted. Julia's eyes opened as wide as they could as her son's cock, only an inch from her mouth, twitched and then launched huge gobs of cum into the air. When the first wave of her son's cum hit her cheek, Julia was overcome with a tidal wave of pleasure. She came harder than she had ever cum, grinding her soaked pussy into her son's mouth.

It seemed like he came for ever. Soon her hand was covered in her son's seed, yet she kept stroking his cock. She was in a trance.

Paul gave out a loud moan that was muffled by his mother's pussy as he came. All of the teasing during the day had culminated in the biggest orgasm of his life. He was no longer in the room as his orgasmic cloud carried him into another universe.

At the same time that her son was in dreamland, the weight of the world was falling on Julia. Her orgasm brought the clarity that she had just made her own son cum all over her as she came in his mouth. The same mouth she fed as a child was now filled with her own pussy juice.

Julia abruptly got up. She stood in front of her son, who had just begun to come back to reality. He looked up at her and saw his cum streaming down his mother's face, over her swollen breasts, down her taut stomach. One thick white gob of his semen was standing out from the bronze of her thigh.

He couldn't place the look on her face. It was a mix of pleasure, exhaustion, shame, and disbelief.

"I...I...Oh my god!"

Some tears welled up in her eyes. Her emotions were going through a blender.

"I'm so sorry."

With that she turned away from her son and ran up the stairs. He could hear her slam her bedroom door.

Paul was left laying on the couch. His cock was slowly returning to its flaccid state. It plopped down on his semen soaked thigh. His face was covered in his mom's juices and all he could smell was her. Paul was beyond confused. He put his hands to his face and wondered what his relationship with his mom was now.

"My mom just made me cum. Fuck!"

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