Mom's a Tease


"This is so much fun. What do you want to do next?"

Paul watched in a mixture of shock, delight and complete surprise as his Mom once again exposed her breasts to him. Since he'd gotten home from school he'd seen plenty of them already, as well as watching her masturbate out in the garden, however this time there wasn't any kind of accidental peeking or them falling out, this time she had taken her top off and thrown it out of the pool.

For a moment he was left unsure of what to think, as he stood in the cool water devouring his own mother's chest with his eyes. The way the water made her soft mounds shine in the sunlight just made him want to reach out and cup and caress them all the more, and it was no shock that being a horny teenager like he was, his cock was throbbing hard at the sight of them.

As she swam beneath him he watched her go, and as she hugged him from behind he laughed like she normally would when she hugged him like this. Well, it was usually just a hug, rather than him being stood erect, her topless and her breasts pressing against his naked back.

Paul barely knew what to say when she asked what he might like to do next, for all that was on his mind was furiously jerking off over the thought of his mother's breasts, but he wasn't going to tell her that!

"I dunno... Maybe we could chat? Or just play water tag or something?" he said, hoping they could do something to help him not think about his aching cock. "We are chatting silly. A game does sound fun. Lets play Truth or Dare. "

She swam around to his front and treaded water there. She looked so hot with her slicked back blonde hair, green eyes sparkling, and breasts floating free on the water. She wrapped her long legs around his waist and pulled him close. His erect cock was inches from her ass, as she straddled him as he stood in the deep water.

" I will go first, and I choose Truth. Now you can asked me whatever is on your mind."

She reached a hand up and stroked back a lock of his hair. Then she used her feet to push off him carefully placing one foot on his crotch to feel his hardness. She swam on her back a bit and then called out.

"Ask me anything you want to know honey. It's all part of the game."

Truth or Dare was an interesting twist to say the least. It was the sort of game he would blush playing with his friends, let alone with his own mother! However she gave him little choice and was already picking truth as she straddled him in the water.

His hands held her curvy hips as she clung onto him, his poor cock was aching madly inside his shorts as she did this, all he could think of was cumming, but he knew for as long as they were together he wouldn't be doing so.

Paul grunted out as she pushed off of him, her foot touching his cock more than enough to make him react like the horny teenager that he was, and he watched her as she swan on her back, her breasts fully on show to him.

Why he asked her what he did, he would never know? It just came out. Maybe his hormones got too much for him, but before he could stop himself he had asked it.

"Mom, what were you doing before I came out here?" he asked her, it suddenly clear he'd seen her masturbating.

The question totally caught her by surprise. Had he seen her? Why else would he have asked? She swam slowly on her back looking up at the clouds. Is that why he had such a raging hard on when he came back out? He must have seen her, and that was why he was asking. The idea that he had seen her made her blood rush back between her legs. She was trying to decide if she should tell the truth or just come up with a lie. She decided to go with the former option. She was already swimming topless with her son who had a hard on.

"Well I guess you already know, and that's why you are asking, but I masturbated real quickly when you left. I had a very erotic dream while I was laying out, and I just had to take care of my sexual energy."

She swam close to him and faced him. She reached under the water and wrapped her hand around that bulge in his swim trunks and squeezed. Then she looked him straight in the eye in a very seductive manner and said,

"From the look of things you need to get rid of some sexual energy too."

She winked at him, and then pushed him away with her strong legs and swam away on her back laughing. Her breasts heaving as she cracked herself up.

"Your turn, truth or dare?"

Paul wasn't surprised that his Mom told the truth. He knew what he had seen, and though he fully well knew he should never have asked that question, he had asked it anyway.

What surprised him more was how she came forward and then wrapped her hand around the erection that was bulging in his shorts. He had no idea she was aware he was erect, let alone that she was able to see it under the water.

He looked at her shocked and aroused as she touched him, and he gasped softly at the feel of her hand squeezing, and his cheeks flushed a little red as he nodded. "Yeah... I guess I do." he said to her, knowing she had him with that, and as she swam away again he watched her with lustful eyes.

"I pick truth too." he said. Surely this game couldn't get wilder than this?

Julia was swimming away laughing to herself as she heard his choice. She was thinking about how hard son's cock was, and how much that turned her on. It wasn't like she wanted to have sex with him or anything, but she had gone a long while without any physical contact, and grabbing that young hard cock had really whipped her in a frenzy.

It was as if she could no longer control her thoughts. She had to see that cock of his or at least get him to touch her in some way. She was like a cat in heat. Nothing else mattered besides getting off.

Subconsciously her hand had gone down to her bikini bottoms and was ever so subtly tracing the cleft of her now pouting vagina.

"Ok, if you could do anything in the world to take care of that situation in your pants, no consequences, or questions asked. In your wildest fantasy what would you do?"

As he watched his Mom, Paul's hand reached down to slowly and gently rub over the bulge in his shorts, he needed to be touched, or touch himself, for the aching need was too much to stand on its own.

He could see his mom touching herself too, it now clear she was as horny as him, and both of them were starting to give in to their own sexual desires, and because of that the questions were getting more personal.

When she asked him what he would do if he could do anything he felt his body tingle as all kinds of ideas and fantasies went through his head.

"I'd lean back on the side of the pool, and you'd suck me until I came." he said in reply. As he spoke his eyes were locked with his Mom's, it clear he was so horny, and she was teasing him wild.

Julia was so taken back by her son's answer that she could no longer float on her back. She sank down in the pool, and as she gasped, she took in a mouthful of water. She came to the surface coughing with her hair a total mess. She just stared at her son speechless. She could see the mad lust in his eyes.

She composed herself, and swam over to him. She surface right next to him, and dunked her hair to slick back her long blonde hair. She looked absolutely gorgeous. She reached under the water and grabbed his cock through his shorts. It felt so big in her dainty hand. She started to move her hand up and down his shaft as she talked.

"You are a dirty boy Paul. You want to put that big hard cock of yours in mommie's mouth don't you? You want to cum in mommy's mouth? Feel that release finally, don't you? "

She was rubbing his shaft faster now. Lust had taken over any common sense in her brain.

"I have needs too Paul. I haven't had anyone to take care of me until dad left."

She grabbed his hand and put in on the front of her bikini bottoms.

"We both can help each other out can't we. Shouldn't we help each other out? Isn't that what people do when they love each other? Don't you love me Paul?"

She was grinding his hand into her pussy. The thin fabric between his hand and her womanhood was not concealing much.

"But it's my turn in the game, and I choose Dare."

As soon as Paul confessed what he wanted to do he immediately knew he had taken things a step too far. He was for a moment afraid he'd made things really rather awkward, for his Mom quickly stood up in the pool, so quickly that she got a face full of water.

He looked at her slightly scared, but when their eyes met he wasn't seeing a look of anger at what he had said, no, she was as horny about this as he was.

When she came closer his mouth hung open, he'd never seen anyone look as sexy as his Mom did right now, and when her hand touched him again he moaned out, the combination of her hand rubbing and her dirty talk had him squirming in her grasp.

"Yes! It's what I want!" he gasped out, unable to think straight as he felt his Mom then push his hand against her panties, the pair now rubbing each other's most private of areas as they stood looking at each other.

"I love you so much Mom, I want to help you, and have you help me." he moaned out, her hand driving him wild with the need to cum.

"I dare you..." he said, pausing as he worked up the courage to say it. "I dare you to let me rub you like this until you cum, I want to make you cum Mom." he said to her.

Her son just asked her to let him masturbate her until she came. She was so turned on right now, she couldn't think straight.

"Ok, I will let you, but only so I can teach you how to touch a woman. " She slipped the tiny fabric of her remaining suit down past her knees. Then she took his hand and placed it on her smooth pussy. She grabbed his index finger and traced her swollen lips.

"These are my pussy lips. Feel how big they have gotten now that I am so turned on. Rub them with your hand. That feels so good honey." She grabbed his other hand and placed his pointer finger on her little erect clit. "This is my clit. It is like my little penis. At first you have to rub it gently, but now I am so aroused you can really go to town on it."

She was so blinded with passion she didn't even comprehend that her son was going to make her cum. She opened her eyes to see his face intently looking at her as he played with her. He was somewhere between excitement and wonder as he played with his mom's pussy.

"I am getting close hun. Now slip your finger in my pussy. That's good. Rub my clit faster! Faster! Now give me another finger. God yes!!! Bite my nipple baby! I am going to cum!"

He could feel her pussy tighten up and then get very relaxed as she let out a moan of pleasure, and then collapsed in his arms. It was silent save for her heavy breathing. Then she broke the silenced while her eyes were still close and she was in his arms. In almost a whisper she said,

"Your turn, truth or dare?" Paul had expected that his mother might slap him, or leave the pool in horror at what he had dared her to do, but it wasn't to be, instead the young man would get what he asked for.

It was his first time touching a woman intimately, and my word he was getting to touch a proper woman at that.

He listened as his Mom told him about her pussy, the different areas, how she liked to be touched.

It was a lot to take in, and it would probably take him a few goes to be able to read her body without her telling him when to speed up or slide a finger in.

He did everything he could though to do as she asked, and he watched in delight as he took his mother on a journey to what looked a wonderful orgasm with just his hand.

"Wow, Mom that was hot!" he whispered to her as his Mom lay in his arms as she came down from her orgasm.

He had forgotten about the game, that was until she then asked him what he wanted next, and already he knew what his answer would be.

"Dare, Mom." he said with hesitating. "I dare you to take of your swim trunks, sit on the edge of the pool, and show me how you masturbate. I want to sit inches from you and watch you stroke your cock. You must let me know when you are going to cum, and stop when I tell you"

She licked her lips and stared deep into his eyes.

"That is your dare"

Paul looked back at his Mom with wide eyes, but despite the initial shock in them, the lust soon returned as she looked back at him and licked her lips, he was no turned on to say no.

"Okay." he said as he nodded, and then without another word he pulled down his shorts beneath the water, before lifting himself up onto the side of the pool, his hard, aching cock now fully on show.

He hesitated for a second, but the sight of his sexy Mom, and his throbbing cock was all it took and he then wrapped his hand around his cock, gasping out in delight as he started to stroke himself.

Paul didn't care his Mom was watching, it felt too good to worry about anything other than the sheer pleasure he felt, and because of all of this it really was no surprise when a little while later he gasped out that he was going to cum. She let out a silent gasp as her son hoisted himself out of the pool and started to stroke his cock. It was as hard as a rock, and she was trying to imagine how much of his member she would be able to take in her mouth, pussy, or maybe even ass. Her hand slipped under water, and she started to play with her slit again. She was insatiable. She cupped her breast and put a finger in her pussy and she slowly but deliberately stroked his cock. She was inches from his cock as he stroked. She could see it pulsing, the vein on the bottom was swollen with blood.

When he gasped that he was going to cum, she grabbed his wrist with one hand, and slapped his thigh as hard as she could with her other hand. She seriously and angrily looked him in the eye.

"I told you that you had to stop when I told you. You must listen to me if you want our fun to continue."

It felt incredible to stroke his cock, watching his gorgeous mother touch her own body as she stood before him, her large breasts fully in view, he knew this was going to be almighty orgasm when it came.

Sadly for Paul it wasn't coming just yet, as his mother's hand grabbed his arm, stopping his jerk, and then she slapped his thigh, making him gasp in surprise. She hadn't told him to stop, either that or if she had he hadn't heard her because he had been so into masturbating himself.

The look in her eyes was one that meant business, and when she had that look he knew better than to try and argue with her.

He instead nodded. "Sorry Mom." he said. "I just... you know.. .got carried away." he said.

"Well you better not get carried away again or our little game will stop. " She kept rubbing herself as she spoke. Her gaze was directed back on her sons glistening cock. She was a woman possessed.

"Just sit still for a second while mommy checks out your cock real close."

She dropped her head to within inches of his cock. He could feel her breath on his tool. She reached out and tentatively touched him gently. Then with one finger she traced the outline of his cock until she got to his tip. Precum was dripping of the end of his cock, and she touched it with her finger and stretched a bead of sticky precum a few inches from its origin. Then she stretched the bead of precum between her thumb and forefinger and spread it out. Next she bought her fingers to her mouth and stuck out her tongue and tasted him.

"Mmmmm. I love the taste"

She was rubbing herself faster now, and her breathing intensified.

"I am cumming again. Oh my god!!!"

Her whole body shuddered with this last orgasm. And she practically collapsed when she finished.

"I have to go in and shower now. You were very naughty for not obeying me. But at least you didn't totally disobey me and waste your cum. That cum is for me."

She shocked him by turning her back to him and walking to the shallow end of the pool and getting out, totally nude. Her figure was breathtaking. She grabbed a towel and wrapped herself in it. Paul was left cock in hand by the poolside. As she was about to go inside she turned her head and spoke to him over her shoulder.

"While I am showering, you have to think up a punishment for your little indiscretion, and only then can we continue with our game. And don't you dare even think about cumming without me. "

She turned and went into the house.

The hungry look in his mother's eyes just made the young mans cock throb even more. He was getting so turned on by everything that she did and said, and that was before what she did next.

He felt like a medical patient as she told him to sit still as she checked over his cock. His erect length stood tall and proud between his legs, twitching as her breath swirled over and around his sensitive manhood.

A gasp escaped his lips as she started to trace a finger over his cock, just that enough to have him squirming, and when she touched the drop of precum on the tip he moaned quietly, and another drop of precum quickly escaped his cock, replacing the one she had scooped up almost instantly.

When she brought it to her lips to taste it he drew his breath, the sight of his mother tasting his precum and telling him how good it felt only made him want her even more.

Were she not his mother he might have made more of an advance, but the way she had firmly gripped his hand and slapped him for stroking a few seconds longer than she had wanted deterred him from trying anything funny.

Instead he was left to sit and watch as his mother came for the third time that afternoon, and like the past two, his cock just quivered in need of its own release as the horny boy sat and watched.

Paul had expected that after that third orgasm it would be his turn, but before he could even ask about it his Mother was already telling him what was going to happen. He wasn't going to cum, at least not until she wanted him too anyway.

"But..." he quietly protested, however his words were cut off by her telling him that his cum for her, and in reply he just nodded as he looked down at the cock which was aching terribly between his legs.

As she walked off into the house he was left to nurse his cock, his eyes glued to her tight ass and swaying hips as she walked on inside.

Now alone by the pool he seriously did consider just ignoring what she had said and jerking off real hard and fast, but he didn't, the prospect of carrying on this fun with his Mom was too great a prize to potentially miss out on.

Instead he slid back into the pool and slowly swam about, the cool water helping him cool down after being so excited, and after pulling his shorts back on he just floated around the pool, feeling his body relax as he enjoyed the combination of the warm sun and the cool water. His mind was still clogged with thoughts of his mother though, no amount of relaxation would change that.

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